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Mower falls apart

Apart from the engine, everything on this mower falls apart.
It started with the wheel bearings which had to be replaced, then the catcher, then all the clips on the height adjustment. In all a fantastic Briggs 625 engine that starts first pull every time but as for the rest
The catcher is another thing, it must be the worst ever produced, it has multiple splits and holes which had to be covered up with metal plates on the outside and a rubber lining on the inside.
I would never ever get a Masport again.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

It's Not A Mower, It's A Dust Thrower

Paid $700 brand new ($799 RRP) for a machine that just throws dust all over the place, whether using mulcher or grass catcher. Adjusting cutting height lower or higher doesn't help. Would only buy this model to cut a bowling or golf green. Model is ST S19 Combo InStart. Does start well, uses very little fuel (as I'm only mowing areas of longer grass) and runs quietly. Difficult to clean.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Easy start and capture glass

hi, was upset with my victa mower that I bought a masport one due to easy start. It is indeed easy start, and to my surprise, it capture the glass much better than the victa brand. So, with easy of start, and capture glass much better than victa, with good torque to mow glass, I highly recommend masport mower.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great and won't rust

My mowers live under the house where it is a bit damp. My previous mower rusted out in 3 years. This time I needed rust proof and a bit more power. This one never feels underpowered. It has a side for cutting up against those edges. A lightweight catcher that always connects well. Also it is not too big so easy to maneuver. Does its job well overall.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

over rated

Purchased new 2 months ago on recommendation from mower shop, replacing 15 yo flymo.
Have done 5 hours so far on dry, relatively sparse (pasture grass) lawn. started leaking oil almost straight away and does not cut as well as the old flymo. In addition the whole body shakes slightly as if the rotating assembly is poorly balanced. Mower shop are going to replace leaking gasket and 'have a look' at shaking issue (after i have taken it back to them 50 km away)

on the positive side it is light (compared to honda) and has good handle design, is quiet and good on fuel.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Pile of rubbish

Crap mower nothing but trouble belts replaced four times in less than twelve months no power would not go up a rise in a drain. l had a victa 505 that was twenty years old and it would run rings around this piece of rubbish. Would never buy another only used about twenty times.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent mower

This mower is a replacement for a 30 year old rover with a Briggs and Stratton engine, the first thing this mower is quiet and so much better on fuel, it doesn't rev very high however cuts the grass well. I love the easy storage handlebars and dual mow zones

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Perfect mower for my 800 M yard

Got a new Masport mower today and used it for the first time. Its the 3000 ST S19 combo. Its light and easy to maneuver and cuts close to edges on both sides of the deck. Used the mulching plate for the entire yard and it was a pleasure not having having to empty a catcher. The yard looked as good as if the catcher had been used. Very happy with it.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great mower for the price

President 3000 aluminium deck with Briggs and Stratton 625EX.

Had this mower for 6 months, I really wanted a Honda but for double the money I couldn't convince myself. The masport is supposed to start second pull (first pull primes the engine) but mine often starts first go on a long pull!

The deck is well made and I can't see any problem with the wheel bearings, mine needed slight adjustment after a first use but since hen haven't moved. This mower is lightweight compared to others which is rest as I have to lift it up retaining Walls.

The catcher is strong and the height adjust very sturdy. When mulching it performs well. In comparison my old victa would blow leaves away, this one sucks them in from outside the cutting deck.

Overall very happy.

Seems great so far

Have just purchased the President 3000SP. I was considering the Victa Corvette SP but it seemed a LOT heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre in the shop so the Masport won as my wife and kids sometimes mow too. So far it seems great. Multcher cuts the clippings really fine and the self propelled system didn't have any issues with the slope in the front yard. Even my 12 year old can turn it.

Follow up. Mower still going great... can take a few pulls to get going if I it hasn't been used for a few weeks, but once going it is great. Kids can even start when engine is warm. (touch wood) Self propelled system still going fine... my 11 year old has even done front and back yards with it. Happy with this purchase!We'll another year and the most is still going strong. Still very easy to stay (2 pulls) and self propell working fine. Still happy with this purchase. Just wish I could get the kids using it more!!!

Buyer be aware

These mowers were made in NZ a few years ago and now they are made in an Asain country and as reviewers say the wheel bearings are just that....Crap, also the axle assembly is very much the same too.
I have seen many mower contractors steer clear from Masport and gone for something a bit more durable like Victa and Castlegarden I still have the Ryobi and still going strong and has good wheel bearings (still on original set )

Garbage or dud, not sure, not care

This machine is still brand new under warranty. It has been back to the dealer twice, to other motor mechanics 4 times and has managed to mow my meagre lawn the same number of times. It does not ever want to start without stripping down and spray. It never has started, not from day one. It is a pain in the proverbial. It is going to another home very soon. It is crap.

Look for a better option.

Had our mower for just under 4 years now, recently had it serviced by the dealer we bought it from. Sadly I'm getting the impression I have a dud. The chassis broke in two places and the rail across the back also broke. Also all the bearings needed replacing, as the wheels were about to fall off. Considering one of the reasons we brought it from the sales pitch:"proper wheel bearings, not just plastic wheels, so would last longer". I don't think I'm hard on a mower, currently only mowing our verge (nature strip) and a neighbours. Think I'll be looking for a stronger style chassis and mower in general in the near future.
Was simple to use and easy to start.
Proper wheel bearings "broke" and chassis cracked twice.

So Far So Good

Picked up my Masport President 3000 yesterday from my local dealer. Light and easy to use. The catcher is basically unbreakable. The shop assistant took the catcher off the mower and jumped on it to show how much abuse it could take.

The 190cc Briggs and Statton motor is a beast. Lots of grunt.
Price, big 190cc Briggs and Statton motor, very well built catcher, quality of the cut grass, light and easy to use., dealer support gaurentees parts for up to 10 years.


This mower works well and is easy to use, however I was very disappointed when one of the bearings broke and the wheel came off during regular use. I bought this mower less than 2 years ago and use it once a month. The handle of the catcher snaps off often when the catcher is full and I am carrying it so I have to hold it with two hands. Also, the plastic cap of the engine sometimes comes off with the vibration of the engine, not a big problem but a bit annoying.
Other than that it is a good mower and the dealer will fix the wheel under warranty.
Easy to start
Design of the catcher a bit flimsy

Good Luck getting parts !!!!!!

Good mower, very disapointed that I am unable to obtain a new chassis after I damaged it. Only 3.5yrs old. Web site says 6 year limited warranty. So why am I unable to fix ???? Poor form on the part of Masport in not being able to get parts. Good luck getting a new catcher if damaged in their "Lifetime Warranty"
Easy to Start
Unable to get parts

1 comment
Just wondering who told u no parts available as all parts are available for masport mowers from A masport dealer


I've had this mower for about a 1.5 years and it has never let me down. I've a medium sized lawn and mow once per month. My grass is quite thick in places but it cuts through like butter and I don't recall it ever stalling or clogging up. Its a solid machine, heavier than some but very durable and I don't treat it pretty either. The mulch ability I was surprisingly impressed with. This mower has never given me any hassles.
Starts first time every time, cuts through thick and damp lawn no probs, rugged & solid.

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Time for an update. Still working flawlessly after almost 6 years. Only had 1 problem (gasket leak after about 3 years) which was repaired under warranty. Otherwise this mower has been and still is very hardy.


What a little pearler! I was recommended this model as an all rounder for medium sized lawns. The dealer was right. One pull start, and light and easy to use. I was keen to try the mulching attachment as I was a little skeptical. I understand why they offer a life time warranty on the catcher. You basicaly will never use it. The mulcher turns the clippings almost into dust. Wow. I'm impressed. Looking forward to many years of happy mowing.
Good easy start. Light to handle. Mulcher works realy well
Non as yet.

Questions & Answers

What replaces the president 3000st 19 now that it is superseded
No answers

My mower which was purchased literally a month ago, and I have mowed only once does not start? I have checked the filter, spark plugs and everything is clean, so I am surprised at this..
2 answers
I have now experienced my first issue. The front axel needs replacement. It's in the shop waiting parts. Unit still starting and mowing well.I have had my new Masport mower for a few months and have had no issues. It does however require a decent pull on the starter cord to make it start first go.

what petrol do we use for the self-propelled 3000ST?
1 answer
Standard unleaded. Not premium not E10.


Masport President 3000 ST S19 Combo SPMasport President 3000 ST S19 Combo Mow n StowMasport President 3000 AL S18 Combo Mow n StowMasport President 3000 ST S19 Combo InStartMasport President 3000AL 3'n1 (190cc)
CategoryPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $799$649$729$799
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
FeaturesFoldable Handle, Mulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Self-PropelledFoldable Handle, Mulching Capability and Quick-Start MotorMulching Capability
Catcher Type RigidRigidRigidRigid
Catcher Capacity42 L42 L46.5 L42 L46.5 L
Cutting Deck MaterialSteelSteelPlastic and Steel
Cutting Width485 mm485 mm460 mm485 mm485 mm
Height of Cut16 mm to 58 mm6 mm to 73 mm10 mm to 80 mm6 mm to 73 mm10 mm to 78 mm
Number of Blades44444
Weight34.2 kg29.3 kg29.5 kg30.4 kg27 kg
Manufacturer Warranty4 year(s)4 year(s)4 year(s)4 year(s)6 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement150 cc150 cc150 cc150 cc
BrandBriggs & StrattonBriggs & StrattonBriggs & StrattonBriggs & Stratton
Engine Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton 625EX 150cc OHVBriggs & Stratton 625EX 150cc OHVBriggs & Stratton 625EX 150cc OHVBriggs & Stratton 650iS 150cc OHV
Release dateFeb 2010

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