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Luvion Grand Elite

Luvion Grand Elite

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2 years old

Two years old and will not charge at all. So disappointing. I purchased one for each of my daughters and they have both had problems with them. Costly product seeing they don't have warranty now when they work they are fabulous. They have been a wonderful support for my girls. They have just had their 2nd child and a monitor that doesn't work. They are expensive for only lasting TWO years. Looking at a security camera that works on your phone, might be a better option.

A perfect baby monitor

High quality baby monitor with fantastic day and night vision, the camera pan and tilts with exceptionally clear sound
Highly recommended

Best Baby Monitor i have ever owned.

This is the best monitor i have ever owned. The hand held video monitor has a large screen and has great picture quality. The volume has high levels and the range is fantastic. The monitor also allows you to move and re-position the cameras remotely in case bub moves out of view. Has duel screen function also that skips from room to room view every 5 seconds. Easy to use! Cant live without it...

Rubbish and unreliable

Within months of buying the unit we had battery life issues, contacted baby monitors direct and they sent a new battery out which made no difference. Went through this process about 3 times and eventually ended up buying another cradle so we could have it in another room during the day. The sensitivity setting on the camera no longer works.

Bought another camera for our second child's room and that camera didn't work at all. Sent it back (after numerous wasted calls to baby monitors direct) and got another faulty camera back. Again (after numerous calls to support) eventually got another camera sent out, the sensitivity settings on that camera didn't work at all and was totally useless. After more pointless calls to support to no avail we finally decided that we would cut our losses and get our money back (this took a couple of months worth of pestering, phone calls and emails).

Picture quality is brilliant but unless you have got time to make numerous calls and send back multiple units until you finally get one that works (which you won't have because you have a baby), then don't bother with this company or the units it sells.

Very disappointed

Brought back to shop after a month. No confidence in the product - sound quality terrible, would end up having to turn down tv's radio kids! etc just to hear if baby crying on monitor (could have done this without monitor!) and this is when it was at highest level sound. For the price it is not worth it. Picture quality great during the day with curtains open which we never did when baby sleeping anyway so experienced no satisfaction with this product at all.

A great picture, range is poor and battery life only 5 hours

Awesome night vision and unobtrusive but 300m - gotta be joking. 50m is a stretch. Running on its battery on standby mode lucky to do 5 hours. Not long enough. It runs effectively if left on the charger overnight and you stay close by. This was the big disappointment because we bought it specifically for the long claimed range.
Nice picture day and night, subtle
Poor battery life and range

Luvion Grand Elite Simply Works

This is the best thing I have bought for piece of mind of our little girl, not only does it have great images both day and night, clear audio, great range, all round fantastic features.
The great thing about this product is, there is no muckin around with WIFI, trying to sync with existing network, resetting the network, power off and on, slow connection as not seeing our child in real time.
All we'll and true to have the latest features, but from what I have seen and regretfully purchased this product by far is well worth the purchase.
I guarantee that there will be no nagging from the Mrs that it doesn't work, and or she doesn't know how to use it.

Great Product!

I purchased a Luvion Grand Elite baby monitor from Baby Monitors Direct in 2012. The product is very easy to use, has excellent battery life, clear sound and ok picture (picture is slightly grainy but nothing to fuss over). A fantastic feature of this product is that you can add additional cameras to the one monitor. Overall, I highly recommend this product and only gave it 4 stars due to the picture quality not being 100%.

Fantastic value!

We bought a luvion grand elite video monitor from babymonitorsdirect.com.au over 2 years ago and it still works perfectly!

We have dropped it, it's been wet, it has been thrown by our son and it still works without any issues! The picture is clear and signal length between camera and monitor is second to none. We couldn't survive without our luvion and have just purchased a second one for baby number 2!
Friends have gone through more than two monitors in the same time that we have had one luvion!

Could not have managed without it!

I purchased the Luvion Grand Elite over 12 months ago for our new born through babymonitorsdirect.com.au. My husband and I often talk about how much we love the unit and how much we could not live without it. Its not just the video we like, it is how durable this actual product is. It's been thought the wars and it still going, not even a scratch on the screen. I have already recommended this exact monitor to friends who have loved it too. Don't bother going to a large baby outlet to buy, you will pay more and get less. I have just purchased an additional camera for when baby no. 2 arrives. You will not look back, trust me.


This baby monitor is the best around. It is clear, easy to use and perfect for more than one camera. Not only is the camera brilliant but the customer service is far above that I have received anywhere else. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who has just had a new baby or looking to upgrade their current monitor.
Great battery life, camera is extremely clear, easy to use, great functions, you can add cameras

Terrible dud

I bought this monitor over a year ago after doing lots of research and reading reviews. Surely the reviews are written by those connected with the product as I can find nothing positive to say about it. My video never seemed to work with any reliability, I might get it working for an hour a week. Tried using it just as sound monitor and it was terrible for that too. I did all the resets, frequency tweaks I could and it never worked. I bought it in Australia and then moved overseas and it didn't work very well in Aus but got worse when living abroad. I have another baby on the way and will be buying something else. For the price I paid I was terribly disappointed.
Nice packaging
Total static picture flickering green; irritating and unintuitive menu; useless lack of instructions, had to trawl internet to try and find fixes; video mount moves without batteries, and nowhere very good to put it on a cot or nearby as tips over unless you tape it or bolt it to a wall; battery life rubbish; sound always had screeching interference.

Absolutely love this unit!

I need a lot of research before I bought a video monitor. I actually bought it when my son was 2 because I was so sick of getting up and checking on him in the middle of the night. I live that you can add up to 4 cameras I have just purchased a second camera for my second son. The range is great I have a 5 bedroom house kids down one end I am down the other and have had not signal problems. I also have a house on a quarter of an acre and can mow the whole yard on a ride on and still see the kiddies. The best thing I like about this unit is the absolutely clear night vision I can see down to even where my baby's dummy has fallen out I have the camera placed about 4 meters above the bed. Love the night light and my toddler gets a kick out of the talk back mode. I haven't really used the music that's in build but I don't use mobiles or anything either. Extremely happy with this unit and would definantly recommend. Bought mine from baby monitors direct online and thaey very helpful and lovely to deal with.
Great night vision, great distance, easy to use, extra cameras can be added. Will use for years!
Nothing really the only thing I would change is the button noise when you go into settings or look at the camera manually it beeps when u press the buttons. It can sometimes wakes hubby at 3 in the morning :)

Disapointing range but otherwise okay

Great monitor, night vision and audio. Can mute monitor and it has a visual audio display so can still tell if bub is crying. The range is terrible though!!! it promises 300m but would be lucky to get 50 even when I took it outside to test without walls etc in the way - very disappointing as range was the main decider in making the purchase. Temp readout tends to be way off as well often reads in the high 30's when the actual temp is under 30.
good night vision
does not have the promised range.

Luvion Grand Elite

Great product. Everything that is important to me in a monitor, it does very well. The resolution quality and sharpness of image is very good. The screen size is perfect - I need to be able to see what my baby is doing, whether they are up/sleeping, has his dummy or Teddy etc - and I can do this fine. I think a larger screen would be pointless, and the new Luvion Platinum screen might be too small to see the detail. The GE fits well into my pocket - it's no iphone but its not too cumbersome to carry around.

The night vision is excellent; even 3m away from my baby we can see what we need - and with such a limited light source available, the results are truly impressive.

With plans for another baby, the ability to add extra cameras is essential. I didn't want to be buying another Monitor in few months time. I haven't used it yet, but with an extra camera the GE can cycle though each one for 3 seconds at a time, and when it detects a noise the screen stays on this particular camera.

When we first installed the unit it was too sensitive and would beep on the slightest sound - so we dialed back the sensitivity switch a little; now a louder sound is required before activation. We mostly enjoy having the video on at all time, but sometimes we have the screen off and it all comes to life when a sound is made.

I get a few hours out of the battery, which is fine for my use as its enough to stick it in my pocket while im doing things, but most of the time I have it docked to the power so I don't need it to last days.

The reception is clear with no interference - you have no idea how much our old audio monitor drove me crazy with its buzz, so the GE is a god-send. We have lots of internal walls and there's never a connection issue - it just works. There's about 1 second delay from a sound made to hearing it.

I would have preferred a longer power lead for the camera. The best position is up high on a shelf / book case over the cot - and the 1.2m cord doesn't reach the socket without an extension cable. It might sound silly, but I don't like the power board hanging up the wall.

The night light is nice, not too bright. The lullaby sounds are a bit robotic and not that great - same with talk back. But these 3 features are D list / nice to haves as far I'm concerned - they're not reasons why you'd buy/not to buy a monitor. In fact, even if they improved the Lullabies and talk back, I still wouldn't use them: Lazy/Remote Parenting sounds great on paper, but if my baby needs settling, then nothing beats being there in the room to sooth them

In a nutshell. All the important A list features are why I rate this monitor so highly. It works great. I tried lots of others and nothing has come close - typically because the night vision/screen size/resolution weren't up to scratch.
perfect screen size, good picture resolution, great night vision, no connection issues
Camera power cord could be longer, lulluby and talk back robotic sound quality

How do you stop the beeping?

I was given this as a gift, so hadn't done any research on this product before using it.

On the up side: night vision is great, screen size is good, battery life is ok and sound quality is pretty good.

On the down side: I find it quite "clunky" to use and not as intuitive as the Phillips sound only one that I still use for my eldest child. The room temperature is off (no idea by how much). I haven't used any of the music/lullabies. The range is not 300m, probably only 15m through 1 plaster clad wall and 1 brick wall (I can't go to the mail box without it going out of range, but can go to the garage). It originally had a constant beep, but that prooved to be that my husband had connected the wrong power supply to the wrong part of the unit - this was easily fixed. After about 2 weeks of using it with the right power supplies the beep came back. Still there, have tried resetting it, have tried looking through the menu to see what could cause the beep, have tried googling/reading the instruction manual and still no luck, so have stopped using the parent unit. I was still using the baby unit as a night light - but that has stopped working now (bub is only 6 weeks old) - so won't be using that anymore either.

I would still use it if it didn't beep!
night vision
can't get rid of the beeping noise and baby monitor night light stopped working after 6 weeks.

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Hi sorry youre having some trouble with your luvion. I might not be much help but I had some trouble with continuous beeping, check your settings particularly the temperature settings as it sounds like youre getting an 'alarm/notification'. It might be alarming you that temp is too high or too low due to the settings (which can be changed). I also get the beeping sound when battery is low but im sure thats not the case as you would have worked that out by now. If you just check the temp settings, fingers crossed for you that that could be it because the continuous beeping must be annoying :-). With the temp yes its definitely off but I think its about 3 degrees off (higher than it actually is) so if you keep that in mind you can work it out.

Great monitor, compact, good value and never drops out

I bought this after heaps of research and after 9 months of constant use i have found it brilliant on the whole, it's a great size, really reliable and has never let us down. We were concerned about transmission through lots of double brick walls in our long narrow terrace but this has never been an issue, nor has it ever interfered with our 3 wireless networks which other people ave mentioned on reviews for other brands.
It's got a few minor glitches that don't impact our lives day to day, the date time function stopped working after a couple of months ( resets to 2009) and I found it hard to read in the middle of the night anyway as it is yellow on the display. Like others I have found the battery performance has slowed to maybe 4-5 hours capability off the charger and the supplier never got back to me about whether you could get a spare cradle. We have had a weird alarm function a couple of times and solved with a reset and the temp is out by 6 degrees... But none of these things are major and I still love it and have recommended to lots of people, interestingly I know from them the glitches above are consistent.
The nursery rhymes are a bit tinny if you plan to use that function alot but we never do. but otherwise it's great technologyand highly recommended
Digital, good quality performance -Especially Through double brick walls, no interference with other wireless devices
Date and time function broke after a few months, keeps resetting to 2009. (when working) its really hard to read in the middle of the night anyway .


Perfect monitor, great range and sound. Battery life could be better.

Really amazing image quality and lots of extra features like recording, speak back and lullabies. Especially scan function works great (monitor gets activated when there is sound from the babyroom.

We love the design which is obviously personal but it it has the looks and it feels strong and solid.

I am wondering if you can provide me with your experience on the clarity of sound coming from parent unit? Is it responible in how loud it is? I have a child with severe epilepsy and struggling to find a monitor which has decent sound.The sound is clear, and can be set in two ways; either continious os via "SCAN" - meaning it will activate when there is sound detected..Really appreciate your time!

The best monitor ever!

I have used many monitors while working in childcare and I bought this for when I had my child. I Love it!! Brilliant monitor that I cannot live without now. I have recommended it to all my friends and they have bought them, they love theirs too. I have just ordered an extra camera for my second bub on the way.
It is clear, easy to use, reliable and has so many functions. Excellent that it can be used with other cameras.

Best monitor we've come across.

This is our third video monitor and by far the very best. Picture quality and sound is brilliant. We bought this unit for the coverage range and liked the idea of more than one camera with a second baby on the way. Had some issues with the coverage, but figured out it was materials in our house, moved the unit and now workinf the distance we need it too. Love the second camera feature, switches easily between the two.
Can't fault this monitor at all.
Excellent picture quality, good battery life.Nice BIG screen.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a way to turn off the screen on the monitor (grand elite 3) and only have it come on when sound is detected or movement? It has a very bright glare at night and I have turned brightness right down
No answers

Hi! I am trying to record my toddler on the Luvion monitor, however when I record using an SD Card there is no sound d recorded. Can we turn this on somehow?
1 answer
So can't help you . My daughters never tried this .

Hi, we have a luvion grand elite baby monitor. I have 2 questions, am I the only one who thinks the sound sensitivity is a bit poor? Unless my baby cries loudly we won't hear anything! And secondly the monitor all of a sudden is not working! There is a huge black mark on the picture and lots of blurry lines! So now not only we can't hear properly we can't even see the baby! Is there anyway I could connect the camera to my iPhone?
1 answer
Hi, I'm not aware of any smart phone interface but that certainly doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I'm just not aware! Also it sounds silly and I'm sure u have but is your volume on camera up full? My baby only ever had to make a slight whinge and I could hear clearly! Hope this helps...


Luvion Grand Elite
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