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Hippybottomus Stay-Dry

Hippybottomus Stay-Dry

4.6 from 223 reviews

Wish the product was as good as their customer service

I’ve been using the nappies for 6 months now and all I’ve had is problems. I have had two replacements in the first two months one shell replacement and one liner replacement. Customer service is great and very understanding. But now 6 months on I’m having more problems with more of my shells especially coming apart on the inside with the waterproof layer. I am washing according to their instructions and am making sure I follow it to a T. But it doesn’t look like they are going to last me until toilet training. Which is very disappointing

Purchased in September 2018 at Hippybottomus for $350.00.

The only cloth nappy we use now

New to cloth nappies and not sure what to try we purchased a hippybottomus trial pack as well as some other brand cloth nappies. Whilst I did have to wait until my 2.5kg baby reached about 3.5-4kg before using (or the leg holes were too big) I am completely converted and will be buying more. They are beautiful and soft and baby sleeps twice as long overnight with a hippybottomus nappy opposed to a disposable (which surprised me). This is the only nappy that hasnt leaked on us no matter how big the explosion (both disposable and two other brands of cloth have multiple times) and I like how it can button one side over the other and at the leg holes to go very small. The inserts are very soft and absorbent but dry quickly and they are extremely easy to wash, dry and assemble. I have found going cloth very easy and with the waterproof bags in the pack even using cloth out and about is no problem. I also purchased a hippybottomus change mat which is great due to being waterproof one side, and folds up small in the nappy bag. Excellent quality and good value for money I will be buying more.

Purchased in January 2019 for $199.00.

Only nappy we use now

As soon as bub hit 3 months we wanted to move away from cloth nappies. We got trial packs of several brands and Hippybottomus just kept coming out on top. Inserts dry faster than the rest, the fit keeps poosplosions in without being too tight and leaving red marks and lastly, small but important thing, when he poops it doesn’t end up inside the pocket entry. These are just designed and made really well, crazy absorbent and soft and in cute patterns! Only ones we use now.


I went from being so worried about using them, to using them as much as I can.. Even in public. Beautiful quality, no leaking through & baby is loving them. Getting lots of compliments about them. Recommending you guys to all friends & family with little ones. Skeptical husband even loves them! Definitely buying another pack real soon, so I can use Hippybotamus cloth nappies full time.

Perfect fit no leaks

Very happy with my order, they dry super fast once washed and we have had no leaks at all. So happy to have purchased them and will be stocking up on more shortly. Loving the colour options that have been released too. Can’t wait to recommend these nappies to my friends

Lack in customer service

I have ordered my starter pack 3 days ago and no response on my emails/messenger and no updates on progress of my order. My Rumparooz from America ordered same day has already been shipped.
Seriously disappointed and worried that I will loose my or wait weeks for my order, and that from a local supplier

Brilliant cloth nappies. Easy to use. Excellent value for money.

I came across hippybottomus nappies when I had my first child 4 years ago. They won gold award at the time. Since using it, I’ve been extremely happy with it. My first daughter used it til she was toilet trained at 3 years. I love the softness and absorbency of the bamboo. I changed her nappy every 4 hours during the day unless it’s really saturated but rarely happens. And the night insert works really well for overnight use. I was still able to use them for my second daughter for a little bit but the absorbency only lasted 2hrs at this stage. Which is fair enough, considering it’s being washed every other day for the last couple of years. So we decided to buy another lot of hippybottomus for our second baby. I have used other brand mcn at this stage but this by far is my absolute favourite.There has been 2 occasions where my baby has fallen asleep at night without the night insert. Fearing of waking her up, I just left it and put a waterproof bed protector in case it leaks overnight but to my surprise the single insert was able to hold the wee. My 8 month old baby is usually a heavy wetter coz she breastfeeds on demand at night (we’re cosleeping). I cannot recommend it enough. So easy to use and and much cheaper compared to your other brands. Also, when I had to contact there customer service, they were really responsive and very helpful. Excellent product.

Practical and Funky

Great product: practical with environmental and economic benefits. I bought the trial pack last year and started using them when my son was 3 months old. I’ve since purchased extra nappies and inserts. They’re very absorbent and, along with a singlet, are all that my 7 month old wears in the NQ heat. Highly recommended. Their bamboo fibre breast pads are excellent too.


We use Hippybottomus for our boy and they have been great. We have had a couple that we have had to send back but not an issue there. The only issue is the amount that the nappy will absorb. We have tired two liners, but it doesn't absorb enough, we have had to put in tea towels over night to absorb the extra fluid...our boy is a big wetter.
Easy to wash and quick to dry...

Hippybottomus Nappy

I love these nappies there are by far the best nappies we have, I always reach for them first. I originally bought a trail pack then after a few weeks purchased the supplementary pack well worth the money. Great fit on my 18 month old great colours and prints and great customer service, I have had 2 nappies delaminate very early into using them ( black and brown ) due to issues with the PUL from manufacturing they replaced straight away and I haven’t had any problems any of the others they are used full time and I get 3 hours out of a nappy with no leaks.

Loved the product, didn’t expect it to be so good.

Great product. Got it from an exhibition, didn’t expect it to be this good. Keeps my baby dry for almost 4 to 5 hours. Beautiful colours and patterns. I find my baby very comfortable in this nappy. Though it’s big for newborn babies I would recommend can be used from 4 to 5 months onwards. Can save a lot of money. They are very easy to clean and dries very fast. Great product highly recommended.

Best cloth nappies by far!

We initially purchased a couple of hippybottomus nappies along with trial packs of the other top rating nappies, and found these the best by far. We are now buying a full-time set. They fit beautifully, and are the only nappies that make no marks on our chubby baby’s legs. They are very easy to clean (we wash in cold using Aware powder with a pre-wash), and dry almost straight away. They are also very cheap - amazing value for money. We haven’t had any issues with leaking day or night (with a booster). Would highly recommend.

Best value

We bought a trial pack for our 2 month old, looking to stop using the disposables and save on waste. Also bought some nappies from the more expensive baby bear brand, as both had good reviews. Hippybottamus were almost half the price!

These nappies were incredibly easy to use, and fit him well. Reasonable leak protection for wee, excellent for poo. We occasionally have a leak of wee over night, even with an extra pad, but we had those with disposables when we last travelled. we have never had a poosplosion, as the elastic at the back catches everything, even "high velocity material". They were much better leak protection than the baby bear.

When coupled with a disposable bamboo liner, there is almost no poo left on nappies. We just throw them straight in the washing machine on intense cold cycle, and voila! They also dry very quickly (much faster than the baby bear). With all that washing some of the patterned prints have faded, while the solid colours seem much more stable. If I was re-buying, I'd just get the plain colours.

He is a big baby now at 9 months, and the nappies are all still intact and still fit him well, with more space still to expand as he grows.

In the end, we expanded the collection to 24, and no longer use the baby bear brand. Have recommended to a number of our friends who are also having babies.

I’m in love with these nappies!

I started using these nappies when my Bub turned 7 weeks old. I had a small selection of modern cloth nappies to try (gifts from multiple people) and I found these were BY FAR the best. Yet to have an accident or leak in them! Also since using them, Bub hasn’t had a nappy rash or any irritation. I was so happy with how easy the transition to cloth nappies was I’m annoyed I didn’t start sooner. The nappies dry so quickly (they dry on the line within a few hours in winter!) and the care instructions are very easy to follow. Absolutely love the look and design of them. Loved them so much I bought the cloth wipes off the website and again, they’re a fantastic product. Will continue shopping with Hippybottamus as long as I have little ones in nappies.

Amazing product, outstanding customer service

I used Hippybottomus on my little one from 3 days old to about 2 years. If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective alternative to landfilling disposable nappies, Hippybottomus are definitely for you. I looked at a huge number of MCN's on the market, but found these to be the best option for me. I was able to use them from birth due to the convenient press studs allowing the nappies to be made smaller.
It honestly takes 5 minutes a day to rinse, wash and hangout the nappies and they dry very quickly on the line - even in winter, using one of the cheapest washing liquids on the market!
Any questions I had, the customer service team were so friendly and helpful, I cannot fault them.
The fabric is soft on bub's bum, the covers are super cute and contain all manner of poosplosions thanks to the highly effective elastic on the back.
Please don't be intimidated by the thought of having to wash nappies - it's much easier than it used to be, give it a go with Hippybottomus!

Wonderful cloth nappies

These cloth nappies are the best!! They are so easy to use, draw moisture away from baby’s skin and dry so quickly on the line. I’ve been using them for over a year and couldn’t imagine ever using awful disposables again. The few times I’ve had to; I’ve hated the plastic feel against my baby’s skin and feel terrible about what it does to the environment. I’ve tried Pea Pods too and Hippybottomus are far superior.

Comfy, stylish and practical

These cloth nappies are fantastic. I was worried about the cleaning process, but it's super easy and the nappies came with clear instructions. I keep them in a nappy bucket, do a rinse chuckle in the evening then add other items before dog a wash in the morning. The nappies are easy to use and soft on baby's bottom; they come in a wide range of bright colours and patterns and dry quickly. I'm saving the environment as well as my money.

Stylish money saver

We loved these nappies from the start, I have found them super absorbent, and no leakages!!!!! However my baby recently had to undergo surgery for hip displacia and is now in a cast. Words cannot explain how amazing the hippybottomus nappies have been. As an outer layer (there needs to be a smaller nappy inside he cast) these have been fantastic. Not only are they increasingly functional, and fit the cast perfectly, the are also fashionable and match with her tops. Given that she can’t wear pants this is pretty cool. Would recommend to anyone :)

Great nappy, keeps baby dry and leak-proof although the material fades fast

I've been using Hippybottomus for the last two months. It holds my 3 month old's wees for 3-4 hours, and I haven't had any leaks. The top layer stays dry while the insert absorbs all the moisture. The poo is messy but that's for all MCN. In that sense, very happy with them! The downside is that the outer print has faded very quickly. Have bought some of their new designs which feel slightly different so let's see how long those colours last.

great and looks stylish also

i absolutely love these modern day nappies they are great. very easy to use with being able to do different sizing with the buttons and the bamboo inserts not needing to be soaked. These are very stylish also i brought some from a baby expo and never looked back service was great

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How to remove yellow stains on nappy inserts?
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Hi there, I have been trialling the hippybottomus nappies and quite like them. I am interested to get a full time pack but I am keen to know how long these will last... I would like to think they last 3-4 children but I have read that the PUL isn't as good quality as other brands. Has anyone had any long term experience with these? Has the fit been good with all your children? Thank you in advance.
No answers

Hi, I am expecting twins and I am wondering how many nappies I would need to buy?
2 answers
I bought the Nappy Stash which has 24 nappies. This allows me to only wash every 2-3 days. I did find that as my Bub was quite small at birth, that the nappies were too bulky on her and I used disposables for a while until she put on weight. Now I only use disposables for emergenciesAs others have answered, I would use disposables to start with as they are bulky to begin with. Also with newborn twins... I don't think you would want to start off with washing mountains of nappies. I would recommend you start with aldi brand newborn nappies which are affordable and I found them great, until they are about 8 weeks then start with the 24 pack which is designed for one baby. If this works well for your babies look at getting another 24 pack. The one pack lasts 2.5 to 3 days depending on how frequently you need to change bubs.


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