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Luvion Prestige Touch 2

Luvion Prestige Touch 2

4.0 from 17 reviews

Terrific Monitor

Outstanding monitor that provides peace of mind. The image is fantastic and the ability to pick up sound is perfect. The monitor has an excellent range so I am able to move about on our property without worrying about my baby. It was a cinch to set up and I have a number of jealous friends, wishing they had spent a little more for the best product on the market. The battery lasted 12 months before it started to fade, but Baby Monitors Direct were happy to issue a new battery free of charge. We are extremely happy that we chose the Luvion Prestige 2.

Purchased in January 2018 at Baby Monitors Direct for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Battery Life

This is a fabulous product!

I’ve been able to take it on holidays and the range is so good that I could have a chat with friends in a motel room elsewhere while being able to watch my son asleep in bed.
The audio is clear and I often turn the audio down now and turn it up to listen when the indicator lights go on to say my sone is saying something.
The music is good occasionally when my son wants a distraction. The audio of me through the microphone is good but I don’t use it for purpose.
The night light is great because my son needs a night light and it gives the right level of light, which is also handy because I don’t need to take a separate light if I go away.
The picture is so good the I am now using it for a research project in which I need to look at animal behaviour and facial expressions. So I’ve found another purpose which is great.
I have been really happy with this product. Thanks to the team at baby monitors direct for the help.

Purchased in March 2017 for $400.00.

Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Battery Life

Great unit, just perfect

I was hesitant in purchasing the unit due to the high cost but I must say it is well worth it . The camera is clear and the zoom feature and rotation of the camera is amazing. Really happy with my purchase 2 years on and works like new. I have recommended to my friends and family.
I purchased the unit from baby monitors direct, the service and delivery of products was really great.

Without a doubt the best video monitor on the market!

I would never choose another video monitor brand! And now I am adding cameras to my Luvion Prestige Touch from Baby Monitors Direct. Image quality is excellent, with fantastic audio and great range from base unit. The unit was easy to set up and is very user friendly. I haven’t been able to find anything else on the market that comes close to the quality of this video monitor!

$499 and lasted 8 weeks before failing.

We purchased this monitor from Babymonitorsdirect start of February 2018 for $499 as we got 2 cameras for 2 rooms (2 kids), we have had it set up for 6 weeks and the parent unit has failed. It won't switch on even when connected directly to the power point. It was only used for nighttime surveillance as battery life is terrible, less than 1 hour! Hence the reason we just left it on our bedside connected to mains power as it's useless as a portable device. Tomorrow we will have to spend another few hundred dollars going to a baby store to buy another baby monitor and dual cameras. Not impressed.

Ended up being a faulty charger, charger replaced and now works.

Still crap range of only 25m max from the camera in a straight line minimal walls and the screen can not be dulled, so it's like a tv gets switched on in the middle of the night, lighting up your entire room when it activates (no need for sound when the bright light wakes you up! Lol )

Fantastic Baby Monitor

I have had my monitor for almost 2 years now and can't fault it! The large screen is great and the picture quality is perfect. It has so many handy features like, playing lullaby music, a night light and talk back, which can all be done from the monitor. The most impressive feature is the fantastic range without any interference. It is very easy to set up and use and we couldn't live with out it!

Great monitor

We have had this for over 2 year now. We use it day/night, everyday of the year and couldn't go without it. The picture quality is great and the ability to tilt and pan the camera from the screen is fantastic. Also being able to add additional cameras is a big plus. Would have given it 5 stars but our first unit kept turning off randomly when on battery power. After attempting different fixes with Chris from baby monitors direct (eg new battery and resets) it was deemed a faulty unit and without hesitation Chris swapped it for a brand new unit. This one has been faultless.

Great product! Cannot live without

Excellent video quality, monitor is great size for split screen (I have 2x cameras), great night vision, plays lullaby’s, talk back, camera moves so you can keep a close eye on baby/toddler if they move around the bed/cot. You can turn screen off at night with just one bottom and audio still comes through. Highly recommend this product.

Great camera, terrible battery life and audio quality

We bought this monitor because of all the great reviews we were reading about it, and while the camera quality and its range is quite good, the quality of the audio is terrible and the battery life is abhorrent.
Firstly, we haven't even had it 12 months yet and the battery barely lasts half hour with the screen on. If you turn it off and then back on again, it claims it has a full battery again, but drains just as quickly.
Secondly, the audio quality from the monitor is terrible. Its almost as though the speaker only plays back a certain frequency. The LED lights light up to indicate there's noise, but nothing plays. However, certain frequencies of audio do (roughly around the 1.5khz range).
Thirdly, the device, when its claimed the battery has gone flat, will suddenly turn on after a short while and indicate it has about 75% battery again.
And lastly, the clock never maintains the right time, its always fast.
While this monitor does what we need for checking on our little one, its definitely not worth the money its sold for. We could have purchased something equally as good for less money.

The best monitor on the market hands down!

We purchased this after hours of research. We have trialled a few monitors, all top of the range, nothing has compared to this. The screen is super clear, very big and easy to use. The camera has excellent range which we constantly put to the test being out in the country. We purchased the product online via baby monitors direct. Excellent service and turn around times with very helpful staff.

Luvion Prestige 2 has answered all my prayers

Super happy with this monitor. After trying and testing various Oricom monitors with my first 2 children, I have finally decided to move on to something bigger and better for my 3rd baby. I was drawn to the Luvion monitors simply because they guarantee no signal interference and I had the option to run extra cameras. I love that this product can extend up to 300 meters. I love that the screen is 7" high def image. I love that the screen is so big that even when I run 2 cameras the pictures are still quite big. I love that I can monitor all of my kids at once. I'm so happy with my purchase. Thank you to baby monitors direct for supply and advice. Great product.


We are so happy with the Luvion Prestige Touch 2 where do I start-
First the huge 7" display screen it lights up the room yes but if that is not suitable the screen can be blacked out at night time to not give out so much light
We use the split screen display a lot to show all 4 cameras, really good if our other kids are playing in a separate room
Our baby loves the 3 different lullaby's at night time
I get a little paranoid as I have to see my baby breathing whilst she is asleep so I zoom in on her breathing with the zoom function, great idea
I also love the low battery warning to recharge the lithium batteries
All in all I love every function it has compared to a lot of my friends monitors especially to safe guard our baby
Highly recommend

Screen stopped working shortly after purchase

The monitor was great while it worked. Unfortunately I bought it online from babymonitorsdirect.com.au and so when the screen stopped working I go no response from this online company with no phone number or shop front. Should have gone with a brand like Angel care that can be purchased from a big baby chain store like baby bunting. Atleast then any warranty is valid!

Faulty product from day one and impossible to make contact

Terrible product, screen didn't work from the moment it arrived and was impossible to contact them regarding the faulty product. All I could do was email and call a phone number I managed to find, so far they are yet to respond to my emails and phone number always goes to a pre recorded answering machine message every time (it has been 3 months now). Luckily enough after taking up the matter with my bank I have just found out that because I paid with my credit card I may be eligible for a refund through some consumer protection insurance policy. In all seriousness what type of business does not have a functioning phone number? Do not buy!

Amazing Quality

The Quality is Amazing, It Was Easy To setup.
I have looked at a lot of monitors and this is easily the best quality, the added bonus of a Temperature sensor is a nice touch, friends have a Uniden model that i was planning on buying as i thought the quality was good on it, however the screen is much bigger on this model and the quality is crisp and clear

The Camera even gives me good quality video in the dark, amazing!

Wonderful Baby Monitor

What a superb baby monitor, big clear 7 inch tablet like screen, showing brilliant images. Has long range and clear audio. Heaps of features and looks and feels like a high quality product. Remote controlled pan tilt camera is very groovy and it zooms in. Has accurate room temperature alert which is great. Fantastic shop i purchased from online-Baby Monitors Direct- well worth the purchase.

Hi Quality Baby Monitor With All The Features

I think I am a good judge on this one as I originally had the Prestige Touch 1, which I gave to my sister. This one is even more sophisticated, you get a massive big screen which gives you superb video image and the nighttime (night vision) is very clear. The sound is very audible with good sensitivity. Other features include 2 way talk-lullabies and temp alert. I really like the camera function which is remotely controlled from the parent unit. This product is well worth the purchase-enjoy.

Questions & Answers

Just about to have my 2nd bub and unsure if i should buy a 2nd camera for my prestige touch 2 or a whole new set. Have a few questions that will help me decide.... Can you hear noise from both rooms when 2 cameras are in use on the one camera? Can i use talk back to one camera only or would it go to both or not work at all with 2 cameras? If i play lullabies, will it play to both cameras or can i select just 1 camera? Do you get temp readings/alerts for both cameras? Thanks in advance
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On the split screen mode, do you have audio? If not, can the split screen be combined with the VOX function, so that the room highlights up when there is noise?
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No audio in split screen mode. The unit camera number flashes on screen, that's the only indicator, so when your asleep, you won't hear anything. However, in saying that, the size of this screen, when it does come on in the middle of the night, is like turning on a tv, the whole bedroom lights up and will disturb you and your partner A LOT. In scan mode, sequence, is what I use to monitor both rooms, as it will turn video and sound on in room with disturbance, then flash over to the other room to allow you to check they haven't woken from the other child's crying, then flashes back to crying child again, repeatedly, until the noise stops then the unit switches off again into scan mode. I've been using this monitor for a couple of months now, and if I had the option, I would have gone with a smaller screen due to the partner disturbance factor with the amount of light this screen produces, and it has no way to turn down brightness on the screen, so you are stuck in a room that is way too bright for your partner not to be disturbed (my husband wants me to get a different monitor!)

Hi has anyone tested the max range for this?
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It's not far. We have my husbands workshop 50m out the back of our house and it drops out before I've walked half way. The range would only be restricted by the bedroom wall the unit is in, and it's a straight line to the glass doors to our outside pergola then it let me walk 20m and said out of range and camera feed was lost.Thanks! That's a shame as we want to replace the one we have that has bad range (it's supposed to go 100m it doesn't even make it to the other end of our house!)

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