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Elmore Oil

Elmore Oil

4.8 from 30 reviews

Too good to be true - but it is!

I agree wholeheartedly with all the reviewers who gave this oil an excellent rating. It's the only product I've used that brings freedom from my knee pain after 5 minutes of massaging. [But I always do it for 10 minutes to make sure!] I've had undiagnosed knee pain for years and had stopped jogging or fast walking because it hurt too much. About three years ago I tried Elmore Oil because it was the only product of its type I could find that is made from natural ingredients. I wasn't expecting the relief that it brought - and in such a short time. It's been wonderful to be able to walk without pain again. And because its made of natural ingredients I'm happy to apply it however often I need it. It's been great for my sore arm muscles too. I also add some to the coconut and jojoba oils I use when I have a massage. I always sing its praises whenever I hear of anyone with joint or muscle pain. I'm so thankful to have found this valuable product.

Wonderful product

Could not use a better product for muscle or joint pain, always carry a bottle every where I go. I have had osteoarthritis for many years and am in a wheelchair and this product is the best with relief within 15 mins thank you Elmore. Regards margie Curtis (Adelaide)

I wouldn't believe this (the review I'm about to write) if I hadn't experienced it for myself.

At my age arthritis in my knee is a real possibility as is sciatica and the fact that same knee was injured in a bike accident thirty years ago... I've been in tears with this pain... I've tried everything... my mum recently passed away and in her bathroom was this Elmore Oil stuff I'd not heard of or tried... cutting a long story short, every time I use this stuff, within 5 minutes I am walking WITHOUT wincing and WITHOUT limping... I am without pain... I didn't believe it and put it down to coincidence but I've been trying it for a few months now compared with the other products I'm using and this is the only thing that gives me relief... I feel confident right now that I've trialled it enough to know it works... and it doesn't just work, it works fast... I can see Elmore and me spending the rest of our lives together!

Very Good Solution

With osteoarthritis in some of my joints as a result of playing years of competitive sport, I resorted to trying glucosamine, fish oil, Voltaren and other supplements for a prolonged period with limited success. However, after using Elmore Oil for only a few months, my sore joints became more flexible and considerably pain free. The best story was not the temporary arthritis fix but the fix for my plantar faschiitis in coordination with prescription orthotics.
I am a frequent user of Elmore Oil - I am a huge fan!

The Good Oil!

Superb - agree with all the above great reviews - and more. The bonus is that I can use it at all. My wife's allergies preclude the use of Dencorub et al, but she's happy to apply Elmore's for me. You beauty!

Amazing Product

I have had an aching knee for a few weeks now and I could not get rid of the pain. My dad suggested I try Elmore Oil. I have applied for the first time today and it has given me relief already. I am using the cream. I will continue to use for the suggested time on the box, this is the first time in a few weeks that I can walk without limping. Highly recommended.

Pain Relief for the Whole Family

I was lucky enough to win an Elmore Hamper from a Radio Station and the products were enthusiastically received by my family and friends. I did not realise we had such a myriad of issues: from arthritic pain in the finger joints of an elderly friend, back pain from my husband who had been unable to use any other products because of medication and shoulder pain from my mother in law who is allergic to most lotions and creams - each had amazing pain relief that they had not experienced for many years. Even my 13 year old grandson put some on his sore knees after a game of basketball and was very happy with the result.

Freedom from pain

Have age related pains in my upper right arm - used a gel and meds which made no significant difference - so went to my Pharmacists for advice and he recommended the Elmore Oil spray. Applied it as soon as I returned home and prepared to wait the two weeks for results - about 3 days on after a twice a day application I realised that I was not waking in the night with acute pain. Now, less than a week later, I am virtually pain and medication free.....just one thing, my arm has developed an itchy red rash.....but I can live with that !!

From someone with ankolosing spondylitis

I have ankolosing spondylitis. It is an inherited disorder and it affects others in my family. I live with pain. Have since l was a teen. My spine and joints are naturally fusing and l am nearly sixty. I got off the over the counter and prescribed pain meds roller coaster a few years ago. Yes they relieved pain but they had side effects that removed my concentration and quality of life.
I must exercise to keep moving and l use hydrotherapy to do so. My arthritis gets worse if l stay still. That being said l am often very sore after stretching and exercising. Elmore oil is my daily go to for easing sore muscles and stiff joints. I am an artist and my hands get a lot of use. Elmore's oil worked on my muscles straight away. The joints took a couple of weeks to show improvement but l no longer have painful cramps and spasm in my hands full stop. My spine is a work in progress but Elmore oil helps. That hydrotherapy, hot and cold packs and determination to keep moving. Plus no pain medication is an unexpected bonus. I reccomend trying Elmore oil and give it a few weeks at twice a day.

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I'm still buying and using Elmore' oil nearly a year later. Unexpected bonus no feet or toenail issues even through a hot wet summer and hydrotherapy. It is still my go to oil. Still a safe start point. Still an effective product for me. I know what running out feels like ! I like having it handy.

Best stuff since sliced bread!

5 years of pain from undiagnosed arthritis in my feet due to other health issues. Thanks to Elmo Oil suddenly I can sleep without being woken by the pain, or the feeling of ants running around under my skin - which I was told No, that doesn't happen with arthritis! Will be stocking up on this product.

Highly recommend and have got numerous workmates hooked on it

Was in Bendigo a year ago 6 weeks out from rotator cuff surgery. Son in law recommend this. Came home with four bottles Told workmates .Three have since bought. and also girl with rheumatoid arthritis is getting relief and also girl with old horse riding injury has found relief using this oil Now because of pressure from a few in this little town a health shop is now gong to stock it !!

I'm a cynical ol' fool but....

I came across these reviews whilst looking up another product and I thought Yeah right...it CAN'T be THAT good. I've suffered with debilitating back pain for the last 20 years due to an assault and I'm still having monthly treatments. Every "wonder cream" I've tried,did little or nothing to help my pain.
So I decided I had nothing to lose by trying "Elmo oil" as I affectionately call it. It's been only 2 weeks and already I'm noticing a wider range of movement and a much sounder sleep as I'm not tossing and turning to find a painless position. I have a wonderful mattress but sometimes nothing seems to alleviate pain. I exercise everyday which greatly contributes to my pain management,along with remedial massage and the wonderful prolotherapy my doctor performs.
This stuff just WORKS. I use it every night on all the joints and back muscles,before I go to bed and I don't wake up with tight muscles and stiff joints anymore. I must sound like one of those stupid Yank info ads but I can't praise it enough!

Well I found an oil that really works..

I have been using Elmore oil for 4 years now I was so amazed, I thought this couldn't be true I have found something That really works as I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, I use the oil everyday on my hands and back and anywhere else I need it.. What a relief in a bottle, Thank you so much

I highly recommend Elmore Oil

I was recommended to use Elmore Oil by a Representative that came in to the supermarket where I worked she had given me some samples to try on my lower back. Every morning getting out of bed I suffered pain and also suffered Osteo Arthritis down my leg, I would rub the oil in and no kidding within minutes I was able to move and carry on with my work, I actually bought the roll on as found it easier to use so all my samples I gave away to friends to try this remarkable product.

It really does help!

Suffering from chronic knee pain due to arthritis, a friend recommended Elmore Oil. I was willing to try anything. After the first 4 hours, I could feel my knee starting to loosen up enough so I could actually walk. I will not lie, it doesn't cure arthritis nor does it take all the pain away, but it sure goes a long way minimising / relieving the pain associated with arthritis. I have recommended this product to so many people now who also notice a change in their pain levels. Recommend this product.

Unbelievably Good; even works for sciatica

AMAZING STUFF. I have recently been struck down with sciatica. The pain was excruciating, I couldn't walk, and sleep was only possible with strong painkillers. Then someone told me to try Elmore Oil. I applied it thinking nothing is going to change. I was wrong. The next morning I could walk with bearable pain, the day after was better again and I could start my exercises. Within a week the pain had disappeared.

suprised how good this is

Great product. Amazed that something natural can give so much relief. Easy to use and a little bit goes a long way. Even good for sore muscles after hard exercise

Useful for hikers

I am from Malaysia and this was given by a friend to use when I have muscular pain after hiking. I find this product very good not only for muscular pain but also it keeps mozzies away. I am now using it before and after every hike. Hope to find this product selling in Malaysia soon. Thank you!

Best product on the market.

I have used many types of creams and oils over the past 10 years, I a riddled with arthritis in every joint of my body. I heard about Elmore oil from my son, his doctor recommended it for pain in his neck and shoulders, he said try some of his oil and it was the first time in years that I had a full nights sleep absolutely pain free. I use the cream as it's easier for me to apply. I have a much better life now as the pain is greatly lessened by your product.

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I'm still using Elmore oil for pain relief from arthritis to all joints of my body including my spine. Now that winter is here it is more painful but the Elmore oil and cream keep the pain down to an acceptable level, recommend this to all who have painful joints.

Elmore Oil

I bought a 125ml bottle in 209-10 - lasted years. But 3 years later I bought a 250ml. and it smelt rancid. I bought another 125ml bottle recently - doesn't smell the same - mostly overpowering T tree oil smell. The first bottle had the best aroma. Too bad they changed the formula or COMPANY is under new management. I find this latest sample to be too greasy. The first batch I bought was excellent. I find this unfortunate phenomenon happening with other products when they change management.

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Questions & Answers

What does it smell like?
2 answers
It smells like a muscle balm. I don't find it offensive - but it would have to smell pretty bad for me to stop using it!Oh ok thanx

In regards to training when is it best to apply Elmore oil for shin splints? Before training or the morning of?
2 answers
I would use it before AND after training. It's not like deadly lotions and drugs you buy that you can only use a certain amount of time each day and only so many days and have to stop. During winter I use Elmore oil 2-3 times a day - morning, pm and when I go bed... :)I often use the oil on my knees before I go for a walk, but I couldn't say for sure that it actually delays the onset of pain. However, prior to using Elmore Oil I couldn't walk very far because my knees would start hurting. Now they don't. I use it as often as I need throughout the day because as "Donna E" said you don't have to restrict your usage because it has 'suspect' ingredients. I'd try it before and see how you go. You've got nothing to lose - except maybe shin splints!! Good luck.

Is Elmore oil safe for topical use during pregnancy?
2 answers
this one has already been answeredApparently so but you'd do best to ask the actual manufacturer on their website than a product review page. I'd be wary of asking people with agendas to sell you other stuff. Just go to their website and ask them.

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