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Elmore Oil

Latest review: I agree wholeheartedly with all the reviewers who gave this oil an excellent rating. It's the only product I've used that brings freedom from my knee pain after 5 minutes of massaging. [But I always


Latest review: I hate taking any drugs but at the moment I'm taking 4 Nurofen caplets daily for severe arthritis in my wrists and I find they work ok. I used to take Panadol Osteo but because of the difficult

Fisiocrem Solugel

Latest review: I have osteoarthritis in my knees and need something to help the pain this was excellent I was so sceptical at first but though I give it a go and it’s helped so much with the pain it all natural too


Latest review: An apple is an apple or pear is a pear Panamax is paracetamol and they're all the same no difference whatsoever but Panamax does not have a coating and is very difficult to swallow often just getting


Latest review: I have been taking Naprogesic for years and have found it to be great. It works wonders for me. It works on all pain issues. You can buy it in every chemist and its

Osmo Patch

Latest review: I've had bursitis since 2008, this product works so great, the pain is gone, inflammation subsiding slowly. Will continue to use, I've got a good

Mersyndol Day Strength

Latest review: I have used Mersyndol day strength for years for my migraines, now am unable to buy any where in Australia, because of persons who use the codine out of tablets to make drugs. This is so unfair as

Nurofen Zavance

Latest review: Suffering from a really terrible migraine. Only thing I could find is Nurofen zavance. After two hours, still in alot of pain, will be sticking to Advil for a headache. Nurofen zavance is good for

Panadol Osteo

Latest review: I take only half a tablet first thing in the morning to help with my left knee anteior cruciate rupture, a injury from 27 years ago...! My whole left leg is becoming stressed all the way to my hip

Herron Gold Paracetamol

Latest review: Changing my review as I thought I'm reviewing the Herron laxative one. This Paracetamol is ok, I like that it comes in a lil container and it is small

Dencorub Extra Strength Heat Gel

Latest review: Cheap but potentially very nasty. I had a serious adverse reaction to this that lasted for close to a week. I could not bear any touch to my skin and felt like I had experienced a serious burn or

Deep Heat

Latest review: I Morine Barnes bought Deep Heat today for arthritis in my knees, toes and arms. It as a strong smell to say it works. It was advised by my GP Dr RB Chitre who cares I care. I also bought the Deep

Voltaren Emulgel

Latest review: This is the best. Forget other creams and rubs. I have groin problems and a degenerative hip and this REALLY HELPS ME. HONESTLY. THE

Panadol Rapid

Latest review: I took this for my morning after headache. The active ingredient to absorb the Paracetamol rapidly is bicarbonate of Soda 15 mins later a huge frothy vomit!! Not impressed and still have a

Pain Erazor

Latest review: My husband tried his mum's pain erazor, zapped his shoulder 20 times and received a reasonable and deep burn wound!!! My mother in law likes it but also said my father in law hates it as it hurts his

Nurofen Nuromol

Latest review: Apart from being costly, it is the only thing that works for me besides Panadol rapid. I got few of these as a sample when it first launched. I was never a fan of neurofen brands but I was so much in

Crampeze Night Cramps

Latest review: The muscle pain at night was keeping me awake, I couldn't sleep and it was actually quite distressing. Recommended Crampeze by the Pharmacist and I haven't looked back. At last relief from the

Natures Way Activated Curcumin

Latest review: I had been suffering from a painful knee, I’m 68, have lived an active life, I’m a retired nurse & years ago played competition squash... recently the pain became bad enough to seek an opinion from my

Voltaren Rapid 25

Latest review: Only need it short term.2tabs 8hrly does the trick over 2days.....Usually flare up has been controlled.and tablets no longer needed.....Cannot be used long term and need to be taken with

Blackmores Flexagil Cream

Latest review: I am a GP in NSW. I was given a sample at a Medical conference 8yrs ago. Didn't use it until last year when I finally used it (passed it's use by date) on a painful arthritic thumb (1st

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