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My kids love it, and so do I!

I love this store!!! My favourite products are the whoosh jelly (the blue one) and the bubblegum lip scrub. They last forever, I got mine 2 months ago and they are still going strong! I actually love this place so much, I always buy stuff for the kids for their birthday presents, and the cloth wrap is very popular in the family! We recently had a bandana day and they all wore their cloth wraps as bandanas! Very popular (:

Product Quality

I love their friendliness and enthusiasm

I’ve bough their bathbombs for years and In the last 4mths I’ve started trying their other products like hair stuff and bath gels. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable about their products. My skin type is combination & a little bit sensitive and my hair is fine but so far I’ve had no reactions to their products. I tried their ‘Marilyn’ hot oil treAtment on a stick for blonde hair. It was a nice hair mask but I didn’t feel that my blonde hair was any brighter. My hair felt great after. Although Lush is pricey compared to other brands I think you are getting what you pay for.

Love the orangutane soaps - so clever

Yeah sure the little chemical add'ings suck :( but trying to save the orangutanes through soaps is genius - I hope it's real

I heart Lush!

Rediscovered Lush a few months ago when I was bored at a shopping centre.
There are no Lush stores near where I live, so I've been buying products online since.
Their delivery is super fast, the website is really easy to navigate, love the 'save favourites' option to remember things I want to try out another time, products are amazing!

Only criticism is I wish they'd use non-plastic wrapping when they post soaps etc. - they use paper bags in stores, not sure why they don't do the same for online orders.

I'm in love with the Ro's Argan body conditioner, love the solid shampoo ranges, the Roots hair treatment has thickened my hair back up, King of Skin got me through winter without dry skin rashes...I could go on!
It's a little bit pricey but I think when you really like something, it's worth spending money on.

Clear Skin & Confident

This company creates incredible products. My entire skincare routine is made up of products from Lush and never before has it been so soft and clear. I went from very red and blemished skin to incredibly clear skin within a week. I would highly recommend buying their angels on bare skin and their ocean salt scrub, it may seem pricey but it is worth every cent not to mention every five tubs you use, clean and bring back to the store you get a free face mask.

Love this place

- The store is very easy to navigate
- I am very satisfied with the range of products
- I am very happy with the product I bought
This is one of those places that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk in! The staff are always lovely, not pushy at all love this place!!

Check the ‘made on’ and use by date before you purchase

Their products are honestly great, however i only just purchased a “fresh” face mask 5 days ago used it tonight and have realised i only have 5 more days until the use by date. It was made over a week before i had even purchased it. Quite unfair so make sure you check.

Friendly service and unique shop

I enjoy the purchasing the face masks from the store and I find them to work well and smell great! The staff are very friendly and I like how they do store demonstrations which seems to get a big gathering of spectators. There is plenty of staff on hand so you do not have to wait to be served even when they are busy.

Great service!

I ordered several wraps online because I want to use them for Furoshiki (Japanese gift wrapping in fabric) and the order was processed the same day and delivered so fast - 2 days later!
I'm so happy with the way it was packed and love everything. Thank you Lush, I won't hesitate to recommend your wonderful store to everyone!


I looooove Lush bubble bars and make a fortnightly pilgrimage to buy my Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds AND Karma bubble bars. I find i only need to use a quarter of each bar, on its own, to acheive a perfectly fragranced and bubblicious soak making my 3 bars last about 8 baths!( I add a portion of Milky Bath to soften the water.) Both above mentioned are Patchouli fragranced, my fave, but there are many others. The Milky Bath is neutral fragranced.

Awesome shop

I’d heard a lot about this place through friends etc but never been there.
I was at Marion Shopping Centre one day and didn’t expect to go there but walked passed and thought let’s go see what the fuss is about.
For starters the shop is wonderfully set up, very rustic, inviting, appealing, intriguing. The staff are welcoming but not screaming I’m a pushy salesperson I just want you to buy something then you can leave.
I had a browse and decided to try a few things out and ended up speaking to a lovely, patient lady who helped me with my questions and educated me, again not sales forceful. This was great because the product this company makes has a story to it and there’s community involvement and it was all so interesting.
She gave me about4 samples of stuff to try that interest me but thought I’m buying enough here, but prices were reasonable, very good customer service. The samples were generous and not like she was parting ways with her own pay packet.
Because of those samples I will buy some of the products. Thank you Lush, you’ve got a customer for life.

Lush Cosmetics Products

I own a lot of Lush Cosmetics products. Their products are Vegan and not tested on animals. They offer a full range of items from head to toe. From shampoo and solid shampoo bars & conditioner, Flouride free toothpaste tablets, shower gels and soaps, deodorant powders and bars, bath bombs, bubble bars, cosmetics, solid and liquid perfume, facial cleansers, body scrubs, salt scrubs, moisturisers both face and body, massage bars and their newest items, their "naked" line which include solid shower gels and body conditioners with zero packaging.

Lush bring out different seasonal scents & items at Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween etc so always have numerous scents to choose from through-out the year (only down side is if you love a season item/scent stock up as you wont see it again for another year!)

If you care about the environment, dont want to put chemicals onto and into your body, want cruelty free, fair trade, Vegan products then take a visit to your nearest Lush store or visit their website.

Staff are friendly and helpful with top notch customer service. You can get samples of products you want to try before you buy, and in store see & test products and even get a personal hair and skin consultation to take the guesswork out what would be the best items for you to buy.
Only downside ive found is they dont offer Afterpay.


Lovely staff, lovely products! The store smells beautiful and the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Great to see a company with the initiative to reduce plastic waste and unnecessary packaging - and cruelty free!!
Can't wait to return and add to my collection!

Great and extremely friendly customer service

Wow!!! What an unusual friendly type of customer service, how they make you feel welcome from the second you walk in to the shop,
The ambient is just radiant, young, energetic, so friendly and relax, how amazingly welcome they can make you feel!!!
I was served by this amazing young girls April who truly convinced me of this natural products for the whole family, how readily she was to explain thoughraly how wonderful and natural this beauti products really are, well done April and everyone else in the shop, my skin feels so softly clean and smelling so nice!!!
Do I recommend the service and the product, oh yea, absolutely
10 out of 10 Lush!!!!!

Amazing stuff!

I love their products! They smell amazing, look great, and feel great! I love the shampoo bars, because it keeps my hair feeling fresh longer than most other shampoos!
I took a star off because I find that the soap makes my skin feel pretty dry, but I just alternate between Lush soaps and normal soaps.
I also took another star off because of the price tag. Just to get one bar of soap or a dollop of shampoo can be way too expensive. It's not worth it in the long run so I stick with my store bought stuff and not Lush because I can't keep up with the expense.

Luxurious and Great Value

For Christmas I was given Sandstone Soap from LUSH store, and I am hooked!!
I suffer from a skin condition on my upper arma and have always struggled to find exfoliant that worked... until now (I cant take medication for my condition at this stage as Im getting laser hair removal).
The sandstone soap smells amazing and fresh and leaves my skin smooth and scab free! I still have evidence of my condition but its greatly improved. I now use the soap all over!
I have been into the LUSH store to check out their other products and they are super helpful and have a great range of different products for everything and everyone! The prices are also very reasonable.

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