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Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0

Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0

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Removes paint transfer with a bit of elbow grease

Great product and does what is advertised. I used it on my car which had a moderately sized paint transfer and within 30 minutes the defect was gone.

Keep in mind that it does take a bit of work to remove the minor scratches or paint transfer. For best results use a microfibre cloth and polish along the grain.

It doesn't remove deep scratches, especially if it's gone through the base coat (you can see the dark panel underneath).

Great at minor paint scratch removal

This product works best on things it was designed to work on. I use it all the time to remove paint transfer, minor scratches (it makes the big scratches a bit smaller) and on door handle rush (the little black lines behind handles). Use foam applicator or if you need more aggressiveness use microfiber applicator or terry cloth applicator. The product is fully clear coat safe and can be used by anyone. Highly recommend. The only reason why i gave it 4 stars for value is that its expensive when compared to what Yanks pay for it. So buy it when supercheap has it on special.

Restores faded/scratched paint

I used this on my father's 1961 MGA and I was amazed at how well it brought out the lustre and shine in the old paint whilst removing the light swirl marks and scratches that were present in the top layer. I did half the bonnet and took a photo and my friends couldn't believe how well it came up after one light application. It was gentle on the 50 year old paint too and didn't remove too much of it even on the areas where the paint was thinning substantially. Obviously I was careful and applied it with light pressure and I was really happy with the results!

I am now a Meguiar's convert!
Ease of use, results.

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Scratch X 2.0
Release dateJan 2011
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