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Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Pirelli Scorpion ATR

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Terrible service and a even worse tyre!!?

Just purchased a brand new set of scorpions and with under 2000km on them blew the first one to pieces as soon as I hit the dirt!!! Then just another few hundred kms on the dirt road I blew another one!!! The second one was a side wall puncher and I was able to fix. Theses are not a off-road tyre at all... they are soft and will not stand up to Australian conditions at all.

After contacting them I ended up getting put through to some cocky young guy who tried to tell me this happened because I was running to low pressure in my tyres!!! (32psi for a dirt road) he said that I needed to be running 36 just 4psi different and he believed this wouldn’t have happened. I am a mechanic with extensive off-road experience and I was driving to the conditions and I told them that this was a critical fault with there tyre and the situation needed to be reviewed because it was a dangerous situation as I had 4 young children in the car when it happened! I basically told him that I believed there was a problem with the tyres I purchased and I would now need to replace the other two of my brand new tyres at a massive cost as I’m now out in the middle of nowhere. He just replied to me by saying that that was probably a good idea and there was nothing they could do to help us.

This service and there product is just simply unacceptable. They may be alright on road but stay away from them if you are going anywhere near a dirt road. They should not be able to classify them as a AT because they are not even close. The side walls are paper thin with no reinforcement. I think this whole tyre needs to be professionally cut apart and reviewed and possibly even recalled it is misled and false advertising.

Purchased in May 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 2,000 km
Tyre Pressure Used32 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Ok does what it says

Ok does what it says. How many words do I need to write before I hit the minimum. Still need another 10 words, oh what do I say. I'm not sure

Purchased in February 2019.

Excellent Tyres

I have found them excellent tyres. I believe that the results would be heaps better if you put all four of them (same brand). They last long if you drive sensible. Good value for money

Purchased in October 2018 at australia best tyres for $360.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 5,000 km
Car ModelToyota Camry ASV50R / AVV50R
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Amazingly good tyres - wouldn't have anything else on my Landcruiser

I am on my third set of Pirelli Scorpion ATR's after trying Bridgestones and talking to mates who have run Coopers, Toyos and other brands. I run a standard 100 series turbo diesel Landcruiser now with over 330,000kms on the clock and tow an Australian Off Road Quantum camper trailer - near 2 tonne when fully loaded. The first set of Pirellis I purchased only gave me 45,000kms which was disappointing but my tyre dealer chastised me for running them too low at 35psi. The next set I purchased I ran at the dealers recommended 40psi and got 60,000+ kms. The current set I have has done in excess of 65,000kms and is still going strong - will probably get another 5 - 10,000kms out of them. All this with never a flat tyre or other "fault" over the three sets. I am not into rotating tyres and getting a wheel alignment every 5,000kms as is "required" by other tyre manufacturers who claim high mileages for their over priced tyres but I do change the front to rear and vice versa when I think it is necessary. The current set includes our recent trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs, across the Tanami, through the Kimberley including Cape Leveque, Gibb River Road, Mitchell Falls etc etc - in all about 8,000 kms of dirt road and another 4-5,000kms of bitumen. Tyre pressures were adjusted frequently to suit the road/driving conditions. I can't emphasise enough that tyre management and driving to the conditions wherever you are is the name of the game. I agree with other comments that these tyres are quiet and handle well on both dirt and bitumen, in wet and dry conditions - wouldn't buy anything else - don't see the need to. I am convinced that the Pirellis are great value for money.

Purchased in June 2017 at North Terrace Tyres, Adelaide for $880.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelToyota LandCruiser 100 HDJ100R GXL Automatic
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good Highway Bias Tyres

Fitted a set 3 years ago. After 50k replaced front tyres - rear are still good at 60k. Very good on the bitumen - have done trips to WA , Vict and NSW. Quiet and good handling tyre. Off road are ok but if you are doing more than 20% off road you should look at something more tougher - had puncture to tyre with 50k wear from sharp rock which maybe is understandable.

CarMitsubishi Pajero 2005

Not value for money

A245/70 R 16 Skorpions fitted as new to my VW Amarok. We are just shy of 48K with these & will maybe make 50K if lucky. They handle well on the black stuff but 98% of our driving has been in Darwin town with some highway use. Handling on the small amount of dirt has been acceptable. I will purchased one more to mate with the as new spare & will replace the others with something more durable. There are many more tyres out there, some at a lower price point, that perform better.

Car2015 VW Amarok

These tyres have changed

I have had two sets of ATRs before this set.The tyres have performed Ok however after 15k the tread has started to flake off. Looks like a rat has chewed them. Admittedly I have towed a caravan and done some dirt road work. I Purchased May 2018 My set are made in CHINA. I will not purchase another set.

CarFord Ranger

Pirelli a sporty tyre

These tyres are so durable and functionable and very sporty. These increases the mileage along with the stability. Long life tyres but lacks wet grip. The dry grip is awesome and can do corners. Worthy for the price provided. Sometimes bumpy on uneven roads and platforms but good on smooth road

Car2006 Honda accord

Best Tyres I have put on my 4WD

The tyres are the best set I have put on my car, my fuel economy has improved, the ride is a lot smoother and there is a lot less noise than the previous tyres. They are a well priced tyre, great value for money well worth comparing if you are in the market for new tyres.

CarMitsubishi Pajero 2015

Just a great tyre

I've had two sets so far, and they've done the Cape, including the OTT, the Gibb, with all the associated detours, the Tanami, the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks and the Plenty Highway. No punctures, no chipping, just a perfect all rounder. High speed travelling or atrocious surfaces are all the same to these tyres. They run well at low pressures and perform well on all surfaces. I'd recommend these to anyone.

Car2008 Mazda BT 50.

Immediate Improvement Onroad

Loved the old Bridgestones on my 4WD, but searched extensively online for good priced offroad tyres and eventually scored a great price at Tempe Tyres on a set of Pirelli Scorpion ATR. The Scorpions made an immediate improvement to the grip and onroad comfort of the truck and I've also noticed better handling overall. Limited offroad tracks at this stage, but I'm very pleased with my choice.

Car2006 Mitsubishi Shogun Sport/Challenger 4WD

excellent tyre

These have been the third set of tyres on our santa fe and by far the best. They have been very quiet and just feel so much better than the Kumho we had on before, but they were more expensive than the kumho too. It is fairly hard to remember back when the kumho's were new but i am sure these are alot better, remember when changing tyres you drive in when your old ones are at their worst and drive out when the new ones should be at there best. But these pirelli tyres certainly feel great. They just seem to be a good tyre

CarHyundai Santa Fe

excellent thread

The tyre thread seems to be thicker than other brand. It looks good in our car. The service provided by the company fitting them were excellent. It was so easy to adjust the tyre air pressure. Reasonable in the rain seems to have good grip on the road. highly recommended


Handle well in all conditions

I really noticed the difference in handling when I got these tyres - I mostly drive on hilly/winding roads and it can be wet for a good part of the year, so excellent grip is a big plus. Unfortunately the softer rubber seems to wear much faster in hot/dry summer conditions, so I am not getting the durability I had with previous regular all season tyres. Another bonus is that they look good on my vehicle

CarToyota Hilux

Maybe 50 000km

My 2014 Pajero drives well no tyre concerns. But milelage only average. Made in Brazil I think composition of tyre has changed. Always inflated around 38 to 40 with normal load and I drive like grandma! Starting wearing well then at around 40 000km noticed rubber on my rear guards!

Car2014 Pajero

Never purchasing again

I've had all 4 of my Pirelli tyres on my car popped/cut open on normal roads, without road works and/or gravel nearby. Was driving the recommended speed at all times, if not slower - most times have been on suburban roads - just doesn't make any sense. Good tyre auto from now on.

CarVolkswagon Golf

Great all rounder

Replaced original tires last year with the ATR. Having just completed an outback trip, including the full length of the Oodnadatta Track, this tyre is an exceptional all rounder for the disco. Great road holding on the bitumen, and equivalent stopping in the wet compared to the more road going standard tyres. We have done some pretty serious offroad work in them, and they are very strong - took all manner of beating! On the dirt tracks at speed (70/80kmh) they performed very well. There are not a lot of options for the disco given their 19inch size, so i would definately recommend these. Also bought at BobJane (Moorabbin) - best deal and service.

Car2014 Land Rover Discovery 4

Can’t fault them so far very comfortable ride

My 2015 pathfinder drives equally as well as the factory standard continentals less roll around the corners. These tyres were suggested by the tyre place after I had already replaced front tyres at 10,000ks due to extreme wear on outside edges widerr tyre with thicker tread hopefully get at least 40,000ks out of these so far very happy

Car2015 Nissan pathfinder

Perfect for what we needed

Although the service provider was substandard the tyres were perfect.
We have had these on the vehicle for 5 years now and they are coming to end of life. Although one was chewed out due to an alignment issue, the tyres were perfect.
There was no road noise, off-road was a dream and handled soft sand, corrugation and wet roads without an issue.
after 5 years the rubber is starting to split but they are just legal.
I will be purchasing these again.

CarToyota Kluger 4WD, 2006

ATR's on a Forester

Step 1 - Just bought from Tyresales.com.au, installed by City Discount Tyres. That process all good and good price. ($164 ea + $80 Alignment).
Step 2 - replaced Michelin SUV, not happy with. 26,000 km
Step 3 - have only had a few days but so far loving them. Cornering is best I have had on a Forester (this is no6).
Slight tyre noise. Are inflated to 38psi. Tread depth is good 9.5 mm to bottom of groove.
Step 4 - high (100kph) speed and dirt road. Very stable directionally, almost set and forget they stay true to where
you point them. Dirt, couldn't pick difference between firm surface and loose gravel even on bends, hung
on really well. Yes they are new see how they go later but very good start.
Took on trip through Victoria, high speed gravel, forest roads and accidentally deep soft sand. Fantastic! I only hope they go the distance, because grip is great.
I will update this review as time goes on.

Took them up to the snow in Vic. Absolutely wonderful.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
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Longevity is good. Took them on a trip to snow around Mt Buffalo and Mt Hotham in the ice and snow. Mainly slush with a bit of ice but they were great. The Forester does seem to love them. Can't recommend highly enough.

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Questions & Answers

We have a duel wheel caravan, off road version, 2.7 ton. Can you tell me the correct tyre pressure for them. Thanks Garth
1 answer
How long is a piece of string? Seriously, I found with tyre pressures you have to be guided by your tyre fitter because he knows the performance of the tyres you have fitted, the size/weight of your caravan unloaded & loaded and the terrain you will be driving on. As I mentioned in an earlier post you must manage your tyres, adjust the pressures to suit the road conditions. I found, after fitting new tyres, getting the pressure right was a matter of trial and error.

Are scorpion ATR tyres good on sand as well as gravel roads?
1 answer
Hi Colin, I have only done a limited amount of sand driving with the Scorpions without any problems. I have never experienced any problems driving on beaches even in soft sand. Once again you need to drop tyre pressures; this will vary according to whether you are in really soft or firm sand. I am able to access our local beach along a 200 metre soft sand track without having to worry about dropping pressures however if I was going to drive around Fraser Island I would probably drop them to 25psi.

What is best pressure for pirelli scorpion verde 19 inch?
1 answer
Sorry Scott i sold that car and i cant remember !!


Pirelli Scorpion ATR
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Release dateJun 2008
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