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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Michelin Latitude Tour HP

4.6 from 20 reviews

Cannot believe the grip of these tyres compared to factory fitted tyres.

Replacing Yokohamas after 42,000 kms for my XTraiil wanted a cheaper tyre But was convinced by tyre guy as I am about to go to the snow to put the Michelens on, more expensive than the Bridgestone duellers which were on special. I never would have believed a Tyre could make such a difference to the way my car handles, I have been driving 35 years and I am in shock.

Car2014 T32 Nissan XTrail

Excellent tyres.

I bought my near new Jeep Grand Cherokee with these tyres fitted and am just about to replace them after 84,000km. They have been the best tyres I have used in 50 years of driving. Quiet, good grip and excellent life span. I tow a 2.9t caravan and they have never let me down for safe handling and braking. Definitely buying Michelin for my next set!

CarJeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 litre V6 turbo diesel 2014 MY

One of the best tyres i have used.

I bought this set of tyres for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 diesel when the originals it came with from new had started to wear out due to the fact that I drove across the Nullarbor from Western Australia in it. After settling here in Melbourne I realised that I needed a new set of Tyres. I went online and did some research about the best durable and fuel economy saving set of Tyres and settled on the Michelin Latitude Tour set of tyres. They give you confidence on the roads especially in slippery wet conditions and so far so good, these set of tyres have been the quietest so far. I'm looking forward to getting a high mileage from it.

CarJeep Grand Cherokee Laredo diesel 2012 MY 2013

Good grip

I havent had these tyres for long but have already noticed a difference on the road . After heavy rain I was confident that my car could stop suddenly without skidding . They were expensive but I was reassured that they will last a long time so we will see how they go as I am always on the road .


Only 5k in but very impressed

Ive been driving for 27 years on all sorts of tyres. Theses are the best tyres I've had. Solid grip, quiet and not too bad off road either. Highly recommended as a quality product.
If you can afford the difference pay it, cheap tyres last only one third the life of these.

Car2017 Hilux

Michelin much better than previous Pirellis

The car came with Michelin's and served us well. At the first change, we chose to go with Pirellis as they were slightly cheaper. From day 1 the car slipped and it felt like we were losing grip when it was not even wet weather. So this time when it was time to change all four again, we went back to original ones. It has great traction and feels much better driving. I learnt that the car companies pick the tyres that suit the car, best to pay a little extra and get the ones they recommend!

CarVolvo XC60

Not entirely up to expectations

Bought this set to replace my Oem Dunlop Grand Trak due to premature wear out at 26k km. It led the car to skip dangerously side way during left hand corner. The new Michelin corrected that and improved the traction especially on wet surface. It gives me more confident handling and reduced noise noticeable at highway speed. Too early to tell but it seems it should last longer than the oem.

CarToyota Kluger


Very quite and comfortable. Seem to have very good wet and dry grip. Noticeably quieter than the pirelli Verdes that came on the car. Good steering response. Seems to be a very good highway tyre. Hopefully will wear well.
Only negative is that vehicle wind noise is more noticeable as tyre noise is now less, but perhaps not a bad thing.

Oct 18 update : sold vehicle with 30k on tyres and had comments along the lines that the tyres looked to have not long been installed.

A note to discovery owners: make sure the tyre shop has a plug in computer that can set the suspension to Tight Tolerance Mode during the wheel alignment otherwise it will be slightly out.

Bought a newer disco4 wearing pirelli scorpions with lots of tread but feel compelled to replace them with Latitudes. Apparently the larger 20 inch tyres for the discovery are out of stock! Please bring them back in stock!!!

CarLand Rover Discovery 4

Excellent onroad tyres for 4wd

These were well priced replacement tyres for original Michelin's that did 90,000Km.
Made in Poland & as good as original in grip & road holding in all weathers.
They have now done 80,000km. & will make 90,000km. or more.
Well worth the slightly higher cost for safety, reliability & economy.

CarLandrover Discvery TD5

Jeep GC Tyres

53000 km so far from the Michelin tyres and the look like easily going to 80000 with plenty of tread left. The Jeep is used for towing about half the time. That increases tyre wear so the tyres have performed exceptionally so far. Very quiet, comfortable and good grip. And they seem to hold pressure really well. I'll replace them with the same when the time comes.

CarJeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2014


I bought a set of these for my Mazda CX-5 to replace the OE Yokohamas. I have had the Michelins on the car for 3 months now and I couldn't believe the difference.
The OE Yokohamas weren't bad at all and I had no complaints with them but the Michelins are in another league altogether. Steering response, ride comfort, wet and dry grip are fantastic and they would be the quietest tyres I have ever driven on.
These cost me about $30 per tyre more than some others I looked at but it would be the best investment I ever made. It's a bit early to tell about wear yet but they should easily do 50K and anything over that will be a bonus.

For anyone looking to get tyres for the Maxda CX-5, I would recommend these in a heartbeat.

To sum up, superb and easily the best tyres I have ever owned.

CarMazda CX-5 Maxx Sport Diesel

Good Tyres

Fitted 4 tyres with a 100$ cash back offer, immediately realised the wobbling and bad grip on open roads at 60-70 kmph. Tested on a 110kmph highway for a 300km long drive, not grip on the corners or in the curvy roads, felt like vehicle handling out of control, and needed extra pair of hands . Overtaking at 120kmph felt dangerous with not much road grip, and felt colliding on the fence . Very less noise and good wet braking. Immediately exchanged the tyres for a set of Michelin Latitude Tour HP (although incurred an extra $200) , felt good so far in 30 km drive, will need to go through all the same tests again.

Car2011 Ford Territory

Quality Tyres that Grip!

Just put these on a 6cyl Holden Captiva which has had both Kumo's (original) and Bridgestone's previously. These are brilliant tyres, much better than the Kumo's and a noticeable improvement over the Bridgestone's.

I do a lot of out of town driving on mixed road surfaces, from very good highways to very ordinary and bumpy country roads. These tyres perform well in all conditions, they are really quiet on the highway, and overall give the vehicle much improved traction. If you are pushing a bit hard through some windy bits, they give precise steering and have never shown any sign of skipping out on tighter turns, roundabouts etc.

These tyres allow me to drive right up to the (safe) limits of my vehicle, without ever feeling like they are at their limit.

Got them for $220 ea f & b, at Bob Jane in Port Melbourne... who I also highly recommend for great service, honest advice and very fair prices.

Excellent tyre

I fitted these to my Mercedes ML 4WD in standard size 235 x 17. I was quoted all sorts of prices but finally had them fitted at Tempe Tyres Sydney with an alignment for less than $1100 for four. After 50,000kms+ the tyres are less than 50% worn. The quiet comfortable ride and exceptional grip have transformed this car and I have had most of the major brands including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental. Some of these wore out quickly and others were just so terrible they were replaced prematurely. The "truck" gets plenty of varied use including towing a two and a half ton caravan on both bitumen and gravel roads. I am not a bush basher but an all road user including forrest trails and beaches. Maybe it is the narrower tyres but I have never suffered grip problems with the Michelins as I do in my BMW X5 with wide and expensive Bridgestones.

Fantastic tyre!

Running Mich. Latitude Tours on my Jeep, in a 265/60r18. done 40,000kms so far and they are still barely worn in. They are unbelievably quiet and the grip is great on all road surfaces. Wouldn't have anything else to be honest.

Best Tyres I have ever bought

I have a 2.6t Mercedes V8 which is a SUV with very good performance. I would have to say that the grip, quietness and durability (now having travelled 95,000km on them), are outstanding. Rotation every 10,000km has helped, but they are a fantastic tyre to start off. Not cheap at $500 each, 4 years ago, but worth it. No punctures, squealing or vibrations.
grip, quietness and durability
A bit expensive, but that is it.

HI Les, if you are looking for more, i have some going for $100ea for 285/50R20 if thats the size your merc takes. They are in QLD but cheap enough to add freight and still be very cheap. Thanks ' Kylie@ntltyres.com.au Looking at purchasing for my Disco 4. 255/60 r18 .. recommend and price guide ?

Best Tyres

I have recvently purchases 4 of these tyres to replace my bridgestone tyres. I have to say, they are the best tyres I have ever had on my Rav4. The sound while driving is quite, smooth and enjoyable. Will definately recommment over the bridgestones I had before. Much more fuel efficient, quiter, and also came with Nitrogen, so am definately happy. They were abit pricey, but overall when it does double the km's of other brand tyres it is worth the extra $80 per tyre.
Quite, smooth, fuel efficient
Little Pricey


I immediately noticed how much quieter they are than the original XTrail ST-S Bridgestone Dueller HTs. The Bridgestones lasted 47500kms so I look forward to a long association with these. I'm very pleased at the lack of noise at freeway speed on the coarse surface we mostly have in Australia. They also handle the local bumps and thumps I'm familiar with much better than the previous tyres. The price from Bob Jane (sourced online) was very good indeed - $270 fitted and balanced in May 2010. I'm not sure if the other reviewer went to Ned Kelly's Rip Off Tyre Emporium for his excessive price but the Bob Jane price was the best of the big retailers. Wet weather stability is good both on roundabouts and at 90kph on a link road. I've no complaints.
good ride; quietness; price
nothing yet, they're only new.

good tyres, just replaced from factory at 60k with same tyres all round

to first reviewer, looks like you good ripped bud, and we didn't do so well as previous reviewer either... $300 each fitted and balanced from BJ. I read a whole bunch of reviews here before deciding to stick with the original tyre (latitude tour). Never had any slips on roundabout nor felt like they were going to. No VSA light has ever come on except taking off a bit quick on very coarse gravel half on / half off road (we have Honda CRV standard 08) so speaks well of the grip. We've only done moderate off road, shallow creeks, slightly muddy rutted hilly tracks and they did surprisingly well. Also prob half metre deep riverbed sand in dry season, thought we would need assistance getting out but didn't (we didn't even need to lower tyre pressure). Cairns roundabouts notoriously slippery in the wet and again never had a problem last three years. and they're quiet. We also had rotations every 10k service.
quiet, long lasting and good grip wet and dry onroad and acceptable offroad (though don't bank on muddy banks or sand dunes people)
slightly expensive IMO, but that's expected with Michelin tyres.

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Had Bridgestone - rubbish compared to Michie Lat HP's . As previous recommendation - quiet, great grip - re $$ just paid $279ea which is what I got quoted for good year which as as useless as Bridgie's


They are a very good SUV tyre. I would be prepared to pay $50 per tyre for the extra performance. At the end of the day they are not $150 per tyre better that the Bridgestone. I will be replacing my Michelins with Bridgestones and shout the family to a weekend away with the extra $600.00 The Bridgestones are still a very good tyre.
Quite, good handling and breaking in wet and dry weather
The price - At $400.00 each fitted and balanced, they are $150.00 each more expensive than the competitor tyre Bridgestone Dueller HT. I have a 2008 CRV Standard, they are currently fitted to the vehicle. Curiously, the Sport and Luxury are fitted with the Bridgestone Dueller HT. The Michelins are said to wear 35% longer than competitors. I will only get about 40K out of the current Michelins (rotated every 10K), about the same as previous Bridgetsones I have used on previous CRV's.

Pros:very quiet tyre and great wear Cons too expensive This is my second set,the first done 105,000 which is incredible,but I do travel long distances and very little city Klms which is the reason for long life. I would recommend for anyone,if they can afford them.you can pick them up on ebay a set of 4 for around $800 delivered and another $80 to get them fitted and balnced making a total of $220 per tyre now thats cheap I think

Questions & Answers

Hi, a question for Michelin on fitment. The car is a 2014 Jeep Grand cherokee with 20x10 SRT rims, is the 285/ 50 /20 Michelin Latitude Tour HP a compatible fit and if so are they available? Thanks.
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Can i get a 225/55/R18 size in Michellin Latitude HP tyres? Need to replace my tyres for the Jeep Cherokee Ltd 2015. If yes, how much should they cost?
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Hello Mike , I don't know , you would have to check with the tyre people . cheers Kate

Have a diesel automatic RWD 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger which has done 76,000 kms on OEM Bridgestone Duelers. Tow a 2500 kg van on occasions. Would appreciate opinions on the Michelin Latitude HP tyres in my situation. Original tyres are 245 65 17 with a load rating of 111. I note that the Michelin have a load rating of 107. Is this an issue?
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Legal requirement to keep to minimum of lowest tyre load rating on tyre size placard, which would probably rule out 107 tyres. A pity as I have had Dessert Duellers and IMO the Michelins are better in every way.


Latitude Tour HP
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