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Meals For Mutts

Meals For Mutts

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Terrible Product

We have been buying 2.5kg Turkey Salmon and Sardine and our puppy loved it until we decided to purchase a 20kg bag and that was a nightmare, our pup had diarrhea - yellow color (which showed liver disorder), skin and bum itchiness and after a couple of days develop swollen butt. We couldn't figure out at the beginning as it was silly to blame food what he had eaten for the past 2 months, so I am thankful to this website for finding people who shared the same experience. Food has been refunded by a local shop and official complaint to MfM has lounged.

Purchased in April 2019 at My Pet Warehouse for $130.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects Yes


They changed the formula without any notice or warning via the pet store or packaging change. now gives my dog rashes and diarrhoea. Used to be really good. Terrible food don’t waste you money

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects Yes

My dog eats it most days

I give my dog the low fat turkey biscuits in this range and it helps keep his pancreatitis symptoms well. I feel the pellet sizes could be a bit bigger like the Ivory coat size in low fat.

Purchased in December 2018.

Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects No

Diarrhea with the latest stock

When we first brought our puppy home, we bought a (small) bag of this food for him as this is what he'd been eating at the breeder. He loved it and there were no issues. However when we opened a new, extremely large bag, after about a week he had constant diarrhea. When we take him off this, and just feed him steamed rice with a little lean cooked chicken mince, he eventually gets back to firm stools. I have just tried re- introducing him gradually to the food by placing about 10 pieces stirred into his chicken and rice, and both times, instant diarrhea. I suspect the first bag was older stock of the old recipe and the second bag was the new recipe. I can't give this to my puppy anymore. What is everyone else replacing their large breed puppy food with? Any recommendations? He's a 14wk old Berner

Purchased in February 2019.

Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten

Dog had a bad reaction so I'm keeping clear of this brand

Bought the largest bag they had and fed dog using the slow introduction method. Unfortunately, everything came out. Dog experienced violent bouts of diarrhoea that got so bad I was too scared to even think of feeding this to him again. The retailer assured me that if it didn't work out, simply bring it back for a refund. I was too busy to make that trip back so it went straight into the garbage. To be fair, I'm not sure if this adverse reaction is because my dog may have a sensitive stomach or if it has to do with the quality of the food but we have tried countless brands before and never experienced such a severe reaction. Currently my two dogs are happy on a grain free diet by Canidae.

Purchased in January 2018.

Value for Money
Side Effects Yes

My dog loves it

My American Bulldog loves it. He’s been on it for 3 months. Never had an issue with diarrhoea, he’s happy and vet says very healthy!! He gets so excited at food time and I even use it for treats during training cause he loves it so much.

Purchased in December 2018 for $34.99.

Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects No

Don’t waste your money!

First night of giving it to our golden retrievers we woke up to find diarrhoea everywhere, we weren’t sure what caused it so continued giving them mfm only to realise every time they ate it they would get diarrhoea! The next meal we gave them different dog food and the diarrhoea stopped! We contacted the company after reading similar reviews and simply asked what could have caused this reaction and we never got a response! Waste of $120 and our poor dogs stomachs.

Hmm i think its changed

I switched from blackhawk due to change in formula and having been bought out by MARS petcare whom i would not trust at all. Meals for mutts seemed to be great for my dogs however last few months the dogs breath has become rancid, all 3 never had an issue before. Dogs had a dental and within months back to foul odour almost a fertilizer smell. so i think formula has changed or they are sourcing poorer quality meat protein. i have bought the salmon and i think that is the reason for foul smell so i have now bought savour life and see if it is meals for mutts or not. Really tired of these premium priced brands not being held accountable for genuine quality. sometimes i feel they are no better than super coat which is a third of the price.

Used to be great dog food

They’ve changed the formula, it has looked and smelt different for a few months now... I bought a new bag from the pet shop last week and my dog has had diarrhea since! Will be moving my dog to a new brand.

Caused Diarrhea

Bought the Turkey and Chicken for my 4 month's old staffy ad it was highly recommended. Used it only on 3 meals as it caused our puppy extreme diarrhea. The rest is now in the bin. Waste of money and food.
Not happy

Diarrhea and food intolerance

My rottweiler had this food for 6 months, and during this period he had never had proper stool. It was gradually deteriorating to the point that he would have constant diarrhoea and would not tolerate any food or treats except rice with chicken. Switching to a different brand fixed the problem.

I have to admit that his coat was very good while on this food.

I fed their cat food to my cat as well, and he also had soft stool whenever I tried to introduce Meals for Meows (tried 3 times with the same result).

Our JackRussel loves it!!

Our Jack Russel is very old 12 yrs???...she has been going well on this food...she still trots along on dog walks with us very willingly with me and the greyhound and rarely gets tired and is always bouncy and has a good appetite!
And neat small stools that great to pick up! And not much smell either. Lately they have changed the formula to include omegas and turmeric which is super!!! I have been supplementing recently with turmeric and omega oil but I may not have to if it’s already in there now...hmm... we will see! overall good food. Stellar ingredients list!! Although I will say our dog has had an itchy coat...not sure if it’s food or an environmental allergen...trying to nut this one out but it’s way better than some other brands I’ve seen. !!!

Used for 5 years

I’ve used this product for a long time. Used to be really good. They changed the formula. Tried to contact them, no answer.
The new food literally stinks and obviously didn’t agree with my dog. Caused him rashes and excessive itching.
And the company doesn’t care.

First time my labrador has a really shiny coat

Wanted to buy Australian owned & made dogfood so researched online- M4M recommended on petfoodreviews.com.au so tried it. My dog definitely smells better & her coat has a sheen that she never had before. I've only ever seen that kind of sheen on one other lab in the park who was being fed another imported premium dog food--> started my research. Noticed that I also need to feed her less than the Supercoat she had been on so helps with the value.

We would love to have the old formulation back!

We used to buy the "Turkey and Chicken with Sweet Potato and Vegetables" for our puppy and it was GREAT (Five Stars!!) until the formulation was changed :( The new one didn't agree with our puppy and, has got a stronger and unpleasant smell so I won't be buying it again. I just managed to get a 20kg pack old formulation but being the last one, I'm well aware I'll need to transition our puppy to a different brand which is sad because I really liked this one!!


Purchased the sardine and Salmon and our Beagle who eats everything, will not touch it not even one cube , unhappy

Healthy alternative for my dog.

I purchased some of the sardine and salmon dry food for our beagle, it has helped improve his coat, which is now looking healthy and shiny and he also seems to be shedding less, which is a relief for me and my vacuum cleaner.

Dogs love it and I love that it's grain free!

I came across this brand when i was looking for a grain free pet food for my two x 19kg dogs (one of them has allergies and gets ear infections a lot).

I buy the 20kg bag online which I find great value for money because the bag is so big it works out cheaper than when i was buying a lesser quality dry food from the local supermarket. I also give them 2 chicken wings each per day plus the meals for mutts dry food. The 20kg bag lasts us about 2.5 months, so it basically works out 87c per day per dog which i think is really cheap for such a high quality product.

I've tried a few of the different flavours and they always gobble it up, we've tried the lite version too (when one of our dogs had to cut back on fatty foods for a while) and they both liked that too.

Made in Australia is an added bonus as well!

My dog wont eat it

I purchased a 20 kg bag of kangaroo and lamb for my dog and he will not touch it. He has eaten a few biscuits but most go in the bin. He is 13 and has never been fussy so I purchased a large bag without thinking as he has never not liked anything but he does not like these at all what a waste of money.

BEST dog food out there!

I have three greyhounds and changed them onto Meals for Mutts a few months back. It is the best decision I could have made.
They are healthy, happy, they love the food, coat is shiny, good digestion. It really is a great food, and Australian made! Love it!

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Questions & Answers

How many cups do I need to give my 35 k golden retriever he is a year old and he has the turkey and chicken for puppies?
1 answer
I am not sure about the specific cup size as it depends on what container you going to use, the amount for your dog would be 230 grams a day I have a small container that holds 100 grams in weight, some of the kitchen measuring cup sets may be an option and they are cheap to buy, or if you can find a container that you already have at home that holds 100 grams or 125 grams you can just use that, it is very confusing because cups seem to come in different sizes, weights, so some hold more. I hope this helps somehwat.

Changed my shitzu on to Meals for Mutts lite due to a weight issue also changed from chicken necks to Barf. Over the last couple of months he has got more and more quite. He is 10, but now sleeps most of the day. Seems to have no energy at all . He has lost weight but I am wondering what to do about his lack of energy. He will chase his ball but not as much interest as he use to and immediately goes back to sleep. Have we reduced his fat intake to much ?
2 answers
I'm not sure what the issue could be of lack of energy. Could be many reasons. When you go to change a diet for a dog you should always introduce gradually with their old food over a couple of weeks as a sudden change of diet could upset their system. Especially changing to a raw diet that they are not used to. Being 10 years old a change will be a lot more difficult than with a younger dog. Also if fed too much chicken and fatty foods could lead to pancreatitis or kidney problems. I would suggest to go see your vet though to check everything is okay.Thanks Jules , we did just that took him to the vet and they did blood tests. It came back with 1 marker very high with his liver, but the vet cant understand it as there should be other high markers to show why the first marker is high . SO , we have kept him on BARF which was introduced very slowly, but have removed the low fat biscuits and replaced them with Royal Canine 8 + biscuits, also increased from a 1/4 cup at night to a full cup on the advise of our vet. He seems to be picking up. Going back for more blood tests in 4 weeks to see if there is any improvement, if not off to the vet hospital for an ultra sound. Wish he could talk.

Hi I've had my boy on grain free kibble he has allergies 2 pollen during autumn spring summer it causes itchy skin and flares ups is there a dry kibble u can recommend that mite help his skin allergy and where in elizabeth south australia can I buy your dry food thank u
1 answer
I did my research, and this is recommended for dogs with sensitivities, and eliminates possible allergens. The omegas would help the skin too. I’m not an expert by any means, but both my greyhounds have dry, flaky skin (it’s a breed trait), and this food has cleared that up too.

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