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Moltex Oko

Moltex Oko

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No nappy rash at last!

I went looking for natural nappies due to my son's persistent nappy rash with various other brands. Have had no nappy rash with this brand for the first time, and just recently tried another brand again and back came the rash. He's so much more comfortable in these. Haven't had any trouble with leakages and find they fit really well. I'm not a real environmentalist or anything, but I'm a convert to these! Only downside is price but I'm happy to pay for a happy baby!

Excellent, safe and reliable ! the best

I started using regular nappies for my new born 1st huggies (bulky, go out of shape/they shrink with large volumes of urine, they do not breathe then son got a big belly & they didn
t wrap around well) , to babylove ( fitted well until my son started growing more & it would not wrap around well and he started leaking urine also from the legs.
To Aldi great nappies but not eco friendly, plastic like material.
I searched for a toxic free, eco friendly nappy and found Moltex online.
My only regret is not using them on my son since birth !!! These nappies are so reliable, they absorb very well, they wrap extremely well considering my son had a big belly and skinny legs all the other commercial nappies failed to address this issue as they did not wrap around well.
Moltex sticks very well, my son rolls, turns, keeps kicking and always wakes up dry.
They are breathable and not bulky (which I love), the internal layer prevents urine from flowing back to the babies skin ( I think Moltex does a decent job with that).
I love the fact that they are chlorine free & I am not exposing my son to nasty chemicals.
I have not had any nappy rash with Moltex.
I would recommend these nappies to anyone, I don't mind paying the extra $$ because I know its worth it. Seriously I don't know why they don't stock Moltex at Coles, Woolies etc...
reduced exposure to certain chemicals, wraps well on big belly babies, absorbs well, thin, breathable, eco friendly
Why isn't it stocked at Coles, woolies etc, here in Brisbane, PRICE !

Excellent Biodegradable nappy

This Moltex nappy is great and I love that it is biodegradable. They are reliable and do not leak which is a huge plus and reasonable to buy whilst doing something for the environment. I have tried a few other natural nappies on the market, but will only purchase Moltex from now on.
Ecodirect website

Good but expensive and bulky

These nappies perform well and are well made however I find they are a bit bulky. They are quite high on baby's back which helps keep it all in, but sticks out over his pants. Otherwise they are great nappies- id rather bulky than leaky, and I've never had a leak with these. They are also on the expensive side.
Good quality

Great nappies

Soft, not too expensive, so much better for baby and the environment. My daughters have always been in MCN but when the youngest started daycare at the age of 2 not all that long ago we had to search for a disposable alternative. So glad we found these nappies. I am very concerned about the chemicals, chlorine, and non-breathability of standard disposables - these are a godsend.
No nasty chemicals
Could be a bit softer

great nappies

These nappies are a good fit and feel lovely and soft. They are absorbent and good for use overnight. I have not had any problems with them and no leaks. These nappies give the major brands a run for their money. The nappies keep my baby dry and are non irritable.
Chlorine free and better for the environment.

The best eco-nappy I have found...and I have tried a few!

I only started using eco-nappies after my second child as I had a huge attack of conscience after realising the terrible consquences of landfill on our earth and Moltex nappies are AMAZING!
They have great ability to hold a lot, overnight nappies never leak for me and even when bub has had a bad tummy we have had no problems. My little boy has terrible eczema (another reason I changed to eco-nappies) and the Moltex nappies are the only nappy that do not irritate his skin. I will certainly continue to use them as long as he is in nappies. I have also discovered that if you like Moltex eco nappies-Australia on Facebook that you get great discounts ansd special offers too!!!
Very reliable, great eco credentials, do not irritate baby's skin
slightly expensive but great discounts available on Facebook


The most comfortable ecodisposable for babies I trialled (compared to Bamboo and Nature Babycare), the biggest winner apart from its biodegradability was its breathability. In a warmer climate, some other brands made my baby's bottom like a sauna inside the nappy - super hot, sweaty, and prone to rashes. Moltex has breathability due to its lack of plastics, and its design is still great at stopping leaks, except for the very runniest of poos.
Ecodisposable, breathable
Expensive, not available at major supermarkets


I have used these nappies for both my children from birth to nappy free. I love them because they are perfume free, bio-degradable and made for sensitive skins. They have never leaked, do not smell and I would not use anything else. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking an alternative to the highly perfumed, synthetic and chemically laden commercial nappies on the shelves.

The safest thing next to your newborns skin

When I had my baby I knew I wanted to keep them protected from harmful chemicals but the cloth nappies were too big. Moltex newborn nappies were the perfect fit and I was comforted knowing they were safe for my little ones skin and the least impact on the environment. Now I use the larger sizes at night and on holidays and cannot fault them for comfort and absorbency.
Environmentally sound, non toxic for baby
More expensive, hard to find

The gentlest nappy...for so many reasons.

This nappy has no perfume, ie less chemicals near bub, and no chlorine in the absorbent pulp. I like how there is no ink on the outer layer, who needs pretty pictures on the outside of a nappy anyway! They fit really well, and so far have contained even "number threes". All the other nappies I have tried couldn't do that. They are the only nappy I know of that you can put in the compost.
The least chemicals of any nappy I've tested. Very fast delivery. Discounts and promotions for subsequent boxes.
Slightly more expensive than supermarket brands, but well worth it!

Best we've used.

I really love these. As far as eco nappies go, these are the sturdiest and best performing ones we've come across. They are trim, have never leaked for us, are understated (I like simplicity!) and do not leave any rub marks on babe. They keep re-sealing well too after opening and closing a few times. I also tend to think these are the 'greenest' of the eco disposables on the market, in terms of materials used.
High quality; absorbent; look good; VERY easy to buy online with excellent customer service;
More expensive, but we've found worth it.

brilliant nappies

My three children (ages 6, 3 and 1) have used Moltex nappies since birth, the youngest is still in nappies, the 3 year old still overnight. I have used Moltex eco nappies for each of them ordered via EcoDirect and been very happy knowing that they are biodegradable, low allergen, organic, good quality, fresh and convenient. I have given them as gifts to other new mums and always had good feedback on them.
low enviromental impact on disposal, no nappy rash for bubs.
a tad pricey - but I thought it was worth it.

Great product that doesn't harm your most precious asset.

After researching on the shocking chemicals used in most nappies I was so happy to find Moltex. I can change my baby's nappy guilt free knowing that I'm not exposing her to known carcinogens and happily pay more to help ensure her future health. Usually you have to make a sacrifice for using more alternative/healthier products but in this case I was very happy with the performance.
First and foremost I am not exposing my baby to toxic chemicals that could harm her in the future. With over 1800 nappies used we have only experienced a handful of leaks and find that it can hold a substantial amount of liquid. I'll be using Moltex for future babies
Back is not elasticated for extra leakage security and comfort for expanding bellies which you would expect for a higher priced nappy.

so dissappointing

We used these nappies for almost 2 years when our daughter was small(er), she's now 5. We used them because they were "compostable and eco-friendly", we recently emptied our home compost bins to find fully intact nappies and packaging, totally gross. So after 3 and a half to 4 years neither nappies nor packaging have composted, and we are left with a stinky heap of old nappies.
kind to babies skin
expensive, not compostable, not bio-degradable

Enviromentally friendly, but can leak.

These nappies state they are environmentally friendly hence why i have brought the. however sometimes they do leak out the back. i have a boy and most disposables seem to do this at one time or another. it is frustrating when one day it holds soooo much urine i am amazed!! and other days he pees once and it leaks everwhere!! I thought perhaps its how i was putting it on... I am still using them due to their environmental claims, but after the last review on here i wonder if we are being mislead?? i hope not.
Environmentally friendly
Can leak


Fabulous for both baby and the environment. They are more expensive than Huggies or some of the other supermarket brands but for peace of mind (my child's comfort and future) I'm willing to pay the extra money. I've just started to use MCNs but will keep using these for overnight as the MCNs are a bit fiddly to change during the night.
I love these nappies! They are super absorbent and even after 5-6 hours and a couple of wees they are still dry inside. I've had no problems with nappy rash and they have fitted my newborn since day 1. I would recommend them to anyone.
No cons. Although I have had the odd problem with a leak this has been due to my inattention and not changing the nappy soon enough ie a poo and then a big wee has resulted in a leakage but I'm sure this would have been then case no matter what nappy I used.


After reading about these nappies, I searched high and low for them in Sydney but only found them in limited stocks in one place (Todae, Glebe). Glad I did buy them though as they are very absorbent and I know they are better for the environment than cheap disposables.
Environmental friendliness and certification. Fragrance free. High absorbency with good fitting around the legs. Easy to put on and take off. Not bulky.
Not made in Australia. Expensive compared to cloth nappies (terry towelling). Difficult to source, even online. The minis (3-6kg) size is still too big for my newborn (3.5kg)


I love these nappies, my bub had nappy rash so I did a lot of online research into the nappies, wipes and lotions I was using - I found out that most disposable nappies have TBT in them - TBT is an awful chemical that is used on ships hulls and it has been found to disrupt the hormonal cycle of marine life. After I switched from Huggies nappies and baby wipes to Moltex Eco Nappies my bubs nappy rash disappeared and I feel a whole lot better knowing the nappies have no nasties in them. I can put the the nappy into the compost so I am only ever throwing away the tabs into the landfill. Environmentally friendly is very important to me (especially since I discovered that 1/3 of all of Australia's landfill is disposable nappies which can take up to 150 years to break down)so these nappies meet that requirement by miles. I love them and can't recommend them highly enough - I give all my expectant friends a pack in their baby hampers. I source mine online from ecofamilydotcomdotau and they have the cheapest prices too.
environmentally friendly, biodegradable, ok for worm farm and compost, much better alternative for landfill than regular disposable nappies
no toxic chemicals ie; TBT or perfumes used
no chlorine's or bleaches - they are oxygen bleached
outer plastic packaging is biodegradable (great for use as a bin liner etc)
not an Australian made disposable but this is offset by the quality manufacturing process which uses renewable resources from controlled cultivation.

can you tell me where you have found them to biodegrade or worm farm? all the research and testing i have done, they don't do that. and as to no chlorine's or bleaches, neither do huggies, or any other plastic nappy, the only difference to plastic nappies moltex seem to have is the biofilm outer, other than that, they are the same. How come nobody does the proper research, i went straight to Compost Australia, and they have only endorsed one nappy as deemed compostable, and moltex is no where on there.Hi there I got the following info from the distributor site www.ecodirect.com.au check it out for further info and the links to GECA and ecobaby:- Hope this helps There are other eco nappies available – some of which are described on various websites as being “biodegradable”. There is no such thing as a 100% Biodegradable Nappy. However, the Moltex eco nappy is the closest you will get to it. They are the ONLY nappy in Australia to be awarded the prestigious Australian Good Environmental Choice Award (GECA) recognizing them as the most environmentally friendly nappy currently available. GECA is the only environmental labelling program which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole product life perspective - www.geca.org.au Moltex's eco nappies do not need to be added to landfill sites. The inner contents of the nappy have proven to breakdown to make excellent compost within 8-10 weeks in a wormery (for further details see ‘Composting of Eco Nappies’ at www.ecobaby.ie). The minimum super-absorbent material used in the nappy gives excellent water retention properties to the compost which is especially relevant to our climate and water shortage issues. For more details see our FAQ page. How many trees do your nappies grow? A donation is made to Trees For Life for every box of Moltex eco nappies sold in Australia - so you are helping to revegetate & protect our native bushland. Click to see how your trees are growing. In addition we offset all import carbon emissions with Greening Australia's Breathe Easy program.

Leaks all the time

These just leak all the time.

Have been using bamboo nature which work really well but the moltex ones don't seem to fit as well (bub weighs 7kgs but it's a 4-9kg nappy). Constant pee leaks out the back of the nappy.

These are about 5-10c per unit more than bamboo nature so I won't be buying them again. Sadly I have about 40 left which is a lot when you only use 1-2 per day (use MCNs in the daytime). Anyone want a sample? Haha
Very little
Leaks, poor fit, pricey

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