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Best mascara you can get!

Easy to locate as the brand has remained very similar throughout the year.
This is the best mascara I have ever used and it is a pity most stores don't store it anymore. Never smudge, doesn't clutter on your eyelashes and so easy to use.
It is easy to remove even and the waterproof really works.

Product Quality
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Wont be buying more Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

This seems to be the replacement for the foundation I absolutely loved, Max Factor Ageless Elixir which I’m pretty sad is no more and I’m obviously not the only one, judged by its popularity on ebay. It had a wonderful texture, colour and absolutely super dispensing bottle that actually worked and carried well. It was light in the handbag and among other things didn’t spill. What ever has possessed you, Max Factor in replacing such a good foundation with this hopelessly badly packaged new makeup now in a heavy glass bottle, with THE most stupid unworkable ‘applicator wand’, that I’ve ended up pulling out and ditching, as it spirts the foundation and spills the makeup out of the bottle constantly! This causes such wastage. Added to that the lid on the bottle does not ever seal properly so it will never be going in the handbag. It is so tiresome to use this stuff due to these basic errors, AND it costs about three times the dollars of the old one which is the other big minus.

Bring back the old stuff I say. I won’t be buying this again, even though I admit the makeup itself was not the worst I have used, it is not a patch on the one you have taken off the market. There are some better substitutes out there which are cheaper and are that are packaged much more practicably.

Misleading consumer

I was drawn to the promotional display in Priceline advertising the miracle Glow Duo. Buy the Miracle Glow Duo and receive a mini primer for free. The assistant advised that there were no primers left and no other free offers available when purchasing this product.

I reluctantly purchased the Miracle Glow Due but felt quite cheated and mislead as a consumer.

So Disappointed

After using many Max Factor Products, including primer, I was very disappointed by Smooth Miracle. It just did not last the distance. It felt smooth going on, which was nice, but throughout the day my foundation started to slide and separate. If I tried to blot it just came away. The only reason I even purchased this product was that I have used and loved Face Finity All Day Primer. It was just not available Will NOT be buying this product again.

Max Factor Calorie 2000 Mascara Discontinued????

I have been a loyal MF Calorie 2000 user since it came out both the straight and curved brush, in fact I would buy both at the same time. I have converted many family and friends and always got complements for mu eye lashes. What I now find is that the Calorie 2000 section in stores is nearly always empty and all the other MF Mascaras are packed...now that would tell me how popular the original product is. I asked my Chemist why they are not stocking it anymore and pointed out my frustration that it is always empty. I was told that they just stock what the Max Factor Rep gives them...Now it's not rocket science to figure out that of course the rep will push the stock that is not moving. I explained that this way of providing customers with products is counter productive as I for one will stop shopping at their store if I am now unable to purchase the products I like. Companies need to stop treat us consumers as mindless idiots. I now search the Internet and buy it in bulk. My question to Companies like Max Factor why phase out a product that is obviously popular and has been so for some time, because savvy shoppers will simply try other brands and stop looking at your products. As the saying goes -"If it aint broke don't fix it"

The ultimate lippy found by accident!

I'm always on the lookout for a great lippy; moisturising, a pink/mauve/nude hue that goes with everything. I got the Max Factor lippy in Simply Nude (shade 725) from ebay for $10.79 and it's excellent. Super smooth on lips and comes in a very chic gold case. Love it!

Has been my go to foundation for 30 odd years.

Activated with water, the Max Factor pancake make up is the bomb.
You can adjust the coverage and it covers redness and minimises pores.
They repackaged a couple of years ago but looks like they may have pulled the plug on it.

Awful eyeliner!

There were two main things that did not work for me about this eyeliner.
1. Occasionally it was as if it was "dry" and I'd have to press quite hard and go over the area over and over. Ouch!
2. Small bits would break off as I'm applying it. Lost a huge amount of product this way. Also, having crumbling eyeliner stuck in your eyelashes sucks.
I'm going back to my Revlon Colorstay. Never had those issues with them.

Love the foundation and mascara

The mascara does not wear off fast. It is not itchy even if i use it for an entire day all through the night. The foundation evens out blemishes and smoothens the face. It tends to mask out even the dark circles as sometimes I don't have the time to dab on on concealer t remove dark circles under my eyes. It is a god product although much more expensive than other local brands.

Max factor clump defy

Max factor clump defy in the purple is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. I've tried high end products, but nothing compares to this product. It makes lashes so thick without leaving them clumpy.

Great products

I can't even count all bottles, tubes and other containers of useless beauty products I have lying around. I've always had problems finding the right foundation but Max Factor's Facefinity is perfection. I finally found my colour match, and the product has decent coverage and lasting power. It's not too creamy or oily, it's not too mattifying or powdery-like, it's just perfect for my skin. I don't even have to use concealer and it is easy to apply with a brush or fingers. Their False Lash Effect mascara is also ace. It gives volume from the base and envelops and separates each lash for really voluptuous looking eyelashes. No clumps, no smudges. These are definitely my top beauty products.
Great quality products

Review for Masterpiece Max mascara

I’ve used many Max Factor products, so I won’t review all of them. I recommend the quality of their lipsticks which have good longevity and they feel comfortable to wear. I have tried most of the Max Factor mascaras, and a few of them sting my eyes – not severely, but just enough to be noticeable. I’ve recently been using Masterpiece Max, and I think it might become one of my favourite mascaras. So far, it hasn’t stung my eyes. Its formula is buildable and I can apply several layers to achieve good volume. I do not like mascaras that have huge brushes, and Masterpiece Max’s brush is a smaller size than many others on the market. I will buy Masterpiece Max again.

Pan Stick Great!

I usually always use Napoleon stick foundation but to save money I purchased Max Factor Pan Stick and havent looked back! I like full coverage and Max Factor Pan Stick does it :) Its cheap, smells great and goes on and rubs in quite nice :) Does rub off onto my clothes easy but nothing major, makes my redness disappear and blends in beautifully :)
cheap, smells great, full coverage, looks great :)
Not much foundation in one stick, does rub off onto clothes easily


Pan cake make-up looks exactly as the name suggests - like cake. it shows up every single little line and wrinkle and even seems to add some of it's own - although how exactly it does this I can not imagine. What I really hate though is the tide-line where the make-up ends and your real skin texture begins. even when you buy the best colour for your complexion, it is still really hard to blend it in. I looks so, so unatural and there are so many great products around that I am not sure why any one would wish to use this one. Usually i like Max Factor though not sure why they still market this one
i actually like most max factor products, but for pan-stick and pan-cake.
i think they hang on to products that possibly came out of the arc -- I remember my Grandma using pan-stick , it looked pretty bad on her too

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I love the pancake. I started using it (Tan 1 1/2) when I was 16 and also the True Beige in the face powder. I am 58 now and was devastated when they moved the operations to America as they changed the colours to suit the American complexion colours. The tan one and a half wasn't the same and they changed the colour of the True Beige Powder (there was no pink iin it). I love Max Factor but when they bought out the new colours they had too much pink in them and were also aimed at darker skin tones. I tried so many other foundations and to no avail. They just didn't give the coverage or feeling that the pancake had. I hope they bring back the original colours and put it back on the market. It was a makeup I wore and same colours carried me right through from 16 y.o. They need to get rid of all these new creme foundations and go back to basics (the original colours) and get their dedicated mature clients back on deck. The younger ones would love it too if they applied it properly and that is with a sea sponge.Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a hopeless product, would not buy again

I purchased this product (Lipfinity by Maxfactor) as they maintained it would last up to 10 hours not matter what you did - eat, drink, kiss etc., but what did get is a bomber. It does not last, not even one hour! Why pay a price with all the expectations only to find it is absolutely no good! I wish I could get a refund or some compensation for such a loss of good money and expectation. Can anything be done? I would appreciate so comensation.

Expensive and didn't live up to advertisment

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Take it back to the shop where you bought it and complain. That's what I did and they gave me my money back. I certainly won't be recommending this product to anyone.

LipFinity Lasting Lip Tint - Doesn't Last!

Purchased Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint today - want my money back! Colour gone in less than 30 minutes, even with no eating, drinking, kissing! Colour bled from edges of lips too. For a 'brand name' costing $20 I expect more! I'm sure my kids' colouring textas would do a better job! Sorry! I give this the Thumbs down! I'll be going back tomorrow to see how I go about getting my money back! I suggest not wasting your time or money purchasing this product.

Doesn't last 1/2 an hour - colour bled! Utterly useless!

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint Pen

The advertising said it was long lasting, kiss-proof etc for several hours. It went on nicely and looked good. But it was TOTALLY GONE in less than half an hour!! That's without any eating, drinking OR kissing! I was very annoyed as it wasn't cheap. So I took it back to the shop where I bought it from and they gave me a full refund (Thank you Priceline!) I would not recommend it at all. DON'T BUY IT!!
The colour.
Didn't live up to the advertising of being "long lasting". Didn't last at all.


Love the foundations, the eyeshadows.. can't wait to try more products. It's just a really good quality brand that is affordable. I've just upgraded to MaxFactor. Really great range with great colours. Great coverage foundation and so nice goes on like a mousse (colour adapt). Definately one of myf ave brands!
Love the Colour Adapt Foundation - goes on so easily and lasts all day. Such a good quality brand. Also love the eyeshadows - go on easily, lasts long and just overall good quality! Love the lip gloss too. My favourite brand!! Love it.
None - a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

Max Factor Lasting performance Foundatio in Bronze.

A fantastic smooth foundation that didn't clog my pores or irritate my extra sensitive skin.
This also found that it last's a good 6-8 hours before I needed to touch it up.
Cheap if purchased on Ebay Australia, with a non caky long lasting look.
Expensive if purchased at a pharmacy.

Max Factor

I really do like all Max Factor products and think they have a great variety of foundation, lip gloss, lip stick, masacara and eye liners colours/types.
It's not the first brand I look for when I enter the store, but none the less it still definitely deserves a 5 out of 5.
Most of their products are inexpensive. A reliable, well known brand. Great variety of all products.
Some of there products can be overpriced, considered the not so great quality.

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Love your Max Factor lipgloss, but over the years the colour is deleted & I have to choose another. I have tried ordering it online, but have no idea of what colour is close to mine. The manager of the beauty department from Woolworths suggested I try contacting you in Australia, unfortunately no number available. Any help would be most appreciated. Helen Routledge
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