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Medibank Life Insurance

Medibank Life Insurance

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Falling on Deaf Ears

After 9 years with Medibank life insurance we found another insurance provider that gave us the same cover at half the price. Trying to cancel my policy with Medibank has been a nightmare. Rude, pushy and very obstructive, they have tried to stall us and constantly get us to stay with them They would not listen. We have had to block them from our bank so they didnt take any more money. Absolutely disgusted with how they have treated us. Never will we buy any Medibank product again! Apparently we are waiting to see if they accept our cancellation - what dont they get - its CANCELLED.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo
Hi Suzanne, I am sorry to hear of your recent experience with our Life Insurance team. I just sent you a private message asking for a few more details. Thanks, AnnaWe were given an email address to send our cancellation to - surprise wrong email address. Now yet another phone call to you wasting our time, meanwhile you have tried to take money from our account.

A group of liars and sales people

They lied to me that I need to submit my credit card detail to see the PDS. I was informed that I have 30 days to decide. Turns out they sign me up and I got billed the fortnight after. I called to cancel only to be told that there’s a separate team that handle cancelation. I received the call and like everyone mentioned, it was another round of sales pitch. Appalling way of doing business, please stay away.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Adrian, We are terribly sorry to read about your recent experience with Medibank. Please know that we definitely don't want you or any of our members to feel this way. I have just sent you a private message requesting some further information, please respond there so we can further assist you with this matter. Kindly, KearaKeara, no one followed up on this matter.Hi Adrian, I am terribly sorry to read that you did not receive contact from our Life Insurance team. I have just escalated this for you and asked the team to follow this up with you right away. Kindly, Keara

I wish I could give a minus rating!

I - like the others on here - wanted to cancel my life insurance. What a rigmarole! The person I dealt with was pushy about trying to keep me on (with offers to reduce my premium by reducing the sum insured) and then got narky when I said that I didn't want any of that because I have life insurance through my super. Finally - after many tens of minutes of cajoling, she finally recanted and huffily informed me that I had to put my request in writing. It was just an awful experience and I certainly will never consider buying any products from these people in a hurry.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Adam, I am very sorry to read of your experience with Medibank Life Insurance. I have just sent you a message so we can grab some details and arrange for the closure of your policy. Thanks, Dave

Deserves negative stars

Well I've just endured similar to Real Name Yes, Bec and Stan B.
Medibank Life see a phone call from a customer trying to cancel as a sales opportunity. A sales opportunity with a customer that is unwilling to hang up on them because they want to cancel.
As a result of this experience I will never buy a Medibank product again.
To assist any consumer who wants to cancel a policy - your verbal communication is worthless and in fact is unnecessary - the cancellation has to be in writing.
Read the Product Disclosure Statement on the Medibank Life Website. Page 8 tells you how to cancel. Please be aware that the 'sales' team add a requirement that the letter also include your full name, date of birth, be signed and dated. 30 days notice is required.
It is prudent to not only post the letter, but email it. Then there is no question about whether or not it was sent.
The email address is (apparently) life_enquiries@medibank.com.au. This email address was (finally) given by the obstructive salesman.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi there, We are incredibly sad to read about your poor experience whilst trying to close your cover. Please know that we definitely don't want any of our members to feel this way, we would really like to help you out further with this to ensure everything is resolved as it should be. I have just sent you a private message, please reply there so that we can help you out with this. Kindly, Keara

Not even one star -- fraudulent activities are rampant even in

I have never heard of Medibank Life insurance policy until today. Realised that they have been debiting my credit card biweekly for 2 years! When I realised that the debit was for life insurance I never solicited, it was devastating. On obtaining the policy, I realised that all the info they gathered was off my Medibank private health cover...How low can they go? On querying, they offered that I must have signed up on line..That refuted, they were on defence mode. Strange policy though...my card was debited for 2 years, I never sighted a policy and apparently, I didn't even nominated a beneficiary and the policy was purchased on a Sunday!
Try cancelling it...They needed it in writing with a signature and will need at least a week for the department to response... What business practice? This organisation cannot be trusted!
Let alone pay out when you die?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there, We are terribly sorry to read about your current situation. We have just sent you a private message so that we can get some further details from you in order to further assist with this matter. We look forward to helping you out. Kindly, Keara

I wouldn't even give it one star.

They are friendly and helpful when taking your money but rude and incredibly obstructive when trying to cancel your policy. I called up to cancel and the representative was incredibly pushy about not letting me cancel, he kept me on the phone for ages when I kept saying I just want to cancel. He never said I had to give anything written to cancel. I called up a month later after they had kept taking money out of my account. The next representative was really rude and said I had to write a letter. He never said I had to sign it. So I wrote the letter and a complaint letter to the "dispute resolution manager" requesting the money be refunded. They did nothing to "resolve a dispute", they only informed me that I had to write another letter with a signature. They said they had emailed me a couple of days prior, I check my email several times a day and there was nothing in the junk box either. It seems like they conveniently "forget" to tell you details on how to cancel the policy and don't care about you once you are not paying.

Insurance claim madeNo

Obstructive and unsatisfactory cancellation procedure

I have had significant difficulty in cancelling my Life Insurance Policy with Medibank Private that I have held for 5 or 6 years. After calling the insurance line, I was told my cancellation request would be passed on to the cancellation team and a return call would be made to my mobile. I have now waited for one week without word. I have had three missed calls to my mobile over that time from an unknown number - calls were missed as the call only lasted 10 to 15 seconds and I wasn't able to answer in time. No voicemail message was left. I have attempted to cancel twice in the past and was talked out of the cancellation by a very persuasive cancellation team member - a decision I regret. I have decided to be firm this time and not be persuaded to continue, but am not looking forward to the pending discussion. I do not appreciate such an obstructive cancellation process. I wonder if the cancellation team are on a performance bonus scheme?

Insurance claim madeNo

Compregensive in everyway!!

My dealing with Medibank Life have been nothing short of excellent, the service I recieved when taking out my policy nearly 5 years ago was spot on. Medibank Life have helped me and my family deal with a health issue that struck my wife nearly 12 months ago, the process of claiming through Medibank Life was simply and the people I spoke with were all ways supportive during this tough time. I am very glad that I sought cover for my myself and my family through Medibank Life.

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