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Soulful_PursuitsGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Naprogesic is my life line


Naprogesic is my life line. Day 1 of my periods used to be absolute torture. The only way I could get relief would be curled in a ball on the floor and even then I would have to keep running back and forward to the loo because of such intense cramps setting of my IBS. Naprogesic takes away the inflammation and terrible cramping, allowing me to function and get quality sleep. I love this product.

Purchased in January 2019.


cherubbabiesSydney, NSW

  • 89 reviews

Excellent Medication


I have been taking Naprogesic for years and have found it to be great.
It works wonders for me.
It works on all pain issues.
You can buy it in every chemist and its affordable.

Purchased in December 2001 at priceline for $7.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Pain TypeAcute
Effective Within 15 minutes
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  • 3 reviews

Gallbladder pain


I’m scheduled to have my gallbladder removed and have suffered frequent attacks. The prescription medication was next to useless. I’ve been taking codeine with paracetamol and a strong (prescribed) anti-inflammatories.

I’ve been in significant pain all day with lower abdominal cramping - which I thought was referred pain from my gallbladder. I just took one naprogesoc and it started working straight away. I’m shocked. I took the drug, sat for a bit and then made my way to another room - by which time the pain (which was constant) had gone.

I didn’t even think this would work, I was in constant agony with the cramping and the bloating; the painful cramping and nausea has now gone.

I am completely shocked



  • 12 reviews

Works without side effects


I suffered from endometriosis and with that came severe pain. Naprogesic works and even allowed me to drink coffee during that time of the month - something I never was able to do. Cheap, over the counter, no side effects and effective. Give it a try.

Live saver


Great product!!


I have obesity, and over the years as my weight fluctuates, so does my period. When my weight drops to a healthier ranger I usually have a very aggressive prolonged period. This is because my period disappears altogether when I am too big. I have recently embarked on a final health regime, one I'm sticking to. As soon as I started, I made sure I had Naprogesic. Sure enough, today, debilitating pain. I called my boss and told her I may have to leave work early, then took the pills. It's now 16:55pm, I got through the work day without an issue, thanks to these little blue pills!

It has been my saviour for many years


Amazing product !!


This is the best and only product that works which actually relieves my preriod pain, and it's so effective that my pain symptoms start disappearing within 30 minute of taking the tablet !!

A must for public safety


These little tablets of bliss are literally a life saver. If it weren't for naprogesic i would be taken into custody for lunging a knife into someone. the cramping & irritability magically disappears after popping 2 of these. The world is a safer place with naprogesic on the scene..



  • 2 reviews

This is the best thing I have ever!


This product has saved me from having awful period pains every month for the last 3 years! I can't live without it, I used to get agonising period pain every month to a point where it made me vomit! but since I found this product I have been able to enjoy life again and not be in pain when I have my period! I take 2 tablets at first sign of period pain and it takes about 15 mins for it to work. THANK YOU NAPROGESIC!!! :)



  • 2 reviews
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Always carry in handbag




  • 13 reviews

I would t leave home without it!


Naprogesic has been like a life saver for me for many years. I get stabbing back pain and cramps and this completely takes that pain away. I take two at the first sign of pain because it does seam to take longer to work than an aspirin ect. I find it's a good half hour or a bit more but then it's magic. I often only need the two and feel great the rest of the day. I used to have to take a day off work for the second day of my period so this has truely been amazing!

Best relief for period pain


I have the absolute WORST period pain every month and this is the best relief for the pains I get. 11/10 recommended. This also works really well with a heat pack over where it hurts the most!


LingVIC, 3006

  • 6 reviews

Effective Period Cramp Reliefs


Even I exercised regularly, taking Angus-vitex supplements and avoid gassy drinks, I do get period cramps on the first day. However I took 1 pill today and within an hour the pain just disappeared and no cramps. I could work as normal without carrying the heat pack around my abdomen. Take after meals to avoid any stomach problems.

Period pain NO MORE


For a person who starts screaming from period pain, Neprogesic is sent from heaven. Relieves my pain and makes me feel comfortable during my period. Highly recommend it to anyone. Make sure u eat and drink something when you take the tablets.

Affordable and effective


After trying many different types of relief from my period pain, I find Naprogesic to be most effective. My cramps are usually so severe that I can barely get out of bed- two of these and fifteen minutes, and I can get on with my day as normal. Affordable and the best relief product I've used.
Affordable, effective


krystal_bidsGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC



I use naprogesic every month when i have my period.
It helps me by reducing cramps and muscle spasms and therefore less pain.
I ususlly get extrieme pain during my period, but with Naprogesic i find i can manage my pain and get on with my day.
inexpensive, readily available. it works!!

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Does Naprogesic work on Arthritis pain?

No answers

Sean R

Sean Rasked

will naprogesic give relief to gout pain?

No answers



Im 45 years old and have really heavy periods at times resulting in very low iron levels, which cause fatique. The GP recommended these tablets to stop the heavy bleeding? Hoe does it work and are there any side effects taking these meds? Also she mentioned tgey can be compared with Nurofen but whats the difference?

2 answers

All medication has side effects, but I never experienced any when using Naprogesic. I notice when im on a cycle where I do use it, my period tends to be lighter and goes for a day or two longer than usual... I dont know how this works but it seems to slow things down a bit. I cant compare it to Nurofen in terms of pain management, as Naprogesic trumps crappy Nurofen every time if you get extreme cramping like I do. Obviously I cant answer your questions from a medical perspective so you should check with the doc about how it works and side effects, but as a user, I highly recommend it.


Thank you I might give it a try

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CategoryMuscle & Pain Relief Products
Prescription NeededNo
Product TypeTablet/Pill
Targeted AreaPeriod Pain

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