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Grobag Sleeping Bag

Latest review: We have used many brands of sleep bags and Grobags are my least favourite. The zipper is really hard to navigate in the dark if you are attempting a sleepy baby transfer to the cot. For this reason,

Love to Dream Love To Swaddle UP Original

Latest review: We used the Love to Dream Arms Up swaddles from when our little girl was approximately 3 days old to 4 months old. Having her arms up but secured allowed her freedom to suckle on her hands to

Woolbabe Sleeping Bag

Latest review: We have a very active baby and the front-zip duvet woolbabe is great to keep him covered up at night. Unfortunately, the neck opening is proving to be troublesome. At 9 months, the opening behind his

Sleepy Bub Swaddle

Latest review: LIFESAVER!!!!! This product is perfect and amazing. As a first time mum this swaddle would have to be one of the best things I ever bought!! Swaddles bubba so good and knowing he’s not going to w

ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon Swaddle and Sleeping Bag

Latest review: I loved these for my winter baby born August 2017. They were warm and fit nice and snug. She went to arms out early on, and the MCHN praised these bags as being better than the Love to dream ones.

Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

Latest review: Just started using it, give me a piece of mind that baby won't roll on her tummy. However the valco is so rough and noise to use, thought they could use baby valco for that price... Opening the

Peke Moe Sleeping Sack

Latest review: I love lazy moe's oakleigh restaurant. We've been there many times and We love all the dishes served for us. Good for family gathering and group night out. The staffs are all acommodating and

Woombie Swaddle

Latest review: I have used the Woombie on both my children. The first child was an escape artist in every swaddle. It was beyond frustrating. I stumbled upon the Woombie when she was 6 months old and was beyond

Plum Sleeping Bags

Latest review: Have a 3.5tog sleeping bag, all the inside has ripped apart and my daughter gets her leg stuck inside the lining of the sleeping bag. Makes me really worried so we can't use it, $55 down the drain.

ErgoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt

Latest review: We've been through a bunch of winter-weight sleeping bags with our kids and the Ergopouch is the only one that has survived intact pretty much as-new despite the spews and leaks and more washing than

Miracle Blanket

Latest review: The swaddle has helped my baby be comfortable when sleeping, it is an excellent product! I would recommend it to anyone, when they start rolling over you can still use it just loosen the arms after

Love to Dream Love To Swaddle Up Lite

Latest review: We got this product as a gift and it is gorgeous. Made from quality fabric, it feels amazing. Our baby feels comfortable in the swaddle position with her arms up as that is how she usually sleeps. It

L’il Fraser Collection Baby Wrap

Latest review: Originally when I was recommended these wraps by a friend I was a bit skeptical when I saw the price. But having used them, I can say they are definitely worth paying that little extra for the

Bubbaroo Joey Swag Sleeping Bag Colour / Striped / Pure

Latest review: I'm a new mum and had no idea what or how to dress my newborn during the day or at night. I discovered this brand at a "Sleep Workshop" I attended in Melbourne and immediately fell in love with their

Go Go Bag Standard

Latest review: What a fantastic product. I have had my bags over six years and through three children. I have three of each type and even ended up buying the toddler larger size 2-4 yr old. I had a small fault that

Snugbags Merino Toddler Sleeping Bags

Latest review: Both my children sleep so warm and snugly and in this luxury merino sleepsack. They look so beautiful and friends often ask where to buy one. It feels gorgeous and washes well. The customer service

ErgoPouch 3.5 tog Sleepsuit Bag

Latest review: For colder climates, this is a fantastic sleep suit bag. The quality of manufacture and the amount of thought that has gone into the design makes the higher costs worth it. There is the certainty

Ergobaby Swaddler

Latest review: After trying 2 identical of these swaddles unfortunately out little escape artist has made this into somewhat of a tiresome joke and we're not laughing I can tell you that. We've had 2 of these

Bonds Zip Wondersuit

Latest review: Not happy with what I purchase. didn’t think good brand have this kind of cloths as well. I bought a shorts for my child after one wash colour was light and it’s look like very old short .

Halo Sleepsack Swaddles

Latest review: I brought this to stop the fall reflexes on my son and he was too strong with wraps and would pull them undone and over his face he also hated being swaddled in them. Getting him to sleep and getting

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