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MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

4.5 from 40 reviews

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This is the best hand cream I have tried to date. My hands were so dry, every time I walked past hand cream I put some on and there was no improvement. After twice using this product my hands were soft again. It is expensive but you use such a small amount and just twice a day so it is cheaper in the long run.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeDry Skin

liquid gold this stuff,

I have been using Moogoo for 8 years now. This cream is the best cream I have ever ever ever used in my entire life. It's perfect for use on your entire body as well as the face. The body wash plus this your skin will feel like a newborn baby's. Especially great for problem skin eg psoriasis, ezcema etc

Purchased in August 2019 for $17.50.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Best skin care product in the world

It's amazing how this product works for you especially if you have dry or sensitive skin... you name it. They even have a make up brand called dusty girls or girl. They focus on making sure that there products are chemical free. Healthy alternative and option for the external body and they have so many different brands such as toothpaste shampoo lip balm etc

Love it

I'm in my sixties and I have touchy skin. My legs were getting dry this summer, so I started using skin milk after every shower instead of now and then. It takes a minute or so and since I started... no more dryness. I've never had any bad reaction to it at all.

Purchased in January 2019 at MooGoo.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Introduced by chemo nurses in hospital,

I just finished my second course of Chemo, i was given the Moo Goo pack through my Dr. Given out to patients, i got the Skin Milk Udder Cream, among other products, my feet due to the chemo, were getting swollen and the skin was hardening, my Dr. said , i have chemo feet, lol, i used the Skin Milk Udder Cream, and it worked its Magic. softened my foot and ankles skin, and helped me to walk with out my skin getting tight, and uncomfortable, i now know where to get it, there are a couple of chemists up in the Blue Mountains who have it, i love the moisturing Mouth Wash as well, along with the Toothpaste, your mouth does get extremely dry having Chemo. I recommend these products to people and family, i cant speak more highly of them, Thank you <3

Purchased in July 2018.

Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeDry Skin

Keeps my skin clear of excema

After being exposed to an extremely dusty environment I had a major flare up of excema just about all over my body. I was reluctant to use cortisone cream and tried a variety of over the counter excema creams. While they temporarily relieved the itching, the excema wouldn't go. I ended up at the skin specialist and finally accepted a cortisone cream. I eased off it after the excema cleared and started using MooGoo cream just about all over. It moisturises and protects my skin so well Ihave not had a recurrence of excema in about nine months.

Best product and best service

My partner and I have been using Moogoo products (yes, and the udder cream) for 3 years and we never had any skin issues. I take shower 1~2 times a day, wash my hands (or use Moogoo anti-bacterial hand gel) about 30~50 times a day. No issues at all! I am glad that I got to know Moogoo and I am planning to use Moogoo products forever. Also, Moogoo staff provide REALLLLLYYYY GOOD service! I highly recommend Moogoo products to anyone!

So i perfect I fantasise about eating it.

As a male, I like to shave and after apply a simple moisturiser. My previous moisturiser ran out so I felt like treating myself to a new one I’d been eyeing off for awhile due to the amazing creamy smell. This has made my skin so nice and soft! My face is as dewy as wet grass. My skin tone is more even and fair too with no adverse reactions. Sometimes when I go to apply it to my skin, I just stand and sniff it.

Does exactly what it says

I’m a beauty therapist and I love how well this cream works with my skin. I have very difficult skin but this is perfect , very moistureising but not oily . To add the price is fantastic for what you’re getting

Absolutely wonderful!

Bought this cream as a hand cream from being outside during winter only to discover how versatile it is, hands, feet, face, body..pretty much all over. Non greasy and easily absorbed. I lather it on after a shower and let it soak in. Make my skin feel Devine and it smells soooo yummy! Highly recommended!

Miracle cream for my son's eczema

Been using hydrocortisone steroids to treat my son's eczema for a very long time but it would always come back when you take the recommended breaks so it was just a never ending cycle. Udder cream has completely cleared up his eczema and helps keep it away. Can't recommend this highly enough for eczema sufferers.


my son had a very bad reacton to this cream . As soon as he applied it his skin turned red and inflamed and he said it was burning . He got straight in the shower to wash it off and had to apply sudacrem to try stop the burning and itching .

Best cream for radiation

I was given MooGoo as a present before radiation started, and Sorbelene by the radiation nurse. The MooGoo spreads on much easier and is so soothing. It's not sticky either, which is kinder to clothes when I have to put it on thick and often. It's the best present to give, if you know anyone about to have radiotherapy.

Favourite Moisturiser!

Easily soaks in without leaving the skin greasy. It's a little multitasker. I use it as my hand and body cream and even as a primer before applying my makeup. Plus, it smells delicious.

This cream is amazing

After using (too many to count) numerous skin care products for sensitive skin, ranging from $14.00 up to $183.00, with many promises, I can say Moo Goo Udder cream is the best moisturiser i have used. After only 3 days my dry skin, rosacea with pustules have disappeared after suffering with this condition for 5 years.I cant believe that it has made such a difference in a matter of days. I am very careful with what I apply to my face as my skin is super super sensitive so after reading many reviews I bought the milk wash also and absolutely love it. What I love about Moo Goo is there are no chemicals and the products have changed my life. I say try these products if you have a skin condition.

Too drying

I found this cream pleasant to use but unfortunately it caused my skin to feel tight and was very drying. I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face and was looking for a natural product. I personally am disappointed with result but pleased that many love the product.

recommended for my 3 month old but now i use it for myself

My 3 month old son has eczema so i was recommended to use this cream daily. After trying so many different moisturizers and my son reacting to them i really hoped an all natural one would help him. Unfortunately he broke out with a red rash all over his body. after spending on a whole range of moogoo for my son (yes i got a bit excited) i started to use this on myself and i just love it. It smells great and is not too greasy i have definitely noticed a difference with my skin.

Love this product

Finally found a product that suits me.Love the feel and smell and it is so soft.Excellent value price wise.I will be looking further into what else the manufacturer has in the range .Love this product.

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

I am a big lover of all MooGoo Products, they are fantastic! Made from pure ingredients which is wonderful. This cream leaves your skin so beautiful and soft, no rashes! Which is wonderful, I recommend this product to everyone. Thanks Amanda van Vuuren

I love this product!!!

I love everything about this product. It smells fabulous, the consistency is good and the price is reasonable. My chemist stocks this and it's actually cheaper at my chemist than buying it from the MooGoo website so that's a win...It is my favourite MooGoo product :)

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Questions & Answers

After putting the Moo Goo products on, my skin goes really hot and raised red blotches. It does eventually cool down after about 15 mins is this a reaction to the creams. I suffer from eczema on my face and body. I use your eczema cream, milk wash, udder cream and the full moisturiser cream. thank you in advance.
No answers

Can I put this cream on my jack Russell to stop her scratching?
3 answers
Best to discuss it with your vet as I'm not sure. She might lick it off so best to double check with a professional first.Hi Paula, I would also check with a vet. What is the dog itchy from if a can ask?although very good on humans not sure about animals The vet would be the best one to ask or better still contact the Moo Goo makers and ask

do yu ship to New Zealand and is this good for psoriasis?
2 answers
Hello jimmyd I am a consumer of these products so I suggest you get online to moogoo and ask them about shipping and what to use for your condition.The company is on the Gold Coast Queensland.Hello jimmyd. I am a consumer of these products so I suggest you get online to 'moogoo' and ask them about shipping to NZ and what to use for your condition. The company is on the Gold Coast Queensland [Burleigh Heads] Great products and good luck.


MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream
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Release dateSep 2009

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