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Maclaren Triumph / Triumph Elite

Maclaren Triumph / Triumph Elite

Triumph and Triumph Elite
3.9 from 10 reviews

Pretty good small and light pram for city and shopping centre

I have this for 2nd pram which using mostly going to city and shopping centre, basically, for where has even ground surface, easy to handle and fold and just taking little boot space. My 2yo girl sits pretty comfortable in there. One only little thing that I dislike about it which is non-adjustable footrest but all fine now when her feet can reach it. Overall I give 4.5 stars for this pram.

Nice stroller but it will backward fall when you put you hand bag on the handle

We had been used this stroller for half year, it is light and stylish, but the storage bag is quite small, so when you are shopping, you have to put some shopping bags or your hand bag on the handle, and if the kid off the stroller, the stroller will backward.

Makes life with a toddler easy!

We use our Maclaren Triumph stroller every day. It mostly lives in the car but we also use it for walks around the neighbourhood. Initially bought second hand as an easy 'spare' pram, it has become our most used pram because it is so easy to use. Its light, easy to steer, our daughter is comfy and it is tall enough for my husband to use. The basket can be hard to access and the seat doesn't recline very far but our little one still has naps in it sometimes. Ours is about 7 years old and still going strong, you can wash all the fabric bits with diluted washing liquid so its easy to clean. My husband always says how much he loves this stroller, the Maclarens look great too. There is a reason people love their Maclarens and that is that they are a really good product. Takes two seconds to fold and light to put in the car, because it folds into a long piece you have heaps of boot room (we have a comodore) and hardly notice its in there. Also has a carry handle. We love our Maclaren. I have had about seven other prams including a Steelcraft Agile, Steelcraft Phoenix stroller, a Bugaboo and a Valco Rebel Q and this is by far my favourite for so many reasons. Highly reccomend!! Every family should have one :)
so easy to use, light, can get second hand very cheap, lasts forever, durable, folds super well
hard to access basket, doesn't recline very much


I got this to replace my heavy and big Swallow Beema, and after 4 months actually went back to the Beema and will sell this! Main problem is the backrest not being upright enough in tightest position as noted above.
Super light and easy for travel
Contrary to what the blurb says you cannot actually make this upright enough for an older toddler (I got it when mine was 18 months). She is always half lying and hates it as 2 year olds can! Tightening the straps to make higher very tricky if bub in pram. One foot/hand fold and unfold mechanism (the foot pedal) doesn't really work (or maybe I'm unco). Wheels mark the sun shade when it is folded.

Can't get child upright

I really don't like this stroller and therefore rarely use it. I ended up reverting to MB Swift that I bought the stroller to replace. The only time I use it is when I travel as it's easier to put on a plane than a MB. My 23 month old is always slumped and uncomfortable in this stroller and wants to get out all the time.
Lightweight and good for traveling.
Unable to get the seat in an upright position so my child is always slumped.

Good for travel

We went overseas to Europe for 4 weeks and this was a lifesaver. It handled everything we put it through. It may even become our regular use stroller.
light, folds easy, durable, sturdy


Good stroller for what i needed. Just a little disappointed with the straps - not really appropriate for a young child...however, happily he will grow. Also I have found solutions for the straps although it has taken a bit of my time sorting it out.
I am traveling overseas - this is a great solution as it is light and compact. Plus it reclines which is great for my little one as he likes to sleep in the pram
My son is 4 months of age and the pram is not really designed for small ones as there is only one slot for the strap that goes between your babies legs which means that he slips down and slumps quite a bit. I think i am going to cut a hole in the seat and hem it so that i can thread the strap, that goes between his legs, further up so my little one does not look a little befuddled. Ooo I also forgot to mention the shoulder straps are not padded. I have needed to pad them as the strap rubbed on my childs neck :(. These slight adjustments are only needed if your child is young.


Overall a fantastic pram for convenience, quality, manoevrability, style etc. Just wish it had an extendable leg rest for younger babies and perhaps a rain cover included?
Fantastic manoevrability on all wheels, turns & swivels incredibly easily. Very easy to fold down with one hand. Large sun shade. Easily washable.
No extendable leg rest so smaller babies once sitting up have nowhere to put their legs.


We got this for trips on the bus/train and for the odd long day out with our toddler when he'd be walking most of the time. It has been great, more than happy with how it handles, I put our toddler in lots of prams in the shop and the ease of use of this brand was so much better than the cheaper ones trialled.
Lightweight, easy to steer with one hand while holding walking toddlers hand. Good storm cover, folds up easily and small. Easy to access basket.
No sunshade, can't recline it very far, have to remember to take bags off when child gets off otherwise it will tip over


Love this stroller but when buying try to buy a light colour, mine is black and has faded badly to a brown and it is always store in the boot not in sun light and alway remeber to take the bags off the handle before taking baby out as the stoller always tips over.
Very light and folds very small. easy to move around on sealed surfaces.
It is hard to push on gravel etc because of the small wheels and even though it says that it can be used from 3 months on, i have a 4 month old that still slipps into an uncomforable position

Questions & Answers

What is the weight ?
3 answers
6.2kg I thinkI don't have it anymore so can't recall. Very light though, 6kg sounds about right.The weight of the Maclaren Triumph Stroller is 6.05 kg and has a weight limit of 20 kg. If you would like more information on this or any of our other products, go to www.cnpbrands.com.au and check out the entire range line. Thank You

Is there any way to make this stroller so your child sits more up right? My husband threw away the instructions Thanks
2 answers
No there isn't as far as I could find- if you have the pull strap that goes behind the seat back as tight as it will go, that's as high as your child will sit. I found it a bit irritating but not as irritating as the pinching fold mechanism. The instructions were very basic anyway (PS your hubby sounds like mine!!)Thank you for showing interest in the Maclaren Triumph Elite. The adjustable recline mechanism/strap offers you multiple seat positions and if you tighten it as far as it will go, that is the most upright position available for this stroller. If you have misplaced your instruction manual, you can visit www.cnpbrands.com.au and you can download a PDF version copy for yourself. CNP Brands


TriumphTriumph Elite
Seating Type SingleSingle
Suitable Age6+ months6+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg20 kg
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat StorageLocking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight6.05 kg6.05 kg
Folded Dimensions47 x 25 x 103 cm47 x 25 x 103 cm