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Lucozade Energy

Lucozade Energy

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Please put the sugar back. Its not original anymore coke didn’t change ingredients why should you I use to love this drink not anymore.

Original Lucozade has been totally ruined

The sugar reduction in original Lucozade has totally destroyed the taste and flavour. I bought and loved the product since the 1970’s but will never buy Lucozade again. A magnificent product totally ruined


They've changed it completely and put vile sweeteners in it, really gutted, my favourite drink tastes horrible, will never buy it like this.

Lucozade R.I.P.

Lucozade orange was by far the best drink around I loved it so much but now it tastes terrible I won't buy it anymore, they should fire the guy who made the decision to change the recipe!!!


I love lucozade. Well at least I used to until they went and changed it! If I wanted to drink cheap lemonade I'd go and buy cheap lemonade and for a fraction of the cost. I've now run out of shops that had the old stock

I will never buy Lucozade again

The new lucozade with dramatically less sugar is hideous. It has no resemblence at all to the original drink. Its like a bad version of sprite. Everyone i know is saying the same and i will not be buying it again unless they return to the original drink. Get ready for sales to plummet!

I do not like lucozade

This is not good, the new lucozade tastes horrible and i do not appreciate it. The company is a mess.

Terrible now

Glass yes please,,,,,,these new plastic bottles.... yuk ,,,,don't tell me that no one has not yet complained about Lucozade tasting terrible in plastic bottles,,,,the liquid itself is awesome but only by being in glass ,,Definitely a big No now to myself and all my sporting mates ....

look what happened to coke ,,,,it was never the same once switched to plastic
Great tasting and would leave you refreshed
Going from glass to plastic

The Gold Drink

I have been drinking Lucozade since the 60's. My parents always gave me a glass when I was sick. Needless to say, I loved being sick lol. I couldn't say the name, so I called it "The Gold Drink". Today, I still love it, esp. the original one. It has such an unusually beautiful taste and I just can't get enough of such a terrificly refreshing drink. Being on a pension, I think the price of $2.24 is high for only 300ml (less than the amount in a can of coke) but I was glad to pay that price because it was one of the few bottles of drink these days that still uses a glass bottle. I would like a lime-flavoured one to come out. Thank you to whomever it was that created such a great drink. Cheers!
Fantastic taste & fiz. It really does make you feel better when you're sick or feeling drained. If you haven't tried it yet, please do. It's great tasting & refreshing for any time, anywhere.
Coles has just put the 'new' bottle on their shelves. They are not only now in a plastic bottle, which I dispise, but the price has gone up to $2.59. I have probably kept the Lucozade people in business over the years (so to speak) but will now have to drink a whole lot less. The price is now out of my reach, considering the cost of living is still increasing. If it was still in the 'classy' glass bottle I would cut out something else on my grocery list, but I hate plastic so much (because of its toxins) that I really can't see myself paying such a high cost for it to be in a plastic bottle.

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UPDATE: If anyone is having trouble finding Lucozade (if not, you soon will), the Glaxo company has sold the Lucozade & Ribena brands to a Japanese company names Suntroy. It is a huge company, and they plan on expanding our precious drink. I don't know how long the turn-around time will take to get it back on the shelves, but if I am able to contact them, I will ask them to return to the glass bottles. Did you know that Lucozade was invented 1927? I didn't. Anyway, with their expanding the product, we might get the same flavours as England; tropical, cherry, & a few others. About 15yrs. ago, Australia had the tropical flavour, & it was fabulous. For me, though, nothing beats the original flavour, esp. if it is in GLASS bottles. Cheers, all Lucozade fans.


Lucozade is a great tasting energy drink with a little fizz. It is nicely refreshing without being too sweet. I drank Lucozade when I was recovering from illness and found it really did work to help get me back on my feet. The price is good, but I have found it to be a little scarce in my area. Powerade seems to be the drink of choice with my local stockists. If you like energy drinks but want to try something new, give it a go!
Great taste & range of flavours. Really does work!
Not always available in my area

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I have fructose malabsorption and lucozade is my life saver,it allows me to enjoy foods that I normally can not eat without severe side effects . My only problem is I CAN NEVER UNDO the lid. I don't have this problem with any other bottles . This is really really annoying.Is this a problem for anyone else?


Lucozade is the best energy drink on the market my favourite is the orange flavour and I would drink it all day every day. It tastes so much better than any other energy drink on the market at the moment. It cheep and is available almost everywhere I would most certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good tasting energy drink that is reasonably priced and does the job in giving you more energy at a time when you most need it.
This is my favorite energy drink of all time. Great.
Nothing i love it really great tasting drink.

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