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Michelin Energy XM2

Michelin Energy XM2

4.5 from 91 reviews

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Excellent Tyres

I have always had good experience with Michelin tyres and the XM2 is another example.
Bought it for a Toyota Corolla and it worked very well. Unlike Japanese tyres that are too soft and noisy, the XM2 has the perfect balance between longevity, performance and low noise. I used to buy Japan made Michelins and I am told they are all made in Thailand.
Notwithstanding, they offer excellent value proposition and these XM2 are expected to last for 4 years. The Japanese tyres didn't last for 3 years and they look pretty bad. I have also experience some improvement in fuel consumption previously doing 9L/100km (which is awful) to 7L/100km. The tyres didn't contribute to the entire 2L improvement as I changed the spark plugs (to platinum) and changed the transmission oil.
Overall it was an excellent experience.

CarToyota Corolla

Best tires I've ever had on my cars

I've had these tyres fitted to 2 previous cars & more recently my 2016 Kia Rio. I continually to choose to get these tyres fb or the reasons listed below:

*They have excellent grip, even in torrential rain
*They're super quiet (can barely hear tyre noise even on rough roads)
*They make the cars' ride smoother/more comfy
*They braking performance is phenomenal.
*Steering feels more direct
* They last a really long time

The Michelin XM2's are an expensive tyre compared to others on the market, but they're also so much safer than the dodgy Chinese budget tyres out there.
If you'll be needing new tyres soon, put away a few extra $$ a week & get the XM2's. You won't regret it.

Car2016 Kia Rio

Worse tyres XM2

I got 4 tyres on my Mazda 2 2006 and it's been the worse tyres I have driven on in my life.
I don't think Bob Jane T Mart did the wheel alignment and it feels like one they tyres aren't balanced feels like it going to roll off the rim.

The front tyres aren't to bad little slow at just a silt second response. Braking has improved heaps smoother braking and better response .

I have brought Michelin tyres before and loved them not theses ones.

CarMazda 2 2006

Best Tyres I've Owned

My Nissan had Bridgestone Ecopia 150's fitted when new, I got 45,000kms out of them before I replaced them with the Michelin XM2's.

What can I say the difference was noticeable, they are smoother, quieter, much softer ride and the steering seems to have the right amount of feedback now, which was lacking with the Ecopia's, something I blamed the Nissan for.

They look to have tons of tread something the Ecopia's didn't have, will have to see how many kms I can get out of them but at the moment I am loving these new tyres.

CarNissan Pulsar 2013

A great Tyre

Purcdhased these from Bob Jane. They were a little more expensive than I wanted to pay but I am so please that I did. They grip well in the wet and do not feel any tyre roll while sharp cornering. I have about about 42,000 ks on them and they are just starting to show some wear.


excellent tyres

Only just bought these tyres and have already noticed a huge diff compared to the previous tyres. Much more comfortable on the road, less road noise and very grippy . Will be interesting to see if it makes a diff to the petrol consumption .Will do another review of these tyres after my road trip to hervey bay .

Car2006 toyota camry altise

Good tyre.. Never had an issue..

I drive around 60000 kms an year and have been using this for last 2 years. Great tyre. Never had a puncture or any issue.Offers good wear resistance as well.
My previous tyre used to slip and slide a lot, especially when moving from standstill. No more problems now.
Love these.

Cartoyota camry altise 2008

Hard-wearing and reliable

I have always used these tyres on my cars as they offer outstanding performance while giving excellent grip. I use the tyres all year round and find they are good no matter the weather. I would go as far to say that they stick to the road surface like treacle to a blanket! I always monitor my cars fuel consumption and believe that these tyres help toward a satisfying number. I only do around 5000-6000 miles a year so my tyres last me a good few years. I would estimate I get around 14,000 to 18,000 miles out of a set. Admittedly they are not cheap, but one should never compromise on safety.

Car2003 BMW 525d SE touring

After 3 months, very happy with their performance.

I've had these tyres for a couple of months now and have already noticed improved fuel efficiency. They handle very well in wet, slippery conditions and the car feels very safe since I've had them (there is a definite 'grip' to the road that I didn't notice with my last tyres). I bought a set of 4 while there was a promotion and feel they are a very good investment.

CarToyota Corolla Excel

new tyres

bought these tyres for a manual Ford focus sedan 3 yrs ago.
grip ok, will slide in wet under moderate load.
tyre response ok. it's no performance tyre.
can't really tell if it save fuel.
lasting very well , wear evenly as I rotate every service and its quiet.
does what I want and happy with it.

Carford focus

No more sliding

I reviewed several tyres before choosing Michelin. My Toyota was nearly always 'sliding' around corners, I needed to go painfully slowly, especially when it was wet. The spare was the original Michelin tyre (according to the guy at Bob Jane) and still in good condition. I bought four new Michelins and they still look like new. My car handles so much better and I feel safer. The tyre pressure doesn't go done so quickly either.

CarToyota Corolla

TEMPE TYRES - 4 Michelin Energy XM2 tyres

The tyres are great! The price was much lower than other dealers The service fantastic and really customer oriented. I had to go back to have the wheel alignment adjusted. No hassle. They did the job with a smile. They even have a cafe and tv in the waiting area. So impressed!

CarToyota Prius NHw20R

Constantly get 100000 km plus out of these tyres

We have used these tyres on a Toyota Yaris, Toyota Prius C and Mazda.
We use our cars constantly for our business. We find that we always get more than 100000 km per set of tyres. They are also affordable to purchase.
The tyres give a fairly quiet ride.
Good consistent grip in the wet and dry.
Would not hesitate to recommend these tyres.

CarYaris, Prius C, Mazda 2

Wouldn't ever choose another tyre

Our Fiesta Econetic came with these tyres fitted. We got 100,000km out of them and they were still pretty good. The fiesta is now at 205,000km and still on that second set.

We also now have them fitted to our Subaru Forester, which we regularly use for light off road driving.

On the highway and off road, these tyres have been great. Good for fuel economy and durability. Shop around and you can get them for a really good price.

Car2006 Subaru Forester and 2010 Ford Fiesta Econetic

An excellent value-for-money everyday tyre

I needed to replace the excellent Goodrich T/A Sports on my Magna, but unfortunately they are no longer available in Australia. I chose the Michelin XM2 because I had heard good things about them, and I wanted an affordable tyre with a reputable brand name, not a generic El Cheapo "all-rounder" that does does everything poorly. I am so happy with my choice.

The first thing I immediately noticed was how quiet they are, and the superior ride - so smooth. The steering effort was also noticeably reduced. Very civilized.

Cornering is a breeze. On dry roads they hang on like a gecko, without any squealing or drama. On wet roads, they inspire great confidence, with no slipping or sliding while cornering, accelerating or breaking. The best of both worlds.

As I've only had them on my car for about four months, I can't say first hand how well they wear, but from other reviews, it would seem they are on my car for the long term.

They look good too, with their meaty treads and wide channels. Obviously, a lot of research and development has gone into them, despite being the entry level tyre in Michelin's range.

Okay, so they might not be the best choice for an ultra high performance car, but for an everyday vehicle like mine doing everyday suburban travel and the odd country trip, I can thoroughly recommend them. At the price, at around $110 each, I think they're a steal.

CarTF 1997 Mitsubishi Magna (3-litre V6, manual)

Excellent tyres for family cars

These tyres have lasted me the last year and a half and are still going strong. My fuel is even more efficient since using these tyres even when the psi is down a bit, my car still runs well. My car handles the road better in my opinion and I feel safer driving knowing that I have tyres that will last. Shop around for a deal on these tyres and get the right price. Make sure you get all four and the spare if you can because it is worth it to keep your family safe. Suitable for all weather conditions. Thanks.

CarFord Falcon Forte AU III 2002

Michelin XM2. tyres 195x60x15. 88H

Michelin XM 2. Had these on my 98 Ford Mondeo Sedan, top all round tyre. Very quiet when first fitted. After halfway wear, they became noisy. This set on my 05 Corolla Sedan, urban and Gympie to Brisbane, we have 78,000 up and still going. They retain the air build up on the highway longer than other tyres. Comfortable quiet ride when new.
Noisy when getting low on tread. All weather driving, no difference. A tip on any tyres, is to always drive to road and weather conditions and keep a safe distance from vehicles in front. All my tyres from Jax Tyres Maroochydore
Sunshine Coast.

Car98 Mondeo sedan and 05 Corolla sedan.

Not as good as the other tyres I had - if you drive on a lot of tight windy roads go for another bra

I live in a rural area that is is very hilly with lots of tight winding roads with sharp corners. The roads are often not good with lots of potholes, uneven surfaces, 5% of travel is on rough gravel/dirt roads. High rainfall area means lots of slippery roads as well. Being able to have confidence in driving in these conditions is important and the ability to take sharp corners in wet weather and quick evasive action for pot holes is critical to safety. I had other tyres on which were good but put the Michellin MX2's put on as I was told by numerous tyre shops they were as good but also had longer tread life. They are not as good. It feels like the car rolls a little bit when cornering and it doesn't hug the road like the other tyres I had. I don't like them and regret getting them to the point where I am considering selling them and getting the other brand out back on. See my other review to find out which tyres I had on before the Michellins and why they were so good.

CarSubaru Forester 2007

Great tyres

The tires were great and I've got them from special from costco as well. After running 10,000km on them they work perfectly fine. It breaks very well even in the wets. They were very easy to install and the looks of it suits my car very well. It's very quite on highways as well.

CarFiat 500

Great tyres

Best set of tyres I have ever had. Very durable and stable in the wet. The tyres have great performance and the car is comfortable to drive with these tyres as some tyres are very rough and gives you a rough ride. I would definitely buy these tyres again on this car.


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Questions & Answers

Is this tyre is directional?
2 answers
No, they aren't. Which means they're easily rotated.They are Directional tyres, their construction have a tread designed to rotate in only one direction and can't be mounted in any other way. They are also called "unidirectional" tyres. Directional tyres will have an arrow with the word "rotation" on the sidewall (which these have) showing the proper rotation direction. The function of directional tyres is that they have lateral grooves in the tread that form a V-shaped tread pattern. The tread design is intended to channel water from the center of the tyre outward as the tyre rotates. That is about what directional tyres are and they can be rotated!

hey guys.. i am planning to change tyres on my camry 215/65/16. i m confused whether should i go for michelin xm2 or primacy lc? i m getting 4set of xm2, $55 cheaper than LC. Any suggestions?
1 answer
The primacy lc tyres are no longer availlable, I just tried to get them without success and ordered the xm2. I had them before without issues

Hi there I'm after some advice, ill soon have to change the tyres on my 2012 mitsubushi lancer LX, its still got the standard yokohama's that came on it. Im torn between Yokohama AE50 ($159 pet tyre), Michelin XM2 ($125), or a sale i found for goodyear assurance fuel max ($99) I have read individual reviews, but i still just am not sure where to go here. the yoko's i currently have, have seemed great? all 4 tyres in good condition and served me well yet I'm a single mother so if its not absolutely necessary to pay that much thats great HOWEVER if I'm loosing safety in my car for price Id go more expensive any help greatly appreciated
3 answers
Hey there, I'm no tyre expert but my Michelin MX2 tyres got a good 65000km on them before eventually needing a change from wear. I drove from Hawkesbury, to Wollongong and to the city. I've been on various stretches of road as you can imagine if you've ever drive to any of those locations. Handled great in the rain and not much cabin noise. I noticed his instantly after I got Pirelli tyres. Loud and one busted after less then 10km. Not happy. I bought them because the place I went to had a sale on and the sales guy recommended. I'll never stray from what I'm happy with next time. You can read the reviews for the tyres on sale but personally it's just a hassle. I'd rather pay that little bit extra to know that I don't have to back and change tyres so soon. That in itself is the better saving. Michelin all the way from now on. But call around because some places will try and rip you off. Tyres plus in Campbelltown had the best price for me. I can't remember exactly but much less then the other places. The price you have sounds great so I would go with; just check if that also includes an alignment and balance. Hope that helps :)The XM2 are amazing for the price. If you drive aggressively they do break traction when pushed but in a predictable fashion that is easy to correct. A tiny bit louder compared with some others but given the price vs performance you won't go wrong.hey guys sorry about the delayed response! i appreciate both your help and comments! i ended up going with the Yokohama AE-01 or something like that, a step below the AE50's- made this decision based on the km i do every year and price. they have been great so far and just did our first big trip on them interstate and so far, can't fault them i appreciate all your advice thanks Dee


Michelin Energy XM2
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