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Makita MLT100

Makita MLT100

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I have always been a staunch Makita owner and on Sunday sold my 2400B Miter Saw as I had replaced it with a new AEG saw/stand system. This was one of the most reliable of your previous products that were always represented by the signature blue. The MLT100 is quite a disappointment as the runners on the miter assembly are flimsy/slack and the fence is equally so. I noticed too, that it was produced in China....the home of products of the lowest/cheapest quality and am shocked to note that the Japs would farm their work to someone notorious for crappy workmanship and jeopardise their well-earned reputation to save a YEN!

Purchased in May 2019 for $649.00.

It's done me no wrong.... :)

I got this one from the green shed in 2012, April fools day !! for $518.
And it's given me great service in a handyman capacity - at this price I wouldn't expect something that's gonna hold up on a building site. Unlike most of the reviews here, I had to make my own stand, maybe I have an early model as I haven't noticed any fancy "soft start" feature. Similarly, the fence has not given me any grief either.
My other half does some model making and requires material ripped down to 1mm from time to time. This saw handles that without excitement from pine, or old hardwood palings, and the strips fall off the blade straight and even like they've come out of a planer.
I did make my own zero clearance throat plate from a bit of scrap MDF and recall removing a well over strength spring from the blade height/angle adjuster, but that's about it.
A modern day Makita out of China that has excelled, so far ! Maybe we tend to come on here to grumble.... :)

Purchased in April 2012 at Bunnings Warehouse for $518.00.

Good up to a point

I'm a tradesman. I've used Makita for most of my tools for over forty years. This is pretty much junk. The fence is shoddy and will not stay in place because only one end fixing which is flimsy. Everything all the other reviews say about this is true. It kicked back today because the fence was wobbly and now there is a massive noise in the motor/bearings somewhere that makes it scary to use. I bought a much cheaper Ryobi to assist on a job and it is so much better. Stay away from this machine. If Makita have dropped their quality so much I'll move to another brand. Can't trust Makita any more!

Purchased in July 2017 for $600.00.

Makita MLT100 Piece of Junk !

I purchased this table saw as an upgrade from my Ryobi that I thought was just a piece of CHINA MADE JUNK, well what a surprise it was to find that the MAKITA MLT100 was a worse piece of junk. I have been a Makita power tool user for 30 years, all my old tools were made in Japan and were superb, but not anymore. This piece of junk I now own is only fit for the dump I would not even risk giving it away. The edge slider won't stay straight, the blade wobbles, the table itself is not square.
I have now officially given up on Makita ,I won't pay top prices for Chinese junk anymore. tell the management at Makita we won't stand being ripped off like this, what a bloody cheek selling rubbish like this. These saws are dangerous and should be pulled off the market.
If you are unlucky enough to purchased one of these pieces of rubbish go you your money back before an accident happens, these things are down right dangerous.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

MLT100 by Makita. Great for the Builder or Handyman

I brought one of these this week as it was a tidy portable solid saw with a free colapsable base and good cutting capacity. I then read the reviews on it, and nearly didn't open the box's. I'm glad i did. It's a great saw suitable for anything except fine cabinetmaking and the poor reviews do not do it justice. These are the facts: sliding table has max cut of 525 and is fine for most jobs, unless you overload it. Pre cutting close to size first and final trimming helps here. The saw has soft start and a soft brake also. It is relatively quiet too. Power wise, it's good for 50mm pine ripping. Accurate angle cuts are good too. Easy in fact. Max width of cut with fence extended is 675. That's with the fence fully locked on. You will get a bit more but lose accuracy after that as the fench loses support. I hooked up my vacumn and had no mess whatsoever! I tried cutting 12mm plywood and got repeated square cuts easily using the sliding table. Once you have the bevel fence fitted, and wood on the table, any movement in tje sliding unit becomes neglable. So for me a builder, this machine that offers so much and cost just $789. 00 plus gst here in NZ, seems like excellent value. Moving it about on site wii be a breeze! I am most impressed! Gary Ellis - Woodwright.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

I upgraded from a Ryobi 10"

Well, I started with a Ryobi and decided it was time to update. I had used the Ryobi for 8 years and alas it had worn out after many many hours of accurate cutting. My update was the Makita MLT100. It has an extension table for the larger pieces and a blade that appears to be sturdy as a rock, h'm plus it looks great in my workshop?
Unfortunately, that is where it stops. Once I put the 10" under duress, the bearings on the motor screamed at me. The blade started to shudder and the thicker the piece of wood (yes, solid wood) the worst it got. The fence is also inadequate, as it is anchored at the front only and while small pieces are ok as soon as you start working on a piece of more than a kilogram the sturdiness of the one ended fence disappears.
I quite often work with a zero tolerance gate on the deck for fine pieces, the gate provided is great for your standard cuts where the cutting width, isn't an issue but for strip-boarding long or short lengths as an example needs a zero tolerance gate and the insert design has made it very difficult to place a DIY insert in its place.
Another point is the use of a Dado set with the Makita, in short, you can't as a 19mm dado doesn't fit safely. Overall I was disappointed and so with the air compressor, I cleaned up and returned it within 10 days. If you need a table saw for general work around the home or workshop then sure grab a bargain but if you enjoy the finer art of cabinet making or similar then consider more options.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Adequate but poorly designed and manufactured

I purchased this model some 12 years ago because it seemed to have a good mix of features for a moderate price and because it was a Makita. The first thing to go wrong, almost immediately, the mechanism to raise and lower the blade became difficult to operate. I modified it by adding a spring to help raise it which worked until last week when it the mechanism finally failed...the thread stripped out on the casting called the gear box. The blade angle adjustment is awful to use. I gave up on the mitre guide after the first attempt because it always wobbled and jams in use. The plastic blade surround snapped into two pieces, so it was replaced with a bit of scrap alloy sheet. The fence works okay, is reliable once adjusted square but it is only one sided. I have ordered new pieces to repair the up-down adjustment as the parts were surprisingly inexpensive but I will not be buying another one of these.

Date PurchasedJun 2005

Not up to makita standards

Makita need to take a good look at this saw as it is well below their normal high standard of wood working tools
42 years working with timber and every power tool I own is Makita I assumed this saw would be another great asset much to my shock it is poorly built and designed
The fence does not clamp on tight enough and moves when ripping timber and the sliding cross cut fence is too tight and won't slide unless you use excess force
A very disappointing power tool and would not recommend buy it as there are others on the market slightly cheaper and better built
Makita go back to building your tools in Japan instead of China as it was not cheap and customers deserve better

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Brilliant for a compact unit, highly recommend.

I don't understand all the salty people here, i got this unit from bunnings and i absolutely love it.
It's not without its faults, but it's also a job site/handyman saw. NOT a cabinet saw.
nice clean cuts, very minor adjustment to the fence out of the box, other than that its done everything required of it and probably a few things it was never designed for.

My only complaints would be:
- No dado capability
- The fence could be longer, a tie down on the opposite side would be handy
- the plastic insert around the blade is rubbish and the design makes diy zero clearance inserts difficult to make

But realistically, the fix to these faults is to buy a full size saw. (Yes i mean you salty people whinging in reviews. 1 star? get out)

For $600ish bucks it's a great buy.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

no two cuts the same

no two cuts the same. the blade does not run true because of the way it is mounted
the blade is not in line with the miter tracks. fence is not at 90 deg to bench
the cutting bench is not flat and flexes as you adjust blade height, blade moves as you cut. the up and down mechanism I have replaced twice it jams on the up. dust collection is so bad, sliding table rocks side to side. and miter attachment to loose in slot Miter slots not even in width. fence not the same angle as you move it along the rail. I paid close to $700 for it,Better to spend a bit more say $1000 to $1100 and buy something with a better table top and fence. and bitter arbor flanges. not enough power for cutting hard woulds like red gum.
only ok for ruff cuts that you don't need to repeat . I sense paid a bit more for a new saw well worth it . I am a home hobbyist and very part time trady so please do not consider it really is a waist of your money. I saw the so called new model but i could see the same problems. I bought it from bunnings, but unfortunately I didn't use it for a will and by the time I released it was crap it was too late to return it.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Couldn't be better

This machine is what most people have come to expect from Makita, well made, reliable, and very functional. I've not had it long but it has done everything I have asked of it. The soft start means no nasty jolts or surprises when the machine is turned on and all the adjustments are smooth and reliable. This is a top-of-the-line home handyman machine and good enough for most professionals as well. I really love the ample work top which makes handling big jobs a breeze. I would venture to suggest that the many reviews that have been less than flattering are from victims of a rip-off manufacturer using the Makita name. Stihl have had similar problems and these rogue manufacturers are very convincing. When buying goods like this, check the packaging for telltale signs such as the correct labels, logos, and box design. The genuine article usually reflects the pride the manufacturer has in their product (plain, brown, no graphics - forget it).

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

unless cheap rubbish

bought this friday ,opened the box and straight away see theres a gap at the bottom edge of the sliding table at 2mm and the top was 8mm , rust on the arms that pull out and the guide fence is over at the top by 5mm ,sent it back for a replacement and the one thats come today is worse ,haven't even removed it from the box, as the table has so much wobble in it ,and out at 6mm, piece of crap ,and to be fair i have always been a makita fan,but looks like they are not even going through quality control,time to move on to festool .stay away from this saw cheaply made .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

You need good nerves.

I bought this saw in December 2015 after deciding to downsize my workshop. My problem from the outset has been the full speed start. You need good nerves to stand the bang that shakes the saw. I have spoken to Makita and, apparently, the soft start was taken out some time ago and they are unable to offer any solution to the problem. Has anyone come up with a solution for this please. I have not used this machine very much as this bang makes me nervous and I feel that this could be a health and safety issue for anybody buying this machine as you dont need to be of a fragile nature!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Wish I read these reviews first.

All the problems everyone else has already detailed. Started tripping out and the electronic break failed after the second small job. Ordered new brushes for the motor which didn't make any difference tried to use it again and it burnt out the motor completely. Lost my receipt so no warranty and I wouldn't want this same saw back again anyway, even if the motor wasn't junk it would still be hideously inaccurate and borderline dangerous. I'd stick it on council cleanup but I'd be worried someone else might use it and sue me.

Totally put me off anything Makita makes if they are OK with sticking this piece of junk on sell.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Don't go near this saw

I bought this table saw approx 2yrs ago. Decided to upgrade my Triton that I got around 1995 as I Owner Building my house at the time. Well, I have had Makita tools back in the 70's. What a disappointment, the guide is SO inaccurate, I also checked reviews before I made my decision. I want to get rid of the thing, but I can't pass this heap of crap on to anyone else.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Do not go near this saw

As per above, I have one of these. What can I say this saw is very badly made: it falls apart and is very dangerous.

I will never buy Makita again: The fence is only supported on one side and is prone to move about. The little grubber screws securing the plate around the saw blade work loose ( dangerous). All the adjustable parts are not secured properly and simply fall off. Do not go near this saw.

Buy something else...

Bought mine 18months ago and use it mainly for ripping stock down now, mainly hardwood which it handles well power wise. Tried making a few cabinets with it but the extension wing doesn't line up properly so the fence is way out of square. You can see where I'm going with this... There doesn't seem to be anyway to align it so you can get square cuts out of it.

Race to the bottom

I bought a MLT100 beginning of March 2015 after my Dewalt DW744 burnt out ripping some slightly wet landscape timber. I am retired and only need a saw for DIY use so thought this Makita would be a good replacement, was I wrong? After I assembled the stand and got the saw set up I realised this was not good enough for me to make furniture on. I soon found the table was not flat and varied front to back, making 90 degree cuts was neigh impossible. Every time I tried to use the sliding table I had to use a framing square to set the mitre fence to the blade, the play in the mitre slots are terrible. The rip fence is flimsy and too short, setting it on the table extension is totally inaccurate. I sold the saw this week and cut my losses, the buyer said looks great like new, I said I did use it much so a waste for me to have it. Now I have bought a 60 year old New Zealand made Tanner brand table saw and renovated it, it much better than the Makita. In my opinion Makita is not competing with Bosch or Dewalt with this saw but in a race to the bottom with other cheap Chinese and Taiwanese brand saws

Buyer Beware - Dangerous - Chinese Made, Poor Quality!

I have always been one to read reviews before buying a certain product and then make my own decision at the store. But after purchasing this table saw, I can personally tell you that if these sites say the product is no good,,,, please listen to them.
This table saw is dangerous!.
I purchased one from my local bunnings store and after setting it up and making a few cuts I totally regret it.
The fence locking mechanism is the most dangerous of all the problems I have found. It does not lock properly. I was ripping a piece of wood and the fence locking mechanism came loose and let the fence move half way through a cut. I still tremble every time I think of when this happened. It really scared me. This is just not acceptable Makita. ( The quality of cut also suffers because of the fence)
The throat plate was cracked around two screws before I used the saw. The design and poor quality of this throat plate also make it dangerous to use.
Problems with the saw that I also have noted -
Table is not flat
The sliding side table slides on two plastic guides that run on two pipes. very poorly/cheaply made and designed. Two much play and movement in the side table guides to get consistently accurate cuts.
When using the mitre gauge in the T-slots there is to much play movement to get consistently accurate cuts.
The height and alignment of both table extensions are also very disappointing.
I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a table saw to stay away from this model - MLT100

get the upgrade this is not good

The fence travels, you can't cut straight with it, the thing moves when you tighten it, it's not a very well thought out machine. I'll be taking this back and buying the better version

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I was about to purchase one of these this morning until I accidentally read the reviews. I was very disappointed as 95% were brutal. This was a surprise considering I own quite a few Makita products as a home-handyman, and have been quite happy with the quality. However this collection of negative, but painfully honest reviews has me confused. It certainly isn't a cheap saw and I wonder if the name "Makita" isn't being falsely traded on. I will happily agree that Chinese and Taiwanese produced products are generally junk.....unless it is food!
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I just bought a brand new makita mlt100 with stand... i would like to ask what size of dados blade should i get? And also for the dado plate... would love to appreciate your kind reply Cheers Johannes
4 answers
Shaft isn’t long enough to safely fit a dado stack mateI cannot help, I've never used a dado blade.even if i use 8" dados blades? it wont fit?? thank you so much


Makita MLT100
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