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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash n Wax

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash n Wax

MPN: G177475
4.4 from 8 reviews

Do it once, Do it right

Have been using this product for about 5 years now. Great suds, glides across your car, I love the smell of it too (the little things right), ALSO it can usually be picked up on sale.

I always find my car just popping after washing with this stuff. I will advise to have a second bucket of clean water where you rinse off your mit before dipping it into the water again. this prevents putting grubby sudsy water back into your car.

Tried once and never going back!

I couldn't justify the price difference from my usual Armourall Proglide but picked this up during a recent sale to see what the fuss is about. What can I say? Best wash I've ever used - 2 weeks later and car is still shiny like it's just been washed. Very sudsy formula & very easy to apply.

Great suds and lubricity

Just wanted to share a recent experience with this shampoo. I used to wash my car in Armor All Wash and Wax as i found that it was ok to foam and it is concentrated. However recently i bought the Megs on special at super cheap so i decided to give it a go on the lexus. Wow what a difference, the suds are great but the lubricity of this product is phenomenal. Washed the car fantastically. The only draw back that i can think is the amount you need to use and price (expensive here in Australia vs USA). In 9l bucket you need to put around 90 ml of this product. So look for it on 20-30% specials.

Top of the Pops

On my Yellow SS Ute this wash makes the color PING i have had no trouble with birds or Aliens landing on it. Maybe its the Autoglym polish followed by Autoglym HD Wax that makes this Megs product stand out so much but it beats all other washes i have used. The wax in it adds even more depth of color to the yellow paint. Interestingly this product is only so so on the Metalic Grey Mazda and the Megs Gold Class which i rate so highly is better for that color. But for this warm color it really makes it shine !

This is a good product with good results

This is a good product. It has good cleaning properties and a good shine which is quite hydrophobic for an acceptable time after washing for me. I generally use wash/wax from a spray bottle, at about 1:10 ratio. Water spray the car/bike to get the surface dirt off and to make wet. Spray on wash/wax (as little or as much as desired) and clean surfaces with a microfibre towl. Occasionally rinse wash towl to clean off any crap picked up off the surface being washed.
Rinse & dry.

FYI, neither my bike or car have been pooped on any more than before i started using this product.

Raf, what drugs are you on?

Bad product, it attracks birds to land poo on it

I always used armourall wash and wax and was very happy with it but when i switched to meguires wash and wax i started to have problems because the first day i washed my car With it i got attacked about 10 times in the first day after the wash there was about 10 bird droppings on my car and this never happened before. With the armourall wash and wax, and they didn't stop there.. They kept on doing it for about a week or two. It's like meguires has got a chemical or whatsort that makes birds to land their poo on it and i am %100 it's the meguires wash and wax. (no i didn't wash my car under the tree and no i don't need anyone's feedback etc etc.. I know what I'm talking about).

Don't buy this product! Plus supercheap said there's no customer satisfaction guarantees! Beware!

Very Little water Spotting

Upgraded from turtle wax and noticed it had a nice small, cleaned well and left very little water spotting. The only real downside is the high price. So I wait until Supercheap has it on special. I apply it via a snow gun on the pressure cleaner. Then blast off, no rubbing.

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Nice smell

This is the best wash 'n wax I've ever used!

I've always used Armor All Wash n wax and been very happy with it but when I decided to splash out the extra dollars for the meguiars I was pleasantly surprised..I purchased it on special with a bonus microfibre meguiars wash mitt and it did an awesome job. Well worth the extra $$
cleaned well but the best thing was it was as if I had just polished the car..almost.

Questions & Answers

Where do you buy g7101ffp maguiars car wash?
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I have not see the 1 galons being sold in Australia, at best you can get the 64oz on special at SuperCheap Auto for around $20. For 64oz (1.9L) you should get out about 20 car washers at around 100 ml of product being used per wash. Cheers


Ultimate Wash n Wax
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  • MPN: G177475

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