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Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

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White Tea smells awesome but...

I use a dishwasher and only use this for things I don't put in the dishwasher but I did notice the difference in quality. Before if u added more than a drop u had a hard time getting rid of the suds down the drain. What I love about it is the White Tea fragrance, outstanding smell! Now just fix your formula, we aren't stupid on the "use more, buy more" tactic.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $1.97.

What has happened to morning fresh?

It used to cut through greasy washing up with a single squirt. Not any more. Rubbish, but the cost is the same. You are all so greedy.

Does a job and lasts long

Bought a bottle of Morning Fresh quite a while ago and amazed at how well it cuts through fat and dirt. A little goes an long way and a bottle lasts surprisingly long. Nice fragarnce as well.

Best dishwashing liquid

I have been using a very well known dishwashing liquid for years and I recently discovered the Morning Fresh, concentrated dishwashing liquid. Compared to the brand (Palmolive) I was using for years (that I noticed that has dropped their quality; need to use a lot to get a good wash) Morning Fresh concentrated liquid performed extra ordinarily well. It is value for money as it lasts lot longer than other brands as you need to use only one squirt do do a lot of dishes.
I strongly recommend others to try this product.

Not a patch on what it used to be

Stopped purchasing this product about two years ago when I decided to check the bottle to see where it was made.
Indonesia!, no longer made in Australia.
Confirmed my suspicion as the product is not the quality it was years ago.
What a foolish move by Cussons after many years of building a massive following customers are waking up and walking away.
Buy Australian made folks!

Does it's job

I used to buy "bio" and other environmental friendly dw liquids, but those were much weaker and needed to use way more from (more expensive products anyway).
Some components of MF are bio degradable as far as I know, which is good and it is more economic to use.

What happened?

A few drops of Morning Fresh would clean greasy pans even in tepid water. Now a tablespoon won’t cut through grease even in super hot water. It’s become much cheaper lately - always on special at the supermarket - and the reason is obvious. The interesting aspect of this is that we’d used the product unquestioningly for 25 years, and even though the deterioration started a few years ago we just kept buying it out of habit. I was even wondering whether it was the rain water we used that caused the poor performance!
Anyway, it’s reassuring to see so many similar posts. Perhaps Cussons (or whoever makes it these days) should concentrate less on pretty fragrances and more on making an efficient product


Been using MF for many years.

Occasionally, I've TRIED other products but keep returning to MF.

The ONLY other product with similar qualities is the Coles home-brand (probably comes off the same production line ?).

Have changed after 20 years of using it

We used 3 or 4 drops once and now need 20 drops and need to wash up quickly or the suds are gone ! I will not be buying this anymore !

If morning fresh was off the market it would be painful

Satisfied It cuts it everytime- I highly recommend Morning fresh I use it for mirrors dishes floors & general cleaning, I also tried it yesterday on removing nail polish from a cordoroy couch.Its the best product I have tested it,I am fustidios cleaner and will keep Morning fresh as top on the shopping list.Fresh as it's named Stands.Excellent all the Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Total Rubbish

This was once the bees knees of dish washing liquids, and so many of us just kept buying it. But recently I said to my wife, 'I don't think it's as good as it used to be' and she agreed. Low and behold I did some research and found it way down on the Choice list.
Have switched to Woollies Select brand and it is so much better and so much cheaper! I hope Cussons lose market share becuase they disrespected their loyal customers by weakenning their formula. They must know it as they have brought out an Ultra Concentrate Ultimate( as opposed to Ultra Concentrate) which is apparently OK, but who cares, damage is done, they've ripped us off and I won't be back. It's also 3 times cost of Woollies one and not really any better. Apparently ALDI one is good to.

Another company trying to cut corners

Disgraceful attempt at calling this product a concentrate. It's products like this that keep me returning to Aldi!! Profit before customer satisfaction. I suggest that the product they are putting in these bottles is a watered down version of the regular product. Hopeless

One word.... terrible product

has no cleaning power at all. I think thats why it is always on special. Otherwise no one would by this product any more! I give it 0 stars! Never ever.

Don't waste your money on this product!

This Morning Fresh doesn't even deserve 1 star. This product doesn't work at all. Try to wash Decor containers and non-stick pan to see what I mean. The containers will still be as oily and greasy after rubbing, rinsing 3 times in a row. Totally garbage!!!

Used to be good but now is RUBBISH

I have used this produt for decades, but not any more! Sick of the liquid getting weaker so you need to use more and the bottle going down in size to 900ml. And they treat their customers like idiots by putting "just one squirt is enough" on the bottle. One squirt could mean a teaspoon or half a cup! You would be far better off buying Woolworth's (or Coles') homebrand dish liquid at 99c per litre. Yes, you need to use more, but at that price, you still come out much better off. Earth Choice is another good buy at $2 per litre. It's not quite as strong as Morning Fresh, but it's less than one third the price. So good riddance forever, Cussons, with your lousy dishwashing liquid and dishonest marketing tactics. Have you never heard the saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'?

OK - I just dicovered from the Reject Shop a 675ml bottle of Morning Fresh, it says it's the original, and I highly recommend that. It's only $2.50 so you really can't go wrong.

Not what it was....

Thin and watery. After coming back from the UK, only to find whoever owns cussons has decided to save a few cents on one of their best selling products and produce absolute rubbish. So disappointed (about dishwashing liquid!!)

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has anyone considered where they bought it from. I'm thinking that I bought my (useless) morning fresh from COSTCO, which is probably a grey import from the states (where it is nothing like it use to be in Australia). There is someone else mentioning their bad batch was from a reject shop, which could have the same issue.

Absolutely useless

Morning fresh used to be a brilliant product , but somehow somewhere things have gone seriously wrong. Absolutely no suds and no grease cutting power. Couldn't help but notice the product is now made in Indonesia, is this a factor ? , one of the main ingredients seems to be totally missing , morning fresh now has no cleaning power whatsoever.
My advice is to stay well clear of this dishwashing liquid, if you use you will be literally throwing your money down the drain.

No problems

I dont remember ever having a problem washing my dishes with this dish washing liquid. Its ability to remove oil and greese is good. It works best with hot water.

Crap no more

I had the experience of the quality of this product going downhill - when I bought it from a cheap shop (Reject shop or similar) quite a few years ago and stopped using it for a short while however I bought it again, by accident, and found it was back to what it was - the best on the market only needing a couple of drops in the sink. I have to water it down as my husband has suds everywhere otherwise! I have used it when I have been caught out with no laundry detergent and it does a great job on that too, just a bit too sudsy for the purpose. I don't know where all these other disgruntled customers have been shopping. I just get it from Coles, Woolies or big W, whoever has it on a good special at the time. Maybe make sure it doesn't have anything but English on the labelling? Sorry Nunya, Rob B etc I think you may have a cheap copy!


Like most others used it for years but now it is useless, no sudds, no grease cutting power, and using so much it will be empty soon thank god. Will go and buy something from Aldi.

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