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Snuza Hero

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Love it!

As a paranoid, FTM to twins, it was a no brainer to get some sort of breathing monitor for them. We chose this as it is so easy to use and can be used in bassinets, pram, car seat etc. We have had it for 3 weeks now and have not had any false alarms. My babies don't notice it and it helps keep my mind at ease during the night. Would 100% recommend to any parent.

Purchased in May 2019 at Angel Maternity Online store for $140.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Battery Life

This product saved my daughter’s life. ER nurse review

This product saved my preemie daughter’s life. She was sleeping when the apnea alarm sounded, I found her slightly blue and shallow breathing. It woke me up and I was able to stimulate her and intervene in a terrible situation. Without this monitor to alarm me, my daughter might not be alive today. Thank you snuza. You truly save lives. Emergency Room Nurse approved!

Purchased in June 2018 for $99.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Battery Life

Peace of mind

This is a must have. Great device, easy to use. Peace of mind knowing it has the in-built vibration feature to rouse baby when respiratory rate falls. Although would like the alarm noise to be louder. Very compact and seems to be gentle on the baby's skin. Would recommend to new parents.

Good for peace of mind in the early days

I really liked using this product when I was still in hospital with my baby (and before I could use the sensor pads). The only tricky part was when my baby still had her cord and clip attached and it was hard to find a good position to clip it on. It only went off falsely two or three times when she moved.

Can not live with out this product.

Really easy to use. Means we know she is safe after a scare early on. I would recommend this to any new parents. Means you can also get good sleep when they do. It had only gone off once was a false alarm because of the position. Absolutely love this product

Perfect would definitely recommend

With my first son I barely slept because he had breathing difficulties so I was always paranoid he would stop breathing while I was asleep. For my second son I purchased the snuza hero and it has been amazingly comforting knowing that not only does it vibrate to wake my baby if he stops breathing but an alarm will sound to wake me. I've had it for 6 months and it has worked when it has needed to and we've only had false alarms when it has fallen off from him being a wiggle worm. I would definitely recommend this product it is easy to use and reliable

Best thing I bought for baby

This provides so much peace of mind, I sleep so much easier knowing it's on. I have only had two false alerts, one when I just started using it and positioned it wrong and one when I was holding him sideways so there was no contact.

Highly recommend this product.

Provides peace of mind

This is an excellent product and I wouldn't be without it. My bub is now 6 months old and so I initially thought that I would probably stop using the snuza soon. I'm really glad that I continued to use it as it turns out that since my bub has started moving more in his sleep (occasionally I find him facing down into his mattress), there have been several incidents of him not breathing for 15 seconds (at least 3 this week) and one alarm. I have no doubt that on the few occasions he stopped breathing, the rouse alarm must have worked. I'm definitely going to continue to use this for some time yet. I've only just replaced the battery after more than 4 months of use. Would recommend to any new parent!

Would not live without the peace of mind

We lost our 5 week old son to SIDS in September 2015. We now have his baby brother, and we are PARANOID. This has saved our sanity!
We test it every time we change his nappy.
Take it off, and you can guarantee, it will alarm unless we either turn it off, or clip it on to ourself.
Best thing I have ever encounted!


This has been a sleep saver for me. I use it whenever my daughter sleeps. It is so easy to use and gives me peace of mind. Loud enough to wake me up but not everyone else in the house.
I check everyday that it functions properly by putting it on the bench and making sure it goes off.

Love the Snuza Hero!

The Snuza Hero is awesome! I feel much better about my baby sleeping when it's clipped on her. I don't know if they were false alarms, but it has gone off a couple times- one time I had to nudge my baby because she still wasn't waking up from it going off, and the other time it did cause her to stir in her sleep (she's a sound sleeper). The only downsides:
- I have to clip it on her diaper after she's fallen asleep so I don't press on the monitor when I'm rocking her, so I have to make sure she's sound asleep before i unwrap her blankets to put it on
- we have to get a sound monitor if we're watching tv or sleeping in another room to hear the monitor if it goes off
- it moves slightly if the baby fidgets a lot, but it still senses breathing.

Constantly False Alarming and waking baby

I do not recommend this monitor, buy the angelcare & oricom ones instead. It keeps false alarming & waking baby that is clearly breathing. I have checked and its touching his skin & he is clearly breathing. I replaced the battery with a new snuza battery as it ran out in 2 weeks (apparently normal according to distributor) it still keeps false alarming) it is only picking up some of his breaths. This is the last thing a new parent needs - extra stress. We have limited sleep as it is & i have had hours of sleepless nights trying to settle my baby after the alarm went off. Customer service was also poor as manufacturer refused to replace, it must be returned to retailer who tests the device seeks a credit & then it will be replaced after weeks without a monitor deeming it useless. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Provides extra piece of mind.

So easy to use, just clip onto nappy or pants and switch it on. I bought one because my son decided to start sleeping on his tummy and would often face plant the mattress. I found myself worrying about his breathing so bought this as extra reassurance to go with his regular monitor.

Amazing !! So glad I purchased it

Being a new mum he one thing I was scared of was my son stopping breathing... I was constantly awake terrified of the worst.. Even the midwives were telling me the monitors wig the breathing bad would give me more anxiety as they get false alarms. The Snuza lets me get a good nights sleep knowing that the only thing that can set for the alarm is my baby stopping breathing. This has made me so at peace in my mind and I am not so anxious anymore. I would highly reccomend this to any mum...

Real piece of mind for a new Mum

As new parents we were constantly checking on our baby through the night. Since we started using this it has given us real piece of mind and the ability to get some quality sleep.
It is very easy to set and turn off. Easily clips on to the nappy and baby doesn't notice. Only 1 false alarm early on when we didn't attach it to baby's nappy properly, but if anything that gave us even more assurance about the reliability of the product.
Our baby doesn't move much during his sleep yet so haven't been impacted like other reviewers by movement and rolling on to their stomach. Even if/when that happens, we feel the cost was worth it for the extra sleep and peace of mind we've gotten from having it so far.
Overall we would highly recommend.

Peace of mind!! Good customer service

I bought a Snuza online and there was an issue with the on button. The Australian distributor sent me a new one and a reply paid to return the faulty one. I got it within days.

I'm paranoid so always thinking the worst will happen. The Snuza saved me! I had it before bub was born but didn't get it out and use it for a couple of weeks - I don't know why, maybe it was just that one extra thing to remember or so many new things all at once. I would CONSTANTLY feel the need to check if she was breathing, etc. once I started using the Snuza I felt like I could relax. I wished I had used it from the start. Anyway current battery has lasted about 7m. Bub is 8m and still happy to have it on. Back sleeper, no rolling during the night.

Snuza Trio

The Snuza camera monitor has great features however, after 3 months of using it, it wouldn't charge. The distributor sent me an entire new Snuza Trio set. A couple months later the monitor was being flaky again and wouldn't charge. Pretty worrying for a concerned mum. Also, the button on the camera dissapeared inside itself so I couldn't turn the unit on and off properly. They replaced the entire unit again and the new Snuza Hero wouldn't even turn on. Now after having the trio for 1 year and always was gentle with it, the monitor won't charge again correctly and the screen turns itself off whenever it feels like it. The amount of problems I've had with it and the amount of money it cost me it should better made than this. My sister has a basic unit from Target and it's lasted her over 5 years. I really hoped I could tell others how great the product is but it's had far too many problems. I'm going to have to by another brand asap. Very very disappointed.

Saved my sleep!

I'm totally in love with this! My baby is almost a month old and she wears it when we go to sleep at night, it's the only reason I ever get any sleep! Knowing if something happens I'll know. We've never had a false alarm and the battery is still full.

Crappy Customer Service

I bought the Snuza Trio in April and started using it in July when my baby was born. It's now November and the handheld part of the monitor no longer works as it won't charge. I noticed that this is a common problem going through the reviews and when I contacted the Snuza Australian distributor they said that it was a known issue but that they could no longer replace the unit as they don't sell them anymore (they now sell the Trio Plus instead). Um sorry but if you know your crappy product has a fault how about replacing it with the new product at least?
A response of "sorry, we know out product is faulty but we are completely unwilling to do anything about it" is a complete unacceptable response. I can't recommend this product or company to anyone.

Initial battery issues but works well now

Took a bit of getting used to operating it with the different buttons etc and to learn what certain lights and colours mean. In the beginning it was depleting a battery every week so I contacted the australian distributor and they sent a replacement. Unfortunately I had to send the faulty one to them before I got the new one so we were without that peace of mind for about a month. I had to ring to find out where the replacement one was and apparently there was some issue and the lady I spoke to said it should have been posted but hadn't been and apologised for that. They also sent an additional battery. Since getting the replacement 4 months ago I haven't had to replace the battery. I mainly only use it at night unless baby is unwell. It has "false" alarmed a couple of times. One time the nappy wasn't on tight enough so the sensor came away from baby's belly. Another time my husband didn't clip it in properly and it came loose. Last night it alarmed and I didn't wake up straight away. If it wasn't for my husband alerting me and jumping up, I may not have woken up soon enough if it was serious. That worries me as my husband works away. Tonight I have the monitor volume turned up higher in case it goes off again so I wake up straight away. Our baby was moving about when the alarm went off and it hadn't dislodged or come away so we are a bit baffled by it. Our baby does pull her legs up when she wakes during the night so that could have cause the sensor tip to push too hard against her belly and stop sensing the movement but I'm surprised she didn't move when it vibrated, as it then went to the alarm after the 5 seconds...? Overall, it has been great for the peace of mind until it goes off like last night and you wonder if your baby stopped breathing momentarily, which is a scary thought! It portability is wonderful; we've taken it on holidays with us. It didn't work on the cloth nappies as they're too thick and the sensor doesn't touch the belly so I always put baby in a disposable before sleeps.

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Questions & Answers

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my snuza to stay put! My 4 month old now sleeps through the night resulting in a full nappy by the early hours of the morning, this then causes the snuza to dislodge enough for the sensor to not touch enough and set the alarm off. I have found after using this i now have anxiety if he’s not wearing it but would like to continue to use. Is there a way to get it to sit better? Like Velcro or something?
2 answers
Good question! I only used the Snuza hero when my daughter was a newborn and now we use breathing sensor pads under her mattress. Velcro may work but I haven't tried it! Sorry!Hey i found the best way was wearing tights over a top that buttoned at the crotch then i would just clip it on his pants. Hope this helps!

Hi, I’m wanting to buy a monitor that I can use while baby sleeps in his swing. Does this monitor detect bubs breathing if he is in the swing that moves constantly? Or will it pick up the movement of the swing? If your product doesn’t work while the baby is in something that moves, do you know of any other monitor that will? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Jaymee, the Snuza detects the motion of the baby's tummy going up and down so I'm sure it would be fine in a swing. Basically you clip it onto the baby's nappy and each time the tip touches the stomach (as the stomach rises and falls) it senses movement. I hope that helps!

Does the Snuza work if attached to the back of baby's nappy if he sleeps on his tummy?
1 answer
Im actually not sure. Our boy is 9 months old now and only uses it at night. We still have it on the front of his nappy even though he sleeps on his tummy now.


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