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MODELS PREFER Airbrush Foundation Brush - Disappointed...

My sister bought this brush for me some years ago and I love it! So I wanted to get a backup and found the same one in my local Priceline, just to find that they've skimped on bristles! They claim to have "Densely packed faux cashmere bristles" but when I compare it to my old brush, the new one has about 2/3 as many bristles. Not as good as the original and I don't like using it. Very disappointed.

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Retractable eyebrow pencil

I have been using the retractable eye brow pencil since it came out. I have discovered that when you think it's empty and have come to the end of the pencil (its not) if you break off the casing and screw the clear plastic casing out of the brown casing and snap the clear casing at the bottom, stick an untipped cotton bud up it allowing this to push the remains of the pencil up, You will get another few weeks supply. I think it is time to fix the problem, in the past I have been throwing it out when I thought is was finished when its not . this is wasting the remains (I also use another brand when on sale and they have the same problem)

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Models Prefer Black hairdryer with pink gold trim

Totally useless product. As stated in previous reviews it cut out after 3 minutes use and did not click back on for another 5-10 minutes. Highly frustrating when you are in a hurry to get to work. Waste of money.

A waste of my time and money

I purchased the Model's Prefer Professional Hairdryer from Priceline Carrum Downs approximately 10 days ago. Retail price $29.99.

The first time I used it - I loved it. It has plenty of power, feels sturdy in your hands, looks quite nice, isn't too heavy and I was able to do a salon style blow-out at home without a single jot of trouble.

Three days later, I went to repeat the whole process - and the hairdryer cut out after I'd blow dried ONE SECTION of my hair (my hair is shoulder length and fine - its not like I'm trying to blow dry a horse's mane worth of hair here), so I waited, after about 10-15 mins it came back to life and I was able to finish giving myself the blow out.

Three days after that, I went to do it again - and again, it cut out after one section of hair. I waited 10-15 mins (meanwhile my hair is air-drying and getting wavy - so I'm getting more and more infuriated by the minute) and the hairdryer started back up again - and then cut out again after finishing another section of hair.

I spat it and moved to my spare, travel-sized hairdryer. Which never conks out or overheats and I paid $12 for, at Kmart about 6 years ago........

Today, I went to do the blow out again. It cut out AGAIN after ONE SECTION of hair, AGAIN. I am sick to death of it. This hairdryer is absolutely pointless, basically. If it would just keep working- then I couldn't recommend it more highly. I've only owned the thing for around 10 days!!!!

So, I'm off this weekend to spend a small fortune on a GHD hairdryer and this Models Prefer piece of junk is going back to Priceline with a stiff complaint. I'm not happy.

Seriously guys - do not waste your time or money on this awful product.

models prefer split end treatment- Spray?

I like the product itself but the application as a mister I find that it does not effectively spread the mixture evenly and it sprays in clumps even after vigorous shaking.

It would be better in a pump application bottle.

Faulty Hairdryer

I purchased this hairdryer approximately 6mths ago and this morning it died. Just stopped working with no warning. When i turned it over the nozzle on the end had actually melted and it had a gaping hole in it. Bad cheap materials. You would expect a hairdryer to last longer than 6mths!

Not luck with Models Prefer bag

I bought a black golden rose bag 3 months ago and it’s already broken.
In my opinion, this product should be with better quality and don’t breaks in a short time of using it.
I won’t buy more products by Models Prefer.

Never using this again!!!

My mother recently used the models prefer thirst stop face mask and it burnt her face and made it all swollen and red Which she then had to spend ages trying to get the red swelling down. Definitely do not recommend anyone buying this product.

Models Prefer Straight Up Shampoo with Argan Oil

I've been using this shampoo for over a month. It's not bad, but it's not good either.
It reduces slightly the frizziness, but it leaves my hair a bit dull and very flat at the top.
Also, it doesn't seem to clean my hair very well, and I always need to repeat the wash twice.
The ratio quality/price is not good, I would not buy it again.

Models Prefer tanning mouse

The worst tanner I have ever used. While it was easy to apply there is no color, not even a slight variation in tone, I was hoping the colour would develop, 8 hours later no colour. Total waste of money and time and effort applying it.

Fujitsu inverter : great product

I got an inverter Fujitsu Model ASTG12LVCC.
I am very happy with it. It cools down the room rapidly and evenly and in winter, very good heating.

Worst hair elastics I have used and dangerous

Stretched the first elastic to use and it snapped. Okay not so bad I have another 17.
The next day did the same thing and snapped again this time straight into my eye. My eye still feels like it’s scratched and watery. I would not recommend for anyone especially kids.

waste of time and money

This is by far the worst tanning product I've used. Went on easily enough and dried fairly quick.. Are the only pros.
Cons: smells terrible, the mouse is fairly light so you can barely see where you are applying it. I thought over time it would activate and get darker.. But I had it on for 5 hours and was still no different colour then when I started. I don't know how this is even on the market.. It barely does anything. Could probably explain why I couldn't find any other reviews.
Dont waste your money.

Hairbrush not fit for purpose!

I purchased this hairbrush. It is a large round hair brush from Models Prefer. In theory good for straightening hair. It looks like a hairbrush, but it doesn’t work like a hairbrush. The handle separated from the brush, that is, it broke in half after less than a dozen uses. Yes my hair is thick, but not that thick! I would not recommend this brush to anyone - thick or thin hair. It is poor product design and very poor quality workmanship.

For the price, it is great!

Bought a cheap hair straightener from Models Prefer and it heats up decently fast and I use it for straightening and curling which works great. I find it works just as good as my GHD sometimes (of course the GHD has a smoother plate and shinier finish), but given the low low price point this is a great purchase for those that are beginning and do not want to invest in something that will cost hundreds.

Perfect straightener

So happy and satisfied of modelsprefer hair straightener. I just in love of my hair it's looks so professional just the same as if made by a hairdresser. I saved lots of money every week. So I don't go to hairdresser only occasionally. It's affordable price too. Recommend to everyone

Amaaaazing product!!!

I usually use MAC Foundation but had run out and was low on cash, so went into Priceline hoping to find something half decent i could use in the meantime. I found Models Prefer Matte Foundation for $12.99, and to be honest i wasnt expecting much from it. I work in an industry where our looks and make-up are very important, so was over the moon with the result. I literally look as though ive been airbrushed! Full coverage with just a tiny amount of product, no need for any concealer or colour correction. Im that happy with this foundation i dont think i will go back to the $80 MAC i usually buy as i have a way better result with this at a fraction of the price!!!

Its good

Its good for everyday use.. And very light.. Helpful and quick and time saver. But not much effective.. For emergency we can go ahead with this.

Quality low cost face moisturiser

For around $18 this would have to be one of the best face moisturisers I have used.
The effectiveness of the skin hydration this product provides is up there with many high end products which I have used. It's perfect to use under your make up Foundation. It contains a sunscreen although the packaging doesn't state the SPF level.
I love that it's free from parabens & mineral oils.
I'm impressed that Models Prefer products state they are not tested on animals

Sticky, yucky mess.

I received a full pot size of the MP 3-day Straight cream in a gift pack, and I am SO glad I did not have to hand over money for this product.

I don’t usually write reviews for products, however I tried to do some research on this product to see if anyone else had a similar experience. I could not find a single review so I thought I would share my experience just in case anyone else is looking into purchasing this.

I have med/long thick wavy hair. It states that it will help hair remain straight until the next shampoo. This did not happen. I applied it evenly through my hair as per the instructions, and it felt like I had emptied a can of wet sticky hairspray all over my hair. I thought this might have just been the case until I actually straightened it, which I did, and my hair felt like I had dipped it in honey. This product also made it much more difficult for my already stubborn hair to be straightened. After I had finished straightening it, there was absolutely no life or movement left in my hair. It looks so dull and dry and still sticky. I did not use too much of this product as I was already cautious of this happening. I even attempted to add a little of hair oil to soften it up but the MP product would not let anything else through. Not only all of this, but when I woke up the next morning my hair was back to its original wavy state. Their 3 day cream could not even last a mere 12 hours. None the less I did not purchase this product as previously mentioned, however I will definitely not be purchasing this myself.

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I love models prefer cream blushd15002. Kiss. Priceline are not stocking where can I get this please?
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Where can i purchase MP Blonde bombshell conditioner. Cant get it anywhere
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I have Models Prefer Brush n' Blush. It's a powder blush in tube with brush in the base of the tube. I think this is the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I could still buy it. I don't wear makeup all the time so I still have it. But wish this product was still available to purchase. I have tons of other blush products but when I do wear makeup I most always wind up using the Models Prefer powder blush in the tube with the brush in the base of that tube. Nobody seems to have anything like this in powder blush form. The bottom of the tube has this information Lot/Batch No. 05; CT 06708. It does not state the a name of the shade of blush it is. But I can't remember if it was only available in this one shade. I bought this many years ago from QVC. Any suggestions?
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