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Maytronics Dolphin Swash

Maytronics Dolphin Swash

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Scared of deep end!

Excellent pool cleaner if you want only the middle of your pool cleaned. It would seem that it is scared of the deep end. I have footage of the robot heading towards the deep end, then getting scared and running back to the shallow end! Seems to spend 95% of its time going back and forth across the middle of the pool, just like a scared four-year-old! Not worth the cost, would have probably been happy if I'd paid about $200.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hi Rod, we are sorry to hear you’re not completely satisfied with your Dolphin. We at Maytronics strive for this with every robot we produce. We will send you a pm so we can connect and help get your Swash working properly. Alternatively please call us on 1300 693 657 for support.

A heap of rubbish

My pool builder supplied me with a Maytronics Swash. It is complete rubbish. It would only run for 10 minutes to 30 minutes maximum before stopping. Sometimes it would not work at all. Worst of all, Maytronics don't do service calls. I had to organise for my local pool shop to pick up and bring it to the Maytronics workshop. That's very poor service from Maytronics.

Hi Tom, most of our Dolphin Dealers are now authorised service agents. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to put you in touch with your closest Dolphin Dealer. We have rolled out service training to our dealer to supplement the fact we only had a state branch.Thankyou. I will be in touch.

Doesnt clean all of pool

Seems to work, but only tracks along one side of the pool. This is a brand new cleaner. I would not purchase another dolphin cleaner. It just runs from shallow end to deep end along the wall the entire cycle. More efficent to manually clean the pool, at this stage i wish I had saved my hard earned coin.

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Hi Brad, I know this follow is a long time after your review, but please let us know if you there is anything we can do to help.

Don't waist your money

Unriliable it broke down in the first month,& the pool shop in forge st Blacktown were I purchased it from are not interested in my problem, they were happy to take $ 1700 from me but no after sales service.
The dolphin swash cleans my pool but missed the same spots every time no matter how I ajust it
It's a lot of money for a doggy product.

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Hi Ron, I know this follow is a long time after your review, but please let us know if you there is anything we can do to help.

A great investment!

After paying a pool business to service my pool for several years and eventually getting annoyed with their variable service level and my pool not always looking perfect and 'ready to swim' (despite the service/chemicals costing $60-$150 per fortnight - ouch!!), ,I finally decided to give the pool service the sack and invest in a Dolphin Swash instead. This has proven to be a great plan!
I bought it in January 2014 on sale for $879 (from Active Pool Supplies (APS) Gold Coast) and have been incredibly pleased with the performance and effectiveness of this unit. My pool has never looked better!! Sparkling clean, 'swim ready' and I have only had to spend approx $30 on chemical/salt so far this year. It has already more than paid for itself!! APS have provided great support, advice & service as well as free water testing and very reasonably priced chemicals, so I could not be happier.
I note that our pool is right near a large gum tree so gets a lot of leaves/sticks which you do still have to scoop up as these do not get sucked up or if there is a large amount of leaves (after a windy day or storm for example) you will need to do some scooping as well - however - this is a routine thing to do, is not onerous and supports the effective operation of the Dolphin.
Best decision of the year and I am looking forward to fuss-free swimming this summer!

Is there 10 stars?

We purchased our Swash two years ago and it hasn't missed a beat. The pool always looks spotless after having the cleaner do its thing and its so easy to use. We purchased a second bag and rotate them between uses. We get a lot of leaves in our pool, and this cleaner does the job effortlessly. We have not had to replace a single part on it in the two years we have had it, unlike our old Barracuda which needed something replaced every six months. Well worth the money and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable pool cleaner.
Low maintenance, easy to use, light and reasonably priced.

dolphin swash

the most terrible experience of a pool cleaner ever. i understand that all things need fixing. but the fix was as almost as much as the unit new - complete rubbish. the thing fell apart in the pool, had it sent off for repair, six months later it wouldnt work, sent it off again. too expensive to repair, in fact i haven't heard back from Maytronics.. terrible experience
did not clean the entire pool, had to physically move it to the other end of the pool.

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Can you please supply us with your name and phone number. Someone will be in contact with you immediately.

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Questions & Answers

Have had my dolphin swash for 4 years now. It has not been working very well. Have replaced the blade and Had it serviced earlier in the year. Supposedly it should be working again but unfortunately not. Is this normal and is there somewhere I can take the cleaner to be serviced once again? Thank you Jane Bennett ( West End) Brisbane QLD
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I would call the manufacturer and request repair under the Australian consumer law. This is an expensive item and should last a reasonable time.Good Morning Jane, We are sorry to hear that your Swash is not functioning the way that it should be. It is not normal for any robot to still be experiencing difficulties after repair/service. We do have a dealer located close by to your West End location, in Norman Park. Please call us on 1300 693 657 or email customercareau@maytronics.com and we can connect you quickly Prior to taking the robot in to a dealer for assessment, could you please advise as to what you mean by it not working well? Thank you.

Hi, bought a swash dolphin and the suction seems inadequate to suck up the debris in my pool, is there a tip to improve the suction? I hose the bag out each time, thanks Jon
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Hi Jon, please call us on 1300 693 657 and we will run through some options with you.I had the same problem. The dealer Poolside in Wangaratta, who sold it to my client, kept on stalling making excuses. So finally the Maytronics Breaside team were alerted online by email. This resulted in me carefully filing a report on what I observed and they then suggested bringing it to them from as far as Wangaratta Victoria, a distance of some 300 kilometers. I was acting for someone else and asked him about it. It was going to cost quite a bit of time and cost for fuel to get it there. It was never pointed out to me that the seller was responsible for the transport to and from Wangaratta. After suggesting a new filter pack instead of the bag (I had cleaned it and it got blocked (not full) after some ten minutes) which I felt could solve it it was sent of. It has been working fine after the whole unit was sent of for the conversion. It runs much better and I feel that the condition of the pool as far as chemicals go is not the problem as is stated in Matronics literature. It may have been designed for a pool under those conditions but electronically and mechanically it would not make any difference on its performance. A dirty pool is another matter however, as these units are only able to keep a pool clean, not to actually clean a very neglected pool. This pool cleaner with the new filter works well and the bag system should be abandoned. Yet the dealer locally contends that she has had no problems with them. I wonder about the truth of this matter.... Kudos to Maytronics for fixing it, but brickbats for not alerting me to the dealers responsibility for freight back to the technical department.

Can someone please help me i have had this swash pool cleaner 2years was working fine now it has completely stopped wont turn on ...what do i do...thank you
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Hi Therese, can you please call our national support line on 1300 693 657, we can then provide local service support. It sounds like an issue with your power supply's RCD. Our local service agent will be able to diagnose the issue very quickly via the analyser.If it's not under warranty I would take it to the local pool shop to see what they can do. Hopefully, it is a simple problem.


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