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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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This is perfect!

Dry lips. Dry skin. And brittle hair. These are things we all struggle with. Some more than others. I’ve never been a naturally moisturized person, with the exception of my overly oily face, dry skin has always been an issue for me. I can recall times I’d apply lotion at least 7 times a day and I’d still have really dry skin, often times worse than what I began with. I’ve tried plenty of at home remedies, and although they may have worked for the time being I later discovered that these specific remedies were not sustainable for long periods of time due to running low on ingredients, and lack of time to actually make a quality product that wasn’t harmful to the skin nor the hair.

Becoming fed up, I went out on a hunt for phenomenal hair and skin products. I searched everywhere. Convenience stores. Grocery Stores. Hair Stores. I’d detected the same results in different bottles. I began to lose hope. Was there even a product out there for me? Would I suffer from the dry skin syndrome forever? Would I ever be able to feel secure in my own skin? What about my hair? What should I do?

Finally, I decided to do a little research. I googled and googled while also doing loads of complaining until suddenly, voila! My mom had taken matters into her own hands, introducing me to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Goodbye dry skin.

It can be used for brittle hair, excessively dry skin, rashes, scars or scabs, or just as a moisturizer. This jelly is very versatile. I use it almost everyday, typically after a shower, and I only have to apply it once a day. It’s sufficient enough to keep my skin moisturized for as long as 24 hours. Also, it’s great with protecting your skin from harsh cold weather.

However, with every good thing comes a flaw. While Vaseline can be very versatile, it doesn’t necessarily support every hair type. Under my observations, I discovered that it works best in more of a natural or curly hair type.

Relatively speaking, as versatile as this product is it doesn’t meet every requirement as far as a moisturizer as a whole. Despite this inconvenience, I can say that it will deplete 100% of your worries as far as dry skin.

An attribute I love about this product is that it comes in various sizes, and scents. Vaseline provides me a choice as the options allow me to choose whether I want to go scented or unscented as well as an option of applying it at home or in the car courtesy of the travel size.

In conclusion, did Vaseline meet my expectations and change my life? Yes. Could this be a long term moisturizer for everyone? Definitely. I encourage all of you, despite it’s one single mishap, to give Vaseline a try. It’s much more than just grease in a tupperware, it’s a solution to all of your skin problems.

Fantastic multi purpose product!

You can use Vaseline for a variety of many different things. I have found that it has really helped with calming down my flare ups of eczema and controlling the acne on my back. A must have for every household!

The best "cream" ever!

I use Vaseline for a lot of problems like dry skin, dry heals, once I drop hot oil on my left hand, and the only "medicine" I used was the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. No scars remains! I love it!

Reliable for generations.

My Dad swears by Vaseline, he keeps a tub on his bedside table and applies it to his lips every night. Whenever my sister or myself have had chapped lips, dry skin, chaffing, cracked heels - you name it, if all else fails, steal some of Dad's Vaseline and it will do the trick. It's very versatile and reliable. It's become something of a staple in many households, including my own.

Super versatile!

Vaseline has probably been around for ever, and you can see why. I use it as a lip gloss, on cracked heels, to highlight cheekbones, on eyebrows, for chaffing, for babies. You can buy it almost anywhere, and it's cheap!

Wow! Mom was right!

My mom always told me to use vasaline for my dry skin. I never listened to mom. But when nothing else worked, I turned to this as a last resort. Mom was right! This is my best friend. I use it for so many things. From dry nose that can bleed to dry skin, it works wonders. It helps heal the dry or damaged skin. It works fast. It comes of easy. What more could you ask for?!!

About average

I have bought this Vaseline product from the Gold cross chemist in towradgi and it has so many uses especially when it's the winter months though the jar I bought usually just sits there most of the times and hardly ever gets used / I would recommend it to most skin types especially if someone has sore and dry.lips

Absolutely works wonder

What I love about this jell, it works on different things. From hair to toe, it works wonders. When I run out of hair foam, I use this to manage and style my hair. When I want to massage my feet, I used this. When I want to clean my cellphone, I also use this and many more. This product is truly handy and you’ll be surprised that you can use this on different things that you can’t even imagine it will work – you just name it. And what’s more, it is affordable!
Convenient, Affordable


I've found that my lips were dryer than before I started using Vaseline for my lips, and I later found out it was because this product is literally petrol-based and should absolutely not be used for any sort of restorative treatment. My recommendation would be to use this for minor wounds or burns only, and I would strongly urge you not to use it for an extended period of time on any part of the skin.
Useful for minor burns.
Terrible on lips. It will actually worsen the state of your lips if you use it for an extended period of time.

An oldie but a goodie!

I hadn't used Vaseline for over 10 years until I recently discovered it again. My lips have never been smoother or more moisturised. It's also great for any stubborn dry patches and even for aiding the growth of your eyelashes! The list of uses for this amazing product is endless! Definitely highly recommended!
Cheap and effective

Works when all else fails.

My best friend had a little scab inside her nose and after many ointments, including prescription cream, a specialist told her to try Vaseline. For the first time in years the sore healed and disappeared. I have used it on myself and my kids when they get little scratches around and inside their nose and it works better than anything. I would not be without it in the cupboard.
It worked
if you accept that the nature of it make sit greasy, nothing is wrong with it.


This product has been around for so many years and probably won't be dis continued any time soon. I remember using this as a child but not anymore. It is a cheap alternative but I didn't really like it because I find the product very sticky. Once you have applied it on the area (e.g lips) its stuck all over your fingers. And then you have to wash it all off. Also in the tub it's in I don't think its very hygenic when one person uses there dirty finger and then the next person has to dip there finger in too. Maybe if they re invented packaging it could help. Overall, I would stay away from this product
Very sticky

Can't go wrong

Vaseline Petrolium Jelly has been around for many years, I remember my grandmother always had it in her bathroom cupboard, as did my mum and so do I. Great for dry lips and dry skin generally. It is a little sticky and takes some time to absorb but it's effective. For really dry hands, apply liberally and rub for several minutes, apply cotton gloves overnight and wash hands in the morning. Vaseline is very cheap and has no perfume fragrance, so it is very mild on even sensitive skin. So forget the big name products and give Vaseline a go.


Whenever my skin is in a really bad condition I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. I suffer from dry skin and sometimes my normal lotion can't cope with it. In this case I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly over night and it helps my skin tremendously. It is cheap and available in every supermarket. I don't think I would use it on a daily basis as it does not easily is soaked up by the skin. Normally I use it on my very dry feet and I then wear socks overnight. This is the perfect cure fro my cracked heals. I tried it on my lips but would not recommend it as the taste is off putting.


This is a reliable product that has been proven over generations. It is low priced, readily available, and provides effective protection for the skin against moisture loss and chaffing. Only a little is needed for every application, so a tub lasts a long time. I'd recommend it for any skin area, but, personally, I'd avoid putting it on my lips as I wouldn't want to swallow any.
If you're on a budget, this is the product to buy. It's "cheap as chips" and a little goes a long way. Provides an effective barrier to keep moisture in while cracked skin heals itself. Also provides protection against chaffing. Can be used anywhere on the body.
Not everyone likes to wear petroleum jelly. I'd probably not put it on my lips, but I'd happily apply it anywhere else.


a reliable product that has many used from nappy rash to moisutirsing of dry lips and chafing. definately a cost effective purchase
this is a product that has been around for years, even when i was a kid. packaging hasnt changed nor has the quality of product, thus ide say its very reliable. its not expensive and is readily available at chemists, supermarket shelves and comes in a large tub. can be used on dry lips, nappy crease and chafing or as a lubricant. is easy to apply and has no fragrance, a little bit goes a long way
the lid can become a little messy if the product gets onto it.


This is a handy little product to have around in the cupboard. I have used this product for a variety of things from cracked skin to dry lips to baby rashes. It is one of the more inexpensive nappy rash creams around and readily available. The only downside is that it can be quite sticky so if you put it on your hands or feet you can't really touch anything for a while. Definitely worth keeping some around at all times.
Very inexpensive and has a wide range of uses from nappy rash to dry skin and lips.
There is none, it is a great product.


Its a fine well known product to use on dry skin and is very well known throughout the world. There is no smell, but it does have a Vaseline smell which is very slight. It can be used to soften even rough edges on leather shoes, and a little goes a long way.
This is a good and effective product and I used to use it on my lips until I discovered the petroleum jelly part. I know, the name should have given it away for me. This product has a lot of uses, I use it to remove eye makeup and also to combat dry skin on elbows or feet. I use it during winter time to tackle dry skin on my face and it makes it soft and fresh feeling when applied overnight.
The petrochemical part has me worried about using it on my lips, but for other parts of the body, its great.


A faulous product that i have successfully used for many years. I have used it on our boat to protect fixings from sea salt, used it to protect padlocks from rust outside. I have used it as a personal lubricant, for chapped skin, and instead of mascara some days as it gives beautiful shiny lashes. I would recommend this product to others.
A fabulous, popular product that is so versatile and useful. Easily recognisable packaging that doesn't seem to have changed over the years and is trully an internationally recognised product.
I don't think there is any down points.


Vaseline has to be one of the most recognisable products around. It is cost effective and versatile - it can be used for chapped lips, for a baby's chapped bum and for any skin that is sore or chapped!! It is a great poduct and you only need to use a small amount.
This is such a great product with so many uses. From chapped lips to a baby's sore bum. I even used it to surround my son's wart when I had to paint on some wart removal cream.
Nothing much - it is slightly greasy, but that is not a problem.

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Hi! I am Alma. My hands and feet it's really really bad. I just want to ask if it's really work? I been suffering for this almost 5 years, I'll try so many ointment but nothing's work. I don't know what to do now. Hope someone can give me some advice!
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You need Dermaveen. Available in chemists. My face was so dry it cracked in corners and was always red. One week of Dermaveen and it was better. I use baby soap, no cleansers, not even QV or baby washes. Baby soap was perfect.Hello..i just wanna ask What kind of baby soap?


Petroleum Jelly
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