great family car

we purchased this car last month as our Commodore no longer suites our growing family and it has been good. Very comfortable to drive and has heaps of safety features such as lane depart and a feature to slow you down if you are coming too close.
it looks really lovely too, with the sunroof and leather interior and maps are very clear.
fuel economy isn't fantastic as a downside (about 13 l/100) and boot size is tiny with the 7 seats up (which is why we bought it) but overall I am happy

Purchased at Berwick Motor Group for $66,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

It is what it is

On our 2nd CX-9 '13 GT AWD
A great car to drive comfortable family car 4 kids fit and all day trip 8+ hrs driving is a breeze with luggage room to burn
around town drive it like a cruise car and it is great , fuel economy for use ave 12.5l/100km neither bad nor good.
(i always check friends cars ave fuel on their computers and you'd be surprised what some cars do ), but best was 10.1 on highway trips to Townsville and Melbourne from NSW
The tom tom nav system can be frustrating have updated twice and still cant find some rds , but do your homework before you go on whereis being 2013 some features are outdated
Now these cars have power to burn (v6) and to me are so over powered with no effort you can drive this thing like a beast you be surprised how they want to go if you let them ,,,
I wouldn't buy a 2wd after test driving one even my wife had traction control bouncing ( and if you think she's a lead foot 75k in the GT 2mm left on original tyres and still on 1st set of brakes now that's babying hows your form)

But all in All Great car fills the need of the family (4kids) that just didnt want a van
Easy to drive can go anywhere in comfit and room to burn

would i buy another? yes for sure
if i didnt need the 7 seats ? no i would have stuck with the mazda6

BadgeGrand Touring
Date PurchasedJan 2016

Love our 7 seater

I bought this car in May 2018 and can say this is the best car in the market. Use this car everyday for dropping kids to school and commute to work. Car body looks great, it's very comfy , has lots of leg space, big boot, classy interior and excellent for long drive. Love the sun roof feature.good fuel economy for this size of car and cheap service compare to others.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great engine and gearbox, internal storage a let down

Great engine and gearbox so smooth and lots of torque. Gearbox shifts so nicely, would be nice if was 8 speed, but seems to work just great as a 6 speed. Interior is nice, however it does lack storage compartments compared to other vehicles in its class. Find receipts, tickets etc, difficult to find a home while driving. The boot is huge, however the heavily raked rear window does hold it back when the 3rd row seating is up. It is also a very big car. If you have trouble parking and you park a lot in tight sydney CBD parking, then look for a smaller car, this one will drive you crazy. My one pet hate is the lack of proper day driving led lights. For a 60k car, this should be standard, not something only on the top model, cars in 20k range have led day lights. On the open road it great on fuel for such a big car. i-stop in traffic can sometimes be a bit slow to react. 12 months service @ 15ks would be nice, don't know why mazda refuse to offer this.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Amazing car!

Spacious car for a growing family! Drives well, looks great and has plenty of power! The mod cons are spot on and make driving, parking and reversing a breeze! Annual service costs are fixed and afford able. All rear seats have anchor points as well!! I absolutely love this car!!

BadgeGrand Touring
Date PurchasedJul 2018

Good but not great- Struggling to enjoy and like the car

Went from Kia Sorento to this and after 3 weeks I preferred my KIA

Things that annoy me
1/. No road side assistance with new car purchase "unless you pay"
2/. Sun roof makes wind buffering noise as no net at front of sunroof. So very noisy and have to close when over 80kms
3/. No radio station indicator of channel or station when in NAV on screen
4/. Very easy to wheel spin front wheels for over 4 seconds. for AWD I expect much better
5/. uses 12-14kms per 100... nowhere near the 8 in brochure
6/. Fuel cap indicator icon around wrong way
7/. Bluetooth on phone gets choppy noise like a popping noise regularly
8/. No cigarette power adaptor in center console or middle.. only on left passenger side.
9/. android auto constantly locks up and freezes for 5-8 seconds when using voice commands.
10/. MP3's always goto next track 2 seconds before end or track.
11/. Heated steering wheel very slow to heat up.. around 4-6 mins. and only very small portion on sides are heated.
12/. No lumbar support
13/. arrangement of lights on dash very hard to see as most below steering wheel line of site
14/. steering wheel very heavy and makes gear noises when turning.
15/. Also had issues with lane keep assist in rain. constantly kept trying to stear the car back into lane and was very unnerving.. until I figured out howto turn off. Even Mazda dealer didn't relise the car did this!

Overall not very impressed and having buyers regret wishing I got the Santa FE or Sorento.
Very thirsty and lacking that design layout thats practical. Find myself getting annoyed by the very front wheel dominance drive and layout and functionality.

I was very excited to get a top of the line Azami but after 3 weeks not feeling enthusiastic for brand.
Im hoping it grows on me.

Edit: 2 months in and still hating the car more than ever.
Things Im hating
* No pollen or air filter in cabin - constant exhaust fumes when stuck in traffic unless you put on recirculate
* Dash / speed surrounds so flimsy
* Cruise control has to be set 2-3 kms above what you want to sit on
* Car uses 12-15 ltrs/100kms nowhere near the 8 in brochure
* back tail gate doesn't open and close smoothly. also sometimes closes as soon as you hit button with no delay
* android auto freezes constantly
* they fixed the little wind buffer thing on sunroof apparently was stuck down
* no roadside assistance
* position of seat buttons in really bad location and also dont light up so very hard to see at night
* many important buttons etc dont illuminate
* no 12v adapter near driver that can easily access..
* Sound through Boss system is horrendous.
* Car stops in traffic and sometimes big delay when starting back up again.. 1-2 seconds if you need to move fast is annoying

Already thinking of selling the car and having buyers regret. Every week something else that annoys me.
Missing my KIA sorento and thinking probably should have got anything else other than the Mazda CX9 azami le

Disappointing as was really looking forward to getting car but not loving it and dont think I ever will

BadgeAzami LE
Date PurchasedSep 2018

Big car but great...

When I first got this car I had to adapt to driving a car which was much bigger than any prior car that I would have driven before. However now that I am driving it for a year, I am extremely happy with having gone up a car size or two. The boot space is amazing and perfect for a trip away, or just to fit in my child's pram and the shopping. I love the rear camera as it obviously helps with parking. This is our family car and we drive it daily. Would have liked it if it had a navigation system however...

Date PurchasedOct 2016

CX 9 Lemona

Brakes make a crunching and grinding noise, it has continuously been back to Mt Gravatt Mazda for over 18 months. Still not fixed, plenty of excuses and and hyperbole about this and that. This car has been back to the dealership on over 30 occasions, with plenty of other issues. I am tempted to spray paint a big lemon on the back of it and park it out the front. Stay away

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great car

This is our daily drive. We do more than a 1000km a month. The CX9 is a very comfortable car with great safety features. The 7 seat option is the best around. Comfy even for adults in the third row, and easy to get in and out.
Stack of room in the boot.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Okay - stay away from Melville Mazda

Car is okay - have had it for nearly a year now. Navigation system is a nightmare. I no longer use it as it often takes you the longest route possible. It is frustrating and difficult to programme so I am back to the google maps on the phone.
Bluetooth feature works well. It picks up a paired phone easily.
Visibility is limited. Lots of blind spots and it feels dark and close. If you are tall make sure you sit and test drive. We didnt have my 6ft 3" husband test drive and he feels quite restricted in the drivers seat.
All in all an okay car. Do not buy from Melville Mazda. Worst customer service. The manager was unbelievably rude and unhelpful and if I could have pulled out of the sale I would have. I will never buy another Mazda again after dealing with him.

BadgeGrand Touring
Date PurchasedAug 2017

Worst Bluetooth system

Drives smoothly although the engine is very noisy, besides being a thirsty beast. The Bluetooth system has had issues since we bought the car. Mazda replaced the Bluetooth module but has had no effect. Voice recognition is the worst. If you have an iPhone stay away from this car. It does not work. Very frustrating for A car worth $50k Mazda can do better. I cannot believe Mazda has sold me a lemon. Stay away not sure how good the new 2016-18 Bluetooth system is. There are better options for the sort of money Mazda seeks for this car. Have had 3 CX9 in the family but I believe I have bought my last Cx9. Not recommended does not meet expectations and definitely does not do justice to the Luxury model.

Recommended to Check Bluetooth infotainment system prior to purchase even on the newer model. Check phone compatibility

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Great 7 seaters for the price

Had mine for more than a year now. The AWd fully optioned. I agree with most of the posu]it I’ve reviews.
- quiet comfortable to drive
- third row is full seat and relatively easy to access.
- small engine but drives well up the hill, highway and city.
- good fuel economy for the size.
- cheap service. (Compared to similar size German SUV like Audi Q7).
This is a long and wide car.

Wish list
- door should auto lock once driven
- CD players.... yes i still want my CD players.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

love my cx9

- lots of space -- drove 400 Kms to the great ocean road with 6 passengers. everyone has enough leg space.
- 13L/100 Km -- not fuel efficient but a very powerful car. 3.6L engine.
- noise free - I have been driving for 3 years but still no sound from the engine while running

Love driving this car.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Classy economy but feels luxurious

This car drives so smoothly and beautifully. Going on 4 years and never had a problem. The interior feels so spacious and roomy. Dashboard features look gently blended into the care and easy on the eyes, not coarse.
In long distance, it loves its drink. you tend to forget this if you are driving around the suburb.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Great 7 seater

This is the first Mazda we brought and we will never regret it not only do you get a great drive but you feel like your in a top of the range car. The space for kids is great the boot space is very large in fact better then others. Safety gear is on point to

Date PurchasedMay 2018

I like the way it drives but it suffers from some quality issues.

I like the way it drives, the space and modern comforts but it suffers from some quality issues which are becoming apparent after 1.5 years of ownership. Rust started appearing on the roof and body panels even though it’s still under warranty. Dealer has been a nightmare to deal with and warranty claims seem impossible. Overall disappointed with it as quality issues let the sporty Mazda down.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Not a flagship car

Over this car. The car looks good and the engine although thirsty is actually quite good and the safety tech and heads up display are great and that is where the praise ends. Paint if you look at it wrong scratches and we paid for the Soul Red, Interior surfaces scratch far too easy and they look cheap and unsightly. MZ Connect is the worst infotainment system we have had it firmware updated and reset and still it freezes and does not sync contacts until halfway to your destination. "Where the heck is Carplay Mazda" . The front passenger seat rubs on the centre console and we have been waiting at least 6 months for an idea of a fix, Sungalsses holder has rattled since day one and they state it has been fixed twice but still rattling and now has scratches from their fixes. In terms of the Kodo design practical design would have been much better. They cabin is quiet and they state this and they are correct however you hear every rattle including the loud metallic clang and knock in the front end. This was apparently identified as in the front right hand brake area and the caliper was replaced. but noise came back a day later louder. Issue still not fixed after going in again and Technical request has been sent to Mazda. I do not think we will hear anything back as we are still waiting on the seat issue. In terms of service its first 10k service the dealer reversed a BT-50 ute into the front of the car and stated they would fix it. We had to chase for 6 weeks to get this done and even when the bumper was fitted they removed paint from the freshly painted bumper refitting it which should have been picked up on inspection; We are so very over this car and regret buying it we very much want to get rid of it but have a fair amount to payout over the trade in or private sale cost of the vehicle due to Mazda releasing a new model with more features a few more months after this car was purchased. I will be talking with consumer affairs in regards to what can be done eg Mazda footing some of the payout as this car is not a the quality for the price. I would advise to look at other cars out there first as we will hopefully be getting one of the new Volvo SUV's as the quality is much better.

BadgeAzami AWD
Date PurchasedMay 2017


Our Mazda CX-9 is a great-looking, comfortable, and well-built seven-seater that feels better to drive than any other big SUV near its price. Its turbo-petrol engine is economical and feels surprisingly sporty. What we like! FOUR STARS Safety, value & features, FOUR STARS Comfort & space, FOUR STARS Engine & gearbox, FOUR STARS Ride & handling, FOUR STARS Technology, FOUR STARS Shrink-wrapped dynamics, FOUR STARS Perky engine, FOUR STARS User-friendly cabin.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Excellent 7 Seater with great styling at a good price

I love the styling, interior comfort/space, fuel economy and the quietness of the car. There is decent space behind the third-row seat which can even fit a pram. The boot space beat other people mover like Toyota Tarago, Honda Odyssey because this car is more than 5m long. The second row can fit 2 children car seats and an adult in the middle. The 2.5L petrol turbo engine is decent and quiet, but it will be better if there is a diesel engine option.

If you want a good looking and comfortable 7 seater SUV at a great price, go check out this great car. I highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great car overall but there are some small problems.

Performance is good with 3 adults and 2 kids. You can feel the car is working very hard when adding 2 more adults to the back. It is not a proper people mover with .
Handling and corning ability are great for its size and height. Mazda did a good job here. If people are aftering real handling car they shouldn't buy any SUV.
Mazda did a good job with road noise and it is very quiet inside. Much better than the new Mazda 6
It is very reliable and mechnical sound. It is also cheap to run. Much cheaper than the 2015 Toyota Kluger we replaced.

Bad things:

Centre console gets really hot when 2nd air-con for the back is not turned on which is rubbish engineering. Tempertare can reach up to about 50 degrees depending on length of driving time. Mazda's fix is very rubbish by puting better heat shield. 2nd air-con should not generating heat when it is not in use. 2nd air-con should have cooling when geting hot. Mazda doesnt have a proper solution yet.

Piano black interior panels are bad and so easy to scratch.

Problematic NAV / multimedia system before the software updates.

Rear power door is very noisy to open and shut. More noisier when the weather is hot.

Steering wheel plastic fitting is very rubbish and so easy to move the centre picece plastic (loose). But they fix the problem in the new CX-5.

Blind spot monitoring system is not 100%. It works most of time and it wont work properly sometimes. Keep the head checking.

Driver side sunvisor rattles when it is down.

Overall it is a great car for family. But Mazda Australia is not very prompt to fix problems they created at the first place just like the disel problems.

BadgeAzami 4WD
Date PurchasedMar 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I bought Mazda CX-9 FWD couple of years ago but realising now that I should have bought AWD. Is there a kit that I can upgrade to from FWD to AWD?
1 answer
Hi Ryiu not 100% if a kit would be available try a call to Mazda , But i think the cost would not be practical i think it is a $5 upgrade from new so getting one retro fitted would hurt the wallet . all the best

Hi guys I bought a Mazda CX-9 one month ago, the gearbox is broken I took it to the mechanic. My car is in the garage of mechanic. Unfortunately I don’t know is it AWD or FWD! I asked the mechanic he didn’t know too. What can I do?
1 answer
Take it to a new mechanic. If he doesn't know this then he is not a very good mechanic.

Hi, I recently bought a 2011 Mazda CX-9 FWD with Sat-nav, ive noticed the map is really out of date (new roads, changes not pick up), any experience of updating the DVD navigation at less expensive dealer update? Thanks.
No answers

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