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Sleepy Bub Swaddle

Sleepy Bub Swaddle

5.0 from 22 reviews

Amazing!!! Highly recommend

LIFESAVER!!!!! This product is perfect and amazing. As a first time mum this swaddle would have to be one of the best things I ever bought!! Swaddles bubba so good and knowing he’s not going to wriggle out during the night like he would with a muslin wrap. Buns is 9 months and loves his sleepy buns swaddle. All communication from the team, especially Eileen, have also been 100%. Highly recommend this product!!

Purchased in February 2019.

Sleep saver!

I absolutely love this product, I am a first time Mum and found this product when I was browsing swaddles online. I bought the swaddle and romper and have dressed my baby girl in the swaddle since birth and she has settled well, sleeps for hours and I find nappy changes at night super easy! Thanks Eileen for answering my questions via email also! Natasha

Adore this product!

So I got one of the new swaddles with arms zipped to sides....... My bub has been sleeping through 7.30 - 6.00 every night since! No more Houdini arms getting out and waking himself up!!! Absolutely adore this product And have recommended it to friends who are having swaddle issues too

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Such a wonderful review! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to write about how Sleepy Bub has helped your little man sleep through the night! That is fantastic news! So happy to be apart of your journey to great sleep. xx Sleepy Bub

Love it

Just wanted to thank you. Mummy and the little man absolutely loves the Sleepy Bub.
We both get so much better sleep nowadays

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this review Laura! We really appreciate it. xx

These swaddles are an absolute lifesaver!!

Absolutely love these swaddles! My bub was a Houdini and could get out of any swaddle so this was perfect to help him sleep well.. it also made it so easy to transition to arms free swaddling without any fuss

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Thank you so much for going out of your way to write this wonderful review Kortney! You're a star! I'm so happy that the Sleepy Bub swaddle helped your little Houdini sleep better. xx


Great product and great service. Love that bub can play in this and then just need to zip down arms and ready to sleep - helped me with a smooth and less unsettling transition to bed. All the details thought through with this - so great for helping them to sleep and settle!

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Thank you Cand for taking time out of your busy day to write a review for us. Sending you and your precious baby lots of hugs. We're so happy the Sleepy Bub swaddle is helping bring more sleep to your family. xx Sleepy Bub

It works!

I’ve seen Sleepy Bub come up as a suggestion on my Facebook a few times. Showed hubby and he was all for it. I gave Eileen a call with so many questions and she was happy to answer all. I ordered both the romper and swaddle. He's seemed to learn pretty quickly not to move his arms as it won't get him no where! We've managed to stretch the sleeps to about 4.5-5 hours

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Thank you so much for your review Effie! It means so much to us that you would take the time to do this. I hope Andrew continues to sleep better in his Sleepy Bub swaddle. xx

Best swaddle and my son loves it

The first night my 3 month oold son put on this swaddle he slept from 7:30pm to 1am for a feed then back to sleep until 6am in the morning and played for an hour then felt asleep all by himself the first time for another 2 hrs ! Thanks to this amazing swaddles my son has finally sleep so well for the first time in 3months

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this fabulous review Irene, we really appreciate it. I hope your little continues to sleep well in his Sleepy Bub. xx

Wow! Best Swaddle! Fantastic customer service.

Wow! That’s the only way I can start this review. The video of the swaddle looked fantastic when a friend sent it to me, so I decided to try it. Unfortunately because my little man is very strong and extremely tall, the swaddle wasn’t long enough and he could get his hands to his face. This is where Eileen came to the rescue. I rang and told her what was happening, she couldn’t do more for me. She made some alterations on a swaddle she had and express posted it to me. I used the altered swaddle and it is a did send! The swaddle is a perfect length, and there is no way my lil man can get his hands to his face. The best bit... he slept from 8pm till 4am. Please do yourself, your sanity and your lil one a favour and get this swaddle.

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Wow! I'm so happy the alternations we made to the swaddle worked for your little man. We're doing our little happy dance. Thanks for this fabulous review! We appreciate you taking the time. xx

Saved my sleep!!

I have two children my first had colic and my second had reflux, needless to say we lost alot of sleep. With my second he was always agitated and moving alot in his sleep from his discomfort which enabled him to escape from other swaddles and would wake as soon as he did. I tried everything, I tried the Velcro ones, I tried placing a tucked in blanket over his body but nothing worked, finally the sleepy baby page popped up on my facebook, I wasn't sure but I though " hey we can't come out any worse" so I bought one. The swaddle arrived quickly and I tried it the night it arrived. It was easy to put him in and the zips made it easy to hold down his arms without having to juggle holding the arm still while you wrap the blanket over! And omg my baby slept so well, only waking for his feeds. I have recommended this product to everyone and continue to sing it's praises, thankyou so much for this amazing product

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Hi Sam. Thank you so much for this fabulous review! We are so glad the Sleepy Bub swaddle has helped your little man sleep. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. We love it when people sing our praises :)) xx

makes it easy to put my baby down for naps

i love the sleepybub swaddle. my baby in the morning goes back to bed about 1-2 hours waking up so now with my sleepybub swaddle i can keep him in it but unzip his arms when he's awake and when when he gets sleepy i don't have to disturb him. i love that i can change his nappy with out taking the whole swaddle off. i love the swaddle. great quality zips. double main zip. light weight material. inbuilt mittens on end of sleeves. long and loose around the hips. great for hip health.

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Thanks for this great review! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. My daughter stays in her swaddle in the mornings too because is so much easier to put her down again for your first morning sleep. xx

Amazing product!!!

I purchased the swaddle a few months ago in preparation for transitioning. Bub had always disliked the love to dream swaddles as he preferred to sleep with his arms down instead of up so I was super nervous trying him with his arms out. This swaddle is SO easy to put on compared to the Velcro swaddles we’ve used in the past and the design is so cute! We are now just over a week with arms out and with only 1-2 nights of waking up once during the night and I’m so happy it’s going so much smoother than I expected.

Thank you sooo much Eileen for your amazing customer service and even better product. Highly recommend this to everyone!! X

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Wow! Thank you so much for the great review Em. I'm so happy to hear your little one was able to transition easily with the Sleepy Bub Swaddle.

Helped my Baby Sleep Through!

Since buying this I have used it day and night and even when we go anywhere in public. My baby is a fiddler and could get his arms or of any swaddle but with the great zip down feature I don't have to worry he will escape and wake himself up! Just recently he began sleeping through the night wearing his Sleepy Bub suit! I would and have recommended it to every person who asks about (and who doesn't!)
Thank you!!!!!!!

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Hey Fay! A little delayed in telling you how thankful we are for this fabulous review! You have been such a great support to us and we appreciate you taking the time to write this. xx

The best baby swaddle around! I tell all my friends about Sleepy Bub.

Huge shout out to Eileen from Sleepy Bub for sending me the cutest and most practical Sleepy suits for my new bub! I'll be swaddling her and snapping away like the paparazzi for you as they are just so cute!

If you're needing seriously practical swaddles for babies I can highly recommend these as someone who has previously used other brands that just didn't do the trick. The swaddles are a great design, keep bubs safe and snug and prevent overheating and overactive little arms from pulling up above the face. I love that I have the option to unzip one arm or two or have my baby zipped in for the ultimate soundly sleep.

Thank you Sleepy Bub! From one mama to another, I absolutely am so thankful to have discovered your brand. Keep up the great work!


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Oh wow Dee!!! Thank you so much for this awesome review. You're a star. We are so excited for you and your baby daughter (being born tomorrow!!!!) - can't wait to meet her and see her swaddled in Sleepy Bub. Bless you and this amazing new adventure of motherhood with baby #2 - it's the best! xxx Eileen


This sleepy bub suit is the best thng I have ever purchased, I only wish theses were out when my other kids were babies! I will continue to purchase bigger sizes as my baby grows.... highly recommend 100/100 ❤️ my baby sleeps so soundly in his suit, keeps him snug and warm all night

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So pleased the Sleepy Bub swaddles are helping your little one sleep! Thank you so much for writing the review Sam. Xx

Perfect easy to use swaddle

brought your swaddle as I'm the only one that can swaddle my daughter so she can't break out. When I leave her with my husband, mum, sister etc they don't swaddle her tight enough so she breaks out and is unsettled which leads me to being anxious when I need to leave her with someone else at sleep time.

I was looking for a product that is easy to use for them that they basically can't mess up. Yours is it! Thank you!

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Thank you so much Kris for taking the time to write this amazing review! We really appreciate it. I'm so pleased our swaddles are helping your baby sleep.

Awesome - perfect solution - gives me peace of mind

I want to give this product 4.5 stars
As it has given me the confidence i need each day as a mother

My baby boy is a kicker. A never-give-up character.

Even if a triple swaddled him he would get out like a Houdini trick and I felt like a failure

I discovered Sleepy Bub and each night I can have the peace of mind that I will not be woken up to an unravelled swaddle.

The flexibility to offer him range of hand movement puts this product superior to the woombie or other zip swaddles. It can be tailored to the context at varying times of the day.

Thank you Sleepy Bub for offering sych a well-thought out solution

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You're awesome Rachel! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. It means a lot to us. Xx

Simple yet effective!

After trying all kinds of swaddled/wraps, my 12week old who used to sleep great was unwrapping himself in the night. Sleepy bub swaddle worked wonders for us! And he woke happy! as he still had some movement in his arms and didn't feel restricted! Best purchase yet! Thank you! Very happy!

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Thank you for taking the time to review the Sleepy Bub swaddle Jemma! We hope your little man keeps sleeping through the night. xx

AMAZING & worth every cent!!

As a first time Mum, i really struggled to find a swaddle that was light weight and that would keep my Little man wrapped up for bedtime.. both the Sleepy Bub Romper and Swaddle were life savers!! They helped keep my little babe swaddled throughout the night, which meant.. HELLO SLEEP & happy Mumma!! Thankyou for such an innovative design that makes life soo much easier, for everyone in the family!! Highly reccomend. Looking forward to the new patterns!!

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Thank you so much for this awesome review Mel! We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to review our Sleepy Bub swaddles. I'm so happy that they've helped keep your little man stay wrapped up all night long. Thanks once again, we really appreciate it! xx

The best thing ever!!!

I cane across this product online and absolutely love. We use it with our baby every night and use it as her pj's. We were swaddling our daughter but as she started to grow stronger she was wiggling her arms out and would wake herself resulting taking forever to go back to sleep (especially at ridiculous hours of the night). Since purchasing several of the sleepy bub swaddle she sleeps so peacefully. I have a couple of friends who are pregnant snd will be purchasing these for them. Highly recommend it

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Thanks for such a fabulous review Dijana! Thanks for your support and spreading the word about our product to your friends - that means so much to us! xx

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is it suitable for winter?
2 answers
It’s quite thin so I’d recommend a onesie underneath!In cooler months we recommend baby wears a singlet, pants and socks underneath the Sleepy Bub Swaddle. If the room is particularly cold, a sleeping bag or wrap blanket can be used over the top of the Sleepy Bub swaddle for extra warmth, being careful not to overheat baby. I hope this helps. Xx Sleepy Bub


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