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Love to Dream Love To Swaddle UP Original

Love to Dream Love To Swaddle UP Original

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Great swaddle

Used these for day naps and overnight and both babies love them! Easy to layer up underneath for warmth, just stretchy enough and seem comfortable for baby. Two way zip makes for easy nappy changes.

Purchased in August 2018 for $40.00.

Perfect product for our babe

We used the Love to Dream Arms Up swaddles from when our little girl was approximately 3 days old to 4 months old. Having her arms up but secured allowed her freedom to suckle on her hands to self-settle (win!), plus reduced her startle reflex - which meant more sleep to mum & dad! High recommended.


My 10 week old started throwing his arms and legs around when going to sleep so he would always break loose of being swaddled. So, I purchased the Love to Dream swaddle and it’s now soooooooooo much easier to swaddle and change his nappy through the night. I don’t have to fight with a swaddle every night now. They are a bit expensive for a swaddle but they are definitely worth the money.

Whats the point?

My baby can move around way too much in this, swaddles are meant to make babies feel snug and secure, but she wriggles so much in the love to dream and startles which wakes her up, so i have to say I just dont get the point- only advantage is my baby cant wriggle out of it and therefore i know she wont get cold.

Perfect answer for Houdini baby!

My baby can get out of any wrap, except this! We tried so many different wraps and techniques!! Highly recommend for better baby sleeps! Can also use during the day. Definitely worth the money. I’d suggest buying a few in case of a vomit or nappy leak during the night.

Every nap time

Now an essential part of our naptime routine for my 8 week old - he is so snug and happy when in the suit. I have two handmedowns which are about 6 years old and a little stretched out so I don't like to use them but my two new suits - one cotton and one bamboo - are brilliant and i want more!

My son won’t sleep without one!

Despite being quite expensive to purchase, I simply couldn’t live without this product!! My son hated it to start with when he was a few days old, however, by the time he was two weeks old he loved it! He is now four months old and cannot go to sleep without being in one! I will soon purchase the 50/50 swaddle to transition him out as he is almost rolling. I suggest this product to all pregnant friends and will use again!


These are expensive but my little one loves them and we have had bub in them since 3 days old and he sleeps like a dream.

I have bought only when on sale or 2nd hand.
Need more colours In the ranges and all the togs and names can be confusing.

Good but expensive and hard to resell

These swaddles are expensive considering they’re only used for a couple of months at most. You can use wraps instead although these swaddles are more convenient.
Problems come when it’s time to resell. Despite it being in really good condition, no one was interested in buying it second hand and the company aggressively defended the photos of their product. Don’t expect to get any money back after you’ve used it for a few months.

Time Saver!

These are so practical and easy to use. My 3 kids loved them, so did I. No having to worry about swaddles coming undone, or having to unswaddle to change a nappy at sleep times - you simply unzip the bottom zip and pull their legs out. My kids have been asleep and I've managed to change their nappy.
They can move their hands to suck on them.
You can then put them in a sleeping bag if it's cooler weather too.

Couldn't have been without it

Love to Dream Swaddles were my life saver. Around the 6 week mark my little boy began refusing to sleep. He spent his nights fighting to free his hands and would just scream and cry all night long. I had been gifted 2 newborn Love to Dream swaddles during my baby shower but thought nothing of them. In a desperate attempt I put one on my little boy. I was shocked, he calmed down and began sucking his little hand through the material and settled himself to sleep. The next night for the first time he slept for 6 hours. I've never looked back, he always hated having his arms strapped down. When he outgrew it I bought the next side up which were the transition ones. My son only stopped using them around 18months when we began transitioning him to a toddler bed with a blanket. I'm pregnant again and soo glad I have these ready for the new one.

Best there is

I have used these since bub was born and is now 5 months they are the best on the market. I wouldn't bother with anything else. They encourage longer sleep and are great quality so will last a few babies. The zip is so easy even dads can use these.

Best Swaddle in The World!

We used these swaddles on all our babies, and latest from one bub too the next even when they sucked the hands over the top. Wraps bub up nice and secure, perfect for hot summer days with just a singlet underneath and nappy. My go to gift for every new mum!

Deserves a standing ovation!

These swaddles didn’t exist 12 years ago when I had my first son. Most recently I have enjoyed using them for my second son as they were a vital part of his sleep routine. The fabric is so soft and the design kept my baby boy feeling warm and secure. Very good quality and easy to launder.


Love to dream always have the best quality, not matter what product you buy, you can always count all the best quality!
I used only love to dream all through my sons first year and he was always so comfortable and slept amazing! Love the products so much and would buy them again!

Best Swaddle Ever!

Have used these swaddles since birth and we love them. He wears them when he’s a bit grumpy around nap time and he settles down, when he’s hungry he can still reach his hands to suck on while we make his bottle and it just gives him freedom of movement while swaddled!

Amazing! Best invention

I could not have survived without these they are AMAZING! My little one could wriggle her way out of a traditional swaddle but these gave her the snugness to have a peaceful nights sleep without getting free. Highly recommended, they are my go to gift for baby showers and each mum I gifted to has fallen in love with them as much as I did

Great product - a must for all bubbas.

i honestly Cant fault it, so easy to put on - change nappy - babies know as soon as suits on its sleep time - 2 great sleepers and I'm sure its cos of these swaddles. Wash well, don't stain and can clip them in the car - great product !

Perfect for transitioning to rolling

My baby loved being tightly swaddled with muslin wraps up til 4 months. Once he started taking an interest in chewing his hands (but still not rolling), I tried muslin wraps, and 3 other brands/types of zipply/velcro swaddles. The love to dream was the only one that worked. I bought the 50/50 ones with the zippy sleeves that will hopefully allow him to transition to completely sleeveless once he rolls.

LOVE these swaddles

These make bedtime for bubs SO much easier
Easy to put on
Nice enough material for the babies to suck on if they want to
Nice positioning so their hips have enough room and their arms are comforted but not trapped
SOOOO good! We had to have quite a few of them on rotation.

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Questions & Answers

I have the swaddle up in size small for my 6 week old baby, he weighs 4kg. I have noticed that the material under the zipper is bunching up and almost pushes towards his chin. I'm worried this could be a potential hazard. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it because the swaddle is too big/small?
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I noticed with my little guy when he was first born I got him the small and the back of the neck used to dig into his skin and leave red marks, he would pull his arms forward and do it worse.. it wasn’t to small either.
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My son is 8 weeks now and we have tried the Love to Dream swaddle a couple of times but he wakes after 40 minutes and is really hard to resettle. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty and persevered to gain success? I am finding he loves being swaddled but is starting to unwrap himself during the night so I really want to get him in the LTD.
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Have you tried different resettling techniques? I've been using a routine by Little Ones - they have some great suggestions.. I doubt the LTD suit is a cause of your baby being unsettled - 40 mins is roughly the length of a sleep cycle :)


Love To Swaddle UP Original
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