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Michelin Latitude Cross

Michelin Latitude Cross

4.3 from 27 reviews

Great to start off but useless once they are worn

I only got 20,000km out of these on my hilux. Once the tyres got down to about 30% tread they were like driving on plastic wheels. Luckily I have a limited slip diff otherwise I legitimately wouldn't be able to drive up a hill in the rain. 3rd gear if I put my foot down in the rain on a straight road the entire back end comes out completely sideways in a diesel hilux that makes no power.

For the first 2 years they were amazing, one of the grippiest tyres I have ever used then over the last 6 months they have started to wash out on roundabouts. In the dry going around roundabouts at slow speeds the tyres will sequel. They have gone from one of the best tyres to the worst tyres I have ever used once you get down to about 30% tread.

I am not struggling to find a decent replacement as the size, weight and speed rating I require makes my options very limiting :(

Purchased in January 2017 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $1,260.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 20,000 km
Car ModelToyota HiLux MK7.III (2011-2015)
Tyre Pressure Used34 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Best all rounder I've ever had on the corners

Great tyre for all conditions, fast highway, hard cornering, even holds tight in wet conditions. The tread pattern quite surprised me how good it is in the wet. Obviously shedding water out well.
Off road high speed gravel and goes through mud with a level of surety, doesn't miss a beat.
Never had a puncture.
I think I've done about 60k+ on them and they are just now due for replacement.
I drive pretty hard, so this length of wear is great.
They are a little noisy, but that's a very minor tradeoff for easily one of the best tyres I've ever had fitted to a Forester, and I've had 4 Foresters now.
Am getting 4 new this week, if my fitter still stocks them!

CarSubaru Forester MY11


. Great on road tyres in wet or dry conditions
. Great on sand and mud
. If you are looking for a hard off road tyre not so much ( I didn't buy them for that)
. Long lasting 75,000
. I found highway travel really good, added 2klms per liter more than the old tyres

CarNissan X Trail

Extremely disappointed!

Bought these tyres for their road oriented pattern as the vehicle they were fitted to only travels highway Ks. Had them fitted at the nearest Jax store and also had them maintained under their service plan. They were rotated, balanced and aligned every 10000ks. The tread on three out of the four tyres separated at 46000Ks, resulting in serious vibration issues. Received no explanation or follow up from Michellin at all. Worst performance from an all terrain 4x4 tyre I have ever experienced in the 30 odd years I have owned and driven a four wheel drive. Extremely disappointing for a supposed top end tyre!!

Car2005 100 Series Landcruiser GXL 4.2TD

The best tyres I have ever had..

60,000 k's in on a Prado 150 and still a fair way to go. Unbeatable on the beach having done Double Island, Stradbroke and Bribie on a regular basis. Not bogged once. Good in the mud, not as aggressive as some tyres, though hey, when you feel how good they are on the road, particularly at high speed, braking and in the wet or dry, why would you buy a set of more aggressive tyres when you would rarely need them. You do need to rotate every 10k or so to keep them wearing evenly. Really pleased. These guys run rings around any tyre I have had on the multitude of 4wd's I have had both fleet for work and my personal. Excellent on the road and more than you could ever need in the situations most of us could ever come across, Of Course excluding full mud off road which most blokes would rarely need anyway. Best of all world's in my opinion and will be sticking with these grippy, quiet and very capable tyres.

CarPrado 150

excellent tread

An excellent tread on these tyers. We are plesead with them. We get them four at a time as we save money doing this. We put them on as we need them. We also switch them around to even out the tread on both sides. It is also a good idea to change them for winter too and again in summer but you need a lot of room to store them when they go back on again in the change.

CarRenault Megan sports 16V

Excellent tyres

I just changed the Latitude Cross 245/70-16 after 72000 km. That's an excellent mileage.
The tyres are great in wet, the best I ever had (or remember). The wear evenly, - I do change them front back every 10 -15000km.
They hold well on gravel roads and were severely tested in deep sand with pressure down to 18psi. No problems there.
They started to squeek a bit when the tread went down to about 5mm.
I'd buy them again for my next car if available (the sizes are limited).

CarNissan Pathfinder 2003

Great set of tyres

These came with my second hand Navara and I've been very happy with them. I do a mix of bitumen and dirt road driving and they handle both very well. There's minimal road noise on bitumen and they pull up very nicely when braking hard on dirt which has saved a few kangaroos over the last year. I've done some light off roading in the dry and they were good but can't comment how they'd go in wet and muddy conditions. I suspect they wouldn't be as good as AT's with a more aggressive tread. But for mixed on road / off road duties, these fit the bill nicely.

CarNissan Navara D40
Since writing the review I've ventured off road some more, particular a very wet Saturday driving around the mountains outside of Canberra. I dropped the pressure down to 20psi and spent the day driving up and down some very wet tracks and clambered over wet rock with no noticeable loss of traction. I'll happily hang on to these until they wear out, still a thumbs up from me.Another update. I have had one puncture, cause unknown, but it was a slow leak so no further damage was done to the tyre and luckily it was repairable.Yet another update. I've now changed tyres, although not due to any fault of the Michelins, I'm venturing more off road so have changed to an all terrain tyre. The ute now wears Hankook Dynapro ATMs - I'll review those once I've driven on them for longer). The Michelins are a great tyre and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone who needs a road biased tyre.

Not as good as Yokohama Geolandar G902

Have not had the Michelin latitude cross tyres for that long but initial thoughts. On road - They vibrate and give an unpleasantness in the ride quality and they are noisier then the original Yokohama Geolandar G902 tyres that came on Pajero GLXR 2013. Yet to see how they go in the wet. Also I 'hope' they stop in an emergency as well as the G902's did. At this stage I wish I replaced the original tyres (G902 needed replacing after 34 thousand K's) with another set of G902's.
After a few long trips, the Michelin are noticeably heavier on fuel then the Geolanders, (1-1.5 litres per hundred thirstier). The Michelins also give a vague feeling through the steering wheel when compared to the original Yokohamas.
When driving on gravel roads they pick up enough stones in the tread that you could pave the drive way when you get home, providing they haven't fallen out and gone through some poor sods windscreen when you got back on the bitumen.
Yet to drive in truely wet conditions. When I have I will update again.

CarPajero GLXR 2013 - 265 65 R17 112H

I really like them

Read many reviews and waited on delivery. So far I'm very happy with them. They feel great. They are the prefect blend of road and off-road. They look great and give the Tiguan a rugged look that suits it. Most reviews say they are quiet, which in my opinion they are, I don't notice any tyre noise at all. Feels like I got a lift coming from the bridgestone DDs it had on it too. Looking forward to driving in the wet and off road with them too.

CarVolkswagen Tiguan

Fantastic tire

Michelin Latitude Cross replaced BF Goodrich A/T. From the minute I drove with these tires the difference was noticeable a smoother ride, tracking is noticably better and quieter. Tires have done 25,000 klms on winding bitumin road 2 hours travel to work 3 times a week tires worn 30% would expect 75,000 klms +. Have driven in heavy rain and cannot fault for exceptional handling.
I will definitely purchase these tires again and again.
December 2017 update. Replacing tyres only got 52,000 klms. Very happy with comfort, quietness on road, wet road handling good not as many Kim’s as expected.

CarIsuzu Dmax 2013

Great new tyres

I have had these Latitude Cross 255/55xR18s on my TriBeCa wagon a month. They are quiet, comfortable, and so far excellent grip on dusty gravel and seal. Quiet on our NZ coarse chip, no small ask. Yet to try them in heavy rain or snow, that will be in 6 months time. I would buy again, even though not the cheapest option. I think they are better than the original Goodyears, or susequent Toyos I had.

Car2007 Subaru Tribeca

Brilliant tyres

Brilliant tyres, good aggressive looks, long wearing, terrific at stopping, no noise really, good on rocky places where there are no tracks.
Seem ok in mud, haven't used in sand. Done about 10,000klms.
Hold tyre pressures when the Cooper and Bridgestone's fell away quickly.
Would buy again without considering others, regardless of price.

CarNissan Navara 4 x 4

Good tyres for weekend warriors

Bought a set of Latitude Cross for my Outlander after extensive research. Have done 4k on it in the last month or so. They tyres are really good all rounder tyres and better than my stock tyres on wet weather - you can feel the difference. Works well on gravel and mud roads too, though I have not driven on such roads for long periods - only the last few miles when camping. The only downside is, it is noisier than the stock tyres - especially driving at 60-70 km/h (which is most roads in the city).

If you never leave tarmac, then these tyres are not for you. For me, I am okay with the noise than get highway tyres - its still quieter than my second car!

CarMitsubishi Outlander, 2013

Best tyres I have ever had

225/65/17 Amazing tyres great grip on dry and wet ( feels like glued to the road) Filled with nitrogen from jax tyres. Very quite and comfortable drive as well. Raised clearance in my Subaru outback much better to what I previously had standard tyres Yokohama geolander 225/60/17. They are definitely worth the price.

CarSubaru Outback 2013

105, 000 Plus kilometers on Prado 120 and 150

One of the best all round tyres I ever used as a TRUE all-rounder, super quiet on the road, good in the sand - low pressure/s 16 - 20psi, works well in mud and gravel roads - did 105,00 kms in my Prado 120 and could've probably done another 10 - 15,000 legally - I purchased a 150 Prado and did around 80,000kms on that before I sold it with those tyres still on the vehicle - GREAT tyre - I've used Coopers, Pirelli, Yokohomos and BFG and the Michies are hard to go past - my work would be 65% road 25% gravel/mud and 10% sand - Bang for $$$ - hard to beat.

CarToyota Prado 120 and 150

Happy but waiting to be convinced

I have Latitude Cross R65 17 on a Toyota Prado. After travelling 20,000 kms around Queensland tarred roads and bush tracks the tyres are showing very little wear. Road noise is nothing I believe. The road handling is great in dry and wet. I will only be convinced when I have to change, can I get the big milage we all chase.

Just going over the 40,000 kms. Still no road noise and handling is great in wet and dry. I have rotated them twice and will do this every 10,000km from now. Wear looks good and definitely looks promising. Still waiting to be convinced of the high milage before changing. Jeff A53000km and needed changing. Not as high as I was expecting. Last year 60% on bitumen and 40% dirt, mud and rock.

Quite happy

Feels very grippy on the wet roads a little noisy compared to my road tyres but generally good on the mud due to lots of road works in the area . Don't do any four wheel driving as my car is is only a Mitsubishi outlander but for the area I live in which is some made and unmade roads the car now feels like it doesn't slide all over the place since I am a very cautious driver
Feels reliable in the wet
A little noisy

Excellent performance on our Around Australia trip.

After travelling 20,000 kms around Australia the tyres are showing very little wear. I was surprised how quite the road noise was compared with the original Dunlops. These are fitted to a Toyota Prado. The road handling was great. I will certainly purchase a set of these tyres when this set needs replacement.

Super quiet. Great grip in wet and dry. Good cornering grip.

Purchased five new 225/65 R17 Latitude Cross's for our Toyota RAV4 six months ago. Absolutely love them! Noticeably quieter and grippier than the OEM Bridgestones. Have always been a massive Michelin fan and was so excited that we could get the Cross's for the RAV4. Have done a trip from TVL to BNE and through some pretty heavy rain. No aquaplaning and outstanding grip in the wet. Quiet for when the kids are asleep too. Can't fault them.
Quiet. Excellent grip in wet and dry. Very comfortable on the road.
Seem to collect stones in tread. No other cons.

Update - These tyres have been on the vehicle now for about 2yrs & 4 mths and with 33,000 km on them. We've done 95% of our driving on the bitumen, and about 40% of that was on the major highways, the remainder city driving has had some spirited driving, but mostly normal driving between the wife and I. I always rotate all 5 tyres as per the Toyota handbook every 10,000km. I estimate they are about 40% through their life with 60% remaining. From experience, 34 -35 psi is about the right tyre pressure for our vehicle without feeling too soft and wallowy. You can notice on the RAV4 when one tyre is down a few psi though. I do rate these tyres highly, and the grip level is excellent for a mid size SUV, as mentioned above in torrential rain typical of North Queensland wet weather. Some rolly polly effects evident through the corners, but I believe this is the RAV4's soft suspension set-up, and not necessarily the tyre's fault. Personally, I will only ever buy Michelin tyres, so for the RAV4, it was this tyre or the Latitude Tour to choose from. It made more sense to me to fit the Latitude Cross for those precarious situations off the tarmac. Cheers.Last Update 23/06/17 Finally got 90,000kms out of our Latitude Cross's. Not bad ay! They were getting rather noisy towards the end, however they never lost their grip or handling characteristics, so that's a big plus! Turns out, our tyre alignment was way out, so that's my bad for not getting the tyres aligned every 10,000kms through their life. Could have easily cracked 100,000 kms if I had regularly got the tyres re-alligned. Replaced tyres with Michelin Primacy SUV, due to unavailability of the Latitude Cross's. The Primacy SUV's are so quiet it's ridiculous!

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Questions & Answers

Is Michlin 215/70/16 is good for on road for Kia Sportage 2015?
2 answers
Hi Wael, I'm not sure about the Kia, but they are great on-road for my VW Tiguan!Divergent tyre profiles make a difference to the handeling and proformance of a tyre, even when it is the same brand and model. However you can't go to wrong buying a reputable brand like Michelin / Pirelli / Yokohama etc. ascertain the surface and conditions you will predominantly drive upon and also your preferred driving style, and select a tyre that best fits your criteria from a reputable brand as mentioned above.

Has anyone got these on a 150 series Toyota Prado? If so, are they good? What do they look like on the vehicle
2 answers
I have these on a 120 series Prado and would not see any difference in putting them onto a 150 series. I have found them much quieter than the original Dunlops and they give a very comfortable ride. I don't think you would regret putting them onto your vehicle.We have the Latitude Cross's (225/65 R17) fitted to our 2009 Toyota RAV4. I agree with Les' comments above. We've found them to be quieter, more comfortable & more grippier than the factory fitted Bridgestone D687 H/T tyres. Jax & Tyre Plus stores definitely sell Michelin tyres. Shop around for the best price. Comments from both companies I've dealt with are that they sell a lot of the Latitude Cross's & get very few complaints from the customers that bought them. Oh yeah, they look pretty awesome too!

Hi Are these tyres good for a 200 series cruiser 275/65r17 Do you still sell the LTX AT in this size?
2 answers
Hi. I am not a dealer. I purchased these from a Tyre Plus store. I travelled around Australia doing 20,500km after I had them fitted to my 2008 Prado. I can not speak enough about them. I certainly will be going for another set when they wear out. High recommend.Howdy Ricky, I'm not a dealer either mate, just a very happy customer that likes Michelin's. Michelin make the Latitude Cross in the 275/65R17's for your 200 series Land Cruiser. We have the narrower 225/65R17's (Latitude Cross) fitted on our RAV4 and they are brilliant. They stick like glue - wet or dry. Oh, and they are very quiet. I rotate all 5 tyres every 10,000 as per the owners manual, an the wear rate seems pretty good so far. We haven't done much dirt driving, but hopefully the other reviewers on this site can share their off road reviews for this tyre with you. The LTX AT's are only available in 15's, and LTX AT2's are only available in 16's. Another option is the BFG AT's (275/65R17) but they are slightly dearer than the Latitude Cross's and while being an excellent tyre, the BFG's are better off road (thicker sidewall ply) than the Michy's, but lack the on road handling of the Michelin Latitude Cross's, so it's horses for courses I guess. Good luck searching for your tyres.


Latitude Cross
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