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Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0

Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0

MPN: 10240520
3.4 from 12 reviews

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Doesn’t work on rugs!

Fault error every time it goes on rugs, customer service response not designed to be used on rugs and carpet although on miele website and product Manuel it says it does misleading !!!
Took it to service centre said the same thing .
Totally disappointed
Don’t waste your money

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. If possible, can you email your full name and best contact number to prsupport@miele.com.au and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible? Please reference your Product Review username so we can identify you. Kind regards, Miele.

Useful little robot

This product is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased! I bought it for half the price during runout and knew that it was exactly what I wanted! I even purchased several accessories on run out. I switch it on 2x a week so that it can pick up all the debris my little “Velcro” shihtzhu x poodle picks up when he heads outside. It collects a LOT of dust and hair and I suffer from pretty bad hay fever. So, as you would expect, this little robot vacuum is something I not only needed, but had to have!

I had an unfortunate situation at first where the remote control was DOA. However, I contacted Miele directly and they sent a new replacement remote control immediately. I received it within days. Talk about top customer service!

In terms of maintenance, the handy brush accessories stored at the charger dock really help in cleaning out the hair tangled in the brush roller and little three prong brushes. I also find the bin compartment that collects all the dust is easy to brush out using the brush end. I also just simply wipe out the rubber seal with a wet cloth to clean it up so it doesn’t miss a thing! Maintenance is really simple with this gadget.

Upon multiple uses, I find it learns your home and it’s footprint so that it can really map out the areas it needs to clean the most. It doesn’t get to corners well, but that’s why we use our trusty Miele “All rounder” vacuum cleaner to do that job once a week. This contraption is really designed as an “in between”. If anyone uses this as a main vacuum, they would be highly disappointed! ***Note: that is not it’s purpose***

I have a three bedroom, flat land home with two bathrooms, ensuite, separate laundry, large lounge room and music room and it does the lot in one day with a charge in between. It climbs over our wool carpet like a trooper. I do find that the battery on a full charge is enough to accommodate for 3/4 of the house. You just have to leave it to do it’s own thing. It will automatically go back to it’s base if it’s running out of battery.

When I know it’s programmed to turn on, I put my dining chairs up and pouffee’s on the lounge chair. No obstructions means absolute efficiency. Other than that, it really manoeuvres well between my office chairs. It manages under the bed really well and climbs over the door step to pick up every single thing, including dead ants (yuk!).

I am truly happy with this unit and believe it is designed for it’s main purpose - to clean up in between your once a week vacuum. I highly recommend replacing the air filter once a month to make sure it is getting rid of any dust remnants.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Not worth of the money

It is pricey ($999) but I bought it because of its brand name, and expecting it is reliable and will do a good job. Honestly, I was very disappointed. The suction is not strong; it is not clever to go into each room to clean, and it did not go back the unfinished spot and continue to finish the cleaning after recharging battery. Not worth of the money!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

OK I guess if you also have another vaccuum

I'm glad I have a second vacuum cleaner to fall back on. As automatic vacs go (I've seen other brands working in friends' houses,) It's probably better than most. If only it would get into corners properly, it does not; if only it had the same amount of suction as the Miele upright, it doe not, and if only it could learn to adjust automatically from tiles to carpet, to rugs, of course, it does not. Guess robots are just not for me.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Good little helper

I am happy with the little automated vacuum cleaner. It's quite and goes about cleaning up on it's own. I use it on the tiled section of the house as I prefer to use our regular vacuum cleaner in the carpeted section. All up I'm happy with my purchase. Quality and reliability have been great.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

A great hard floor sweeper - but needs some care to keep it running well

The Miele scout has been sweeping our house for a little over a year and we have had our ups and downs.

This scout lives in a house with timber floors, no carpet, no rugs, few steps, plenty of obstacles, furniture it can go under, furniture it cannot. It lives with adults, children, and a dog with shortish hair.

If people ask we call it a floor sweeper, not a vacuum cleaner. We don't have floor coverings and cannot say whether it would be any good on carpet - but its doubtful. It has nothing like the suction of a plug in machine

When it sets out to clean it does a full 180 degree turn and heads directly away from its charging base. It myopically noses about following a pretty basic plan stopping before things it "sees", bumping into things it doesn't
The plan is: straight ahead till hit something, try to go around the "something", turn left & come back the way it came. Basic maybe, but it seems to have no trouble in covering the space its in.

It is at its best when it just does its own thing
Set the timer for when you are at work & empty its dust box when you get home - nothing could be easier.
It picks up all the gritty stuff - we can no longer walk bare feet on a gritty timber floor - it has spoilt us
Dog hairs are collected at the front of the dust box and are easily brushed into the bin. We only have short hair in the house - people & pets. Other than in its monthly cleaning, short hair gives the scout no grief.

Does it like cords? No it does not - given half a chance it will hang itself.
It only avoids ledges / stairs while you are watching. Left alone it will leap to its doom - we suspect it has self worth issues.
It is not a fan of clothes, or shoes (the laces), or mats with tassels, or children's rooms, or puddles, or dog eggs (We've not experienced this horror but have seen the youtube vids...)
It tolerates complex runs - lounge with chairs, couches, hallway, bedrooms, etc. you can tell its trying, but sometimes it just gives up trying to find its way back to the charger. On a good day it will methodically sweep the whole house on one charge.
Every now and then its not at its charger when we get home - we have to play 'find the robot' (usually a cord strangle attempt)
Robot proofing the house has cleaned up all the loose cables, removed the floor mats, and shut doors on rooms its not wanted in, got stuff off the floor and put away - the house is tidier now, perhaps this should be in the 'Ups' list.
Its louder than the fridge but quieter than the blender - as loud as a microwave maybe? Run it on the timer while you are out and its noise is of no concern.

It is by no means 'set and forget'. Our scout cannot go long without love and care.
Every day we must:
- Empty the dust box every day - else it stops picking stuff up

Every week or two we must:
- Pull the main brush out and get all the hair off the drum - leave it too long and it starts cutting cleaning runs short
- Pull the left and right spinning sweepers off - leave it too long and they eventually stop spinning and the machine errors
- Pull the front wheel out and dig out the hair - leave it too long and the wheel stops turning, the scout gets confused, then errors

To clean it, flip it on its back, pull off the main sweeping bit, pull off the 2 side sweepers, and pull out the front wheel.
- Removing and cleaning the main brush is easy. Just like any vacuum - pair of scissors over the bin and you're done - just don't loose the little square bearing jigger.
- Cleaning behind the 2 sweepers is easy, but you have to get them off first - this is not so easy. You need a screw driver or a knife (a knife you are happy to bend) to gently lever the spinners off. Nothing has broken yet - but each time I think something's gonna break this time for sure. The scout came with a spare set of these sweepers - seems like a worrying sign
- Removing the front wheel is easy, cleaning it is not. Not easy to see how Miele could have made cleaning this any harder. There is a sliding bearing on each side of the wheel, hair wraps around the axle and stops the bearings from sliding. Before you know it, all that jammed up hair stops the bearings from sliding and wheel wont go back in its slot. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes with a needle or a tiny crochet hook, a bright light, and a magnifying glass. Don't be tempted into pulling off the tiny, and very losable spring clip...

Despite its cleaning needs, we couldn't be happier with the scout.

It took a few weeks to properly 'clean' the floor at the beginning, but after a year it daily collects dog hairs and a small palm full of grit, dust, fluff.

A warning though - it has almost no personality, other than propensity for self harm ("falls" & hanging attempts). Most things in our house get a nickname, but nothing has stuck on this. Its nice and all but it is just plain bland. The occasional 'Doh' when it runs into a chair leg, or a satisfied sigh on returning to its charger would go a long way to helping it become a proper member of the household instead of just a thing.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Nice and Convienient, Needs Stronger Suction

We purchased this to get us by during the week. It is a little loud and after a few uses it doesn’t seem to have as good suction anymore. I have noticed it doesn’t pick up much and I’m ending up having to use our larger vacuum after. We use the magnet strip which is really handy and means we can do smaller areas which is great.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Waste of $950! The wheels jam

I bought this Miele robot vacuum for $950 at Harvey Norman thinking I could make life easier by saving time on vacuuming. After the first 2 weeks it started making a loud noise. At Harvey you wouldn't notice it because the showroom is quite loud. The manager tested it and said it's normal. Then 2 weeks later one of the wheels started jamming and it couldn't find its way back to the recharge station. I had stuck on the soft cushiony floor savers also because the vacuum was bumping into furniture and scraping around the edges during the cleaning process.
So I had it sent back to Miele for repair. I waited 3 weeks and I initiated contact, which the manager said I could pick it up the next day. The vacuum came back dirty and scratched. On the invoice it said they couldn't find anything wrong ...I was fuming! I called head office and waited 15 mins to get through to switchboard, then another 10 mins to be put through to repairs. As it kept dialing I hung up and dialed again. This time I got through to customer service and I told the fella everything I was experiencing. He told me to take it home and test the vacuum then call him back. I was furious and said no I want something done immediately. He told me to hold while he put me through to resolutions. Another 12 mins went by with no response so I hung up the phone thinking my mobile credit would finish and nothing would be achieved. I sent Miele an email and Harvey Norman won't give me a refund so now I'm stuck with a lemon. Lesson learned....purchase a Miele appliance and if it's a dud you get the runaround which achieves nothing in the end!

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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After calling back and forth. Harvey Norman have been wonderfully supportive and helpful. Also after calling Miele a number of times they have decided to replace the vacuum with a new one. I'm happy to tell product viewers that good customer service still exists! Harvey Norman have exceeded my expectations and Miele have managed to come through even though developers are still creating their products in China...there will always be stressful problems due to poor creations. It's just a shame that customers are not given the choice of country built products.

Great labour saver

A little skeptical at first, however, it delivers, over and over, even if you think there is nothing to pick up guess what it knows better, as you can see from what it deposits in the 'bag' from sweeping a clean floor.

Effectiveness - tiles 100%, wood 100%, carpets 90%, corners 90%.

Quiet can watch tv as it struts its stuff.

Don't really understand the navigation logic, but hey who cares, just do it again, press button.

We are not very hot on vacuuming, this little jobbie has solved that problem.

I guess the question becomes, how did we ever do without it?

Reliable thorough and persistant

We were a bit skeptical about a robot doing the cleaning (including dog hair) but how wrong we were. Once the machine learns the ropes it is faultless. The magnetic strip does not seem that effective in restricting Scout so we just close doors/place an obstacle to restrict its movements. Occasionally we leave a door open and Scout manages to sneak into those rooms as well. We are amazed just what is picked up every day from what looks like a clean surface. Most of the surfaces are wood with a couple of carpeted rooms. We purchased a few Meile products over the last 12 months and we are very satisfied with their products.

The love affair started well ...

I loved this rolling machine for the first month. But now it is so noisy I hesitate to get it started. It must be one of the wheels not tracking properly but all the checking up we've done doesn't seem to support this theory. It's so noisy that I can't use it with the radio or TV on. I keep trying to sort out the problem because it did such a good job when I first got it.

Just love him

He cleans so well, we are amazed at what he picks up each day. He knows his way around the house, he does not knock anything over, he can be programmed to start up each day if you want, we have some stairs, and he stops there and turns around, so no falling down, he is amazing, goes from our tiles, to wooden floors, to carpet, no problems, as with all Miele products, simply the best.

Questions & Answers

My miele has been doing its job for 2years but now it does not suck.. The dirt is just moving around so to say.. Can it be the battery started to give up? It does move around and such but floors are still dirtie after cleaning..
No answers

I have an issue with mine, when it turnes on the spot or navigate abit to the side it tend to make a scramble noise. Like something is shaking it or something. I wonder if it might be time to replace some of the parts on it, prehaps the rubber underneath it? Has anyone had the same issue?
1 answer
Just pull the rubber wheels out, and clean the axles. It may have thread or a build up of hair around it and not allowing the unit to turn backwards etc. If that's all clean, then you may need to get it serviced etc. Depending on how old it is, it may be cheaper to buy a new one.

Anybody had a problem with scout rx1 having an F8 error (front wheel is dirty) every time it is actually clean? Mine just drives around for 2 seconds and the error pops up. The wheel and everything around it has been cleaned multipule times.
1 answer
Hi, the ‘F8’ on the Scout RX1 Robot can be soil, hair debris further up inside the wheel recess where you cannot get to clean. Other reasons for the ‘F8’ are more technical, where the wheel could be damaged, magnet, or the sensors likewise. I recommend you take the vac. to their nearest authorised Miele vac. repair for assessment. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 464 353. Kind regards, Anna.


Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0
CategoryRobot Vacuum Cleaners
Price (RRP)$999
Running Time120minutes
Charging Time2hours
Bin Capacity0.6L
HEPA Filter No

  • MPN: 10240520
  • GTIN13: 4002515453834

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