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Mosi-guard Natural

Mosi-guard Natural

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Awesome product

Totally awesome product. We live near mangroves and as a result, the midgies are horrendous. Local council no longer sprays, as the mangroves are protected. For the first time in years I have been able to have a normal life outside. No longer a prisoner in my own home.
Cannot recommend highly enough.

Can’t recommend less!!!

Yes, it works to repel insects (even in tropical countries we travel to) and it smells pleasant(not too strong too). Most importantly, my eczema-prone kid is not reacting to its natural ingredients!!!!! Very satisfied with it and won’t even consider other products.

A superior product to tropical DEET

Just want to add that I'm another convert to this product. Mosquito's love us and we tried both a well known brand tropical strength DEET and Mosi-guard in Sri Lanka. The Mosi-guard worked better, smelled better and doesn't have the horrible toxicity and dangerous side effects of DEET. Won't use anything else now.

Actually works

I've taken it to beach houses etc. a few times. After my first mosquito bite I apply it liberally - and have NEVER received another bite afterwards. Normally I'm the guy who attracts every mosquito for miles around even when no one else is being bitten. So far it's been 100% effective. Careful not to accidentally rub it in your eyes it stings a bit : ) Much safer than DEET however, according to current knowledge.

Works better than anything else!!

I get very bad skin reaction to mosquito bites. Living in Queensland, being a parent of two young children and therefore spending a lot of time outside; means that I need to use mosquito repellant every day. Before I discovered this product, I had no choice but to use the DEET containing products they sell in pharmacies. This is better than even the strongest DEET because it is totally natural and safe to use (even on small children). I use the pump spray liberally on exposed skin without fear of chemicals. I like the smell (although I wish I could wear perfume rather than smelling of this stuff constantly!) and most importantly.. IT WORKS. Works better than anything else!! For the first time EVER my arms and legs are free of mosquito bites even though it is summer. Make sure you spray it NEAR the skin that sweats most - like near under arms (mosquitos are attracted to sweat). I buy mine from Camping Solutions. At 26 dollars for a pump spay bottle, it seems expensive, but if you need to protect yourself or your children; it is money you happily part with.

Unbelievably good for a natural product

The first time I travelled to Africa I used a Deet based mosquito repellent and a standard anti-malarial. Both made me feel unwell. I have since travelled there twice using Mosi-guard and homeopathic antimalarials. The Mosi-guard almost makes the need for antimalarials redundant it works so well. I HIGHLY recommend this product and am astounded that it's not stocked everywhere repellent is sold. Why use Deet when you can use something that doesn't poison you? I would still wash it off before going to bed as it must be strong even if it is natural. To add to its efficacy it also smells great. I am confused why I have to order it from England though.

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Shame they don't seem to make the sticks though .. I preferred it to the roll on and it lasted longer

Mosi-Guard is incredible!

My partner and i recently travelled to South America and spend a lot of time in the Bolivian jungles and also Mexican Jungles. We were adamant to use a natural alternative to repelling mosquitos, ticks and all the other creepy crawlies in the jungle so we tried Mosi-Guard. We were utterly surprised at how well it worked. The hundreds of mosquitos that continually surrounded us, didn’t dare go near our skin, same as the ticks. It works so powerfully, smells so fresh and we are so lucky to find such an impressive product. We met many other travellers who had skin conditions and even burns from using DEET, and i am so glad i found Mosi-Guard. Thank You!

Best for sandflies and mosquitos

I lived in a place in the tropical rainforest right next to the water - next to mangroves. Sandfly heaven. I am very allergic, I was coming up in blisters and getting new bites every day no matter how careful I was until I found Mosi-guard. I had tried everything. Natural remedies, DEET, local remedies such as baby oil and dettol. Sandflies are not like mosies, they don't care about smell, they look for any exposed skin so your skin has to be covered or coated. It is very hot and sweaty there, regular insect repellent came off when I sweated, scratched or it rubbed off then the sandflies would find that spot. Mosi-guard is better because it soothes any existing bites so you scratch less and it stays on the skin but you can't feel it. Tip - You don't feel that sandflies are biting you until after about 20mins so don't wait until you can feel them, make sure you put it on as soon as you get up, or before go into sandfly territory. I used to put it on every morning and every afternoon about 3. I wouldn't want to do that with chemical repellants. I felt better using it for my daughter as well. They didn't bite between 10 and 3 if the weather was sunny. It lasts about 4 hrs but you should reapply sooner if you are sweating.

The best repellent, 100% natural.

I live in Far North Queensland where biting insects are ferocious!
I recently bought this product because it is natural. I gave some to my granddaughter as she goes camping with her partner and 2 young children, she was using a chemical repellent which didn't work and was delighted to find that mozigard did.
It is a roll on product and has a pleasant smell, it also is not greasy on the skin.
As there are no shops here that stock it, I bought it over the net, it arrived quickly.
Everything; it works to repell mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks and is natural,

Questions & Answers

How does this work to repel March flies?
2 answers
Don't know sorry. I've only used it for mosquitoesIt is great for March flies, it keeps them away. I have used it that way. Also if you get bitten by a march fly put vinegar on as soon as possible, it will sting for a split second, but if you are like me it will save a couple of weeks of itching. Mosiguard has also been tested with leeches, though I haven't tested that. It works for all sorts, and in all sorts of environments, like the tropics of Borneo.


Mosi-guard Natural
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