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Woolbabe Sleeping Bag

Woolbabe Sleeping Bag

3 Seasons, Duvet and Summer
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The neck seems too small

We have a very active baby and the front-zip duvet woolbabe is great to keep him covered up at night. Unfortunately, the neck opening is proving to be troublesome. At 9 months, the opening behind his head started to really dig in and we can no longer close the zip at the top. He isn't a chubby baby either -- is only in the 30th percentile for weight and has a relatively small neck! It's a shame, as the sleeping bag tends to push up into his face now. I have also not been able to keep him warm in the duvet sleeping bag during (Brisbane) winter, without using some extra blankets.

So warm and snug!

My baby sleeps so well in this sleeping bag, especially in the chilly nights when the temperature drops. At first I thought it was a bit cumbersome as it was so long, but I soon got used to the length and am glad that it has that room for my little one to grow. Highly recommended.

The best!

Love love love these sleep sacks.

If I was starting again I would get a couple of swaddles or 'arms in' sacks for the very newborn stage, then 2 of these and that's it until 2 years old! Expensive per sack but actually a cheaper option than the other brands that need separate summer/winter options and have smaller size ranges, meaning you are needing to size up like 3-4 times to cover the same age range as these.

We find this perfect for year round in Perth weather, but we do heat/cool the bedroom a bit as well. Would still cover most of the year with varying the layers underneath if you didn't.

Definitely get 2 if that is an option (or something else for backup) as they do take a while to dry- usually only a day depending on the weather, but we wouldn't be without it for even one night. It has a satisfying weight without being heavy, I think our baby has associated the sack with bed time and that combined with the temperature regulation of wool has seemed to help his sleep.

If you have a wiggly baby like me I recommend going for the zip style rather than the kind with pops at the shoulders.

A far superior option to polyester for a warm sack (google the temperature regulation properties of wool if this is new info), and not too heavy for when it is a bit warmer either. We just vary what he is wearing underneath.

They do go on sale every now and then so it's worth signing up and being patient if you have the time.

Extra bonus points because it is owned by sleep store which is a family owned business.

A warm baby is a happy mumma

We moved to Tassie and the cold nights required something better than a swaddle & blanket for our baby. A friend recommended this to us (she has 6 kids) and wow. It is used all year round and in winter we just pop a longsleeved tshirt on bubs for that extra bit of warmth.

Lifesaver for a damp house

We purchased our woolbabe because we live in an old villa in Kingsland, beautiful house but very cold in winter, our little one stopped waking up when the temperature dropped around 2 am when she wears her woolbabe. Woolbabes are very warm and sturdy which means you rest easy knowing your baby is protected.
easy to wash, dries fast on the line or dryer or on heated towel rail, absorbant for nappy leaks durable and sturdy.
The front zip model seems to sit higher around the neck than the side zip, i just wish it catered for my little chubba bubs neck better.

Beautiful sleeping bag!

I debated for a long time before buying these sleeping bags because I often find wool scratchy and irritating. These sleeping bad, however, are lovely and soft. I love the weight of the duvet sleeping bag - it really keeps baby warm and cosy through the night. It also feels more substantial than the polyester filled sleeping bags. I get the impression this makes him feel cosier and move around a lot less. When I pick him up, he's toasty warm but not sweaty. I also bought the 3 season bag, which is really lovely and versatile for warmer weather, but I haven't used it yet as it's been too cold. Anything under 22 and I would definitely go with the duvet bag. The only problem is I want another for when I'm washing one! They do take a long time to dry, especially if you need to hang it inside due to the weather. Count on a couple of days and have a back up!

Love this sleeping bag

We have both the 3 season and the duvet weights. I used them with my daughter and am now using them with my son. Love that they are made of natural breathable fibres so I know bubs is warm but less likely to overheat compared to other sleeping bags. Excellent quality and have lasted very well.

Love it

This sleeping bag is so great, warm, and comfortable. Washes really well. When my kiddo outgrew the first one, I got another brand as it was summer and on sale. Plus I didn't think I would need the 3 seasons ones just yet. My kiddo would take out the new sleep bag (which looked nice and felt ok to me) out of the cot and put the old woolbabe back in! Eventually I took the hint and we have the 3 seasons and the duvet one for winter. Sleeping bags remain in the cot now! One happy kiddo!

I love our Woolbabe Sleeping bags!

I first brought a Duvet Woolbabe sleeping bag after I had my first child as he was a winter baby and I loved the fact that the Woolbabe was the warmest baby sleeping bag on the market! I started using the sleeping bag when he was 3 months old and I used it right up until he stopped wearing sleeping bags to bed at 20 months old. I loved my front zip woolbabe as it is more durable if you have a wriggly baby and you don't have to fiddle around doing up domes over the shoulder. The one downside to the front zip woolbabe is that it is harder to dry and takes a long time as it can't open right out but I still gave it a 5 star rating as that is something easily fixed by just buying a side zip sleeping bag :) I love this brand of sleeping bag so much that I also brought their 3 seasons and summer weight sleeping bags too! They are now being used for baby no. 2 and still going strong!
The warmest winter sleeping bag that I could get and Woolbabe do a front zip bag as well as a side zip bag.
Takes a long time to dry because it can't open out flat (but that is easily fixed by buying the side zip bag if it bothers you)

Best sleeping bag and I've tried a few!!

This is the best sleeping bag for winter. My son stays toasty all night and I don't have to worry about going in to put blankets on. Have used other sleeping bags but they are just not as warm, even the merino ones. Need another as one is not enough!
Reasonable price, warm
Could have bigger neck hole

Love our Woolbabe

We've used a duvet side zip woolbabe for our now 2 year old for most of the year but summer. We just change what he wears underneath it. It has been amazing! It keeps him so snuggly warm, he has never woken cold. It has become such a sleep association that he'll go and get it sometimes when he's tired and wants to go to bed! We've also just moved him to a bed and we've had no problems with him climbing out. I'm sure its the sleeping bag that is helping!
Great value, length of use, ease to use and clean

Awesome product

I the love the woolbabe sleeping bags as they have a big age range (3-24months). The duvet bag is nice a thick no need for extra blankets. I love that they are made from cotton and merino no polyester rubbish so they breathe well.
Wears well and easy to wash and dry.

Beautiful and soft.

These are the most luxurious sleeping bags for little ones, and also the not so little ones. My almost two year old daughter has two of the 3 Seasons Bags and will likely still use them in the next size up. She has never liked blankets so these bags have become our best friend. I use this bag throughout summer and into the cooler months but change to the duvet weight when winter reaches its coolest in Brisbane. I love that I can be assured that she is sleeping at a comfortable temperature by adjusting what she wears underneath the bag at bed time and never having to get up in the night or early morning to add additional blankets. These bags, in my opinion, are the loveliest, most affordable, easy to wash, and durable merino wool sleeping bags on the market. Thanks Woolbabe!
Design, size, price, comfort, easy to wash, front zip.

Snuggly and warm!

We love love love our Woolbabe! We got given it as a present when our baby was born and it has been invaluable! Baby loves it, its beautifully soft and cozy which give me peace of mind as a Mum that our little one is comfortable. I love that its made of natural materials so baby can regulate his body temperature!
Love the front zip, it makes it easy to put baby into.

Great sleeping bag

It is great to have my son sleeping through the nights most nights with keeping warm in new sleeping bag. It;s great to use. Nice and soft and the zips have nice big tags for my husbands hands. Also having the cut out for the harness or seat belt in the car makes it handy if travelling.
Soft and warm
sometimes the two way zip can be annoying

Excellent bag

I love both the duvet and 3 seasons woolbabe bags, and my daughter does too! Great sizing that means they will last for ages, beautiful fabric, excellent quality, awesome padding on the duvet, both are super easy care; I wouldn't be without them and would recommend them to all mothers.
Everything, what is not to love!

Warmest sleeping bags

I really love the Duvet Woolbabe sleeping bags. They kept my little girl warm all night and she slept really well.
Highly recommended. I also love that they are made of wool which helps regulate temperature and has low fire danger. These bags are also good for wriggly babies as you don't need to worry about blankets being pulled off.

Best sleeping bag ever!

Wouldn't use any other. Have used this sleeping bag since my son was 4 months old. Went straight from a wrap into sleeping bag. He had just turned 2 so I've bought two 2-4 year old bags so we can use one while the other is being washed. Creates a sleep association so when he is put in his bag he knows it's sleep time. Keeps him toasty warm all winter long without the need for any blankets on top.

Perfect for sleep routines

My 15month old daughter knows exactly when it's bed time at night and never protests thanks to the Woolbabe sleeping bag. She knows it's night time as soon as it comes out and even grabs it to tell us she is ready for bed.
The duvet weight is perfect for Auckland winters and for wriggly babies as no need for blankets and they stay the perfect temperature all night. Also prevents her from trying to climb out of the cot.

Very easy to wash -straight in the machine with a wool detergent.

Amazing!! Best thing since sliced bread!!

I have a very wriggly baby so blankets just don't work. The duvet weight woolbabe keeps my daughter snuggly warm all night, and has been key to her sleeping through and not waking up in the wee hours cold. The front zip means she can't play with domes and wriggle her way out of the sleeping bag. This product has been a saviour for me.
Natural fibres, front zip, reasonable price.

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The small size 0-9mths sleep bag - do the arm holes button up completely so as to keep arms secure like a swaddle? My baby still has no control over her arms.
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