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Maison (Aldi) Electric Yoghurt Maker

Maison (Aldi) Electric Yoghurt Maker

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Love it

I had my Aldi yoghurt maker for over four years. The first time I used it- I had the lids on the jar and was not truly happy with the yoghurt. Tried again as suggested in the manual but this time left the lids of the jars out and the yoghurt turned out just right. The only down side is getting extra jars of the same size, so I've picked a few from the two dollar store and they do the trick.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Love, love, love it!

I've had my Aldi yogurt maker for 3 years and as my granddaughter is lactose intolerant, I use uht long life full cream milk and a small tub of lactose free yogurt by Liddell and it works perfectly every single time! The yogurt appears alittle runny whilst still warm, but firms up beautifully in the fridge. I've just bought a second one for my daughter! Great little product!

I love it!!!

Very happy with this Yoghurt Maker. I got it from Aldi and mine came with instructions, does what supposed to do, makes great yoghurt. I only use full cream milk, usually leave it on over night, and the yummy tick yoghurt is ready in the morning... Love the little glass jars too.

Lumina (Aldi) Yoghurt Maker

I bought this because it was cheap and easy to test if it would be okay to make 24 hour yoghurt (required to remove the lactose for my kid). I found using a reliable thermometer that the machine actually over heats the yoghurt up to 50 c well before even four hours which means it's killing the bacteria. Not a good solution for us. However, I purchased a 24 hour timer for around $9 at Bunnings and with the machine running on for 45 minutes and off for 15 minutes it sits perfectly around 40 c. Those of you who want yoghurt for the great bacteria I strongly recommend you test the temperature of your machine.
Great design. Lovely little jars to go in fridge or for taking out and about.
Overheats the yoghurt.

Hard to rate

I bought this a while back from Aldi. It was an unopened (as far as I can tell) unit and I was looking forward to using it but when I opened it up, everything was beautifully intact, but no instructions were in there!
The warranty card is there. No instructions. I presume it takes water in the base and a few hours of electricity but without the instructions, I am just not sure how to proceed.
The unit looks fine, the packaging was good.
I suppose I should have opened it sooner but I got busy and only recently decided to try it out.
How can I say if I can't use it
No instructions

The instructions are pretty simple. Take milk, add a bit of yogurt to it (starter). I boil milk and let it cool till its warm before adding the starter. Put this container (anything that fits inside the yogurt maker) in the yogurt maker, and switch it on. The yogurt is ready. No water needed anywhere.I have the Aldi instructions. No preheating of milk needed. Mix 1200ml of milk (full cream or powdered) with 200ml of unsweetened natural yoghurt. Fill the 7 jars and put onto the yoghurt maker and switch on. 6 hours needed for full cream milk and 8 hours for powdered milk. The unit must remain perfectly still for the entire time.

Perfect best Maker ever

I received mine a present. It makes a nice tasting yogurt if you stick to the directions correctly. Really like the small washable containers to save environment a bit.My children enjoy them and recommend the appliance to to anyone.Easy to clean, easy to store.what more can I say. good and good.
Saved me heaps in commercial yoghurt
Needs a timer

I noticed you said the unit worked well for you. I bought one but no instructions were inside. Are you able to tell me how much water to add to the unit and how many hours to switch it on for? Any information would be welcomed. Thanks.I made the yoghurt last night and it didnt set. im wondering if the appliance is faulty. it says in the manual not to move the appliance while it is doing its thing otherwise it will not set (which i did accidentally) have you ever knocked yours?The basic instruction with the Aldi maker is. In a bowl add six jars (the one that comes with the machine) of milk.. Add one jar (the one that comes with machine). Mix well and place in the 7 jars. Put in yoghurt make and turn on the switch (do not put water in the yoghurt maker. It should set in 6 hours using full cream milk or 8 hours if using low-fat or skim.. That is the instructions. I followed them and the yoghurt did not set. I am trying again but this time I am warming the milk first. There are a lot of variations on line I guess you have to experiment.

Absolutely useless

I made this again for the second time and the "yogurt" if you can call it that is as runny as milk. What a rip off.

it doesnt work, it doesnt make yogurt.

mine doesnt make yogurt either, runny after 8 hours of incubation. NazMine doesn't work either, and the reason is that it's TOO HOT! I left my cheese thermometer in it yesterday, and it was running at just below pasteurising temperature (60C) and yogurt shouldn't go over 43C. I let mine 'cook' for 10 or so hours and then cool in fridge and it is perfect consistency. No heating, no fuss.

Questions & Answers

What is the size of each of the 7 glass containers?
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Glass jars are about 125ml, if you fill them to the top use 1 L milk and make 1 L yogurt.

How much would i pay for one?
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How much is this yogurt maker?
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It was purchaded about 5-6 years ago from Aldi for $15.