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Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

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Pretty good, definitely not for oily skin though!

It’s good, it moisturises and does what it has to do. It absorbs very slowly and leaves the skin feeling quite greasy, though. I like to use it on my lips, elbows, knees and ankles! Works wonders on super dry skin but my oily face skin isn’t a fan.

Brilliant stuff

I have oily, combo, sensitive skin which need special care in winter.. These oil provides the extra moisture for my 40 year old sensitive skin and keeps the fine lines at bay.. You just have to take a small amount rub between your fingers to make it warm and pat all over.. Less is more with this beautiful product.. I even use it right after microdermabrasion and NO reactions what so ever.. Pure gold in a jar

Excellent product

I love this product and it’s got many uses. Great for any dry skin, skin irritations, you can do a hot towel facial with it, even seen it’s great for scars. Love all of Nutrimetics products. It’s on special this month two for one $35 order here www.nutrimetics.com.au/jhelgeson love to help you out

Love this oil it is a very good all rounder.

Love this oil it is a very good all rounder. For dry skin and dry hair. It is also good for people with acne prone skin. My daughter has really bad acne and she use this all the time, the scars that the acne has left on her face is becoming lighter and she love how it feels on the skin. She just use a very small bit and rub her hands together and then pat it on to her face. Give it a try!! It is amazing stuff.

Cannot live without this product!!

I have been using this product for 2 years now and I thought I better review it for other, it is sooooo amazing!!! I used to get dry flaky skin around my nose and rashes on my face in winter, I apply liberally at night and lightly under my makeup during the day and both cleared up within 6 months and have never ever been back, I recommend it to everyone! I am only 19, have really sensitive skin and this is amazing i even use it on my eyelashes to help keep them in good condition and my entire body. I use it every night after i shower and sleep in it and when i wake up my skin is so soft and stays that way the entire day, i've never had a bad reaction etc, i love it and ask for it every Christmas and birthday!

Miracle Balm

I'm surprised when people don't love this. At night, I use it as a serum after toning, only a little bit, warmed up on my finger tips, gently patting into my facial skin before moisturising. I rub a little extra into blemishes and they heal very quickly. I think the key is 'Less is More'. I'm yet to discover Nutri-Rich Oils multiple uses!

Great Product

I love the smell and feel of this product on my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and find it hard to source appropriate moisturisers however this is an amazing product. I use it in the morning under my foundation, at night before bed and for my hands. It is oily but it soaks into my skin so quickly and makes it feel so soft.

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

I use this product on my face when i do facial massage, i use it on my hair when it feel dry. I even tried to use it like lip gloss. Sometimes i leave on my face overnight as a mask.

Love Nutri-rich oil!

I've seen a few reviews they say its "too oily"... It's oil, not sure what you expected. I personally love the nutri-rich oil for my dry and sensitive skin. I love the smell and recommend this product to everyone!! A bit pricey but worth it!

Excellent on scar tissue.

I was in a car accident in late February & had open grazing down the right side of my neck from the seatbelt. I used Lucas' Paw Paw ointment on the open graze which was wonderful, otherwise every time I moved my neck, the scab would break open. However, once the wound healed to being scar tissue, the paw paw cream stopped working & after having a Nutrimetics party, I got a jar of the Nutri-Rich Oil & used it instead. It's now 7 months since the accident & I have not even the slightest trace of a scar.


I have been using nutri-rich oil on my baby since she was born instead of baby oil her skin is beautiful and smells fantastic. She is 15 months old now and we got her a sandpit which has given her eczema and the nutri-rich oil eases her angry red skin. We love it
It smells beautiful.

Lovely Oil

I really like this product. I've never really been all that keen on a lot of Nutrimetics products because I feel that they're very expensive - but this one is worth the money. Great for dry skin in particular and for skin irritations of any kind. Smells beautiful!

Stephanie R
- All posts are my own advice, please always seek professional advice


I love it, the price is reasonable considering it lasts for a year and it can be used for everything after just a week of using this on my stretch marks I noticed a considerable difference, my lips aren't cracked anymore and my elbows don't feel dry! My feet are also a lot smoother, whilst the product is a tad oily and sticky only a small amount is needed and after 15 mins or so I barely even notice the stickiness of it!
Everything great value for money works on everything
But oily (goes away after 15mins)

First Aid Kit In A Jar

Incredible product been around for years. I have used it on everything burns (if blistered, after blisters have gone), sunburn, nappy rash, eczema, dry heals, dry cuticles, split ends, dry lips, face mask (not on my eyes), cuts, scratches, insect bites..... you name it. Great product that should be in everyone's cupboard. Can be a bit 'sticky' but the good far out weighs the stickyness...
Great product, so many uses, only need a very small amount so lasts for ages.

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The smell is also one of the best things, smooth touch and great for Lips. Have been using for over twenty years and a jar would last me forever. Beautiful Stuff very useful.

Excellent product for various problem areas!

I've used it for dry, flaky skin, for cradle cap, for eczema, cracked heels, dry frizzy hair and even stretch marks!
It always works!


Works well, used it a few times now, tried using it as a night time face treatment for over night, but felt it was a bit too heavy and almost a sticky sensation, though left my lips feeling fantastic! It is a bit expensive, however its very concentrated so certainly would last a long time
Smell, and what it does for my skin
Wish I could use it as a night time face treatment, but personally was too 'sticky and heavy' for my skin

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You can get a lighter version of this in a crème. If you want to know more have a look at http://www.nutrimetics.com.au/terri/collection/nutrimetics/1095.html


this product is so oily,it made my skin feel so oily and disgusting, i really didn't like it at all, if you had really dry skin i think this product could work for you, but still i couldn't handle the feeling of it. its not my kind of product not to mention the price is ridiculous, i don't recommend it and will not use this product again.
please keep in mind this is a personal preference, and you may find you love the product.
but i think you could find something better for a cheaper price at the supermarket.
If your skin was as dry as outback australia this would be a great product!
Oily and expensive. I dislike this product very much and will never buy again.

you might find cheaper but always remember quality is always better the quanity that would be full of nasties,apricots atr full of wonderful anti cancer ingriedents also i eat organic apricots full of b17 love this product.Hi Katty, I just commented on the similar post above... do you mean you were using this as a moisturiser on your face? It's not meant to be a moisturiser -- it is an OIL... it's great for dry and cracked skin - such as elbows, heels, lips, cuticles... but not for the face! If you still have some, have a go using it for what it's intended for... :-)

Great to have on hand

I don't use this all over my face, instead I use it for using under my eyes at night, it is great for dry cuticles, and dry lips. I also use it to groom my eyebrows. A great product for dry areas. I have used Elizabeth 8 hour cream, and this is a far better product, the smell is divine and the jar lasts for a very long time.


I love Nutri-Rich Oil. Can't imagine living without it. The Hunza population in the Himilayan mountains kept so young looking well into their 90's or 100 years of age because they applied Apricot Kernel Oil to their faces nightly--this product is tried and true.
I would give it a 10 if that were an option--this must-have product is more than a nightly anti-aging moisturizer. I have first-hand used it to heal burns (even radiation burns to the face), scars (surgical scars even), stretch marks (after the youngest child was 14), eczema (even on babies), sunburns (no peeling and immediately heals them), split ends, healing blemishes (works great after Nutrimetics Mineral Masque, dry feet, elbows, lips, and of course is hydrating and anti-aging.
I love everything about this product and think every home and business should have one on hand. The product lasts AT LEAST one year, so that's a great value, and it replaces diaper rash creme, anti-scar meds, etc. It is extremely concentrated, so less than a pearl is appropriate in most cases. Wear it to bed and it will absorb by morning.


I would never buy this product again I think it is only for oily skin or skin that is like cracked leather! Way too greasy and oily for my fair,dry,sensitive skin.
It does take the dryness out of your feet and elbows
Way too greasy and oily on sensitive skin caused breakouts and not worth the price

Sorry lily... but, may I ask what you were using it for? If you used it on your face, it's not really designed to be a moisturiser... It's more for dry elbows and heels, cuticles, cracked lips, and it's good to put as a buffer under a masque (like a mineral masque)... but no good for a moisturiser. Hope that helps. And if you still have the product left, have a go at using it for these other purposes. Also, it is fantastic for eczema.... if you know anyone that has it :)There is a lighter crème formula that you can use for the face http://www.nutrimetics.com.au/reneedoak/collection/nutrimetics/1095.html when using it on the face it is generally used as a facial treatment.I bought mine BECAUSE it was sold to me by the distributor as a night time face and neck cream.....thats a moisturiser to me! On the box it says to apply at night after cleansing and toning. I only started using it last night, so I can't form an opinion on its effectiveness. Didn't find it sticky, just quite oily. At the price I paid I will not be using it on my elbows/heels etc.... Cheaper products around for that!

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Is Nutri oil parabeen free n safe to use all over the body?
4 answers
I will find out about being paraben free? I would say it would be as it only has natural ingredients in it. yes you can use it all over your body. It has apricot kernel oil, vitamin e, carrot oil, Shea butter plus many other oils. I use it for dry lips, skin and you can even use it as a facial with hot towel. You can only try it. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Hope this helpsI just found out that the answer is yes it is paraben free. Thanks go to the website www.nutrimetics.com.au/jhelgeson or you can order just on website. Hope this helpsThank you so much for the quick response.

My staffy has a red rash on her tummy...can i use this on her?
1 answer
I would check with a veterinary surgeon first. Do you know what is causing the rash?

what is the price of the nutri rich oil 50 mg?
2 answers
Go to the Nutrimetics website and click on the ebrochure tab. This has the yearly catalogue as well as the monthly specials. I love the product, but I am not a consultant. SM.It’s on special now in specials catalogue two for one $35 excellent product and great to use on skin rashes, dryness, scars, etc www.nutrimetics.com.au/jhelgeson you can place an order on my website if you are still interested.


Nutri-Rich Oil
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