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Mersyndol Day Strength

Mersyndol Day Strength

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Unable to obtain

I have used Mersyndol day strength for years for my migraines, now am unable to buy any where in Australia, because of persons who use the codine out of tablets to make drugs. This is so unfair as You now have to get prescription for something else As Mersyndol day strength is no longer made even for prescription. Why is this

Pain Relief

I have used Mersyndol for many years and in the time I suffered bad migraines was the only over the counter medicine that helped me I have recommended this to many of my friends


Like a lot of females I suffer at certain times, I also have lumbar spinal stenosis most the time I am used to the pain but at times it gets very bad where I twist wrong (damaged a couple disks a few years back) and I can't walk without crutches so I buy the nite strength otherwise I can't move in bed or sleep but sheesh these days you get treated so bad for buying them and I understand they contain codeine but either put them on prescription or just let people buy them without being patronised.
I understand codeine is addictive but it gets embarrassing when they constantly question you. You already have to produce your license so they can keep track.
They are the only thing that work for me

Very effective

Mercyndol night strength is Very good for my migraines. , but imbeciles can get hooked thence authorities are thinking of making it prescription only,these twits make it harder for sensible people.thank you

Very fast relief

I took two at work once the headache was in full bloom and within the half hour it was totally gone. Wish I had found out about these years ago instead of suffering in pain at work and all the way home. No nausea feeling also a surprise and very pleasing.
Did not make me sleepy


Mersyndol Day Strength is a product added more recently, to provide an option to its sibling product, Mersyndol Night Strength. Whilst the night strength can make the user very drowsy, Day Strength does not appear to make me drowsy at all - and therefore can be used whilst working etc. I find the product is wonderful for pain such as severe tooth ache or migraine headache. It is really well priced and available at all chemists.
What I like about this product is that is really works. It is good to be able to rely on a pain killer when it really counts.


Would like to see more research conducted into the long-term risks of taking codeine based pain-killers. Consumers need comparative information at their local pharmacy and online. From my own trail-by-error I have found that Day Strength Mersyndol offers the best prevention for migraines – without too much internal damage and drowsiness.
Reliable, fast acting, affordable headache tablet. For the past ten years I have used Day Strength Mersyndol as a preventative medication for migraines. They usually succeed in suppressing migraines – allowing me to work and function mentally without being too drowsy. The are also gentle on the stomach, compared with stronger migraine medication.
Day Strength Mersyndol can cause constipation when used repeatedly. Be aware that codeine is a weak opiate and thus addictive. Consult your doctor if you use this product regularly. Do not use while pregnant.

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Its making me all spacey? worked very effectively on toothache but been a wee bit floaty all day!!

The best medication for migraines without a prescription

I had tried various migraine meds over the years and their effect on the migraine was very short and they added to the nausea feeling in the stomach. Mersyndol made my 48 hour migraine attack much more bearable with barely any head pain and no effect on the stomach.
I found the price to be cheap, and I didn't even need the night tablets.
Fast acting, very effective, easy on the stomach, good price. Made in Australia!


The dentist reccommended me this to help with my jaw aches, it didn't actually work but now I use it as an ordinary asprin. It's quick to get rid of stomach cramps, headaches and all sorts of things. I've found that Mersyndol is really helpful in getting rid of
It gets rid of pain easily. It's just like Panadol, Neurofen etc. It works quickly, maybe even quicker than other brands I've tried.
Really hard to swallow, harder than most pills I've tried. And the name is hard to pronounce, lol! It's not as easy to find as the other brands.


I was really suprised at howly quickly and effectively Mersyndol worked , even once a headache was under way. Many other painkillers only seem to work on headaches if you can catch them at the beginning ('nip them in the bud'), but Mersyndol lessens the severity at any stage and allows you to remain"operational' at work
I was largely sceptical when a friend at work recommended this for headaches and migraines, as I had tried almost all the overthe counter range of pain killers at one time or another . I was really suprised at howly quickly and effewctively Mersyndol worked , even once a headache was under way. Many other painkillers only seem to work on headaches if you can catch them at the beginning ('nip them in the bud'0, but Mersyndol lessens the severity at any stage and allows you to remain"operational' at work
Hard to swallow . I find all pills better if in a capsule coating


I keep Mersyndol Day Strength in the medicine cabinet for use on all everyday headaches and other pain. Used in moderation (once or twice a week) it causes us no problems and it works quickly and well. Use of more than three or four tablets in a day may cause constipation but if you are mindful of this it is not really an issue; get rid of the headache and treat the constipation with fibre. I have heard that because it contains codiene it can cause 'rebound' headaches, but I believe this is only after weeks of use.
It is easily purchased from any chemist and it works quickly and well. I find I only need one tablet (normal dose is two) for all but the strongest headaches.
If you take repeated doses it can cause constipation.


I have used Mersyndol daystrength for several years and found it to be effective for mild pain relief such as headaches. But I would not recommend for stronger pain. The packets do not come in a really big size like other tablets on the market which would be better.
They seem to work fast to stop a headache.Good for general mild pain and headaches.
That the product does not come in very large packages so you need to keep buying them. The tablets can taste a bit funny when trying to swallow them. Probably not the best for stronger headaches and pains.


I Really like the daytime as it doesnt make you drowsy ,it releives pain fast and is in a convenient size pack. I find them easy to swallow and they dont have any horrible after taste.Overall they do what they say .
really good for average pains and aches, works fast.
They would be great if they were chewable with out a horrible taste


Mersyndol daystrength tablets have always been one of my more favoured forms of pain relief to take as the tablets just seem to work a lot better for me whenever I have any pain in my muscles or for just an everyday headache. These tablets are often sold quite cheap and I have not had a problem taking them in the past. You normally only need to take one lot for the pain to go away. If I had more severe pain I would be reaching for something a bit stronger though.
Good for everyday pains such as headaches. Affordable. Does the job.
There are none.


for use for short term,they are great, fast acting, relieving pain, relatively quickly within about half an hour and one tablet does the same job as taking two
have been using them for over 40 years on and off, for everything from migranes
to spinal problems in moderation, I only take them at night time, and then generally find that 1 tablet will surfice.
do not find anything to dislike about them except, the availabity, now one has to get a prescription for them.

Questions & Answers

Still available?
1 answer
no longer over the counter has to be now by Drs prescription

Is nurofen period pain tables good for someone with asthma?
1 answer
I think your best to ask your chemist or Dr that question

Can Mersynofen give u high blood pressure?
1 answer
I do not believe so

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