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Mother-ease One Size

Mother-ease One Size

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These Nappies do not leak!

I have tried four nappy brands (Hippybottomus, Baby Beehins, Biobums and Mother-ease. they all have pluses and minuses. The mother-ease are fantastic in that iv found they never leak, over night i use a booster insert or double inserts and have not had a leak yet, where as the other brands are hit and miss for over night use. However they do leave a red mark on babies thighs (nothing serious) but for that reason i only use these nappies at night and use other nappy brands during the day. They are also expensive. I like the idea of air flow nappies though it is hard to tell whether it really works. if you need a no leak nappy i suggest forking out and getting a few of these.
no leaks over night, good quality
leaves marks on babies thighs, slightly trickier to put on

Love them! So glad I have them

I am so very happy my little bug fits in the one size nappy at four and a half weeks old. They are so easy to use, cooler for her to be in (especially on this forty degree day) and no signs of any rash! Washing is easy & they stay so soft (line dried) day after day. I am so happy I have these for the environmental and economical benefits MCN's offer and their ease of use - few seconds longer than a disposable after one day
Soft, breathable

Really easy to use :)

I have been using the one-size on my baby since July, when he was 7.5kg to now when he is just over 9kg, with mother-ease Medium air-flow covers (they are the ones with snaps) and I really really like them. Having snaps on the nappy I find is really helpful and quick to change. They are very quick to dry (but I do live in a very dry, sunny climate out here in country NSW). On the occasion when I forget to put a flushable liner in, I have swished the nappy in the toilet and brushed with the toilet brush, and no stains after washing. As for sizing, I started on the small setting and am now on the medium, so its looking like they will last a good while. :)
Like the feel of them.

Great nappy that will last!

I have quite a few different nappies in my stash and these ones are great. When my bubba was younger I would save these nappies for his sleep times as they have great absorbency and I have never had a leak from them. I have been using my nappies for about 12 months now and they are lasting fantastically. I have no doubt I will be able to use them for my next child.
As other people have mentioned, they are quite bulky, they are even still noticeably more bulky on my 15 month old than all of my other nappies. I do think this is one of the few disadvantages to using a fitted nappy with a cover.
I haven't noticed too much time difference in putting on the nappy with the cover as compared to the all in one nappy though. I fold my nappies with a liner inside and the cover one the outside and it all goes under him together.
The only regret I have is buying some with a stay dry liner sewn in. You don't need it, long term it is actually better for toilet training to feel the moisture after urinating anyway. The stay dry liner will pill if washed with terry nappies or towels and my nappies without it just feel softer!
Durability, absorbency.
Stay dry liner, bulkiness.

Great Nappy

I love this nappy! Used with the Mother Ease covers (Rikki and Air Flow) and I’ve never had a leak. As other reviews state, this nappy is a bit bulky on a young baby but when you consider that it’s going last until toilet training (less outlay $$$)… I think it’s worth it. Its extremely bulky if your child is less than 5kg – go for a sized MCN or disposables in the early days. Also may increase your child’s clothing size (i.e. my baby would have still fitted into her 000, but with the bulkiness of the nappy had to wear 00 about two weeks early).

I’ve found these much easier to wash / care for than my pocket nappies. I use disposable liners in these and at the end of the day I give them a quick rinse and throw them into the machine. In a Melbourne winter they take about 24 hours to dry and even though I’ve been unable to hang them outside they still don’t have any stains. They take longer than a disposable to put on a wriggling baby especially with the cover. They are perfect to use unfastened as a ‘protective layer’ when transferring a baby from bath to change mat, or to lay flat under babe during nappy-free time.
Very absorbent. Excellent quality. Easy to care for.
Bulky on small babies. Requires a cover.


I have the full time set, which is 24 nappies (I got unbleached cotton), 12 boosters, and 4 air flow covers (small). We were given a few packs of newborn size disposables, so I started using Mother Ease when my son was 4 weeks old (around 3.5kg) and never looked back! They were really big on him at first, and he didn't fit into 0000 clothes anymore, but after a month or so they looked fine. He's 5 months old now and we've recently started using the boosters in his night nappies. As he gets older I'll probably buy more boosters to use in the day nappies as well. I also bought covers in M, L, and XL (he needed M covers around 4 months). I wash every 2nd day, put the nappies through a rinse by themselves, then add the rest of his clothes/blankets/etc and hot wash with detergent, and line dry whenever the weather permits. They dry faster than all-in-ones and there's no folding and stuffing like with pocket nappies. I would recommend these to anyone.
Environmentally friendly, adjustable size, easy to use and wash, high quality materials, reasonably priced
Nothing yet!

Excellent and efficient service every time

I have been ordering Mother-ease products from Nip Naps Australia for the past two and a half years and have been very happy with the fast and efficient service. Also the products are of an excellent quality and are long lasting. I would recommend Nip Naps to anyone who wants to use cloth nappies and is not able to source nappy covers locally.
fast and efficient service


This nappy is a functional nappy for babies around 9-18 months but I find that it doesn't fit the other sizes well. I wouldn't fill my nappy stash with these nappies although a 2-4 of these in a large stash would be quite serviceable. My favourite aspect of this nappy is that it has its own fastenings, rather than requiring a cover or fastener over the top, so I use it on its own while I am toilet training.
Simple, nice shape, fastens itself (rather than requiring a fastener).
Very big, Is far too big for a newborn or baby under six months.


I love these nappies and am so happy I bought them, the money is well worth it and I think the savings we'll make on nappies and wipes (I use cloth there too) make this an excellent investment not only for our first child but for our second as well.
I like virtually everything about these nappies. I did a great deal of research before purchasing them and I am confident that these are the best on the market. The quality is so excellent that just by looking at them you can see they are going to last and last. I bought mine from Nip Naps online and the owner told me that Mother-ease really take their product quality and performance very seriously and have been making nappies for over 20 years. I think they've designed close to the perfect cloth nappy.

They are very easy to use - my husband was unsure of going to cloth nappies after having used disposables and even he now says they are just as convenient to put on. Their absorbance is excellent as well. I'm using these on my 4 month old daughter at night without a booster at the moment and they last 8 hours overnight without any complaint from her.

I also recommend using the reusable liner with these nappies as they keep the wetness away from baby's bum and it also makes cleaning the poo easier and you can throw in the liners in with the nappies when you wash them.

These nappies also wash really well. I have been washing them every day and have had no staining at all despite some very colourful poo!
The only thing that was a problem with these nappies was using them on Eliza as a newborn. I felt they were too bulky on her so I did wait 2 months before I started to use them but now I use them full time.


These nappies are great, I am so glad I invested in them. I've looked at other brands and the practicalities of drying time, durability, versatility, how to clean them, absorbency and affordability and I am really happy I made the choice to go with the mother-ease one-size.
These nappies are so versatile. They adjust nicely to fit my growing baby, are a great night-time nappy if you add a booster, and they line dry pretty quickly compared with all-in-ones. They are great value for money as you can use them from birth (if your baby is 3.5kg or more - my little one came early and was smaller so we used the Sandie's XS for the first 2-3 months).
Maybe a little bulky trying to fit the nappy under 0000 clothes, looks a little big in some 000 clothes, but really nice in 00 clothes and beyond.


Finally a cloth nappy that actually does the job it's meant to do! I have tried a few types of cloth nappies now and have found that the Mother Ease nappies are the only ones that never leak and are easy to use. Yes, they're a more expensive nappy, but what's the point of buying a cheaper nappy if it leaks all the time?!
Doesn't leak, and easy to do up and adjust according to baby's size. Using a liner makes it easy to use and clean.
Bulky - as the previous reviewer commented, these nappies are certainly on the bigger side and can make a little baby look quite rolly-poly around the middle!


I bought a "full-time" Mother Ease package of 24 nappies. I bought it from Nip Naps who allowed me to change any item within 6 months of purchase as long as it was unwashed and unused. I ended up with 12 "Stay dry" one-size and a mix of extra-small and small Sandys. The one-size Stay dry is BRILLIANT - much better than cotton and bamboo. It keeps baby's skin dry, washes easily and dries faster than the others (esp bamboo). I use it for up to 8 hours at night and it's never leaked. I use the Stay dry boosters and disposable liners to keep poo contact down. Poo stains disappear like magic if the nappy dries in the sun.
One-size Stay dry is BRILLIANT - much better than cotton and bamboo. It keeps baby's skin dry, washes easily and dries faster than the others (esp bamboo).
Too bulky for newborns. I had a 9-pound (4.1kg) baby and they're still too bulky looking at 4 months so I only use them at night when I need the Stay dry feature. Go for Sandy's x-small (newborn to 3 months) and Sandy's small for those first few months instead.

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More than 2 years after writing this, we're still using these nappies. We've tried several other brands but none of them have come close to the Mother Ease stay dry. We have NEVER had a poo leak. Not once. Can't say that about any other brand we've tried (including Itti Bitti Tuttos - what a failure!). At night we use up to 3 boosters to keep our big wetting toddler dry - no problem as long as you make sure the cover fully encloses all the cloth.


I have twelve of the bamboo and twelve cotton nappies and use these full time. I wash every second day. We used them from around 6 weeks for bub 1 but will definately use from birth from the 2nd one (now we are practised). The nappies fit comfortably and washing is easy - dry pale and hot wash. Middle of winter and we need to leave out to dry longer sometimes put them in dryer for 15 mins to finish drying or leave out longer. Both kinds breath very easy. I have a very hot baby and have no nappy rash when he uses these nappies. As soon as he is in a disposable nappy its a different story. I cannot recommend these enough and they are one size which means he will wear them until potty trained!
the bamboo are soft and comfy, both breath well
bamboo longer drying time


I purchased around 17 one-size nappies - in cotton, stay dry, and bamboo, to compare the different fabrics. Time will tell if the stay dry fabric endures as well as the cotton, but if I had my purchase over, I probably would have purchased all Stay Dry, or at least, all stay dry boosters to line the cotton nappies with.

I am the biggest fan of the mother ease one-size. Although they were a tad bulky between the legs on a newborn, they were definitely less bulky than the several other one-size nappies I had in the pocket style. The poppers allow really great customised fit, and best of all, they are easy to clean because they are essentially flat. (This means those of you using a 'Little Squirt' or equivalent can hang the nappy flat in the toilet to spray it down. Making for no-fuss clean up, unlike other nappies with elasticized pockets and ruffles).

They also dry really quickly, as they have only a few layers of cotton in the nappy itself, and rely on external boosters to pump up the absorbency. This was an important consideration for us, given the limited sunshine we get in winter in Melbourne, and not having a drier.

They may not be the cutest or sexiest nappies on the market, but simplicity is key here. Plus, you have the market knowledge that these are seriously hard-wearing, and reliable, as they have been around since the early 90's, and have lots of positive customer feedback to testify to their endurance.

These newer models with the stay dry lining, will hopefully endure as well as the plain cotton nappies.
Soft, stretchy fabric hugs the curves and keeps everything in. Stay dry lining fabric not only keeps baby's skin dry, but also makes for easier clean up (with Little Squirt or handwashing). Stay dry lining most stain resistant mother ease fabric. The One-Size nappy really does fit from newborn to toddler.
Stay-dry fabric is a poly fabric which is up against the skin, instead of the cotton. However, this hasn't caused any problems for us. The wet cotton is definitely more irritating than the Stay-Dry fabric. Stay dry fabric has pilled a little, after a couple of months of use. Need to use booster with all one-size nappies if they are to last more than around 2 hours (but the Stay-Dry boosters are FABULOUS, so its not really a con)


We love these nappies. I've washed every 2nd - 3rd day, dry pailed, line dried with a 5 minute finish in the dryer for extra softness when needed. They've fitted our little boy perfectly since he was 1 month (around 5 kilos), and now he is an extremely active toddler they are still perfect with a BAMBOO booster snapped in.
When we bought our first set 18 months ago, we became BAMBOO converts! Extremely absorbent and soft, they kicked the plain cotton completely out of the scene. They still as good as when we first used them on our 1 month old, but they are made from one of the most renewable and environmentally friendly fibres to date, that require far less pesticides and chemicals to process than cotton.
Can't say anything negative.


I have a large variety of cloth in my stash including all in ones, pockets, one sized and fitted nappies. These are a great one sized nappy when they do fit. My partner found them easy to use and once my boy got bigger he preferred them over our fitted cloth and cover ones with the Velco fasteners.
Good quality and easy to use. I like the cloth and cover system for the 'bullet proof' aspect when it comes to exploding poo.
They do need boosting as bubs gets older. My son outgrew them before he reached to upper weight range but this has been common with most one sized nappies we have used.


These nappies are fantastic quality and fanastic value if you don't mind doing a bit of extra washing. So much better for the environment than throwing out disposables all the time and better than using chemical-ridden nappies on your baby.
Comes in organic cotton, regular cotton, bamboo, and has a stay-dry liner option. Baby doesn't have to wear a cover with it all the time at home so it helps with nappy rash. Fits a range of sizes to keep you from buying new sizes as your baby grows.
These may not fit really tall babies, so when your bub gets to around 2 1/2 you may need to buy a set of something else.


I bought a 24 fulltime package initially to use with my daughter who now is nearly 3 (toilet trained) and now I use them with my 8 month old son. The nappies still look new. The covers are cute and I have had maybe 2-3 leakages in the whole time I have used them. Tip: Put the covers in a lingerie bag to clean to avoid any velcro ruining them.
One size fits all
Easy to use
Nothing really, though I had to stop using them when my daugher was about 18 months old as I found I had to change her too often.


Very good quailty nappies that last a long time, work really well, can be adjusted for pretty much any size and will save you stacks of money. :)
Great nappy, fits all sizes and lasts forever. We bought ours a few years ago for our first and are reusing them again now for our second and they still look as new.
None. I'd recommend them to anyone.


These are a wonderful reusable nappy. They are easy to use and absorb well. These nappies do require a cover. I found they were quite absorbant for us during the day but at night would be quite wet. Even after a lot of washes the nappies still look quite good. They dried quite quickly for us. The one size lasted us from about 3 months till 18 months. They probably would have fit longer but we weren't using many nappies then.
These were a good value nappy as they fit many sizes. Soft and easy to use. The snaps worked well. They washed and dried easily and wore well.
Was not absorbant enough for us for night.

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