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Rover Pro Cut 560

Rover Pro Cut 560

3.7 from 27 reviews

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Good not great - starts easily

I got this two years ago at Masters and chose it mostly based on the name, but also took advice from the sales staff. It ALWAYS starts, never failed to start or been difficult. The weighting is a bit weird with a heavy body and relatively thin handles, meaning there is a but of creak and movement when I turn. It has fixed blades which is fun if you hit a rock. The thing I don't like is the catcher. It's just no good compared to the older design. Still runs like a clock though, so I am giving it 4/5..

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Very good mower - always starts 1st time

I don't know what kind of ignition system this has but its pretty amazing. I only mow when suburban guilt makes me (lol) so it can be along time between starts sometime but once I prime her up, she roars to life every time. The only servicing I have done is fill the oil up as recommended and check it once. Apart from that nothing and it always works. The blade control is easy to lift up and down and the catcher is easy to empty, Simple and good mower that has worked perfectly and still does!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Super Reliable Mower

I have really not taken care of this but it has been and absolute champion of reliability. It quite literally starts every time, usually first pull. I find it quite easy to push up and down and easy to empty the catcher. It can gum up in the chute between the blades and the catcher if the grass is long or at all damp but it just takes a second to clear. Its a super reliable machine and has been excellent so far

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Rover Pro Cut 560 is a GREAT mower.

Everything is still working great. Being self propelled with our small incline out the back makes mowing quite easy.

My previous mower was a Rover 21 inch cut but I now need self propelled to make the mowing easy for me. My old Rover and not self propelled and lasted a long time so was time for a Rover self propelled.

I am still very pleased with the new Rover.


Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Reliable Mower

I have been impressed with the sheer reliability of this mower over the past three years. Has started first time every time and runs on even old petrol when its been left sitting. It just works. Apart from checking the plug and topping up the oil, it has need no maintenance.
Its maneuverable enough to easily do my front and back yards even when overgrown without any fuss, The catcher is very easy to remove and empty. My only area of dislike is the safety bar, it just annoys me but apart from that its a great and very reliable machine

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Absolute BEAST !

I purchased this mower as a back up to give my Honda a rest ! I have had it 4 years now and it has more power than the Honda ,a wider cut,catches in the wet without clogging up. The blades seem to last forever ! I paid $650 for the pro-cut compared to $1500 for the Honda weigh up the amount of return on the Rover if it dies now I will threw it away and buy a new one or keep it for spares !

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Starts first time and every time!

My mower has the Kohler 8.0, 173cc engine. It starts with one pull of the cord, each time and every time. This was one of the selling points why I paid the extra money for the Kohler engine; my wife and I wanted an easy to start mower and one which was self propelled. Most of the time we use the mulching plug. The cut is always fine, whether it be on lawn or cutting weeds. I am still yet to replace the original blades. I purchased the mower in October 2013; it has done 60 hours of work. Overall a great mower; but if one was lifting it in and out of a car boot they might find it a little heavy.

Date PurchasedOct 2013
Be careful when adjusting the nut of the slide, on the side of the mower in order to adjust the machine from catcher to mulching mode. Initially, more than once I pinched the skin on my finger in the slide. Ouch!Since posting my review I have found the receipt of purchase for this item. The date was 22/10/2013.

Perfect for my garden

I have got this mower few months ago and it has been working well since. Use friendly and easy start, you don't need to mix the oil, just add petrol and oil sepatmrately. it worths the money totally. if there is any negative that I have to say, that will be the catch, which is a little bit too small, however. It more depending on the size of the garden.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Fine lawns fine cut

It is a solid unit and powerful
Excellent cut, only 2 things that bug me
It is a heavy unit. I feel it on hills and mobility
Also it be good if it had more height adjustment
Over all great mower and at a good competitive price point
The Kohler engine is extremely good Efficient and powerful

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very good mower

While the Rover mower was cheaper than the Honda I think it is good value for money. Honda are overall better mowers but the premium you pay for the name makes it debatable whether they are worth it or not. Maybe I will get a Honda next time - not sure. I guess with many things you have to wonder whether the quality is till there like it used to be. That seems to apply to just about all products today.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

sick of it

Bought the rover lawnmower from bunnings warehouse in north Wollongong . at first it was alright then next thing is known the bolts get loose then the air filter top fell off - about a year lately the air filter broke down the lower end and now the thing that changes the level is broken which likely going to cost too much money to fix
Conclusion : my advice is to buy a better mower

Date PurchasedMar 2009

best mower I've used

just started a small but busy gardening business in Ireland. been through two honda mowers in a year and just recently bought this rover procut 560 second hand from a guy i know. wow! amazing mower beats any honda i used hands down. half a pull on the cord and she's away, my ninety six year old grandmother can start it and she has one foot in the grave. apparently the mower is two and a half years old but she is sound. the guy has never serviced her since purchase because as he says he has never needed to. she just goes and goes and goes. first time i used her it had been pissing down all morning and just dried up which is typical in ireland. lawn was like a bog and grass was wet but the mower just ploughed through it like a hot knife through butter. i am buying a brand new one once things get running properly again this year they are 50% more expensive than your typical honda over here but in my opinion worth every penny

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Great when its working ....

I purchased the old version 560 in 2016 with the Briggs & Stratton engine.
Right from the outset the unit was difficult to start, and despite returning it to the dealer and servicing it regularly, this problem has never been overcome.
Add this to the list of multiple other items:
- Throttle Cord Snapped (replaced Under Warranty)
- Drive wheels broke off - the plastic that holds them on is so thin, despite the mechanism being held within the wheel. Very poor design.
- Broken Rip Cords (may be a result of trying to taking 10-20 pulls every time to start).
In the 3.5 years I have owned it, it has been in the shop at least once every 3 months.I am mowing a large block and am fastidious about my lawn, so having the mower offline for up to a week at a time is highly frustrating.
My dealer has been more then helpful and accommodating, and has been happy give to discounts on parts and servicing.
On the other hand though ... when it is working it is a pretty good mower. The large chute is great and the mulching function works well (when you finally manage to fit the bit in). It does struggle in very long or whet grass, but has never stalled.
The engine is solid, but as mentioned above, has been problematic to start.
It is HEAVY if you need to lift it or push without the self drive.
Overall this is an OK mower, but after 3.5 years I have gone back to what I know and just purchased a Honda HRU196 Heritage.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Yes unleaded fuel has a shelf life of 2 months

old mate unleaded fuel has a short shelf life that is why the sell fuel conditioner, you need to apologize. And this is from a small engine mechanic who sees the same thing weekly.

You must use conditioner or drain your fuel if storing over winter. That engine has a warranty i suggest you need to allow the mechanic to correct the issue as that is what he is paid to do.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Not impressed

we do not have a huge lawn but big enough (plus nature strip) and have used this mower maybe 5 times as winter meant less grass growth.
Suddenly it started belching out balck smoke and cutting out. The start up is very hit and miss. The mower is 5 months old.

Took it to a Rover service agent who tried to tell me it was due to 'old fuel'. Working in petro chemicals, i know that standard quality unleaded fuel (ie without ethanol) stored correctly does not go off. They use this as a catch all excuse
A service check will take at least 5 weeks. so no mower during spring and $600 wasted.

Next time I'll buy the more reliable $200 Millers Falls Billy Goat. That was fine for 5 years cutting huge tracks of grass over imperfect terrain

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Excellent Mower

Great mower. Did have a problem with clutch plate but was immediately repaired under warranty from Pat's Mowers in Coffs Harbour. Also, later on, had a broken drive pin in the self propelled system - again - repaired by Pat's Mowers in a few days, also changed the oil & replaced the clutch cable at no cost. Very happy with Rover & Pat's Mowers.

Rover Rules in Queensland, great machine Rover 560 Pro Cut.

Hello mowing men, I have had the current 560 Pro Cut in South Western QLD for the past 12 months and the older version for years before this, it has managed to maintain 1.5 ac's of yard from chunks of buffel around the sheds to green lush areas with a great finish up to the house patio. The Kholer is one pull start every time and has handled the dry,hot duty conditions without a problem giving great fuel and handling with no bogging out, but as mentioned a retainer to hold the engine on idle is required during catcher removal, it is a great product with an Australian name we all trust. Please don't be fooled by the bad comments, talk to the guys at Toowoomba Mower Center who sell real mowers to real men! and remember cleaning/servicing of your mower is the key to a great Lawn, after 20 years of maintaining the local golf club and clients lawns Rover still out ranks Honda with a proven product and great reliability.
Go Rover!

Gr8 Mower

There's probably no perfect mower but this is a good all rounder. I use these at work and have one at home. They are a workhorse - at work they get used on up to 17 lawns a day 5 days a week in Summer.

The full size chute allows you to cut wet or long/thick grass with little or no clogging of the chute. Mowers with a half size chute tend to clog when mowing wet or long/thick grass so you have to stop to unclog the chute. The downside with the Rover is that it has a smaller catcher so you have to empty it more often.

Mine came standard with a Briggs 190cc engine that starts within 2 pulls. The current Pro Cut 560 comes standard with a Chinese built Rover OHV 910 engine which I haven't used.

You get a big 22 inch (560mm) cut that lessens your mowing time but it's a big, heavy machine (just under 40kg I think) with long handles so it can be awkward to manoeuvre in tight spots. The self drive is very handy.

Spare parts are readily available.

You either love 'em or hate 'em - my boss and I wouldn't use anything else.

(This review is for the previous model Pro Cut that came with a Briggs engine, no blade brake and a 2 year contractor warranty.)
Large cut, Briggs engine, Heavy duty contractor mower, Works on wet/long grass, Swing back blades, 2 year contractor warranty
Possible maintenance needs, Heavy, Need to bend when starting, More emptying of the catcher, No blade brake

good luck to you mate but there is no way the Rover 560 (now MTD and called 910) will ever cut well in any wet grass let alone the tall stuff - the closest to being the perfect commercial mower is still the honda - remove the front guard rail and it's even closer.Full size chute versus half size.....I know what I prefer, especially in the wet. The current machines are still called Pro Cut 560 - 910 refers to the engine only. I guess we're lucky to have choices. Have to agree re the front guard rail on the Honda/knock offs.

great machine for the price, simple to use

hi guys in my every day and job i have used nearly every brand of push mower on the market and brought the rover 560 pro-cut mulch an catch mower after using a toro super bagger which by the name should have been a good catcher mower it wasn't!! the toro ran an atomic blade which for mulching was great catching was shocking but the drive and Honda motor and blade brake were top points. So I brought the rover with a 8HP Kohler motor and it has by far the most power of any machine ive used only bogs down in thick couch if mulching but hasn't stalled out has a large catcher and it really packs in the grass even if its wet! has 22'' cut and high handle bars, isn't very heavy and great on fuel, has throttle control on handle bars and mulches the grass better then the toro or the Honda. I paid $750 for it new and would be more then happy to recommend it to other home owners or lawn mowing contractors. the only complainant I have is the engine brake but to save it from stopping every time I empty the catcher I used a bit of Velcro to hold it in place. overall I couldn't justifier spending $1500 on a Honda which by my account these days is just paying for the name and if I had to choose again I would by the rover cheers

Mine's OK But.....

I had a Kubota 21" self-propelled commercial mower for 25 years and when I sold it, I thought mowers would have improved. Boy was I wrong. Nothing compares to that mighty Kubota and I wish they sold their walk-behind mowers in Australia again. Anyway - I got the Australian-made Pro 560 with the B&S 650 motor. It's great! Starts first time every time. The extra 1" of cutting width does save time. Mine doesn't have that stupid shaft/blade brake which is a blessing. The snorkel air-cleaner is better than the engine-mounted type on the Kubota. Keeps it out of the dirt. It has one handle height adjustment - Hallelujah! Mine mows wet grass no problems, just as well as dry grass in fact.

Now for the bad bits. It's heavy. It has a plastic catcher which is low slung, hard to mount sometimes and prone to damage (mine's ok at the moment though), the mulcher is a pain to mount and I threw it away. Build quality seems good but, I can't see it lasting 25 years. Price for mine was $850 which was good compared to the $1300 they wanted for a top of the line Honda - which didn't seem to have great quality either.

What we need is BMW to make good cheap commercial mowers.
Mows wet grass easy, easy height adjustment, easy starting, powerful B&S 650 motor. Can't comment on the new Kohler motor.
Don't particularly like plastic catcher. Heavy.

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After 2.5 years now, still going strong but I'm questioning the durability of the self-propelled system. And I've heard horror stories about the Chinese built Kohler engine.

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Rover Pro Cut 560
CategoryPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $999
Power SourcePetrol
FeaturesMulching Capability, Self-Propelled and Side Discharge
Catcher Type Rigid
Cutting Deck MaterialAluminium Alloy
Cutting Width560 mm
Number of Blades4
Manufacturer Warranty4 year(s)
Engine / Motor
TypeOHV (Overhead Valve)
NameRover OHV 910

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  • GTIN12: 931328110790

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