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Penrite ATF (Automatic Transmission Multi-Vehicle Fluid)

Penrite ATF (Automatic Transmission Multi-Vehicle Fluid)

BMV, Classic, DX-III, FS, LV and 2 more
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So much Smoother

I’ve been using Penrite Multi Vehicle full synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid in my 20O3 Rover 75 V6 for the last three months. I did 3 “changes” totalling 12 litres. It’s made a huge difference to the smoothness of transmission changes.

I had been using Nulon Multi Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid. Fluid changes made no difference. Itwas a little jerky while changing up and down.

Penrite has really improved transmission changes. The Rover 75 uses the Jatco transmission JF506E as found in some Jaguar, Landrover Freelander 1, Mazda, Volkswagen and Ford vehicles.

So impressed I am, I intend to change over to the Penrite Engine Oil from the Nulon I currently use.

Purchased in December 2018 at Supercheap Auto for $48.00.

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Hi nbc, We appreciate your support and taking the time to leave us a positive review.

Amazing made such a difference

used on my jeep gc 2.7crd, was throwing codes & rough changing, after doing filter & using this product, made such a difference now changing smoothly & more fluently. Had my doubts it would have made such a difference but it did.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi _george doug miller, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a positive review.

Brought my a340e back to life!

My auto became a little mushy after a couple long drives, so I decided to flush and replace filters etc. Ran 12 litres of penrite ATF fs through until it was coming out clean and the box has never felt so good. Happily chirps through second and third now, and as a bonus the overdrive engages when it's supposed to now (didn't even realise it wasn't working correctly until changing to this fluid). Torque converter locks and unlocks without me even bring able to notice now, fuel economy has improved, and there's noticeably less heat radiating from the trans tunnel.
Penrite for every fluid in all my vehicles, every time.

Car1991 Toyota soarer JZZ30

Surprised at the difference

Serviced my 2016 Isuzu Mux with Penrite oils and coolant etc, as i wanted to make sure all the fluids were good quality so left the auto trans till last as it was a bit more involved to change and to check level correctly, the HD gearbox is strong but not really refined in gear changes especially when cold, fluid that came out had only 30,000kms and it looked shocking for such low kms , so after changing fluid completely which can be challenging to say the least, so driving the car after it felt 25 percent smoother and less rolling resistance and gear changes when car was at temp were smooth AS, massive improvement and knowing there are good lubricants in my axles, power steering, cooling system, and now my auto trans, got these lubes etc when they was on special.. Penrite ATF FS as recommended gets my 5 stars.

Car2016 Isuzu mux 3 litre diesel

This stuff got me out of a pickle!

I was on a cross country motorcycle tour with a buggered clutch. I know not the intended purpose, but this bailed me out of a sticky situation about 800km's from civilization.

Air in the clutch and not sure who to thank either the Oberon or Penrite but this stuff was the goods.

CarKTM SMT 990


Have used Penrite ATF FS on a 2000 , VT Commodore 3.8 litre V6 engine , automatic with 335,000 KMS . Super quiet , silky smooth gear shifts , auto temp gauge shows auto transmission is running 17 degrees celcius cooler with the auto fluid which in itself would extend the life of my transmission alone . I do my auto services every 50,000kms and even when i drain it , it still looks very good for its age . Guys , seriously if your car can use this particular auto transmission fluid , make sure you get some . You will love it and so will your car for many many years of use ahead . Also warning for ALL ... DO NOT believe the latest from car manufacturers who claim your transmission is a " lifetime fluid " and does not need changing ... If that was true the car makers would give you a lifetime transmission warranty which they never will do . The car makers want you to destroy the most expense part of your car ... being your transmission so you can keep buying NEW cars . Generally speaking ... do your transmission service every 50,000kms and if your car can use this fluid ... You got to use it . Its liquid GOLD !!!

Car2000 VT Commodore , V6 ( ecotec engine ) , sedan , AUTO ( 4 speed )
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Hi Andy, Thanks for taking the time to leave this very kind review. We appreciate it! Thanks for your on-going support!

used recently in my 2005 vz sv6

my gearbox recently blew up in my holden commodore 2005 sv6 got a new box and service it with the recommended dex III for the first 1000ks...

so i dropped the oil and I followed my local parts, guys, opinion and used this oil (Penrite ATF FS) (Automatic Transmission Multi-Vehicle Fully Synthetic) and I have to say the shifters are far smoother than the recommended Dexron III Auto Trans fluid

I really hope this serves as a recommendation you should follow well-done penrite.
absolutely loving the penrite range now

Car2005 vz sv6 5 speed
Hi Graham, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback on our ATF FS product and thank you so much for your support.can i get some samples or merch haha! merch would be good for car shows ;)

Consistent performer.

Have used Penrite lubricants for a quarter of a century .... and have been thoroughly satisfied with the brand. Have been thrilled to see them fully develop their product line to include the likes of this fine transmission fluid. Use it in our 2013 Grand Cherokee - the first auto we've owned, and ... as usual ... am thoroughly satisfied.

CarMY14 Grand Cherokee diesel
Thanks Wisey for your longtime support and taking the time to review usYou keep the good gear coming ... we'll keep using it. Just wait til we start singing the praises of your Enviro range of engine oils!!!

No 'clunk' after using this oil.

Decided to use this oil for my 1996 Mitsubishi Magna auto gearbox. This model is well know for a 'clunk' when changing down 2nd to 1st gear. After a complete flush and new filter the 'clunk' disappeared after a week of driving and gear changes are now silent and silky smooth...wow, amazing for a 20 y/o gearbox.

Car1996 TE Mitsubishi Magna 3.0L 4 speed Auto.
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Wow! Thanks for taking the time to leave us this kind feedback Tony

Works extremely well

This product was bought out of necessity. I accidentally drained my ATF and so needed to top up with 2 L. Found that this meets my car's required type. 2 L is out of the total 5, meaning 3 L of old ATF is mixed with the new. However, the shifts seem twice as smooth. More power too. So am tempted to renew my mixed ATF.

Clearly a great product to strongly recommend. My first time using Penrite too. Impressive.

Thanks for your positive review Carr.You're welcome Penrite. Just my candid feedback.

Great product , replaced fluid , transmission works better

Ford Mondeo 1999 , over 185 kms , the shift was rough , I just bought the car and the service history was questionable on the log books, replaced fluid with questionable transmission, it shifts smoother now
Happy with product , I will use remainder of the product in the power steering system as I've read its ok the use for this purpose as well.

CarFord Mondeo
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Hi David, Thanks for taking the time to review us.

Great Alternative to the OE Nissan NS-1 Fluid

Ours has 85k on the clock. Fluid change was not recommend by factory but we tried this and could feel a difference with the Penrite CVT fluid in.

The Dualis shifts better and feels not so lazy as with the OE NS-1 fluid.

A lot cheap then Nissan's NS-1 fluid too which is great. And its Australian Made!!!

Car2012 Nissan Dualis J10
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Hi T L, Thanks for the kind review.

Excellent transmission fluid for 2005 Toyota Camry Altise

My 2005 Camry had 150,000 km and never had transmission fluid replaced before. The shifting was getting rougher since last year, so I decided to replace the transmission fluid. I sucked out 1.5 litres of the transmission fluid and add "Penrite Automatic Transmission Multi-Vehicle Fully Synthetic". Repeated the same procedure after 3 days. The shifting is about 3~5 times smoother now. I am planning to do repeat the same procedure again as most of fluid in the transmission is still old.
inexpensive and working very well with 2005 Toyota Camry Altise

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Thanks for your positive review Lucas.

Fantastic Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid!!

Used it on my 2004 V6 3.5L Nissan Maxima and Honda Accord Euro 2.4I-Vtec during usual transmission change. The result has been extremely smooth gear shifts. In my nissan maxima gear changes has been unnoticeable in Drive mode - Yes, its silky smooth to the point where you cannot even tell the gears are changing. Great improvement in the Honda Accord Euro during up and down gear shifts - very smooth. Will be good for another 50,000kms. Excellent work Penrite. Well Done.
Excellent value for money for a full synthetic multi vehicle transmission fluid that is at par with the best in the world.

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Thanks for your positive review Alex.

Questions & Answers

'Morning,I have a Nissan R34 2.5l skyline,what product and how many litres will serve this auto ? Thank you
2 answers
Best to have a look on the Penrite Oil Selector Site. https://www.penriteoil.com.au/product-selector?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4-XlBRDuARIsAK96p3AkLOOsyuf_r_dCBRREO6WOzxz4ktZqFKjHMSyGNbUAns3NiYb9PEcaAj92EALw_wcBHi Wendy, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

I WAS given penrite auto trans oil for a manual and with out looking put it in my manual box greatwall v240
1 answer
Hi Stewart, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

Is penrite ATF good for Toyota succeed?
1 answer
Hi Rachna, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

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