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Maxxis MT-764 Bighorn

Maxxis MT-764 Bighorn

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Holes the size of my hand in side wall


i bought the car with 50% tread. the tyres did alright aired down for 4x4 tracks but yesterday i aired down to 15psi for soft sand and an hour later two of them had holes the size of your fist in the sidewall.
made for a terrible afternoon. pretty pathetic really

Car80 series landcruiser

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Shit don't do it to yourself


I tested these tyres on my hilux up at cape york. There side wall is so soft that now I need new rims. At 27PSI looked like I had 18psi. My poor rims took a flogging and I wished I never bought them. Got approximately 45000kms out of the set too. My mates had Mickey's and I wished I had stuck to them.

Carhilux sr5 2014


Anyone with crap mileage out of a tyre has worn ball joints


People complaining about only getting 50,000km out of a set of tyres or having them "tram track" for example have worn ball joints. It's not the tyre's fault. They'll just roll in the direction the steering points them in. Check your tie rods, rack ends and lower ball joints. I can guarantee 2 or 3 of these things need replacing.

I have to agree with some of the other comments, these tyres grip unbelievably well off-road and in muddy conditions. This tyre is at home on a wet slippery offroad track and will far outperform the best all-terrain tyre on the same surface.


Ordinary tire


Just fitted a new set of 265/70/17's to my d40 navara, first thing I noticed was these tires dive around on the bitumen, not over pleased with how they handle on road, seem to have spongey side walls that allow the tire to tram track. I'm comparing these to a set of bfg km2s I had previously which were quieter and had much better manners on the road. I drive mostly dirt roads and paddock work so it will be interesting to see if they last any longer than the 50,000 Ks I got out of the bfs, I won't be buying these again due to how they handle on road.

Car2013 d40 navara

80,000 KS


These tyres are 3 yrs old now ND have gotten over 80,000ks out of them. Been awesome on ND off road. Plenty of grip in the wet.
One bad point is they get a slow leak in them now ND then. 2 have patches in them but are still a really good tyre.

Car100 series



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Amazing off road and in the wet


These tyres have been great. Grip well in the wet and are unstoppable in the mud. Only grip is the noise .....which is common with a mud tyre though. I had all terrains before this tyre....they slid all over the place in wet weather....but the bighorns grip perfectly. Would certainly buy again.

CarHolden RA Rodeo



Have now done 54000 Kilometers and have about 3-5mm of usable tread, now becoming slippery on wet roads, they have been used for mainly on road & some off road use, overall have been a great tyre, not Hesitating at looking at getting some more, no break in the beads and have always balanced well. Over all very happy with them and would recommend them.

Car2013 Nissan Navara D40 dual cab (tray back)

pretty good tyre so far!


265/75/16 have waited a while before posting up a review on these, have done about 4-5000km on them now, no signs of wear yet. but have noticed after the first 1000km or so they got a little louder on the road, doesn't bother me personally but just something i noticed. in mud the tyres are great!, just keep pulling! have only been in the snow twice in them, but they seemed to go pretty well, but are the first tyres i've tried in snow! have hit ice in them once and pretty much sent me side ways! but then in say thing that what mud tyre does grip on ice.
overall pretty happy so far.

Car97 surf.



really good tier great grip not that noise got 50,000 with and still 10mm tread on lowest tier don't know why everyone is having trouble with balancing never haven't had this problem so far them only have had one that got a little bit of mud in the bead good price love them

I won't buy them again


I had these on my GQ Patrol. Onroad they were loud, to be expected for a mud tyre, offroad they offered good traction, but every time I went offroad I would get a leak from getting muck in the bead.

Balance issues but great off road


Iv had these tyres for 40000ks now and they properly have 5-10 left on them. Fantastic off road with awesome grip in all conditions.now for the big issue with them is balance. Iv had them balanced twice in 5000ks and still bad vibrations not happy won't be buying again


PeterCEastern Vic

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Reasonable tyres but very poor mileage.


I bought these tyres with 307000 kms on the clock. Now I have 237000 so they have done 30000 kms and are well below half worn. I doubt they will make 40000 kms.

On the plus side they weren't as expensive as some, but when I take in to account the poor mileage I don't think I got as good a price as I thought. Km per km they will work out the same price as the expensive tyres. A little noisier than the ATs I had previously but that's to be expected.

Am looking at Toyo tyres now. Won't bother with Maxxis again.



Great off road tyre


Brought these tyres 15000 km ago and they are brilliant... Not too noisy on the road and good on the dirt. The tread patten is aggressive but it doesn't hold any annoying stones!!!! They flick out the mud well. I have them on my 2009 dual cab Hilux. Great price compared to Coopers and BF's....
Nothing so far

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Hi can you plz suggest maxxis big horn tyre size For Toyota innova.

2 answers

I don't even know what model of car that is. I'm in Australia and we don't have that car here.


The Innova uses car-sized tyres (205/65-16 and 205/55-17) I don't Bighorns are available that small.

scott b

scott basked

Hi all, has anyone ran them on a 120 series prado? I have mickey thompson mtz's on it at the moment (which are just legal in tread) but we've got 110000 klms out of them (all hiway use). I've heard that certain tyres perform better on certain vehicles, has anybody also found this to be true? The mickey's have also never ever been rotated (yeah i know this sounds bad) but the front and back have worn perfectly. I am in the next couple of days putting new tyres on and can't unfortunately afford $415 / tyre for the mickeys and was just wanting to see if anyone could help with selection for what runs well on a prado

1 answer

hi - just one question ' if you are mostly driving them on Hi-Way and roads - why you go for MUD type and not going to MAXXIS 980 which is AT with much better protection on the side-walls' much less noisy and less fuel consumption ''' for light snow they should be good enough too



How are the tyres on the road if wet?

2 answers

Hi Marty
When they had plenty of tread i had no issues. Now can be a bit slippery but i'm almost down to their last bit of life.


They're fine. I've never had them ever slip out on me and you feel safe on them. Corner sensibly though like you would in any situation. Remember that 4wd's have a higher centre of gravity, so drive accordingly. If you're an impatient careless driver and corner hard & fast in your 4wd then you will be testing their limits. But with normal driving you won't skid or slip out on them. Under brakes they're fine unless you slam them on of course without the aid of ABS. but that's just common sense. They're a good tyre. Anyone who blames them for inadequacies either has issues with their front end (steering components) or needs to address their driving habits.

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