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Morphy Richards 48319

Morphy Richards 48319

2nd Generation (2017) and 1st Generation
2.9 from 20 reviews

over sensitive and unpredictable

Sadly the loaf browns around sides and bottom but not on top. The recipe quantities need to be reviewed by the company too; I have found that most of them require more water than stated. If the machine struggles with a slightly thicker dough mix (as per most of their recipes it seems), the machine starts a fit of appopletic beeping and resets it's self to the start of the programme again. Consequently, I daren't use the timer. It's Russisn roulette as to whether I will wake up with a loaf of bread or an uncooked lump of dough. As the first breadmaker I have ever owned, this is so disappointing and frustrating. I have successfully made pizza dough in it though - using my own recipe. I don't recommend this machine at all. A friend of mine has a different brand. I plan to chuck this piece of neurotuc machinery in the bin and buy the same brand he uses I think. At least I only used qantas points and about $50 to buy this one.....so luckily not a huge outlay.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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We apologise for the issues you are having with your breadmaker, and from the description you have given of the way it is operating, I would say that the unit may have be a faulty unit. You don't mention how long you have had the bread maker but please be aware it has a 24month replacement warranty and I would suggest you return it to the place of purchase along with your receipt for a replacement.


I bought this as a replacement for my old Breville breadmaker, which is still working but slowly dying. It's bad to say but the old breadmaker blows this one out of the water. The loaf that comes out is always smaller (in height) than the old breadmaker and the crust less crunchy on max setting. This is okay, not that I'm happy with it but I can live with it, but what is not okay is the control failures. Touching the stainless steel can at times cause the controls to go nuts, sometimes resetting the entire cycle mid-run. The light will turn on and off mid cycle by itself at times (with a maddening beep at times useful as a death metal metronome) and needs to be turned on and off manually to stop it. I am extremely disappointed by the build quality, especially as it cost over $200, this kind of thing is totally unacceptable

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Thank you for your review, I apologise for the issues you are having with your Morphy Richards bread maker. They are not within the normal functioning ranges of the unit and as part of the Glen Dimplex Australia group, the Morphy Richards range of electric product are sold with a 24 month ‘replacement only’ warranty in Australia. Your product is currently within this manufacturer’s warranty, please simply arrange return of your unit to your place of purchase along with your invoice/ proof of purchase to receive a replacement. Should you require any further assistance in relation to this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us again at any time.

Use it every day

Machine is good but I have been making bread for 30 years and never found ingredients of recipes correct. The bread is only as good as the correct amount of ingredients in the mix. Takes a number of trails before the right quantities are found. Makes perfect loaf if the mix is right.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Bread maker: New as Good as Old

Frequently it is stated that modern products aren’t as good as older versions; recently the opportunity arose to determine if that applied to bread makers. Just over a decade ago I purchased a bread maker against the sales assistant’s advise and it lasted just over two weeks. With tails between legs I returned the item, and this time purchased the originally recommended product a Morphy Richards Model 48319, albeit at almost twice the price of the original purchase.
Being diabetic bread baking is important due to lower sugar, fat and salt content and therefore the bread-making process is a regular activity, at least twice a week. Usage increases over the school holidays when the young ones descend.
After ten years of constant use the bread maker was showing signs of old age, in particular the heating element, resulting in the 1kg loaves did not rise or brown as well as previously. Whilst a stringent repairer/recycler the cost of restoring the old unit outweighed the price of a new one – expecting the new upgraded to be inferior.
Before purchasing other brands were trialled, with those in a similar price category performing well, albeit they had their differences – some not able to produce the size loaf required. Best the devil you know syndrome took over. Whilst Morphy Richards state that their products have been upgraded, the user is unaware of the changes. It is as robust and reliable as the decade old unit.
For those intending to continuous bake bread, cake, jams, etc don’t be tempted to the low cost units … for a last product be prepared to evaluate only quality items, suggesting that the Morphy Richards Model 48319 with fruit/nut dispenser being on the selection list.

Very short lived Breadmaker.

No receipt as was a Christmas present. Lasted approx 14 months of use, not continuous. Pan needs to be replaced as Possibly it may fix the problem. Paddle support falls out as split washer worn out. Pan also flicks to off location before finishing cycle. Have contacted Glen Dimplex Australia for support and received a "political" response....lots of words without committing to anything including only advising me to buy a new pan at Au$70.00. Loved the operation of the machine and found it to be user friendly. Will try a different brand now.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Consistently good results, reliable and sturdy

This breadmaker is good for making salt free or gluten free bread. Replace the salt with a little gluten flour and lemon juice, and youll have a healthy loaf that doesnt send you blood pressure sky high. It has 18 baking options including sweet loaf, gluten free and two that you can set up with knead and raising settings you will reuse. Theres a nut and fruit dispenser that means you dont have to lift the lid at the right time to add them. You can lift the lid to add a little flour/liquid if it looks too we/dry after first kneading.
Its a reliable, sturdy machine that will take your own recipe and give consistent results. I love it, its my heart-saver.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Hi Sevastian.. Thank you so much for your review of our product. We very much appreciate your feedback!!

Very happy.

I'm not what some of the other reviewers are doing? But I haven't had a dodgy loaf yet. I follow the instructions & recipes provided in the manual & every loaf has been perfect.

Total Piece of crap.

I have tried a few times to make a normal loaf of bread with this machine.
Total fail even when following the directions to the letter.
It doesn't mix well and it doesn't knead well.
If the warranty hadn't expired I'd take it back.

The ancient Panasonic I had totally kicked it's terrible.

Back to Panasonic.

Paddle cooks in the loaf

I've been making bread for over 30 years, and using a bread machine for over 20 years.
Very upset that I threw out my old reliable machine to replace it with this newer, supposedly 'state of the art' Morphy Richards 48319.
1/ The instructions are abysmal! (and I know how to make bread with a bread machine!) You have to flip forward and back through the manual to work out how to make a basic loaf of bread.
2/ The controls are very hard to use - I've had to hold the buttons down continuously and repeatedly to get them to work
3/ The ingredients don't mix properly, leaving flour blobs in the middle and outside of the loaves
4/ The loaves don't rise properly, and often have dense pockets throughout the loaves
5/ But the absolute worst and most annoying thing is that the paddle stays in the loaf after cooking, and when you remove it from the loaf, it leaves a gaping hole in the bottom of the loaf!!! I didn't realise this with the first loaf, so hit the blade with the knife when cutting it (so the paddle had been in the loaf for over a day by this stage, YUK)
Do NOT buy this bread machine, and check the paddle attachment on any bread machine you do buy

A well designed bread machine is an amazing kitchen appliance, but this isn't it

Unexpected bread height and density

This is my second Morphy Richards bread machine. The first had a square tin and worked fine until it (probably) needed a belt change (became noisy) which is impossible.
The 48319 has a design flaw it cannot handle the rectangular tin. That's why the tin "dances" during operation and that's why bread shape and density are unexpected. My main problem is the touch panel. Everything works fine except for the on/off operation (long push on touch button). Sometimes I struggle with the button for 10 minutes before the machine will start. Does anybody know if service is capable of replacing the touch panel or should I look for a new machine?
The programmability
zero reliability

Awful. Wast of money and time

Here is copy of our e'mail to customercare UK

I have come to the end of my tether with this machine.
It has never worked properly from the outset and the paddle falling to pieces has been the final straw.

I contacted your customer services department in November 2011 to report the faults with the machine but was so badly treated by the representative I gave up exasperated and tried to continue using the machine using the only workable programme (homemade programme No.16) using my own developed settings which gave an acceptable product. However this is just a ridiculous position to be in and now that the paddle has self destructed I am driven to demand satisfaction.

Some background: I am an experienced user of Morphy Richards bread makers having been the very happy and contented owner of two 48268 Fastbakes previously. When the last of those reached the end of its life I decided to "upgrade" to the 48319 machine.

This machine has been a disaster. It will not produce a decent loaf using the standard programmes giving as dense brick.
If used on the dough setting alone the mixture can be cooked successfully in the oven. It also has developed the habit of throwing the pan off its mounts during the cycle and rattling around in the machine and this has to be locked down into its locating lugs whilst in operation (but at rest).

When speaking to the customer services representative he continued to go round in circles with his spiel, obviously not listening to the comments I was making where I described the problems in detail. He kept returning to tell me to buy an Allinson's ready mix and try that.
Given that I had several times explained that we had used many different yeasts and other ingredients and also that as stated above, the loaf could be successfully cooked if using the dough setting alone it was obvious that he had either no idea what he was talking about or was just trying to fob me off. Being in the position he was in it I think it was safe to assume the latter was the case. But just to prove the point I cooked a loaf with the mix anyway and got the same poor results.
cannot make good bread

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I agree. This is the second replacement and has the problem of the basket working loose and ending up sideways in the machine without mixing the ingredients.

Pan comes loose

The first time we used this breadmaker it worked perfectly. However, since then the pan hasn't seated properly. That is, one can seat it, but when the pan revolves it somehow becomes disconnected. Consequently the dough doesn't rise and the end product is a rock-hard bun. On looking up help Morphy Richards website, I discovered the options given for signing in were restricted. For example, only two countries were listed: UK or Ireland. Hence if I want to complain I need to phone, a little hard in our rural area.
Looks good
pan becomes disconnected. Difficulty in contacting manufacturer

I agree totally have the same problemWe finally got a personal response from the company from whom we bought the breadmaker. They offered a refund, but we live out in the rural area (which is why we bought the breadmaker), and it was difficult to send the item back. My husband's reaction was to shut it away in a cupboard and forget about it. After two unsatisfactory products (we bought a "quality" griddle, and a leg broke off) I hesitate to buy such goods online again.

Works well

I bought this breadmaker around June 2011. I have used it in a few different houses and it did trip the electricity in a house with older wiring. In this case, I suggest you reset the fuse and try another powerpoint. I have been baking a few different loaves in it and it has generally worked nicely. These included bread mixes, scones and the brand's own recipes for various breads (sweet, savoury etc). Results have been good. My parents particularly like this breadmaker and have half stolen it off me. Consistency of the bread is different to store-bought stuff and makes especially good toast. There are lots of options with this machine and I am still trying the different functions.
Makes good bread. Easy to clean. Sturdy build and attractive design
Measures are in pounds not kilos (english brand). Has tripped electricity in an old house

This machine hasn't let us down, not once.

We LOVE fresh bread. The smell. The texture. The warmth of a fresh loaf and crunch of the crust. And most importantly, the ability to make it ourselves - any time.

We're not overly adventurous with our bread making, and we only bake about once a month, so I wouldn't expect ANY machine to struggle with a pretty simple program and limited amount of use, and this machine hasn't let us down, not once.

I am bewildered by the reviews that say this machine is incapable of producing an edible loaf.
I'll get to that later.

The finish of the machine itself is great (matches the rest of our appliances), it's exceptionally fast to choose a program, and easy to clean.
The internal light keeps me coming back like a moth to a flame (or an impatient child) to sneak a peek - isn't that half the fun?

The form factor of the machine means it will produce a 'tall' loaf rather than 'long' one if you bake them full size.
To combat that, and because we don't eat a lot of bread, we reduced our ratios and changed the program. We now produce a loaf about 1/2 to 2/3 of the baking basket. Perfect size for us.

I think the biggest 'failure' of any bread maker, is ... not necessarily the bread maker. I'm sorry if I offend you. It is always going to be getting your mixture and ratios right, understanding how the ingredients react together, and understanding that those mixtures and ratios aren't necessarily going to produce the same result, in different machines. So, a bit of trial and error was required to get us in the 'sweet spot' for the loaf we like to make - in terms of both mixtures, and program.

We definitely blew some mixture getting this right - maybe 5 loaves, but glad we didn't throw in the towel early.

My only suggestion is to have a play with it!
I use program 3 which produces the best loaf for us, but is NOT the program they suggest for our mixture.
It's a shame it works out that way, but it's personal preference.

We use a 'Laucke' Multigrain premix, in either the 5kg bag, or the smaller box with 4 packets (can't remember the size).

What we like - Not too dense (use more yeast), no gaping holes (use less yeast) and a nice golden crust (baking time / program).

A benefit and potential trap of this machine (and I imagine others), is the 'keep warm' feature. It's OK for up to maybe 15 minutes. But any more than that, and you get a fair bit of condensation which can soften your perfect crust!

We discovered and were advised, that if you're doing a delayed start, as we often do, it is important to put your ingredients in, in a specific order, and be very careful about it. Water first. Then bread mixture - leaving no water uncovered. Then yeast. And, DO NOT let the yeast touch the water! Otherwise it will start reacting before you want it to.
If you're doing an instant bake, it doesn't matter as it's going to get mixed straight away.

Compared to my other family members' bread makers, the strength of this one is definitely the crust.
The others fail to produce a consistently golden, crunchy crust. This thing will do it all day.
What the others do, is produce a 'better shaped' loaf. Long, not tall.

The only (inconsistent) gripe I have with this machine is that the "unique collapsible kneading blade" can come out of the basket when you tip the bread out. Which, is a product of it 'collapsing', which allows a layer of crust to bake underneath it and pull the blade out. It's not a huge deal, I just get a metal skewer and lever it out of the bread - but it just takes the shine off an otherwise 'Excellent' machine.

It happens maybe 60% of the time and is the reason for losing a star.
I'm a tough marker - but I'd give it 4.5 if I could.

Once out, a quick wipe down of the non-stick surface is all you need.

It's also worth mentioning that this is not just a bread maker, it makes other doughs, pizza bases, jams etc. We just haven't tried those.
Easy to clean, program and use. Consistent loaves and crust. 5 year warranty. Cheaper than alternatives
Blade comes off sometimes

Thank you for such a thorough comment on the machine. Very helfpful, and the info about how you get best results! Awesome.Haven't got my machine yet but can't wait to start baking. Thanks for all the tips

Not very good at all

I have bought this item 8 months ago the first one blew the fuses, the second one was good for approx 10 bread and started playing up bread not rising and only seem to bake little bricks. I rang the store and you get the usual run a round try this and than try this.
I would advise everyone to skip this machine as a friend of mine bought the same and has similar problems.
the look
everything is wrong with this machine

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I agree. It is the worst breadmaker I have had. It doesn't knead bread dough so produces small bricks instead of a nicely risen loaf. It is noisy and leaves a lot of flour in the corners of the pan. I have never had problems with making bread before but this machine is just useless.


Simply awsome, i did much research after my sanyo lasted 13 years, this machine is fantastic after two weeks of solid baking every day, very quiet, no viabrations, easy twist action of the bread tin putting in and taking out, the colapsable paddle still leaves hole but is much smaller than old machine, bread falls right out every time, i like lightest crust setting for white bread, also keeps bread warm when finished if you forget to get it out, so bread doesnt go soggy and the timer counts to let you know how long it has been ready, very happy so far.
very quiet, competitive price, internal light, heaps of functions.

Terrible, only fit for the dump.

Probably the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. wish I didn't throw out the old one, it at least had a 99% success rate. There is no way way i would recommend this machine to anyone.
Would be lucky if 1:10 even turns out, yesterdays attempt did not even mix the dough properly.
Have contacted the company. Lets see if they respond.

Poor success rate in actual bread making!

If I could rate it 0 stars, I would!

This breadmaker does not produce anything edible. I have tried many different recipes (The provided recipe book is very hard to read) and premixes, but none turned out a good loaf of bread. It doesn't bake well, with the bottom of the loaf always super dense. It does not mix well, with the corners of the tin often piles of flour! It also short-circuits my house when switching to bake mode.

In one word: Horrible!

Doesn't bake, doesn't mix, short circuits the house.

Sounds like you have a wiring problem in your house if it is tripping the circuit breaker. Or the unit has a electrical fault in either case you need to get it checked out. Have you used a bread maker before, at all???I tested it to make sure it wasn't my house - tripped in two separate locations, so definitely the unit. Also yes this was my 2nd machine after my faithful panasonic died after 10 years of use.


So far extremally happy with it. Lots of different functions which I haven't tried yet. Oh, and it also looks great.

My neighbours checked it out, sampled the bread and straight away went to buy the same model.
Only bought it a few weeks ago and it's my first breadmaker, but it's so easy to use and bakes great bread every time. Love the collapsible blade - though it has to be dug out from the finished loaf, it doesn't leave a big hole. I've used it on several different rye mixes (bought a pack of six samples) and each loaf was great. Best on highest crust setting for nice crust.
Not a problem as far as I'm concerned, but it does take more room than some smaller, more upright machines.

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Do you still feel the same, now? Thank you! Alisa

This is my best friend, after the dishwasher, in the kitchen.

Took me a while to find the best flour but now that I have I get good, consistent results - perfect bread every time.
The look was also important for me - it looks terrific on my bench.
The recipies are easy to follow and I am starting to experiment with different mixes - with good results.
Easy to use and keep clean.

Questions & Answers

Is normal on pizza dough setting no 14 that there is a delay of approx 30 min before it starts up
1 answer
Should the machine start working as soon as you have programmed it?

I find it hard to program. I press the plus button at the top and it will go to about program 3 then back to 2 then maybe up to 7 then back to 6. Sometimes I just cant get it to go to 14 Pizza no matter what I do. I then use my cheap Breville which is super easy to program and try the Morphy Richards next week. Sometimes it will go right through to 14, its just a crap shoot. I would like to make pizza doughin my Morphy Richards and a loaf of bread in my Breville at the same time, but this is not to be. Can anyone tell me if holding my mouth a different way will help?
2 answers
The only thing I suggest is what I did, just tip the whole thing in the trash can. I was running out of patience with the stupid thing, it has been the worse appliance I ever bought. I know this is not going to help you - but I am sure that is what you end up doing with that piece of [censored word removed]. My machine moves easily through the numerical sequence. I have never experienced any difficulty programming it. It sounds as though the machine is faulty. Time to test Morphy Richards customer service - good luck!

Hi Just wondering from the people who have reviewed this appliance are they still happy with the machine since their reviews. Thank you
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Very happy, haven't bought a loaf of bread since! Had one small problem with the collapsible paddle. It consists of two parts and the pin holding them came out while mixing. I meant to claim it under warranty but the husband fixed it up and so far it works ok. I use it on fairly heavy rye mixes.


48319 2nd Generation (2017)48319 1st Generation
Price (RRP) $249.95$249.95
Max Loaf Size1Kg1Kg
Number of Programs1919
Preset Timer (hours)1212
Release dateJan 2011

  • MPN: 48319
  • GTIN13: 5011832031259

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