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Mizone Formulated Sports Water

Mizone Formulated Sports Water

2.9 from 10 reviews

Why change?

I routinely bought Mizone for work. The bottle shape and size was perfect, and much easier to use and store than other similar bottles. I have now stopped buying bottled sports drink altogether and just bought a reusable water bottle. What a disaster for your customers.

The worst marketing decision ever

Your own advertising states how we here in Australia have long hot summers and what better way to stay hydrated than to drink mizone flavoured water, I totally agree, however somebody in this company decided to pull these from the shelves just prior to summer great decision. I actually rang customer service about 2 months ago to find out what’s happening and was told rebranding and healthier product were to be relaunched into supermarkets in about a month and that I could by some from convenience stores in the meantime. I bought one it was tiny, flimsy and cost about $5. I will say this you have lost me as a customer, why you couldn’t keep the original drink ongoing and introduce a new healthier version for those who want that is beyond me, I mean Coke didn’t pull its drink off the shelves it introduced other variations, coke zero, coke caffeine free, diet coke etc. good luck if you ever decide to get these back on supermarket shelves, I for one will not purchase. Too little, Too late, Too long.

Great taste

I have tried so many sports drinks and haven't liked any of them but this one hydrates me and tastes great. Especially the lime flavour. I don't really like water so this is a great alternative.

cap to hard to open

The last 2 times I have bought this product I have been unable to open the cap,on both occasions I asked someone else to open they couldn't either,I resorted to using a knife this time to break the seal (stupid move I know ,I was thirsty) Result being I have a nasty cut on my thumb.Why does it have to be so difficult to open ?impossible to open for anyone with arthritic hands like myself

Bottle change

I drive a van all day for work and having a sturdy bottle that I can open with one hand was awesome. Now That the bottle has changed, I've stopped buying mizone.

Why new bottle

Very very upset that you have changed your bottle. One of my reasons for mizone purchases was always the bottle!

I like previous bottle better

I am very disappointed since you have changed to new bottle .
As used to be a more solid So I was always leaving on the bed side table .
But now bottle is fragile and I must open cap and lift up white cap, That end up me to wake up and can't sleep back again

Love it

I love Mizone, my favourite is Blackcurrent and Raspberry although the Raspberry is hard to find. I generally buy the store out of Blackcurrent (they usually only have about 8). I drink anywhere between 2 and 6 bottles a day. I used to drink an electrolyte cordial but they took it off the market, I then switched to Powerade but that cost a fortune, then I found Mizone. I love it. Its the best way to hydrate yourself.
It tastes good, it hydrates you faster than normal water, its better than cordial
Cant find the Raspberry easily, and Blackcurrent is becoming scarce.

fussy athlete

My daughter is an athlete & pretty fussy she is not fussed on the big brands of sports drinks but loves mizone. We have trouble buying it though my husband buys it from the service station.
loves the taste
can't but it close to home


This is a flavoured water drink, which I think is just flavoured water. I wouldnt buy it regularly, it would be healthy to just drink regular water. I would only buy this if I wanted to have flavoured water, otherwise, theres nothing too great or healthy about this one.
I have had the Mandarin flavoured drink which tasted like ordinary water, but with the slight hint of oranges. It is something different to try, but nothing great stood out about this product.
I didnt really find anything impressive with this since it claimed to seem healthy, but there wasnt anything noticably great about it. It is expensive too, and I dont know why because its not really that great in any aspect.

Questions & Answers

I am a supporter of Mizone sports drink ,I buy two bottles a day from my local pak and save ,I am very disappointed that the only flavours that I can purchase there is crisp apple and manderine ,my favourite is peach,I am only able to buy that at my local garage ,it's a dollar twenty dearer,can you tell me why is this? cheers ken
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Hi Ken, I had the same problem. I used the bottles and still do for water as well. When I went back to Woolworths I found that the product was no longer there. After a couple of visits, I found that they had totally changed the product and now have a different bottle design. Wasn't what I wanted any longer so I have not bought any since. My current bottles are getting a bit old now though. I don't know the answer to what to replace them with myself, but that is why you can't find them- re designed and re labelled.

Have they stopped making mizone waters or just changing packaging cause I don't drink normal water?
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Mizone is still about. The blue bottle has changed shape, harder to hold, harder to open, doesn't fit in drink holders Oops doubled upHave not seen them in Woolworths supermarkets when they normall all have them

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