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MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

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cant live without Moo Goo Psoriasis Cream

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that my Husband found your products on line. I have terrible psoriasis on my scalp and one night when it was so bad that I was in tears he searched the internet and found your psoriasis cream. He went straight to our local pharmacy the next day and bought the cream and shampoo. 1 week later, only one week, the results are unbelievable. All the horrible lumps are gone, I are able to sleep through the night, I’m not scratching like I have head lice, there’s no stinging pain. I can’t thank you enough.

Purchased .

Value for Money
Skin TypeNormal Skin

Great product

Feels good on my skin. Smells wonderful. Really helps my eczema. Is very
Softening. Will buy again.
All their products are wonderful.

Did not work for me

I tried this really hoping for great results given it has so many good reviews and the chemist assistant recommended highly also. Unfortunately, this did not work for me personally.

Purchased .

Value for Money
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

ammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaazing product

I used this product on my 6 months daughter who had bad eczema since birth! I had used all known products in the market QV,DERMEZE,DERMVEEN,steroids. They work but it used come back in 3-4 days. Finally, I got this product & I swear by this product. not only her eczema was gone, I can feel & see her is baby soft which she never had since birth! I am so glad I found this product.

Moo Goo Protein Shot silicone free

I bought this product obviously for my hair, I found that it was pretty good value for money, the smell is so beautiful!and it's been great for my curly hair, I would recommend this product! my son uses the shampoo and conditioner of this product and once again the smell is so fresh, and it's great if you suffer from sensitive skin and eczma.

Miracle cream

Been having bad eczema in pregnancy , but this product has reduced my inflammation in 2 days.
It's natural safe and soo much better than steroids . It's a life saver

Great for toddlers

Used on my 2yr old daughter’s dermatitis (hands). Noticeable relief and improvement within 24hrs. After a week it all cleared up and now only need to use once a week.

finally a soothing cream for itchy rash

Raised itchy lesions on elbows and knees less inflamed and itchy
Now use it as a face,neck and hand cream because it is so soothing
Applied after shower and before bed and improvement in 4-5 days and itch hardly happens now
Would\d recommend as alternative to cortisone creams for mild outbreak and moisturising

Settles sensitive skin: reduces red

I use this as an every day moisturizer for my face and neck region. I suffered from skin redness on my face before using this product. It reduces redness on the skin and also makes the skin feel soft and supple. The price tag is very reasonable too. You can’t go past this product. Give it a try.

Initial success, skin reacted after regular use

The MooGoo worked as advertised and helped ‘relieve’ symptoms, so my facial eczema wasn’t as itchy after initially applying the topical cream. After about a week’s worth of constant usage (3,4 times a day), I noticed my skin was almost depending on the product and I developed a scabby swollen lip rash- which I’m now on anti-histimines for as my doctor believes it’s an allergic reaction.
I’m unsure if this has happened to others; would love to know that I’m not the only one.
As far as the product goes, I wish it came in a smaller bottle as I personally won’t use 180g before the use-by date.
Other than that it worked really well!

Not for me

I've had eczema, dry skin, for much of my adult life and tried all sorts of lotions and potions over time. Lot's of people have said that MooGoo works for them, but the skin problems are very much individual... what works for one may not work for others, and this one didn't do anything for me unfortunately. Give it a go but test it first to see if it gives the relief you need.

Not working at all

Have had eczema all over my body from last winter and used it everyday still felt it’s completely useless. Probably mine was a serious one but I would prefer using the aveeno eczema series.

Amazing product!! I swear by it

My 4yr old daughter suffers from eczema & dermatitis since she was 6months old. It flares up during winter & summer seasons.
Recently it flared up quite bad & was at wit ends.
I went to my local pharmacy just before the weekend & the lady recommended Moo Goo. Reading the ingredients & reviews, i thought we have nothing to lose.
I bought it & applied it after bath that night & then 3x daily. After 3days I've noticed a massive difference. My daughter calls it magic cream!
Thankyou so much for this amazing magic cream. I will always keep an extra tube handy

Really helped in Winter!

Purchased Moo Goo Eczema and Psoriasis cream for my 4 1/2 month old at the time who was suffering Eczema on his legs and in the folded of skin around his ankles. It came recommended to me by my Pharmacist. Took it home, bathed my son and popped the cream on. The next day his Eczema was no where near as angry looking as the previous night. I continued to use it morning and night. Within 24-48 hours it was all but gone. It worked well. Comes recommended and if it doesn’t work for you, it still makes a bloody great moisturiser!

Love it!

I suffer from contact dermatitis & several allergies. This cream is great as a general moisturiser & to stop my skin drying, itching & flaking in winter. It can't cure my contact dermatitis if I inadvertently come into contact with the wrong substances but it alleviates the itch until the dermatitis fades away. It works better on me than the expensive brands I have used previously.

A lovely mild cream

This is a good, MILD alternative to other creams, particularly medicated ones that I use that contain cortisone. I use this when I have mild flare ups of eczema & I find it does relieve my symptoms. The cream is easily absorbable, soothing, moisturising & has a pleasant smell. Great size for travelling & application too. Good job MooGoo!

Big disappointment

Hasn't helped me at all, in fact it's made my scalp itch more. I am so disappointed, I had hoped it would be the answer to my problem, alas not


Started working immediately on new sores. Still have old scaring but I hope with using the MSN cream as well this will clear up in time as well. Purchased while in Australia. Wish I had brought back more but happy I can order on line. I will recommend to anyone.

Never been this bad

I tried this because I’ve been using harsh topical steroid ointment for so long I wanted to give my skin a break and try something more ‘natural’. My nummular eczema has never been as bad as it is now after trying this cream. My eczema is red, inflamed and burning, along with the itchiest it’s ever been. Tried to persevere, used 3 times but have given up. Not a good product! Wish I could get my money back but I threw away the receipt..

This cream didn’t work for me and customer service is slow.

I’ve been a fan of moogoo for a long time now. I’m always looking for products that are more natural and are not harsh on my sensitive skin. I’m a big fan of their body wash, cleansing oil and msm cream. I tried their eczema cream for my dermatitis and itchy skin, but it didn’t really heal it unfortunately.

I’m also pretty disappointed with their customer service just recently. Ordered a product online on the 31st of March, my payment went through on the 3rd of April and I only received my order now on the 24th April after a few emails back and forth. Bit frustrated in trying to get a reply from them about my order, it took a week for them to realise it had been posted to the wrong address. They replied with an email saying that it had been delivered to the address I had given them and sent me a link of the tracking website, I wondered if they had looked at the tracking as I went into it and pointed out that it had been delivered to a different address to the one I gave which was shown in my confirmation order. whether it was their fault or the posts fault I have no idea as their emails are a bit vague. By the time they realised it had been delivered to the wrong address it was friday and they said they would express post it but unfortunately had to then wait again for the weekend until Tuesday when it finally arrived. After much anticipation, I opened the package to find they had sent me the wrong order, I checked my confirmation email to make sure I hadn’t ordered the wrong things, but it was all there. This time I called them, the lady on the phone didn’t seem to know about my previous emails and again told me my order had been delivered on the 10th of April, I had to explain to her that I know that, but the tracking details showed it was delivered to the wrong address. She said she would fix up the order and then asked me to post the mistaken order back to them! I even ordered a product from South Korea after my moogoo order and received it earlier then my moogoo! Such a shame coz I had ordered refills for products I normally use, so I had run out of everything as it was taking a lot longer than anticipated, so I wasted my money on some cheap products at Coles that broke my skin out terribly. A bit turned of from the whole experience now, just doesn’t come off professional. They were polite but I wish they were a bit more organised and on top of things. I think I will be taking a break from moogoo and have a try of some other brands. After almost a month of waiting I’m still hoping to receive the correct delivery.

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Am wondering if it will do anything for Rosacea ... spell check.
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Is cream suitable for 1 year old?
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It should be fine for anyone. It is gentle and full of natural products. Is sls free and no parabens. Best advice is to contact producers on 1300 213 828 or check their website at https://moogoo.com.au/about-us Good luck.

My daughter she is 6 weeks old.. her face is so rough and itchy.. she is very uncomfortable.. can I use her on face ?
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Eczema & Psoriasis Cream
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