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Maxi-Cosi Citi

Maxi-Cosi Citi

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Love it!

We bought the maxi cosi citi capsule at baby expo last year. We had the color blue. I love the color! Not the typical gray or black carseat. It is very light weight compared to other capsules we tried at the expo. Thats the reason why we bought it. There is a pad insert included for small babies. My bubba is 4months and still using the insert. Its easy to install and remove in the car. We often remove it as we use it as well at home because my bubba settle when sat on it. The reason i gave it a 4star is that the sunshades often easily gets dettach.

Purchased in September 2018.

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Great capsule and first car seat for my baby

Absolutely love the maxi-cosi citi! Very light weight compared to other capsules, and this makes handling much easier especially when bubs is heavier. My baby is 9 months old and still fits into the capsule! He seems comfortable in it at all times and seldom complains. I also find that the price is quite affordable

Great capsule/car seat

I am happy with my choice in car seat. The little one appears to be comfortable and enjoys car rides. It is easy to remove (especially in a hurry) and clips into the pram no worries. We also have the other maxi cosi car seat and are equally as happy with that.

Love it!

Love my maxi cosi Citi! Fits in my small car perfectly and not as bulky as the air! I use the adapters for my uppa baby stroller and baby loves it! I have just deducted a point because the sunshade could be a little lower to cover babies face especially when in the car and also because it doesn’t use the ‘newer’ isofix to install it uses the seatbelt but not a problem once it’s in I guess unless you want to move it?!

Great price, light weight and easy to use

I loved the price first off when purchasing this item, and thought it would make a good first capsule because of how light it was and that we could transfer the baby asleep to the pram without waking him. My son was HUGE when born so didn't last the 6 months but I would for sure reccomend it.
The only issue I had was that it is made from a black fabric made of acrylic fibers and so babies get hot as it's a tight fit for safety! And you can't get a natural fiber insert.

Easy to use

I wasn’t going to buy a capsule but I’m really glad my husband convinced me to. It is easy to take from car and clip onto pram without waking little bubs. Baby is happy to sleep in the capsule and finds the seat comfortable. It is a little heavy but I would expect nothing else as it has a lot of the safety features that we were looking for.


I got this capsule last year at the baby expo in June. It was actually on sale so I had to get it. Being my third baby and once she was born I was going to have 3 kids under 3. It was a god send, I've used it every weekend almost for 7 months so it gets a work out and ive pulled it apart a few times to clean it and its actually really easy to but together and take apart. its also really easy to install into a car. I got the leg attachments for my pram as well so it fits onto my city select by baby jogger which makes it so easy to use. I would recommend this capsule 100 times over.

Easy to use

I use this for my third baby and it has been such a godsend. It’s really light and clips in the car in a split second. The only gripe is that the anchor strap gets in the way but thats safety standards I guess. The fabric really does heat up in the Aussie sun but it was easy to install and does not take up too much room in our smallish car and clips on to my silver cross pram! Winning!

worked well for us

we bought maxi cosi citi for our daugter and used it until she was 5 months old.
it was not heavy though we didn't carry it too much and used it on a stroller (we have valco baby snap ultra and the there are adapters available).
it is perfect on a stroller for walks and quick shopping.

we also used it in a car (Mitsubishi Mirage). we used in with the base so it was easy to install. the only think we didn't like is that every time you install it you need to use anchor which goes with capsule. i understand it is for safety but still.

overall we are very happy with it and keep it for our next baby.

So light!

Bought this capsule by accident and boy am I glad I did. I had planned to buy the MaxiCosi Air but this one is so much better for my needs. It's incredibly lightweight which, when you add in a growing babe, is very handy. Ive used it as a portable chair/bed for babe on many occasions when out and about when I don't want to get the whole pram out, which is an indication of just how light it is.
We installed it ourselves the day she was born and it was relatively straight forward. It clips into the car and the pram so easily (using adaptors) and is lovely and compact.
We will be lucky to get six months out of it but given how handy it has been at keeping bub asleep when we are out, it's been worth every cent.
Great design, glad we have it on hand for any future kids too.

Easy, light weight capsule.

Purchased the Maxi Cosi Citi capsule as it is compatible with my pram and I am very happy. Lightweight but sturdy and not too bulky. The capsule is easy to clip in and out of the car and pram. There is a Sun shade that is detachable. Would definitely recommend.

Light weight and fit my city jogger mini gt

This capsule is very light and comfortable to carry around. It is compatible (with adaptor) with our city jogger mini gt pram. Very compact and easy to install. I love the padding inside the capsule, very soft and comfortable for the baby. It is also very roomy so baby doesnt feel enclosed.

Perfect!! Love the lightweight capsule!!

I love that when I purchased this, it was the most lightweight capsule on the market. It was easy to install into the car, and so simple to take the capsule in and out of the car.

We used this with the Bugaboo Chameleon and it was super easy connect.

Getting a capsule was a life saver for the first few months of my newborns life. I didn't have to wake him up when moving him out of the car and into the house/pram.

I highly recommend getting a capsule first, and then moving into a carseat when the baby has outgrown the capsule.

Great baby carrier. Super light and comfortable

I purchased this carrier purely based on it being the lightest on the market and im very pleased with the purchase. I have a bad back and therefore wanted a capsule that wasn't going to break mine getting it in and out of the car (my mistake with my first!). My baby loves it, sleeps like a dream in it and clicking it in and out of the car on to my pram is a breeze. I also like the rockable base. My baby is 3 months old and in 97th percentile for height and I still hope to get a good few more months out of it since it's so handy.

Baby loves it

I didn't actually do a great deal of research into a capsule. I knew I wanted one that was compatible with a pram and that maxi cosi has a great reputation. It just so happened that when buying a pram there was a deal with the maxi cosi citi, and like that I'd bought one.
So having never had a baby before or installed a baby seat it was incredibly frustrating trying to install the base in the car. There was quick instructions as well as more detailed one in the booklet- both contradictory. I searched YouTube and watched videos they confused me even more... we had the base in, but it just didn't look right or safe so after a lot of frustration we paid for the base to be installed (best $30 spent).
They say that the capsule is only for 6 months but it'd have to depend on the size of your child. Mine is now 4 months old and I'm looking to raise the shoulder straps for the first time so I think we might get longer out of it.
There's plenty of padding but is light enough to run into the shops with just the capsule and baby.
Baby is secure and comfortable, however she does get sweaty on hot days, even with the AC on. I just try to limit the time when it's really hot.
We've done some long drives and baby has been extremely content either sleeping or just sitting in the capsule.
I did want to get a second base for our other car but that didn't eventuate. Most of the baby stores didn't stock spare bases and needed to order at least 2 and they didn't want the additional stock.

Questions & Answers

Is this capsule compatible with the Valco ultra snap Pram?
No answers

Does this capsule fit the Joolz day2 pram?
No answers

Where can I buy the adaptors for the Maxi Cosi Citi to use with my City Mini GT please ?
1 answer
You can get from gumtree or ebay.


Price (RRP)$429
Age Range0-6months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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