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Mamas & Papas Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

Mamas & Papas Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

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Too thin and expensive.

I bought this pillow for $70 two years ago whilst in early pregnancy. It was very thin and narrow and I found it quite uncomfortable. Considering the price tag I think there should be a lot more actual pillow. It offered no real support and the design doesn't lend itself to flexibility of use (gap in the middle that is bare of any stuffing).

Worth every cent

The dream genie maternity pillow was perfect for me. I needed a full body pillow that would support my legs, back and bump without taking up the whole bed! Especially since I was not a usual side sleeper.

It stopped me rolling on my back and kept my knees comfortable without me needing to rearrange several pillows each time I got into bed or wanted to roll over. I'm also planning to use it as a support pillow during breastfeeding.

Best thing I bought during pregnancy!

Great pillow! I find I can use it in either direction and it supports my back/belly and between my knees. Depending on how I feel I will switch it around. Nice and firm but soft enough to be comfortable and doesn't lose its shape. Just got back from 3 weeks holiday without it and now I know why I slept so badly the whole time! Love love love it!

my cheap kmart one is better

Very hard to get comfortable with and experienced quite a bit of back pain with it. Disappointed that I wasted $70 on it. Is very thin so doesn't really support your legs the way it makes out. Hopefully I can try to recoup my losses and use it as a nursing pillow once the baby arrives.

Back Pain after using this pillow

Bought this pillow after reading all the wonderful glowing reviews... what a mistake!! This is my third pregnancy and after using a cheap $20 body pillow with the first two, I thought I'd splash out and pamper myself with this one. At first it was quite comfortable and very cushioning, but I woke several times throughout the night very uncomfortable and unable to change positions easily. Then I woke about 4am with the most excruciating back pain. I switched to my old pillow and my back pain eased immediately. Admittedly I only tried it that one time as I didn't want to risk another night of back pain and no sleep (especially with two energetic toddlers to look after) so my review is based solely on one experience. Glad it works for some women, each to their own, but it definitely did nothing for me. Anyone want a free pillow??

Sleep saviour

I will start by saying that mine is a dream genii but not mamas and papas. Mine is made by igc dorel and bought from target. I too have tried battling with pillows and whilst this my third and probably last, the stakes seem to get higher. This pillow has been a blessing - I have only used it two nights so far. However, combined with vitamins, baths, and ankle exercises I am now sleeping through the night, very comfortably, and no more excruciating leg cramps. Fingers crossed I can keep this going for the next 7 weeks till my due date. Highly recommend these things!
Restores a comfortable sleeping environment during later stages of pregnancy
I should have bought one years ago for my first pregnancy!

A genuine relief

Having spent the past few months surrounded by pillows - one between my legs, one behind my back, one under my belly - I could not have been more relieved to discover the dreamgenie. The support is firm and comfortable and feels so much better than my make-shift cocoon of pillows which became hotter and more cumbersome to manage the bigger I grew . Also means I can be closer to my husband! This is my third pregnancy and they don't get easier - only wish I'd purchased sooner. I've been using since 33 weeks but the difference it's made is more than worth it even at such a late stage in the pregnancy. I can honestly say I've had more sleep in the past few weeks than the entire pregnancy. I've also experienced extreme pubic bone pain when changing positions while lying down and getting out of bed. The pain has lessened since using this pillow but the best help continues to be squeezing the legs together as tightly as possible when moving in bed and standing up (best tip ever from my physio). All in all, thoroughly recommend this pillow for pregnancy and looking forward to using for breastfeeding.
Easy to use and position. Improved sleep. Firm support (unlike most other pillows I've tried)

Perfect full body maternity pillow

This maternity pillow is perfect if you are looking for a full body pillow that will support your knees, back and bump, without making you feel like there is another person in your bed!

It stopped me rolling on my back and kept my knees comfortable without me needing to rearrange several pillows each time I got into bed or wanted to roll over.

Some other full body pillows are enormous and don't leave enough room for my hubby and I in our queen size bed, but this pillow was perfect.

Can also be used after bub arrives when breastfeeding, although I already had a different pillow for that purpose.
Not too big. Keeps you on your side throughout the night.
Possibly may be too small for some women, but was the perfect size for me.

used this a couple of times

Brought this when i noticed i couldn't sleep, i found it hard to get comfortable with it, i think once i get further along in pregnancy i will look for another one.

found it hard to get comfortable

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Mamas & Papas Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow
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Release dateOct 2010

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