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Bubblebubs Ai2 Candies

Bubblebubs Ai2 Candies

4.8 from 100 reviews

Unbelievably great nappies and more

This brand is the greatest. All of their products are well considered, quality and gorgeous.
I did lots of research all through pregnancy and these were a clear front runner. After checking out several brands I was confident buying a full stash of this brand. Even second hand nappies look great and work as well as brand new.
I started with bamboo flats. Perfect for my premmie baby. So soft and absorbent and I love knowing that I can keep using these no matter her size. Perfect when you need quick drying simplicity.
Covers are a generous size. Unfortunately they were too big to start with on my 2.1kg bubba. So I used different brands temporary which only confirmed how much I loved the quality feel of Bubblebubs material and the foolproof double gusset. Their hook and loop is fantastic, it does collect fluff, securely attaches and is soft to touch.
The all-in-2s, candies, are phenomenal. Gets a great fit that is absorbent, dry on the bum, cute to look at and can contain anything. I was nervous about using side snaps because I had no idea how they’d work but they are easy and convenient. I know they will last and can be used for such a long time.
Their other products are also well thought out. You really can’t have too many wetbags. I have so many in my nappy bag and they have never let me down. Botty balm and foamy wipes wash are other favourites in our house that we couldn’t live without. Though we never have nappy rash problems I love the way the balm smells and put it on any dry spots for anyone in the family.
The owner is passionate and active in informing, helping and discussing anything and everything cloth nappies. It feels great supporting an Australian business and family and also knowing you’re getting the best product at the same time.
I love the compliments I get using these nappies and accessories. I also love that I feel like I’m doing the best for my baby and the environment. Cannot recommend this brand enough.

Purchased in December 2018.

Earned my loyalty!

Have been using my Bubblebubs Candies since bub was 3 weeks old (about 3.5 Kgs) and previously used Bambams since birth. I honestly have no interest in trying other brands. Bub is now 10 weeks old and exclusively uses Candies. I love the side snaps - so does my husband. It is easy to get the fit right with the double row of snaps and we have had no problems with absorbency or leakage. They have even withstood a rare 6 hour stint. They have contained some mighty poo explosions as well, no outfit changes required. Love them, recommend them, want more of them.

Purchased in February 2019.


Love my candies, fit is excellent - never have issues with leaks, absorbency is fantastic - easy 3 hours, prints and colours are ADORABLE, highly addictive!!! The only downside is the price - I would love to have more!!

Purchased in June 2018.


Have been using my candies for 3 months now (started at 6 weeks old) and they are consistently amazing in absorbency and fit. They have contained the biggest explosions from an EBF baby without a problem and are lasting for her ~10hr overnight sleep (without the booster at this stage). Working on replacing my other nappies with more candies.

Leak almost every time.

I love the look of these nappies and see the advantage of side snaps as my 5.5 month old is already working out how to undo the other nappies we have that aren’t side snaps, however, I am having leaks almost every time and now rarely use them because of it.
It tends to leak out the top just under the snaps. The inserts are always dry when I inspect. I do them up tighter than looks comfortable and it still leaks. The other problem I find is that the crotch of the nappy she’ll doesn’t seem to be wide enough to house the insert and booster, leaving a significant gap at the legs that I simply can’t solve. I’ve tried repositioning the booster with no success. Interestingly, that isn’t where I get leaks. My baby is 8kg and has chunky legs with a small waist. Any advice from bubblebubs would be great. Such cute nappies. Hopefully there’s a solution to my problem.

problems with leaks

Have tried candies with my third baby. He sleeps slightly on his side and have had issues with leaks from the back on the side he favours. Nappies were prepped properly, baby is over 5kg and they seem to fit well otherwise. I suspect perhaps it is just him as all other reviews are glowing. Otherwise, seem to be a quality product and quick dry time. Unfortunately not working out for us.

Bubblebubs Candies

I bought a trail pack, 2 candies, and they are really great easy to use, very absorbent, a great fit on my 18 month old not too bulky was able to get 3 hours out of them with no leaks. Great service they always follows up with you after purchase to make sure your order had arrived and that you are happy with your purchase. Love the prints and the feel of the PUL


The inserts are so soft and I love that the snaps are to the side/back of the nappy. I like that the nappy comes with a trifold insert and an extra insert so you can get a good amount of time out of the nappy. Can’t wait to buy more.

Flexible and sturdy cloth nappy

The price difference of the Australian brands shouldn’t make you nervous- they’re worth every cent. My first Bubblebubs were preloved- after going through two children before my own, they were still bombproof. I couldn’t help but buy our own gorgeous new ones and they’re fantastic. Now most of my nappies are Bubblebubs Candies and everyone who deals with them loves them. Ease of prep, lovely trim fit, and gorgeous soft minky and prints. Being able to snap in the absorbent layer in two seconds is great and also means I have more of the inserts than I do nappy shells so I never run out of nappies and don’t need endless amounts or to use the dryer, even in winter! And the customer service is brilliant. I will keep recommending Bubblebubs!

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Hi Katy thanks for your kind words. It is really hard to tell online the difference between nappies, something that becomes really obvious once you get to touch and feel them. I really love seeing my nappies onsold or gifted after they've gone through a child or 2!

Wish I’d discovered them earlier!

Bubblebubs Candies are one of the best fitting and most absorbent nappies I’ve used. Definitely a true one size fits all nappy, I have both my 6mo old and my big toddler both in the same Candies - without having to change any rise snaps! (The side snapping feature does away with the need for rise snaps) The are very cute and the minky fabrics are so soft! The Bamboo Delights are also amazingly soft and with the Candies booster are a great night nappy for us.

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Gayle thanks for taking the time to write a review, it's always great to hear feedback good and bad from our customers. I'm glad you're enjoying them and that they're even working well for night time!

Perfect cloth nappy

After months of research we decided to go with the Candies. I soaked overnight and after a few washes they were good to go for up to 3 hrs for us. Easy to fit and not bulky for a cloth nappy.
We are now onto another brand as bubs is off the charts, but nothing compares to the candies.
They just seemed to be so easy to adjust to my sons shape and we hardly had leaks. Only when it was full, never from fit. Thanks ladies for your service, anything i ever had trouble with, you were there for us! I cant recommend this product enough. (We are now using 3 different brands , all award winning, and i still miss my candies)

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Thanks for your review Cass! It's always been a pleasure chatting with you, as an online business we miss out on quite a bit of the interaction with customers so quite like a chat even if it is just tweaking a fit or helping with a wash routine :)

Excellant - so happy

Great customer service
Amazing absorbency - 4 months in they have stood up to the test. Wash up beautifully with a great routine. Trimmer fit then some of the other brands I have but these are extremely absorbent.
No leaks, minky has stayed beautiful and soft and still looks brand new.
Thanks for a great product.

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Thanks for your lovely comments, I hope you have many more years of fun nappy changes!

Absolutely Love Bubblebubs Candies

My son kept getting rashes with disposables so I switched to cloth. I was skeptical at first so I ordered the trial pack. After using them for 2 weeks I was hooked and ordered more. My son is now 2 and still in them and they still look like new. Pregnant again and the new bubs will wear them to.

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Hi Jess, thanks so much for your lovely words. I hope your pregnancy is going well and can't wait to see pics of your new bubby in cloth! Stop by the VIP group on FB, there is nothing we love more than pics of bubs in cloth

Good material, unfortunately leakage and no good fit

I always pre-wash new nappy inserts at least 5 to 6 times before using them. As much as I wanted to like our Candies after reading fantastic reviews, they were actually the only nappies (our stash consists of 5 different brands) we ever had leakage with. The crotch seems to be a bit tight. In hindsight, I'm glad I only bought 2x nappies. Although I was aware of the fact that they'd only fit until about 15 kg, they never really fitted well on my 9 kg one-year-old. A definite plus though is the fast line dry time. We still love side snap nappies. However, we ended up liking another brand that also makes side snap nappies using the same materials a lot better (this time 5 to 18 kg which makes a huge difference as it seems so much more comfortable and longer-lasting which is also a factor given the cost of cloth nappies). This is mainly as we weren't too impressed with the leakage we'd experienced with Bubblebubs despite the tight (almost uncomfortable looking) fit of the Candies on our rather slim baby.

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Hi Caro! Thanks for your honest review, feedback like this helps us create better products. What you might find is that over time bub changes shape and you might still get use out of the candies. With the trial pack (and actually all our nappies) we do have a fit guarantee that allows you to try one of the nappies and if you find you don't like the fit like in your case you can return one used one and any unused and unwashed nappies back for a full refund :) All the best with your cloth nappy journey, if you need any help with any of your nappies, regardless of brand feel free to reach out we'd be more than happy to help

first time trying

loved receiving my bubble bubs nappy's in the mail and so far and glad got them on sale to try before buying full price. i look forward to buying the new prints available in store... I love all the names they have come up with for the new prints aswell .. thank you...

Excellent product and even better service

Being new to cloth nappies the trial pack was perfect to test out the product without a massive commitment. The Candies are excellent quality, easy to use and just a great fit. Order was placed late one night and I received them 2 days later. Highly recommend, just waiting for some more prints to come out so I can add to my collection. Thank you for making the transition to cloth easy and painless!

Good but bulky nappy

I love the look of these, they are very easy to use, dry fairly quickly, are super absorbent, and are made from such nice fabric with cute colour choices.
The only downside is they are quite bulky compared to some other brands, not all of my daughters clothes fit over the candies.

Streamlined and absorbent

We've had great success with these, only nappy (cloth or disposable) that doesn't leak overnight for my boy when he started tummy sleeping! The fit is great, easy to put together and so absorbent. The only down side has been the drying time compared to our other cloth nappies but I guess that's the downside to super absorbent nappies!

Cute prints but can’t get a good fit

I have a few of these and can’t quite get the right fit through the crutch. It’s like the crutch isn’t wide enough for the inserts, which leads to gaping and leaks.

The the fabric feels like quality and the prints are cute.

I will keep trialing to see it if can get a better fit but been a few months now....

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone had issues with their baby getting Thrush or severe Nappy Rash because of Reusable Nappies? Would love to buy these when the time comes but have heard stories from a few people that their baby got the above and switched to disposables.
2 answers
It is usually the opposite way around, your child is more likely to get nappy rash from disposables due to the materials in them. I switched from disposables to cloth when my son was 2 months and haven’t looked back, he is almost 10 months now and we have not had a single bout of nappy rash since he has been in cloth Never had thrush or nappy rash in 19months. As long as you use a good washing routine with your nappies that throughly cleans them (ie warm/hot water + good quality detergent etc). in the few times I’ve use disposables they seem to irritate bubs skin and make her red, like they draw too much moisture from her skin.

How many bamboo liners do you need and do you buy them separately from the shell?
2 answers
My candies came with a bamboo snap in trifold and lay in booster. You can purchase these separately- I think the idea being that u can remove the inserts and reuse the shell. My bub always soils the shell too so I never reuse the shell.I was wondering about that. I am a grandma now but when my babies were tiny and breastfed the poo was very liquid and used to go everywhere! Therefore you’d need many shells. This would be very expensive.

Hi - has anyone from the colder states used these? I'm in Melbourne and wondering how quick they dry inside in Winter???
2 answers
I am in Sydney and dry the inserts inside, they are dry in about 24-36 hours in winter Thanks


Ai2 Candies
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Release dateMay 2012

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