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Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted

Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted

4.2 from 81 reviews

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Good all round nappy

Very absorbant and rarely leaks.
Didn’t fit well when my son was very small but from about 3months onwards it has fit well.
Easy to snap in the inserts.
This nappy needs a nappy cover.
Affordable in price.
They take a very long time to dry. All day in the sun or if it’s a damp day they don’t dry that day.
They are bulky too so my son always needs bigger clothes on over the top of these.
Some staining.

Fantastic nappy, used for 2 over 5 years

Bought the bakers dozen pack for our first son in 2012 and haven't looked back! They have no signs of wear and no long term staining.
Due to being bamboo they absorb a lot of liquid but also take a while to dry, this is a non issue with a bunch of nappies and planned washes hung in the sun. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, it can take all day to dry.
Can't recommend these enough for parents expecting a new baby.

Reliable and affordable

i am on baby number 3 and have been using modern cloth nappies the entire time, using many different brands. The Baby Beehind fitteds are the most reliable, biggest capacity and affordable of all the brands i have used over the years. I know many other cloth nappy parents who are equally impressed with this brand. You can't go wrong with these.

Used for 2 kids

I've used these for both my kids with minimal issues. Hubby and I like them - they are good at keeping poos in and usually off the covers. We put extra inserts in if we are going out for a while, which seems to make them last longer than most nappies incl. disposables. On the second kid, one is starting to tear but it has had a hard life and the rest are fine.

Just some tips:
- Do wash a few times before use (same for second hand or if they haven't been worn for a year)
- Get good covers (I'm not too fond of bbh covers, the more expensive covers are worth it) that cover the whole nappy easily
- If they start to feel less than soft stick in the dryer. I usually line dry up to a day and then stick them in the dryer for 10mins if a small bit of moisture remains, keeps them soft and ready for use
- They are bulky on a newborn, so if you are new to cloth it might be best to get a different newborn product first, then change to these when bubs about 6-7kgs. Brands always advertise a wider weight range but the extremes aren't ideal and you want to get off to the best start so you don't give up on cloth. You will still save heaps of $$$ and can resell the newborn nappies easily (and your newborn will have a smaller bum)

No nappy rash, can go from tiny babies, but my daughter grew out of them before she was toilet train

I had a big daughter, and she has grown out of these nappies before she was toilet trained (and is a late bloomer for toilet training to boot) but from 0 to 2 years, she was in these. They are very very absorbent, and we had no leakage. However, nappy liners (the cheap Woolworths home brand) are needed for solid wastes to minimise the yuk. The money we saved from these - they paid for themselves by 3 months age of my daughter, compared to disposables, even if you include the dryer costs. Drying them on the line makes them a bit brittle, but can be overcome with 15 minutes in the dryer before putting out on the line. We likes the bamboo multisized ones with the separate cover the most, they aren't hard to put on - and trust me you will get lots of practice!
Soft, no nappy rash, inexpensive
If you have a big 2 year old, prepared to move to disposables.

Excellent nappy

I love these for hanging out at home; so easy to use, very absorbent and made of completely natural fibres. Need to use with a PUL or wool cover so I prefer not to use them when out-and-about (I like to use the covers more than once, so hard to air them out in between if being stuffed into a nappy bag). Never had a leak, they are just great. Bought some second-hand too and still excellent quality considering they'd been used for 2+ years. Only down side would be drying time, but to get high-absorbency in a great natural material like bamboo you can't be too fussy. Also, I place a cheap home-made liner of microfleece between nappy and baby to give that 'stay-dry layer' - the bamboo can feel a bit damp next to skin when full.
Very absorbent, all natural material, one-size but fits really well, contains explosions!
Requires cover, slow drying time

I Love Baby Beehinds!!

As an environmentally aware consumer I wanted to use cloth nappies, after much research I tried a sample pack of Baby Beehinds nappies. I decided on the Bamboo Nappies with a PUL cover... best purchase ever!! They are so easy to use and wash and with the flush-able liner I find that they stay beautifully clean. My little girl has been using them since birth (3 kilos). I have also recently purchased the Magic All-In-Ones with the velcro strap, love them!! At night I use a Magic All-In-One over the Bamboo nappy for extra absorbency, as my little one is a heavy wetter.

I don't know why more people don't use re-usable nappies. I have saved so much money and my baby is growing with them, she is now 8 months old and 8 kilos and there is still plenty of room to grow. The service is excellent and they have a clearance section which is why I have added All-In-Ones...why not!! If your on a budget, just get the Bamboo nappies, its all you will need (with PUL covers). They are awesome and fit all sizes!
Easy to use, easy to wash, baby loves them, value for money, excellent service.
I thought they may restrict her movement... they don't. She was crawling at 6 months!

If I'd known how great these were...

I love these nappies and really wish I'd bought only these. Superb quality and so absorbent, we've never had a leak with these nappies, and i have a big baby who is also a heavy wetter. I ended up with quite a few types and brands of nappies because I couldn't commit, but will only be using these for subsequent children. I did think originally that it might be extra hassle to put a cover on these nappies as required but it's really not an issue! The only downside is the time they take to dry. I would recommend having quite a few of these if you live in a cold climate as we do!
Great quality, good fit, absorbent and reliable. Several inserts give options for absorbency vs bulk. They do seem to pop up on sale too.
Drying time. Bamboo can take days to dry in winter but so absorbent.

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I meant to give these nappies 5 stars, I'm not sure how this happened! I'm in the process of trying to change my star rating because I do indeed think these nappies are excellent.

Excellent nappy, especially for naps!

I didn't start using cloth until my baby was 8 months, I just wish I started earlier! I have only experienced these in the summer months so far, but they are soooo absorbent! Especially great for naps with a Pul cover and during the day when its hot without so my little one has plenty of air movement.

Great product, definitely glad I switched!
Natural, sustainable and organic fibres. Absorbency
A little bulky under leggings.

Got to love them

Baby Beehinds bamboo fitted stay nice and soft even after washing multiple times, fit baby beautifully. Last right up to toilet trained. Easy to use. Unlike velcro ones which loose their grip over time the snaps work wonderfully. The Night cover (wool) is more bulky than the day cover but at least babies clothes and bed will be dry.
reliable, stay soft and done up

Great Nappies - absorbent and no nappy rash!

We bought a stash of these before my son was born, as I loved the idea of natural bamboo (antibacterial and absorbent) material and a nappy that would last until he was older. Overall our experience with these nappies has been fantastic! They have never leaked, and our baby has never had a nappy rash in them! They come with two snap-in inserts (one small and one long) and initially I was using them with just the long one folded in half as our baby is a heavy wetter. I found them to be too bulky on our newborn (who weighed just over 3kgs) and restricted his leg movement especially as they require a cover (one friend commented that he looked like a roast chicken!). However I found that all one-size nappies were bulky on our newborn.

Now our son weighs just over 5kgs and I have tried them again, just using the smaller insert, and they fit better (even with the PUL cover) - so much so that I ordered a few more! The nappies take a few washes to become fully absorbent, but this is the case with all bamboo nappies and (as stated in another review) the inserts seem to become fully soaked before the rest of the nappy does. Having just come through a wet winter, I have always tumble dried these, then hung them on a clothes horse as they never come out of the dryer with the elastic fully dry. The nappies are still in great condition after constantly being in the dryer, although they become a bit stiff after washing (scrunching makes them soft again). I also found these to be inexpensive considering how long they should last and baby beehinds are a pleasure to deal with. Overall, these are a great nappy that I'm sure will last a long time!
Reliable, super absorbent, don't leak, great bamboo material, inexpensive
bulky on a newborn baby


I love these nappies!

I started on disposables but switched when my little guy was on anti-biotics and the disposables couldn't keep in the poosplosions any more. As soon as I changed I stopped having to change his whole outfit 3 or 4 times a day as the cloth could hold them in.

Even my hubby can use them and he knows how to wash them too

I use a flushable liner now he is bigger as I can just flush any mess straight down the loo which makes cleaning up faster, no need to handle poo & is so much easier when you are out and about.

They occasionally feel rough but if you pop them in the dryer for 20 minutes they are back to their original softness.

I have saved a fortune not buying disposables & while I still have lazy days where I use them, my little on prefers to be in his BBH and I can't argue with that!
Easy to use once you get the hang of the snaps
Easy to wash & dry
No need to soak them in nasty chemicals
Nice & soft on bubs bottom
Absorbant all over and addition of longer insert gives extra protection where you need it for boys or girls
My 15 month old can not take them off, unlike disposables which he is out of in a flash
A little bulky under clothes, we had to figure out what brand shorts would fit over them
More to lug around in the nappy bag with cover, nappy & wet bag, then lugging smelly nappy home again
Expensive on initial outlay - but pay for them selves in no time
Need to buy & use covers as well

I just can't get enough of these nappies!

When I switched to cloth, I steered away from this style of nappies (fitted) as well as this brand (BBH). I thought they looked daggy and bulky, and didn't give the cute little fluffy butt that other brands offered. After my newborn arrived, boy did I change my mind! Those cute, extra trim nappies leaked all over the place and I got sick of changing sheets and clothes every four hours. In desperation, I talked to a BBH consultant at a baby and kids market who recommended trying the fitteds...I bought a few second hand to try and was immediately addicted! They don't leak, great with BBH PUL covers over in the day and a wool soaker at night!
No leaks, one size fits most, like finding the limited colours
they are bulky, and take ages to dry


When I made the decision to use cloth nappies I had resigned myself to being a slave to the washing machine, but I have used BB bamboo (one size fits all) nappies on my little one since the day she was born (she's now 9 months old) and they have been a dream to use. I even use them for her overnight with the booster pad and have never had any leakage or discomfort problems, unlike disposables which I use when we travel. I purchased 26 nappies, 6 PUL covers & 6 boosters which has made it easy to keep on top of the washing. I just throw them in the machine and wash, no bleaching, no soaking, no pre-rinsing (I do scrape the solids off into the loo first) & they are as white as the day I bought them. Cheaper than disposables, less chemicals than disposables, less landfill waste than disposables, less impact on the environment than disposables - the environment loves them, I love them and so does my little one!
Made from bamboo (eco friendly), comfortable, easy to use & wash, PUL covers can be used over traditional cloth nappies, incredibly absorbent with no leakage (even with the poo explosions!), saves money.
Can take a little longer to dry than traditional cloth nappies, especially if raining. Cloth nappies aren't travel friendly (only because of a lack of appropriate wash facilities in most holiday destinations).

I bought more and more!

I have tried 5 different types of cloth nappies and these are by far the best for my son. They do require a cover to be worn with them which makes them slightly more time consuming at change time, but this has never bothered me nor my baby. They are super absorbent, and the detachable inserts seem to absorb wee to saturation point before it spreads around the rest of the nappy. This was an issue with other brands but since switching to Baby Beehinds bamboo nappies he has not had a day of nappy rash. Like most cloth nappies, I do need to change my baby more often than if he was in disposables, but putting a clean dry bamboo nappy on his bottom almost always brings a smile to my baby's face.
These nappies provide a very snug fit for my son, who has been wearing them since he weighed about 5kg. They are fully adjustable so I can expand them to grow with him. Each nappy comes with two different inserts which can actually both be used at once if necessary, so you can adjust the level of absorbency for light, medium or heavy wetters. The only times I have found they've leaked is when I've left it too long between nappy changes! They are easy to use once you get the hang of them.
Although the product information suggests these are OK to tumble dry on a warm heat, I found they didn't dry at all unless I put them on high heat, which affected the texture of the fabric somewhat (although did not affect their effectiveness/absorbency). So I would recommend line-drying only. I also found that it took a number of washes before they reached their true absorbency level.

Love them, even after 2 years!

I used these full time for two years. They are still in awesome condition and I'll use them for my next child. My son NEVER got nappy rash and they were easy to wash and keep clean. My 75 y/o parents found them easy enough to use as well.
I love them and recommend them to everyone!
Reasonably prices, fantastic quality

Absorbent but bulky and slow drying

I thought these would be wonderful given the reviews but I'm not that happy. They are SO bulky! I didn't put them on my daughter until she was 6.8kg. The bamboo is lovely and absorb a lot. Definitely need a cover which adds to bulk.
the bamboo is beautiful and tge soak up a lot!
bamboo takes a long time to dry so buy more to rotate. they are very bulky plus they need a cover.

Lovley and absorbant

We have two of these nappies and are full time cloth nappy users. My daughter was 4kg at birth and I found that although we could make these fit they didn't hold anything in. From about 6-8kg they were fantastic, and now she is 10kg we are only just squeezing her into them.

The major plus is that they are super absorbant, we generally use them at night. I also love that they require a cover as we have found that with all in one nappies the waterproofing makes for rashes and also makes her smelly (I discovered why people use fragranced baby wipes instead of a bit of water on a cloth). I find with a wool cover these nappies are great.

Design wise, apart from the small size, I am pretty happy with these nappies although when she was younger we did giver her sore inner thighs wearing her in the baby carrier in these (and other MCN's) with the elasticised legs digging into her and rubbing. I also wonder if the plastic press studs are comfortable to lie upon and use both boosters to cushion them.
Fantastic, but should be labelled as Medium rather than One Size Fits All
Too small sizing


Wish I had just bought a whole set of these from the beginning to see me through to the end. I also tried the magic all multifits and they simply don't hold those explosive poos unlike these nappies. If you can, just buy 25 of these, with 6 covers in each size and 4 or so night nappies and you're set till toilet training, for several children. Great resale value also!
Inexpensive, easy to care for, soft, can use from birth the toilet training, easy to adjust, great customer service (they have local consultants that come to your place for free to demonstrate the nappies, and even drop your order off once it's there (no postage. Together with the baby beehinds cover, hardly ever leaks, even those huge explosive poos that a disposable would stand no change against.
None I can think of.


EXCELLENT NAPPY- can not recommend BBH Bamboo nappies highly enough
We have been using these for 19 months and they are still in FANTASTIC condition.
They have been my favourite Modern Cloth nappy hands down
LOVE LOVE LOVE these nappies
The best modern cloth nappy system I have tried (Not touching Bumgenious again - like Magic All Smooth & Multifits but like these more).
Super easy to use - Dad and other family members happily use them too
Great for bubs with sensitive skin
Fits from birth to NOW and beyond ..... (our bub now 19 months and while not huge, has HEAPS of room so I am VERY confident they will last till she is out of nappies)
No leaks EVER
CHEAPER and KINDER to the environment than Disposables
So easy to clean and dry quickly enough in QLD weather (some find they take a long time)
They start off super soft (wish they would stay this way)..... BUT if you add a little dettol sanitizer to the rinse cycle or use the clothes dryer (for literally a few minutes) they become soft again. The stiffness that sometimes occurs when they dry quickly in the sun has never worried our bub though and they tend to soften up with her body heat.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! I bought some second hand bamboo fitted nappies through the Facebook group but they feel different to the one I already have. Was there a change in the production process through the years? Both say bamboo fitted OSFM with same % composition. The most recent ones feel more 'fleecy' inside and out, touch softer and has pilling whereas my other one feels more absorbent, you can see the weave, is a touch stiffer and has no piling. Could the fleecy one be an older style? Thanks
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