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Masport Contractor ST S21

Masport Contractor ST S21

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Expensive mistake! Back to Honda.

This mower is not fit for commercial use, the gearbox is CONTINUALLY blocked, forever clearing it & its 6 months old, the front wheels are a very poor design, weekly made and overall I think the best description of this product would be Fragile, back to Honda

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Awesome mower just a little heavy

The Masport contractor is an awesome mower a little on the heavy side but has a perfect cut quality. Get the one with the Briggs engine as the Kawasaki is under powered and not as good as the Briggs engine the mower is a very good mower has a perfect cut quality

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Too many breakdowns

I have been running the contractor since about February. First issue was one of the cables running down the right hand side of the machine was rubbing against the wheel and wore of the plastic cable protection, store would not replace it. Snapped a front axle and was replaced under warranty but then the new axle wore as the wrong bush was installed and it popped out and had metal rubbing on metal and mower was not mowing in a straight line, I had to purchase a new axle myself. Then the disc boss broke and had to be replaced. Then the gearbox had to be replaced as the right hand side shaft snapped. Now the plate that covers the drive belt has worn a hole in it and the drive belt pulley bearing needs to be replaced.

Besides the issues the mower does mow well and I have no problem with long grass. Only issue is the weight as if I have to go up stairs I use a ramp which adds extra time to the job.

I probably would not buy another one as I need reliability.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Not for commercial use

I own a gardening service in Canberra and decided to spend the money on a good quality machine that could cope with the demands of my business.
Big mistake, I took it back today after half a dozen attempts at basic lawn mowing.
It cannot get through the tough long grasses, and even a regular lawn pulls it up, it seems that the motor isn't strong enough to power it?
It really struggled to cut anything and at the first sight of a bit of long grass it folded and conked out.
I buy everything from my local Stihl shop and this is the only thing I have ever taken back to get a refund.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not a contractors mower to much down time

My new Masport Contractors ST S21 mower spends more time in the repair shop than out working. Faulty gear cable, Rear right hand tyre keep coming off rim. Front axle has snapped twice. Big grass catcher but clogs up when grass is wet. Blades last half as long as previous Honda mowers. Major grass build up in and around gear box behind screw on plate hence build up causes problems with gear cable. Plus with a metal base the mower is to heavy. Cost $1400 use only as a spare mower now as have gone back to Honda's.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Excellent Mower for Domestic Use.

After all my research on Mowers I landed with Masport Contractor (Briggs Engine) It's an Excellent Mower for Domestic use as it's easy to maintain and for spare parts and I have used this mower for 8 times now and I admit its not that great on wet grass but it starts quickly and being self propelled it makes my mowing job easy and has a huge Catcher. If your looking more heavy duty go with the Masport Contractor Kawasaki Engine. But its great and cant complain and much less in price $$$ than the Honda HRU.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Needs more hands on testing and less engineering.

I had been getting 2 years work from the Honda hru's but the last 2 went 14 months before major repairs.
My local shop talked me into this masport in January. Solid looking machine and the motor starts 2nd pull most times.
Worse at picking up damp grass and clogging than the Honda. Which is saying something.
New blades needed after 3 weeks instead of 2 months.
At 3 weeks a weld failed on the front axle. Had to be re welded.
At 10 weeks, last Tuesday, the rear drive axle snapped at the drive cog on the right hand side. Can cut in perfect clockwise circle unless I wrestle it straight. New axle and gearbox still in transit apparently.
Would I buy another one?
You can only fool me once.

It only took 13 days but I'm up and running again(sarc). Will see how long it lasts. They had to take a gearbox and axle out of a new floor stock mower. I have ordered a new axle and box for the Honda. Just in case.Final update. At 7 weeks the new drive axle snapped at the same place as the other one. At the 10mm slot cut for the drive pall in the 13mm axle. Design fault??? Over 30 years in the business and never snapped a honda or rover axle. Full refund received and a new Honda purchased today.

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Governor doesn't seem to work, engine just loads up, looses revs & chokes on grass. & have blades sharp too. Thanks.
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Hey mate what engine you got?


Contractor ST S21
Price (RRP)1399
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width540
Minimum Cutting Height200
Maximum Cutting Height235
Mulching CapabilityYes

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