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Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

4.3 from 34 reviews

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Great product but disappointed with the materia

Just started using it, give me a piece of mind that baby won't roll on her tummy.
However the valco is so rough and noise to use, thought they could use baby valco for that price...
Opening the valco fully wakes my baby up from half asleep. Now I won't strap her until she is in deep sleep in case I need to pick her up and rock her. The problem is she might move away from where she meant to be.
No one seems complaining about this tho?? Could be just me being fussy....

Happy bubba, happy mumma

My 6 month old son was waking up every hour overnight as he would roll onto his tummy and was unable to get back and we were both exhausted. Put him in the safe t sleep wrap last night and he only woke once (to burp!). We both woke up rested and happy this morning. Think we have found our miracle and in my opinion this is the safest sleep positioner on the market. Amazing and worth every penny

Sleep saver

I never ever give products reviews but as a mum I feel I need to so other mums can have a good night sleep too. This thing is a miracle my 6 month old slept through the night from birth then started waking every 1.5 hours at 4 months, then she started rolling while swaddled but unfortunately sleeps even worse without swaddle so I had to give this a go. She no longer wakes herself from rolling or fidgeting she has slept through for a week of using this. I highly recommend this if you have a baby that loves the swaddle or a baby that would rather play with the bars of the cot instead of putting themselves back to sleep.

Allows us to sleep without worry

This product has been wonderful for my husband and I to get some sleep. We lost our first son to SIDS and he rolled on to his tummy at 5 months old and could not roll back. It was devastating. We use a Snuza, Angel Mat and this product. The wonderful thing about this one is that we do not have to continually worry about him rolling now that he is 19 weeks. Yes, the velcro is loud, but we feel this is a small price to pay for our child's life. It won't delay development if you continue to do tummy time and other activities throughout the day. The only thing this does is ensure that bub does not accidentally bury their head into the mattress. Once he is asleep in this and once he is used to it; you will find that they sleep soundly and securely. We will stop using it when we feel he is strong enough to get himself out of a difficult situation.
There is nothing we won't do to ensure our son's safety. Loud velcro or not; this product is a life saver and gives us great comfort. That is enough for me to give a raving review any day. Worth every cent and for those of us who have lost a child know that whinging about price tags and the noise of velcro seems so trivial. Thank you for allowing us to sleep and keeping our beautiful boy safe.

Great for some but not all.

My baby boy hated this & screamed & fought to get out of it even though I'd done it lose enough for him to roll over. Plus he has reflux & I don't think it was good as it kept him from moving if he needed to. Disappointing because I know most people love them. Totally agree with the other reviewer as well, the noise of the Velcro is terrible & this factor alone would put me off it. Think twice if you have a baby that hated being swaddled.

Absolute lifesaver first time mum!

Whoever invented this product a big thank you! I never loose sleep at night know my baby can't roll on her belly. She's such a little strong wiggly bum and when she was 1 month old the sleep positioner wasn't doing the trick she would wake up on the side. Anxitey almost completely gone when putting her down to sleep at night

Good for keeping on their back, but WAY too loud

Does keep Bub on her back, so good to prevent roll over. We had also hoped that it might've also worked as a 'substitute hand', some pressure on Bub so she feels like we're sitting there, but didn't help in that regard. Most frustrating thing is the loud Velcro. If Bub isn't wide awake and you want to pick her up for settling, forget it. The sound of the Velcro opening will definitely wake her up. Even getting her back in can be tricky. In the middle of the night you might not see that the flaps have folded onto themselves and when you go to put it back on, RRRRIPPP! Velcro noise. I wish they could find a quieter was of securing it. Plus it's really expensive.

Love this product!

We purchased the safe t sleep after our baby would roll to the side of the cot and wake. Now he sleeps through the night we love it! Highly recommend.

Baby now sleeps through the entire night and so do we!

Everyone tells you that its inevitable that your baby will want to roll, sit, crawl, stand every chance they get, including during sleep time. So when we stopped swaddling our very fidgety 6 mth old, we were prepared for busy little hands to start exploring and the rolling to commence. What we werent prepared for was his stubborn determination to keep rolling and rolling and grabbing at his sleeping bag to try and sit up. It went on and on to the point that he'd be back on his tummy before you'd even made it out the door. So we tried letting him roll around as people suggested, on the assumption that he'd exhaust himself, eventually crash and go to sleep. Wrong. He didn't peacefully roll himself to sleep, he rolled for 30mins+ until he got so overtired and so worked up that he would have his face buried in the mattress howling. Our baby is a catnapper so most days he spent more time rolling in his cot than he did actualy sleeping in it! I have to admit, we were very apprehensive about buying the safe t sleep after reading a comment calling it a restraint that hinders your baby's deveopment. But then we figured that he's given plenty of playtime during the day to use his newfound skills, so was it really that wrong for us to want him to use his cot to sleep not play? Safe quality sleep is important to us and this product keeps my little one on his back and gives us peace of mind. It took two days for him to adjust and now he actually falls asleep much more quickly and sleeps through the entire night when previously he would wake at 4.30am like clockwork. Sure we may be delaying the inevitable but bubs is sleeping more soundly and we are less stressed knowing he is safe and secure. The only negatives are the price and the loud velcro as others have pointed out.

Only works half the time

I purchased this product as my baby has reflux and will literally cover the cot with vomit as soon as he flips over. However I have found it only works half of the time - because he can half the time he can managae to get the velcro off himself, which he started at 5 months old. I was at my wits end with the vomitting, so actually wrapped him in a love me swaddle so that he couldnt get his hands out to undo the velcro until he was 7 months old. Now I just accept that he will get out half the time and then I will have to change the bedding and he will wake up etc.
keeps baby on their back (half the time)
baby can easily undo this themselves, as it is only velcro! I wish the fastening was something that bub could not easily undo, like a zipper or studs.

see the new model with the Houdini Strip...you obviously have a very clever baby :)That is true I just realised I do have the older model!

We are back to sleeping through

My 11 month baby was sleeping through until she learned to turn and climb up, from there she won't go back to sleep by herself. I leave the wrap not too tight so bub is able to turn left and right as she likes during the night. She isn't able to climb out until she is fully awake in the morning. Thank to this product we are sleeping nicely through again) I wish Velcro wasn't as loud, maybe they'll come up with some nice zips later.
It keeps baby down safely
Velcro is loud

good product ever

I had my my safe T sleep when my girl 3 month old, it's work excellent, as least I don't have to worry that she turn over at night and it can hold her in place. But the only thing that I don't like is too loud, when you want to do a dream feed, it will definitely wake your baby up when you open it.
safe, hold in place, good for travel
loud when open the wrap

Safe t sleepwrap

Fantastic product our 5 month old had just learnt to roll from her back to her tummy and we all thought she was so so clever (1st child), she always slept 12 hours though the night until we were getting woken up 5 or more times a night as she would roll onto her tummy and couldn't roll back causing her to wake we would go in and place her on her back again she would roll straight back over onto her tummy almost like a game. SIDS say for a child to sleep on there back so I became very paranoid and was constantly checking her to see if she was breathing as she was sleeping on her tummy so this product has been our saviour! She is back to sleeping 12 hours though the night mummy and daddy are back to sleeping a full night too who hoo,,,
A little expensive but worth it.

Summer Must-have!!

Ok so swaddling is great to curb the startle reflex but what if you're trying to withstand the Queensland summer heat and even the aircon cranked up
brings the temp down only a notch?(!)

A friend recommended this product as she has used the same one for each of her four children. Glad I bought one. It sat in the cupboard for a while. When our little Houdini started wriggling his way out of muslin wraps, I remembered I had this wrap and fit it to his cot mattress.

This product was a sleepsaver for us. Bubs avoids startling himself awake and stays cool.
Great in summer as an alternative to a wrap.
The reflux version with the crotchpiece should be made standard.Velcro is difficult to open without waking my bub up for his evening 'dreamfeed'.

Keeps my rolling baby still enough to sleep

I bought this product out of sheer desperation when my baby learned to roll over and decided all night was a good time to practice this new skill. He was waking up 1-2 hourly all night long having rolled into the bars of the cot. It was also getting really hard to put him to sleep as he'd roll over as soon as I lay him down. I was a bit hesitant to buy this given the price but it has been fantastic. From the first night we used it he was sleeping longer stretches again and putting him down for naps is so much easier now he can't roll all over the place. I feel better knowing he isn't wriggling and rolling all over the cot too as he was managing to get into some very awkward positions! It's a great idea and a simple solution to a common problem.

I do think it's quite over priced considering its basically a piece of fabric with some velcro strips sewn on. Also I find the fabric a bit stiff but that could be because I didn't wash before use (was too desperate to get a good nights sleep!). Another minor irritation is that it is a bit tricky and fiddly to get around the mattress. It is a shame they are so expensive as it would be nice to have a second one to use while the other is in the wash, not sure what we'll do if he vomits or drools all over this one! But on the whole, very happy with the product, it does what it should do and has solved our little sleep problem for now.
Keeps baby stationary in cot, preventing wake-ups from rolling
A bit fiddly to put around mattress, expensive

Simple solution!!!!!!!

My 3 month old son has silent reflux, we tried numerous things to keep him comfortable and nothing worked. As we had the cot slightly elevated the safe t sleep keeps him safe n keeps him from slipping to the bottom of the bed! Amazing and simple solution to such a tiring and stressful time for our bubba and us parents!!! Would definitely reccommend to any parent struggling with a reflux/colic baby!!!!!

Only thing that made my baby still enough to sleep through the night

The safe T sleep has been the best purchase I have made. I had a rolling, crawling baby at a young age, who would wake herself up rolling in the bassinet and cot. I myself could not sleep as I would often find her bum up and face down on the mattress. The safe T sleep keeps her secure in the one place all night. She could not 'houdini" out of it and she slept all night in a safe position. When used correctly I cannot see how this product could be any more unsafe than other swaddles, blanket options, in fact for me it makes me feel more secure and I was a very anxious mother about safe sleeping issues!
Kept baby secure and stopped her rolling onto her face, and then waking herself up. Made baby sleep more soundly.
Makes it more challenging to change and make babies bed. Must make sure you put the Safe T Sleep on securely and tight, so it doesnt come loose. The velcro will wear out and therefore product will need replacing when this happens or the baby could possible wriggle out.

Do not buy this product!!!

We had to call 000 yesterday as this wrap had become stuck around our 1 year olds neck and was choking her. Luck for us she is OK but i would not wish this experience on anyone. I have beed told buy the paramedics that this style or a similar style of wrap is actually banned in the USA. They do not recommend this wrap and wish that it was also banned here.

Did you have your baby at the foot end of the cot as recommmended by SIDS. Australia? If so, I don't see how there would be no room for your bub to wriggle down the cot and become tangled. There is also the Safe T Sleep Reflux version available (I have seen them online but never in the baby stores). The reflux version has a crotchpiece ( to stop reflux babies from sliding down their tilted mattress).cant have been using is correctly as it has been on the market for 20years without a single incident or fatality. it is also NOT banned in the USA the products banned were the body wedges.How scary for you. Even scarier for manufacturers are consumers that don't read the instructions, thereby endanger their baby's life and proceed on to give negative press about a product. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. The instructions recommend that a nappy pant be pinned to the wrap to prevent your baby sliding down. I couldn't live without this product <3

This thing saves lives. Don't take a kid home on a nasal gastric tube without one of these.

I know that sounds like a wacky recommendation but my baby was so unwell with reflux that she was nasal gastrically fed at home on a slow drip feed pump for 6 months.

Think about the SIDS risk of putting a child to bed with a cord permanently affixed to their face. I bought this after another mother recommended it to me because my baby had woken in the morning with the tube wrapped tautly around her throat.

Not good.

So with this product she could sleep on her side or tummy (as reflux bubs want to do) but she couldn't flip more than 180 degrees (ie she couldn't choke herself).

It therefore was the only thing that save my and my husband's sleep. We bought two so we could wash one and use the other.

She still uses it now - allows her to move around without crawling around the cot. Settles her nicely but she cant' climb out of the cot.

It's versatile - she can sleep on any bed anywhere because she can't fall out of bed.
Life saving, reliable, clever, changes benefits as the child grows

This really IS perfect and something that we could not have lived without!

Three reflux babies and this is the only product that gave us both peace of mind and sleep! Having to elevate the bassinets and cots the safe T sleep let us do so without babies slipping under the blankets and ending up scrunched up at the end of the bed causing a sids risk and making the reflux worse. My children loved their safety T sleeps and used them until they hit 3! They felt safe and secure in their safe T sleep! I highly reccommend these to any parent with or without reflux...and going on holiday or a party and putting bub down...FORGET taking along a bulky portacot the safety T sleep is a potra cot that fits in your nappy! I give 10 stars five just inst enough!!!!!
compact to take any where, safe, security, peace of mind, ease of use

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Questions & Answers

My son is 16 months and moves around a lot in in the night so he can only use a sleeping bag. Obviously being older he is fine rolling over etc actually prefers to sleep on his tummy....would this product be suitable for us or not?
2 answers
No definitely not I wouldn't use this past 8 months they love to move! There is another product you can use available through the sleep store that is a sleeping bag attached to a cot sheet so they can turn around/ sleep in tunny but can't stand up.Probably not, if you leave it loose enough to allow your boy to turn - he will be clever enough to crawl out of it if he wants to. We've stopped using it when my girl was 15 months or so, she could climb out of it and pull it up together with the mattress if it's tightly done.

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